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Roman Godfrey Headcannons

Roman Godfrey in a stable relationship is a sight to behold; here are some head cannons for him when he’s off the market.


  • Due to his troubled upbringing, Roman has difficulty with expressing his emotions. His significant other should not expect him to be declaring his love for them from the onset and throughout their relationship, although that does not mean that he won’t warm up to the idea. Just give the guy some time; he’ll come around in his own way.

  • Roman is very protective of his partner, sometimes so much that it could become a little too unbearable which could potentially cause problems for the two of them if his significant other is not aware of the supernatural. An example of this would be that he would want / need to know how long for, whom with, and where his partner is if they are out and about, especially at night, without him.

  • He doesn’t have malicious intent, its common knowledge that Hemlock Grove doesn’t have the lowest mortality rate when compared to other towns; he just wants to keep his significant other safe.

  • With keeping that in mind, he’s definitely the type of boyfriend who will tell his partner “text me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”

  • Roman’s one of those tall guys that will use his significant other’s head as an armrest.

  • Green eyes are very fitting for Roman due to how easy it is for him to become jealous. He doesn’t come across as it, but he can be a little insecure and sensitive at times. If he just so happened to catch his partner talking to another guy then he’d be all clenched fists and staring the offending person down.

  • He’d then traipse on over and put his arm around his significant other, pulling them close and making it very obvious that they were his and most definitely off the market.

  • “Hey, babe, who’s this?”

  • It’s not that Roman doesn’t trust his partner, he does, he just doesn’t trust everyone else.

  • Roman takes on the position of the big spoon in the relationship but he isn’t against being the little spoon once in a while. If he’s had a bad day and is feeling down, he’d find comfort lying in his partner’s arms.

  • Even though it doesn’t seem like he listens most of the time, he does. If his significant other mentioned in passing that they had seen a particular dress or piece of jewellery that they liked, but couldn’t afford, then he’d surprise them by leaving the dress on their bed with a handwritten note or gift the necklace to them in the midst of one of their dates. He can be quite romantic when he wants to be.


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Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Female Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mild sexual content, angst

Description: Roman is captivated by an Stranger in town. He thinks of ways to get over her.

A/N: This is literal trash, I’m sorry you have to read this. I was pressured into posting this instead of deleting it.

Roman Godfrey did not fall in love. Roman Godfrey did not fall in love and he definitely did not plan to. Roman was notorious for using girls and tossing them to the side like a used tissue. He didn’t like relationships, he believed they were complicated and boring. Roman’s ideal relationship would have no strings attached, a friends with benefits agreement if you will. Roman liked one night stands and blow jobs in back alleys and quick and meaningless sex in his car. This all changed when he met her. 

She worked in the local café, that’s where Roman had first seen her. She offered him a bright yet forced smile whilst taking down Shelley’s order of a milkshake. She had left Roman in a state of awe. She was not conventionally beautiful, she didn’t have perfectly straight teeth nor perfectly straight hair. She was fairly average, Roman could think of at least five girls in his year alone who were far prettier than her. But something about her, it peaked his interest, maybe it was the way she innocently nibbled on her lower lip when concentrating or the way she tucked her hair behind her ear when he spoke to her. 

At first, Roman believed she was into him, maybe she acted this way with him and him only. However, on the second time he visited, he watched her and she had done the same thing to every other customer. Something inside him ignited, he didn’t like it, jealousy erupted inside in - that’s what it was - jealousy. 

And as summer dragged to an end, he stopped seeing her in the café, she no longer did her usual shifts. ‘This is perfect’, Roman thought, ‘I won’t see her anymore. I can get over this infatuation’. 

Then school came back round and in first lesson English, he saw her again. Sitting just two seats to the right of him. Inwardly, he groaned. He never wanted to see her again, he hated the way she made him feel inside. He didn’t even know her name yet he pined after her. 

Roman spent most of then lesson with his vibrant green eyes fixated on her, watching her take notes about the literature they were reading and occasionally mumble under her breath the answer. She was intelligent, Roman knew that much. 

