In other news: Man's life saved when bullet richoches off one-of-a-kind steel pocket square.

Now that I have your attention: my snap of the SF menswear brigade made it into print!

As it stands, San Francisco has a reputation for being relaxed about style and emphasizing comfort, costumes, and individual expression above all else. For the most part, the reputation is true. I mean SF is the birthplace of the worst thing that has ever happened to pinstripes and tie-dye is still a basic color choice in Berkeley.

Among the paisley patterned sweatsuits and mom jeans though you’ll find a fair amount of women and men who express their individuality by looking ultra-fine.

Here are a few I love, so give them an old fashioned look-see.









In that instant, I felt terribly calm. Saturday-read-all-day

I have no Mouth, and I must Scream

Harlon Ellison

Limp, the body of Gorrister hung from the pink palette; unsupported—hanging high above us in the computer chamber; and it did not shiver in the chill, oily breeze that blew eternally through the main cavern. The body hung head down, attached to the underside of the palette by the sole of its right foot. It had been drained of blood through a precise incision made from ear to ear under the lantern jaw. There was no blood on the reflective surface of the metal floor. 

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