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Not Without You

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Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

tags: @yourtropegirl

Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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Tomorrow Never Dies // 5 Seconds of Summer

There’s always tomorrow to make a new start and make things the best they can be. No matter how hard things were, we should always remember that we are given another day to live and enjoy, and another chance to correct our mistakes and be a better person.

Photo by: Mary Salomae Amoroso

Revelation || Hoseok

Request - Hey, I just found your blog and I’m already in love with it… can I please ask for a fuckboy Hoseok? (Loving you even if you’re doing it or not) From your coala anon:3            

Pairing - Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Smut (Implied, but not really)

Summary - A player of feelings and a pawn of innocence. The combination couldn’t get any deadlier.

‘I don’t know, Eunha,’ You sighed as you placed your books inside the locker, before closing it and looking at her, 'I’ve never been a fan of frat parties. To be frank, I don’t even want to get out of the house.’

Eunha, your best friend, who was in the midst of begging you to join her to a party, grumbled, 'You never do, Y/N..’ She rolled her eyes and leaned her back against the locker.

'When’s the last time you even fucked someone?’ She shamelessly asked and your face became a canvas for your embarrassment, 'Never, I guess?’

'Exactly. That is why you should come with us.’ She said, referring to her boyfriend who wasn’t present among you. You scoffed, 'And be a third wheel? No thanks.’

You began walking away towards the library, with her followimg behind you like a lost puppy, 'Hey! Namjoon and I never forget about you, alright? It’s just…we get lost in ourselves-’ she began, but you interrupted her, 'Exactly, and I become a third wheel. It’s better to save myself the embarrassment.’

You walked into the library and went to your favorite aisle to pick some books to binge read on for your spring break. Eunha was still behind you, and she probably hadn’t noticed you both were standing in a library because she screamed, 'Oh my god! Please-’ You covered her mouth with your hand, your eyes wide, 'Are you crazy?’ You whisper-yelled, throwing an apologetic look towards the librarian.

You managed to shoo her away from there before the librarian did so herself, telling Eunha your final decision: you weren’t going.

Once you got your books, you were leaving the library with the librarian glaring at you for 'breaking’ a golden rule. Apologizing, you finally left, to spend your precious time with the books in your dorm.

The moment you entered the dorm, you remembered why you had always wanted to switch your dorm. There was just a sole and simple reason - Jung Hoseok.

'Can you not, make out on the couch.’ You yelled, beyond pissed, as a girl - who you recognized as a Freshman, literally was sucking Hoseok’s face off. You cleared your throat, since they hadn’t heard you the first time, before walking into your room and placing your books on your bed and coming back into the hall with a horn in your hand.

Making sure you had your ear plugs nice and tight in your ear, you pressed the button of the horn, making them both jump at the loud sound.

'Y/N! What the actual fuck?’ Hoseok turned to glare at you, the girl scrambling on to her feet from the floor. She shot a glare towards you as well, 'Is she your girlfriend, Hobi?’ She asked, her predatory eyes still on you.

You scoffed, 'Please. I don’t even consider him a human, let alone be his girlfriend.’ You said, crossing your arms.

'What do you want?’ Hoseok asked, and you noticed him stifling a laugh.

You rolled your eyes, 'I want you,’ You pointed at him, 'and you,’ your finger moved to point at the girl, 'away from the couch and out of the dorm.’

'In case you forgot, this is my dorm too, so,’ He got up, making his way to you, while you shot daggers at him, 'I can do whatever-’ he came close to your face before leaning in to your ear, ’-I want.’

Your face burnt at the closeness of your bodies, and him being shirtless, flexing all those muscles you knew you weren’t supposed to swoon over, made it all the more harder for you to not pull him into your room.

'One: stay the hell away from me, you wreak.’ You said, half lying, because he literally smelled of a feminine perfume, which had obviously come from the girl, who was still standing in the middle of the room, 'Two: I don’t care. As long as I’m here, you will not get any of your filthy hands on the couch, which I will have to clean later. And three: go die.’ You spat at his face, your face curled into a snarl as his face remained unchanged and indifferent to whatever you were saying.