Roman smirked to himself, constructing the perfect plan to get in her pants and get her off his mind. He’d ask her to tutor him, pretend as though he had no clue about the book they were studying. Invite her to his house and seduce her, ruin her innocence. Then the infatuation would be over. He wouldn’t think about her again after that, he was sure. He was impressed with himself, the plan was pretty good. After-all, who could resist Roman Godfrey?

Y/N could sense a pair of eyes on her the whole lesson, however she did not have the courage to look up and see who it was. Towards the end of the lesson, she took a quick peek to her left, locking brief eye contact with a green eyed boy. He licked his lips and smirked, winking at her. Her eyes widened and she frowned deeper, her head tilting slightly to the side. Her cheeks warmed up and she looked away, not meeting his eyes again. Why was someone like him looking at someone like her? 

Embarrassed too, Roman lowered his gaze back to his book. He picked up his pen and continued with his mindless sketches.  Roman Godfrey did not get embarrassed and flustered, especially not over a girl. He needed to get her out of his head. Desperately. ‘A quick fuck would do the trick’, he thought. 

The thought of using her pained him, strangely. He had never felt this way before. Usually, he had no issue with fucking a girl and leaving her unsatisfied and upset, but he didn’t want to imagine her like that. But what other choice did he have? He didn’t want to fall in love with her and he was already infatuated after seeing her a few times. 

He decided his best option was to fuck some stranger, at least that way he wouldn’t feel guilty. So he went to the café Y/N worked at, he was familiar with one of the other waitresses there, very familiar. 

Roman exhaled the thick grey smoke, running his fingers through his gelled hair. With a wiggle of his index and middle finger, the slim yet busty waitress glided over to him. Her red lips pulled back into a sweet yet sultry smile. 

“What can I get you, sugar?” She purred. 

Roman thought back to when Y/N had answered to her name on the register,  Y/N sounded like how Roman imagined heaven to be like, and this waitress sounded like a 70 year old smoker in comparison. In the past, Roman had found her voice quite attractive, but now it didn’t sound appealing at all.  Y/N wasn’t even trying to be sexy when she answered to her name. Roman tried to imagine what Y/N would sound like when she was trying to be sexy and in a moment, his jeans tightened. He choked on air, momentarily squeezing his eyes shut. It shouldn’t be this easy for her to effect him.

Roman sighed. “Want to suck my dick?” He asked the waitress and with that, her eyes seemed to light up and she eagerly nodded her head. 

Roman staggering out of his seat and turned around with speed, his eyes falling on Y/N who had been walking towards him. She stopped abruptly, her eyes which had been downcast fluttering up to lock with his own. Then, she pushed past him and towards the barricade, she lifted it up, holding it long enough for the waitress to also go through before letting it thud shut. 

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” The waitress hissed, her eyes glaring at Y/N. 

Y/N bounced on her heels nervously, “Paula said Max was ill and asked if I could cover his s-shifts.” Y/N replied, stuttering occasionally under the busty waitress’ harsh stare. 

“Do you mind watching the front for about 30 minutes? I have some business to attend to.” The waitress smirked, eyes flickering back to Roman, who’s eyes were planted on Y/N. 

Y/N bit her lower lip, hesitantly nodding. 

“Thanks, Doll.” The waitress grinned, causing Y/N to sheepishly smile. 

She glanced back at Roman and offered a tight smile, before disappearing out back. 

Roman detached his eyes from the retreating girl and back to his companion for the night. Something inside him stirred and he no longer wanted her anywhere near him. 

“Maybe another time, I best be getting off home.” Roman lied through his teeth.

“Since when did Roman Godfrey have a curfew?” The waitress frowned, picking up his lie immediately. 

“Since when was it any of your business? Maybe another time.” Roman seethed, turning on his heels and barging out of the cafe. 

The waitress was left, aghast by what had just happened. Y/N came back out from, disappointed to see that Roman had fled. She frowned when she noticed he had left alone, the waitress coming back behind the till. Y/N tightened her small crimson apron around her waist and smiled at the customer, scribbling down his order. 

Somehow, over many months the two formed a sort of friendship, Y/N helped him study the book and understand it, and Roman found her friends. Roman had long abandoned his plan to seduce Y/N, after realising how nice she was and how much he enjoyed her company. He introduced her to Letha and Peter, Letha quickly becoming her best friend. 

