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32 Things About Yourself Game

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  1. Name: Hemera
  2. Nickname(s): Hemi, Hemi-chan, Hema, Hem (the sns discord is very creative) recently also “fic dealer” and “hema express” courtesy of the sns discord and @whoskiba
  3. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  4. Height: 5″2 (158cm) hella short
  5. Ethnicity: -
  6. Birthplace: Uzbekistan
  7. Sexual Orientation: dunno yet, for the mean time: straight
  8. Favorite Fruit(s): to many omg
  9. Favorite Season(s): autumn
  10. Favorite Song(s): -
  11. Favorite Flower(s): uhmmm
  12. Favorite Book(s): too many I could make a list
  13. Favorite Animal(s): FOXES!!!!! and cats
  14. Favorite Beverage(s): -
  15. Favorite Fictional Character(s): do we really want to start that list? Beacause it won’t end
  16. Dream Trip: London maybe
  17. Killed People: innocent
  18. Siblings: A little Brother
  19. Horror Films: nopenopenope -is a wimp-
  20. Reasons To Smile: SNS and all my other ships, friends, fanfiction, sleep
  21. Questions You Are Always Asked: “How do I pronounce/spell your name?” “Where are you from?”
  22. Favorite Food(s): too many, but I think Lasagne, or pizza or…
  23. A Gift You Currently Want To Receive: fanstuff
  24. OTP: SNS, viktuuri, killugon, leopika, prideshipping
  25. One Thing That Has Changed About You: dunno
  26. Your First Ship: hmmm…. puzzleshipping I think… bc I didn’t know better and then came prideshipping (but these are the ones I remember, I am sure I shipped people before I knew what shipping was)
  27. NOTP: 
  28. Fear That You Want To Conquer: too many
  29. Favorite FanFiction(s): ahahahahaha far too many ask the sns discord they could give you a piece of the list
  30. Favorite Sport(s): sleeping! and being lazy as fuck!
  31. Birth Of Your Blog: uhmmmmmm 2014..? maybe?
  32. Followers: 397 >.<

I tag: @whoskiba, @46captain46, @hotmessmuffin, @offansandflames, @niyari-to-kitsune, @killua-no, @kurapicha, @dobe-and-teme, everyone in the sns discord ♥