'Hobi, come on baby, let’s go.’ The girl tugged at Hoseok’s forearm, and you continued to glare daggers at him, when you noticed a slight change in the way he was looking at you. It was deadly, something you had seen once, and the outcome was, well, destructive. You knew this situation could go this way, or that.

'Actually you know what, So Min-’

'It’s Eun Ji-’

'Yeah, whatever. You can leave. I have some…unfinished matters to settle.’ He said, his voice low and intimidating. The girl huffed, and immediately turned and stomped out of the door, making sure she slammed the door close in the process. In that time, you too had turned to leave.

The moment you began walking, you felt your hand being pulled, before your back slammed against the wall beside your bedroom door, in the corridor. A gasp left your lips as the impact surprised you more than hurting you, his face dead serious as he stared at you.

'I don’t think you deserve to go into your room without a punishment, baby girl.’ He smirked, pinning your hands on top of your head to the wall. You squirmed, wanting to get out of the mess you dragged yourself into before you regretted it.

'No I don’t. Now let me go!’ You yelled, trying to pry your hands away from his steel grip. With the way he was holding them, bruises would be the first thing you would see on your wrists the next morning.

'Not a chance.’ He said before dipping his head into your neck, placing open mouthed kisses on your skin as he grinded against you. You, already beginning to accept defeat, exposed your neck even further, as you tried to bite back a moan that threatened to tear through your throat.

'Let me hear you, Y/N. I know you want to scream my name as loud as you can.’ He coaxed you, as he pressed his bulge harder against your core that you couldn’t help but moan his name.

'That’s right, baby girl, moan out my name all night.’ He let one hand of his come down to your breasts, before gripping one of them gently and squeezing them, his mouth finding its way to yours.

He pressed them on yours, and as much as you hated to admit it, they were as soft as they could get, making it even more harder for you to pull away. Seconds later, you began melting into the kiss, which deceived you as a gentle and passionate one, rather than a rough and hungry one.

'Ho- Hoseok, no, I can’t.’ You breathed as he kissed on a spot under your ear before grabbing your ear lobe with his teeth, gently nibbling on it, you writhing under him. He loved to see you struggle, he loved that he was having this effect on you, something he had long been wishing to see and feel.

'I have to- I have to go the frat party. Please Hoseok, I- fuck - I promised Eunha.’ You mumbled a lie as his hand went down to the region in between your thighs, his hand separating them before skillfully rubbing his fingers on the material against your clit which took you to a particular paradise.

He chuckled deeply in your ear, ’Liar.’

He rubbed harder and you had your eyes shut tight, his lips finding yours again. It was too much for you, making it impossible for you to focus on what to say or on the kiss. His hand came back up and went through your shorts’ hem line, before dipping his hand inside your underwear and finding your clit again, you jolting back against the wall as he tortured you. To say you were a moaning mess, would have been a hilarious understatement, and your breathing intensified when he inserted a finger into you, the alien feeling melting away as fast as it had come.

He pushed it in and out of you, later adding another finger and you felt a strange feeling form at the pit of your stomach. He stared at your face, which had been twisting into pleasure all the while. He would stay with you in the dorm the whole night without attending the party if he could spend time with you like this. Or however, he wouldn’t mind if it was just movie watching or playing games either.

A small smile formed on his face as he felt you clench around his fingers, signalling you were about to come.

'Why don’t you tell me how good this feels, Y/N?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and you immediately responded, 'Fuck you, Hoseok.’

His thumb found your clit, and you regretted every word that spilled out of your mouth as your head went back against the wall, exposing your neck which had all of his marks on.

'Hmm, you’ll get to do that, don’t worry.’ He chuckled, before licking one of the spots on your neck with the tip of his tongue.

You groaned as you felt the pressure in the pit of your stomach release around his fingers. He pulled them out, his hand still holding your wrists against the wall, bringing his other to his mouth, licking away your remnants.

'Mm…you taste amazing, Y/N. And only I’ll know that.’ He stared at you, and you couldn’t find the view any hotter.