Y/N could feel herself falling for Roman, hard. Those countless nights they spend in her bedroom, highlighting quotes from the book and creating revision cards, the nights they spent having fun with their best friends, they made Y/N happier than she had ever been. 

Roman, however, became colder towards Y/N as the weeks went by. He cancelled their study dates last minute and stopped hanging out with her. He cancelled these plans to fuck other girls, Y/N assumed. 

Roman didn’t fall in love, the idea repulsed him. But here he was, confessing how he felt to his closest friend, Peter, for his friend, Y/N. He had fallen, truly, madly, deeply in love with her and he didn’t know how to stop. The idea of using her now repulsed him, he wanted nothing more than to protect her and give her all that she ever wanted. 

His heart broke when he found out that she had nearly died on one of the nights he cancelled on her.

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when you see the object of your fantasies


Bill Skarsgård for GQ Magazine, July 2018 issue | credits to @GifsOfSkarsgard on Twitter for the photos 

The Quirky Witch

Reader x Roman

“Go and see (Y/N).” Destiny sighed and shooed the boys out of her apartment, shutting the door on their heels.

“Whose (Y/N)?” Roman asked curiously.

“Another witch, basically a younger Destiny but kind of, uses a different kind of magic and we don’t normally ask her she’s a little off.” Peter muttered the word magic with such sarcasm Roman wondered how his eyes hadn’t rolled out of his head.

“So… werewolves and witches is that a thing?” Roman asked curiously.

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Break Me Down

Requested: Yep
Pairing: You and (Dominant) Billie Boi
Prompt: Bill’s brother flirts with you to piss off his brother and Bill gets jealous and you have angry sex. 
A/n: These are actually 2 very similar requests put together so here ye go my little lambs. This gif makes me uncomfortable because this is a rape scene but I used it so you guys could have a visual anyways Im sorry.
I don’t know how to writeimsorry.

Originally posted by lorn0graphy

You couldn’t have been more fed up with Bill at the moment. You were sat down looking like an entire fucking meal. Hair done up, make up on point, a cream colored dress that showed off your fantastic legs and cleavage. You’d only dolled yourself up for the purpose to catch bills attention and he’d hardly looked your way all night. 

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Bill shows the reader how pleasure can be punishment.

Warning: SMUT.

This is my first piece of writing and I hope you enjoy. Although I am using Bill Skarsgård; this does not represent him personally. Only his looks are being used, the rest is just from my imagination. 


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Roman Godfrey X Shy!Reader

Anonymous said:

Love your work! Could you maybe find the time to do a short headcannon of Roman with an unusually shy girl? Thanks, love!

A/N : Thank you, darling! I hope you enjoy this!

