luminescent braid // matthew hemerlein


perfect rainy, autumn day song.

M: Lo-Fang — The Origin Story

Photo by Lexie Moreland

Matthew Hemerlein was driving through Arizona, on his way across the country, in 2012. He had just signed to the 4AD label, and he knew he didn’t want to release his debut album under his given name, but he hadn’t determined what his alter ego would be. That’s when it simply popped into his head: Lo-Fang.

After the fact, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter came up with many reasons why the alias suited him perfectly—its hint of Taoism, its resemblance to “Wu-Tang Clan,” the softness of the Lo contrasted with the violence of the Fang. But the real reason he chose it was that he just knew it was right.  For More


this is really beautiful 


Matthew Hemerlein || Luminescent Braid 

…capturing near geniously the feeling that there is more to us and this world than the singular person. no matter what realm of belief you find yourselves in.