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angel in disguise l.h.// pt. 8

Pairing: Boxer Luke + Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Parts 1-7

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(A/N): part 8 finally! I’m going to put the whole series on wattpad, but should I keep Y/N or give her a real name? If so send some name suggestions! hope you guys enjoy reading this!  

“What the hell?” Luke had yelled at the several cops in front of him. At this point Y/N had jumped off from her place on the couch and hid behind Luke’s back. She laced her fingers with his large ones, they both held each other’s hands like their lives depended on it. Luke protectively stood in front of her, shielding her from everyone. Why was Luke under arrest? He had done nothing wrong for this to be happening. 

Fury was evident on his face, getting ready to start yelling some strong Australian profanities. 

“Where’s the arrest warrant?” Y/N asked, her confidence coming back to her. Peering from Luke’s sides, she saw the policemen think for a second before handing her a torn folder. 

With an attitude, she snatched the folder away from the cop, shuffling through the papers. With an arm snaked tightly around Y/N’s waist, Luke couldn’t believing what he was reading. 

“Illegal possession of drugs and substances,” were the only words that stood out. 

In a blink of an  eye, the papers were taken away from her and the horrid sound of handcuffs rang through the air. 

This couldn’t be happening, Luke thought to himself as he saw the police man approach with a pair of silver handcuffs that looked like they were a hundred years old him with a furious glare. 

Letting go of Y/N’s hands, he let his heart take the decision of what he was about to do. Luke’s hand swiftly came in tact with the man’s jaw, shocking Y/N. Her heart almost stopped as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. 

Attempting the pull Luke back, she was held back. A cry of frustration left her mouth. 

“No!” Luke yelled, before suddenly another cop hastily grabbed him from behind, putting him in a make shift choke hold. 

“Luke!” was the only word that came out of her mouth, tears threatening about to fall. 

“Y/N!” Luke struggled as the cop he had hit quickly handcuffed him as he was being held by the other one. fighting the men holding them down, Luke tried his best to escape. His heart was pounding, not knowing what else to do. Y/N bravely tried to pry off the policemen, but to no avail.

The cop rudely pushed her to the ground, making Luke yell.

“What the fuck!,” His attempts to get loose got even harder for the police men to contain him.

“Don’t mess with her!” Luke growled at the man, wanting to kill him right then and there.

“Luke didn’t do anything wrong!” She tried to defend the boy from getting arrested, getting up from the ground.

“We’ll see about that,” and with that the last thing that Y/N remembered was the the helpless look in Luke’s eyes as he was forced out of the apartment. 

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