Originally posted by adoresfandoms

  • When Roman first sees you, he knew he had to get your attention.
  • But, for the first time ever, he had no idea how to do that.
  • He didn’t know that you would glance at him out of the corner of your eyes.
  • He couldn’t see that anything he did would catch your attention.
  • You barely spoke in English class, only making you more intriguing to Roman.
  • “Find a partner and discuss the last five chapters.”
  • Roman immediately walked over to you, planting himself in the desk next to yours.
  • “Hi,” he said, that charming smile glued on his face.
  • You just nodded at him, too scared to utter a word.
  • “I haven’t read a single chapter so I have no idea what she’s talking about. With the tones or whatever,” Roman admitted, hoping he could coax you into talking.
  • You only pressed your lips together and flipped through your book.
  • “Are you okay?” He placed his hand on yours gently.
  • Roman Godfrey was touching you.
  • You looked up and met his eyes.
  • A calming blueish-green.
  • “I’m f-fine,” you squeaked out.
  • Roman smiled, your voice being the softest thing had ever heard.
  • Since then, you and Roman would partner up in English class.
  • You were still the quietest person he had ever met, but you were starting to speak up more.
  • In the hallways, he would wink at you and grin when you blushed.
  • Your eyes would find the floor as the people around the two of you would stare in confusion.
  • Why did the most popular, rich boy in school want you, the girl that barely said a word.
  • Sometimes, on the day’s you were more talkative, he’d throw an arm around you shoulders.
  • “Roman, people are staring.”
  • “Let them, you’re beautiful.”
  • “They’re staring at you,” you said sadly, trying to hide your blush.
  • “No,” Roman said with a smile, “I’m nothing compared to you.”
  • You quickly learned that, due to your immense shiness, Roman made it his life’s goal to make you blush.
  • The two of you were in this type of limbo when it came to your relationship.
  • Roman was very forward with his affections.
  • You tried to be but your timid nature would take over.
  • One day, when you were feeling very brave out of the blue, you grabbed in his hand.
  • Roman didn’t say a word when your finger’s entangled with his own, he only smiled.
  • The next day, in English class, Roman dared to take it a step further.
  • “I say we go out for coffee after school and not read this boring-ass book.”
  • “I don’t know Roman,” you said quietly, not meeting his eyes.
  • “I know,” Roman said with a grin.
  • He pulled the book from your hands and you reluctantly met his gaze.
  • You knew as soon as you met his eyes, you’d give in.
  • “Alright,” you said, feeling a heat rush to your cheeks as Roman licked his lips.
  • The coffee date went smoothly for the most part.
  • The caffeine in your system made you really open.
  • “Do you drink coffee often?”
  • “No, not with that much sugar! This is fun!!”
  • “This is the loudest I’ve ever heard you.”
  • He walked you home as you both chatted about school.
  • “I’ve never really had a friend like you, Roman.” You admitted.
  • “Huh?”
  • “I’ve always been really shy,” you said, stressing the ‘really’.
  • “That doesn’t mean you can’t have friends, I’m your friend.” Although he wanted to be more.
  • His arm tightened around your waist, pulling you closer to his side.
  • “I just never made any,” you said sadly, leaning into his warmth.
  • “Well you have me,” Roman said, looking down at you.
  • For what was the first time maybe, your eyes were already on his and holding his gaze.
  • You both stopped walking, staring at eachother.
  • Soon his arm snaked away from your waist and his hands went to you cheeks.
  • His lips were on yours, softly at first, as if scared he’d break you.
  • He didn’t want to push you too far and have you crawl back into your shell.
  • Roman had waited too long for this moment to have you leave.
  • After a moment, you pulled away from his lips.
  • Your face was beet red, making Roman grin.
  • “Thank God for coffee,” he said, before pressing his lips to yours again.
  • Since that first date, Romna had hardly left your side.
  • Whenever someone gave you a look in the hallway, he’d glare at them.
  • Through your relationship with him, you grew a little more confident each day.
  • You now had friends: Peter, Letha, and Shelley.
  • They all ship you and Roman.
  • “They’re perfect for each other. Roman is no-nonsense and impulsive while Y/N is shy and tries to keep him reined in.” Letha would claim, making Shelley nod in agreement.
  • Peter and Roman being your defense squad and Shelley’s too.
  • If anyone mocks you for being shy, Roman will have them bloodied in an instant.
  • “Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way. Next time, you won’t be able to walk away.”
  • Hugs all the time, so you’re blushing all the time.
  • You’re timid when it comes to PDA but Roman is all for it.
  • He leaved kissing for private time, however.
  • He knows how much you love to kiss him but he also knows that doing so in public is too much for you at times.
  • You both even each other out in the perfect way.
  • “I love you, Y/N.”
The Bill Skarsgård aesthetic

Bill posing in front of paparazzi.

Bill Skarsgård:

= low brow stare (intense levels OVER 9000)

= dresser

= legs that won’t quit

= playing with or clasping hands 

= chewing gum or biting the inside of his mouth

= biting or licking those plump lips


= melting like butter on hot toast

= We all tingle down here, YES WE DO!

= hnnnnnnnnnffffff

Please, Daddy Fuck Me Some More

Requested: Yesssss
Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Reader
Prompt: In which Roman catches you masturbating and wants to show you it’s better to let him do it for you.
A/n: This is just super kinky. Ropes, blindfolds, blood, and daddy kink. Because c’mon after that episode where Roman and Annie fucked, its PRETTY obvious he’s got it.

