hematite matrix


Bumblebee Agate skull  - Java

Bumblebee Agate (sometimes called Bumblebee Jasper) has been known only since the late 1990s and has been found only on the Indonesian island of Java. It is not really agate or jasper but a mix of minerals in a matrix of a volcanic material mined from sulfur vents. It is composed of anhydrite (gypsum), sulfur and hematite in a matrix of volcanic tuff (welded ash). It may also contain plumose calcite and ilmenite.

Quartz with Hematite

 This is perhaps the rarest color here…Exquisitely colored a rich citrine, burnt yellow color, this matrix specimen of prismatic, nearly equant, quartz crystals is very impactful. They are glassy, and translucent, with the largest crystal reaching 3.5 cm in length.

Locality:  Orange River, Namibia

Calcite with Hematite Inclusions

An excellent, large cabinet calcite specimen. These crystals, up to 3.1 cm across, are unusually transparent for the find, so you can very clearly see the super, star-like, hematite phantoms inside 

Locality:  Leiping Mine, Leiping, Guiyang Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China