So, today I had an interview...

They asked me a lot about Glee, and dance and even my Staples commercial. Right at the end of the interview, even though I had my ring turned upside down on my hand so she didn’t ask about it, she asked me if I was seeing anybody. I almost said, “Does the huge smile and upside down ring not say that?” but I told her that “yes, I’m seeing someone completely amazing and that when we want everyone to know, we’ll tell everyone. But for now, we like being in our own little world.”

The editor just sent me over a copy of the final revision and after my quote, it says, “We’ve heard that Heather and a certain mohawked man have been spending quite a bit of time together latey, and if the silver band around her left ring finger had anything to do with it, the two sex-symbols may soon be off of the market, married to each other!”

HOW. How did they know? I blame Florida. We practically mauled each other in front of paparazzi.

And the fact that we were constantly touching on tour.