Originally posted by romanandme

You were bored out of your mind to put it bluntly. You’d come over to Roman’s home in hopes of watching some movies and just kicking back together. But as soon as you got to his place he was on his way out saying he had a meeting to get to, an important matter to discuss with Pryce. Which you weren’t sure was his best lie considering he was dressed in some slacks and brown cardigan with his sleeves pushed up to his mid forearm. 

He seemed to be impatient and anxious, but you didn’t question it. Roman was a strange kid to say the least, but he offered for you to wait for him to get back so you guys could catch up and see whatever you wanted.

“Promise?” you pouted as you let your hands cross over your chest.

“Promise,” he forced his smile before he rushed past you and out the door before giving you a chance to delay him any further.

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Not Yet (Roman Godfrey x reader imagine)

Originally posted by thewisestwolf

Fandom: Hemlock Grove

Chapters: One shot

Warning: None

Summary: Imagine defending Shelley and meeting Roman for a first time

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve watched Hemlock Grove but look what I’ve found at the bottom of my drafts ( ᐛ )و  Enjoy! 

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The Heart - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

You tutor Roman Godfrey in Anatomy, the Cardiovascular System to be exact.

A/N : This is one of my first tries when writing for Roman so I’m going to say sorry in advance! Give me some time to master writing for him! Enjoy!

Originally posted by iamfire355

Hemlock Grove High School was unwelcoming to say the least. Despite having lived in the sleepy town for all of your life, you couldn’t help but feel apart from your peers. While they gossiped, you were studying. While they went out with their friends, you were home alone. One thing that came from this was your good grades. You were soon recommended to be a tutor.

Hardly anyone ever came up to the Peer Tutoring lab. If they did, they would seek help from someone more affable, approachable instead of yourself. It didn’t matter how smart you were, your personality off put so many people, they refused to get the help they truly needed. Part of you liked it that way; you had grown used to the cold shoulders after a few years. However, deep down, it hurt you.

It hurt that no one wanted to talk to you, ask you a question about the Algebra homework or number forty-five on that History assignment. It hurt that, while you sat alone at a table, all the other tutors were explaining to their friends what the difference between a covalent and an ionic bond were. So, instead of thinking about how much it hurt, you busied yourself with a book.

You were already in deep within the pages when the rapping of knuckles against the table frightened you. You looked up and your eyes locked with none other than Roman Godfrey. You had known him since grade school, liked him since grade six. So of course it was him that came up to you. The boy offered you a soft smile, as if in apology; but Roman never apologizes.

“I need help with something,” he said coldly, “you’re a tutor right?” You nodded, peering at him as you closed your book.

“You care about your grades?” You countered, without missing a beat. Roman actually smiled, taking the seat next to you at your empty table.

“I need to pass,” he said, “my mom’s been riding my ass all week about it.” He reached down into his bag, pulling out a binder. His lips were pursed as he moved, his jaw tight with agitation. He flopped the binder on the table with a smacking sound that drew the attention of people in the room.

“Anatomy,” you said, opening the binder. “You’re covering the body systems…” Roman only nodded, watching you as you looked over his notes. You suppressed a smile as your eyes skimmed over his handwriting. It was fanciful, not the childish font most males scribbled in. Little sketches also caught your attention. A wolf’s face and a few snakes littered the margins on his notebook.

“We have a test soon,” Roman said, bringing your eyes to meet his own. “On the Cardiovascular system, I think. I’m not good with-”

“The heart? Does blood make you queasy?” You asked, leaning over the binder. Roman scoffed at your words, rolling his eyes. You noticed the quirking of his lips a little, making your heart flutter. He looked good when he smiled.

“You ask a lot of questions,” he said blatantly. While his original annoyance lingered in his expression, mischief glimmered in his eyes too.  

“I don’t see many people asking me for help,” you explained.

“Maybe ‘cause you ask so many questions,” Roman said, the hints of a grin forming on his lips. You had heard about those lips. Girls of Hemlock High raved about the magic Roman Godfrey could work. You yourself had wondered, but never dared to entertain the thoughts of him any further. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to focus.

“I can help you,” you said, flipping through his notebook to find the notes on the heart. When you found the pages, you looked back up at Roman whose gaze was glued on you. You swallowed hard under his gaze, shifting in your seat. It wasn’t just his lips, it was his eyes. You felt your heartbeat start to quicken as you mentally cursed yourself.  

“So-uh, where should we begin? The circulatory system?” You asked, clearing your throat. When Roman didn’t respond, you looked up at him.

“I was thinking, maybe the inner workings of the heart.” You nearly melted at the tone of his voice. The heart, of course. His green eyes were bright, a full grin on his face now. He knew exactly what he was doing. You felt a red-hot blush creep onto your features and you knew it would be a long study session.

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You’ll Float Too [Bill Skarsgård/Pennywise x Fem!Reader]

A/n: Well guys, I’ve finally made the foray into the fold. Done are the days I simply reblog for this fandom– look out for some more Bill or Penny x readers coming. It’s the first day of Halloween today, so be prepared, I’m spoopily inspired :) 

Warnings: Hint of dub-con. Brief smut. Sexy clowns.


Your feet barely make a sound against the floorboards as you carefully trek out of the bedroom. Your husband, Bill Skarsgård, had told you he would just be a moment– that the noise was probably just the broken furnace in the old house you two had just bought. This was, of course, after you had so abruptly been interrupted.

“Fuck, baby,” you had whispered, grinding against him and dipping down to slip your tongue back into his mouth.

“Look at how wet you are for me,” he had growled, fingers curling up inside of you mercilessly as his thumb rubbed your clit. You bounce on his fingers, one leg on either side of his own long ones.

“Bill, I-” you gasp, squealing as he readjusted his hand, shoving his fingers even deeper.

“Love feeling that pussy squeeze around me…” he tugged you down, licking his fingers off with a pop. “Love feeling it around my dick.”

“I’ve got something else in mind,” you grinned, moving the covers down to brush your lips against his clothed, hardened cock.

“Fuck,” he breathed in turn, breath hitching as you give a lick through his pyjama pants. That was when the noise had sounded.

Your head had popped up. “What was-”

“That?” he echoed at the same time.

“It’s probably the rain,” you murmur, “The thunderstorm is loud.”

“Sure… but rain or no rain, if that fucking piece of shit of a furnace is broken again, I’m gonna-” You envelop his lips again, but he groans, softly pushing you off. “Here, I’ve gotta fix the thing, I don’t wanna freeze all night. I’ll be back in a second, babe,” he had promised, kissing your forehead. You had smiled, and tugged at his loose pyjama pants from the bed.

“You’d better be. I want these off.”

A smirk your way, and he had dashed off downstairs.

Now, it had been a long while, and you hadn’t heard him answer any of your calls for him.

Coming to the door of the basement, you open it cautiously.

“Bill, where are you?” You tug his oversized “cast” T-shirt he had kept from Allegiant further down over your panties. It was cold down here, and– you gasp. The basement was flooded. Was the thunderstorm really that bad?

“Bill,” you hiss, “I hate it down here… did you fix the furnace?!”

You hear a ripple in the water, and swallow, taking another step down. “Hey… can you hear me? It’s still freezing, it must not be wor-” You stop, and gaze around. There’s no sign of your husband. You turn, and bite your lip. Maybe he’s upstairs in the kitchen, and he faked the furnace just to get a midnight snack…

No, but you were about to go down on him. The day Bill evaded a blow job for the last slice of carrot cake in your fridge was the day hell froze over.

Speaking of freezing over… You shiver again, and begin to take two stairs at a time up– until you hear another ripple, and a small splash.

“Bill?” you repeat for the billionth time, sighing as you turn back. “What are you– oh!” You find Bill standing by the far wall, up to his knees in water.

“What are you doing?” you ask incredulously, clutching your heart at the startle. He just stares at you. “What the fuck are you looking at?” you ask playfully, and smack your ass with a small smile. “Come up and get it.” You bite your lip and turn toward the door, but Bill doesn’t follow. You huff. “I’m getting a towel for you. No way I’m letting you in the bed with soaking legs.” He still makes no move. “Bill!! Come on!”

This time, he smiles.

“But (y/n),” he says quietly, “If you come with me… you’ll float too.”

“What?” you mutter, and then you roll your eyes so far back you’re sure they’ve hit the front of your brain. “Oh Christ. Your movie line? Really? My husband played a killer clown, I’m not scared of anything.” You let out a laugh that seems out of place in the eerie, dripping basement. “Stop being a dork and come with me, will you?” You hold out a hand, making a grabby motion.

He takes a step forward. “You’ll float too.”

“Only if you provide the finest duck floaties,” you tease, grinning, “AND poolside cocktails.”

“You’ll float too.”

“Yeah, okay, that’s nice, let’s g-”

“You’ll float too,” he begins to laugh, and you frown.

“Bill, st-”

“You’ll float too!” his voice takes on a giggly pitch, then his face changes. “You’ll float too, you’ll float too, you’ll float too-”

You back away, and your eyes widen as Bill’s face slowly begins to peel off, revealing flesh and teeth and bone. “You’ll float too! You’ll float too!” His voice is now low, demonic, and his eyes are clouding over as blood runs from them.

“Baby,” you breathe, a tear running down your cheek. He was decomposing right before your eyes, and you could do nothing about it– it was the most horrible thing you’d ever seen.

“You’ll float TOO! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” he begins to shout, eyes blazing as his mouth falls open.

“Stoppit!” you scream, and hide your eyes, clutching the railing. You suddenly hear silence, so you look up. There, in place of Bill, is Pennywise the fucking dancing clown, grinning over at you.

What the fuck?

“You smell lovely,” he titters, biting his lip with those sharp teeth you saw Bill take in and out during shooting. You could tell from the reflection of the water he was drooling, too. “So, so lovely, little girl.”

“Bill?” you ask softly, because really, it’s all you’ve remembered by way of words.

Bill? Bill?” Pennywise mocks, shaking himself violently, “Where are you?! It’s cold, and I’m such a slut that I can’t wait five minutes for you to fuck me!” He arches his back, mimicking your moans from upstairs, and you gasp.

“That’s right,” he giggles gleefully, “You don’t think I can smell i-t?” He takes a deep breath. “Mmmmm, I smelled it on him before I snapped his spine!”

“No,” you sob, and the clown glares.

“Yes! You smell good. Special. Like nothing I’ve ever taste-d… I want to taste you.”

You clench your jaw. Your legs are shaking, but… those eyes, boring down on you… they couldn’t… be doing things to you, could they? Suddenly, you’re disgusted with yourself.

“Are you scared?” he laughs, half to himself. “I do hope so. That will make it taste so much better.”

“Why?” you breathe shakily, “Why are you here?”

“Because,” Pennywise growled, “Just like your precious Bill said, before he died in agony…” The clown’s eyes lit up, glowing. “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” It came out as an otherworldly scream, and suddenly, Pennywise was lurching at you, slamming you onto the staircase and tossing open your legs–

“AH!” you shriek, and open your eyes. The room is dark, and the covers over you are strewn around. Bill turns over beside you, brow crinkling as he blinks open his own eyes.

“Hey… what’s going on?” He yawns. “You okay?”

“I,” you murmur, then start crying. He wakes himself fully up now, leaning over and cradling your head.

“Hey… hey, hey, you’re okay,” he’s frowning, concerned, as he pulls you into his arms, “You’re okay… whatever it was, it was just a dream, (y/n).”

“You were… but you were–” you try to articulate, sobbing uncontrollably. Bill, with all his facial features still perfectly intact, stares down at you earnestly.

“Hey. Just a dream. Okay? I’ve got you. I’m okay. See? I’m here.” His soft voice lulls you back into a calm state, and you clutch his arms and bury your face in his chest. Maybe his movie had gotten to you more than you thought… and the secret you had kept from him that you actually found him attractive in his costume.

He lays you back down, and strokes your hair back, whispering how much he loves you in your ear. You never want to let go… sleep begins to take you again.

Bill looks down at your sleeping form, and adjusts his head on the pillow, turning over. You make no move to wake up. He closes his eyes, then they open again slowly to reveal yellow orbs. As you fall asleep, you think you hear a gentle giggle, but it was just a dream… just a dream…