'I still hate you.’ You breathed, your eyes half lidded as you glared at him, before he picked you up, his hands under the back of your thighs.

He opened the door to his room before dropping you on his bed, pulling his pants down, 'We’ll see about that.’


No, there isn’t a sequel.

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There Ch. 6 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hey babes! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. I’m in such a good writing mood right now, I feel like I can just keep going for hours. Which I probably will end up doing, as I have a late class start tomorrow. I’m going to try and finish off all these requests and get the next chapter of this series done. I love you all, and you’re so amazing! xoxo

Description:You lost your world. You lost the love of your life. All by yourself, with nobody to support you. Your daughter would have to grow up never knowing her father. But what happens when Bucky comes along? Will you let him in, or will you push him away like everyone else?

Warnings: SMUT. Just full out, complete love making. 

Chapter 5


Bucky took in a shaky breath as he lifted his hands to your zipper. He never thought that in a million years he would get to share these intimate moments with you, let alone ever get to see your form underneath your clothes. While he slowly unzipped your dress, you let out a soft exhale as the cool air hit your spine. You let the fabric slip off your shoulders, forming a small pool around your feet, leaving you only in your undergarments. All that was left on your body were a pair of black, lace panties and a matching bra. (Okay, yes, you prepared for this, but you never actually thought it would happen.) You slowly turned around to face him, watching him as he admired your body. 

“You’re so beautiful…” His voice was barely a whisper as his eyes met yours. You lightly pulled him down by the collar of his shirt, gently pressing your lips to his. They were warm and soft, molding perfectly with his. He hands fell on your waist, his metal touch sending shivers up your spine. You began unbuttoning his shirt, your lips never parting. As you reached the last button, you pulled away slightly, looking up into his steel blue eyes. He slipped off his shoes, and you did the same. 

You ran your fingers down his bare chest as his shirt fell the the floor. Your hands trailed down to his abs, then to his waist, hitting his belt. He looked down at you as you bit your lip, silently asking him for permission. He gave you a small nod and a soft smile, and you began to undo his belt. Your gaze never broke his, your heart beating out of your chest as his pants fell to his feet. Both of you felt so vulnerable, but it was okay. He snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you body towards him as you wrapped yours around his neck, your mouths colliding in perfect harmony. 

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A fine brilliant yellow Spitalfields brocaded silk robe à l'Anglaise, circa 1750, 

Woven with brightly coloured large scale oriental poppies, posies and swags, the ground figured with arabesques and wine silk spotted cartouches, the robe with linen lining to bodice, pleated front robings, double tiered engageants with bows, the hem lined in fine yellow silk; with matching petticoat front panel trimmed with pinked furbelows; and a stomacher trimmed with rosettes and braid


Pokemon Grunt Tank Top!

• Black and white fabric ( I recommend Jersey Knit, I used Jersey for the white but the black i used a thicker Fleece but i do not recommend because it wasn’t stretchy)
• Basic sewing materials ( I used a sewing machine for this whole thing but you could definitely hand sew it, just would take longer!)

*You could totally add the white strips to a tank top you bought at the store but I got he fabrics on discount so i figured id tackle making it!

• Trace a tank top that fits you well onto the black fabric, front and back
• Sew together sides and shoulders
• TRY ON before you hem, make sure it fits the way you want
• Hem the sleeves and bottom! (don’t hem the neckline, were about to get to that)

*For the next two steps you could probably just paint on the white with fabric paint but i did not, if you were going to paint hem the neck line too!

• Cut a ½ yard (more or less depending on your neck size) by 3 inch sheet out of the white fabric
• Fold strip in half (hot dog style)
• Pin to neckline, make sure to leave about an inch before you pin (I only did front but you could do back too if you so please)
• Sew along edge
• Fold over and sew down so the white is flat against the black

*You could also just paint the X but I’m not huge on fabric paint, i wanted machine washable

X Design
• Repeat long white strips x2 (x4 if you want to do back too, i did)
• Fold in half and sew longways
• Pin down in x form ( I put mine on my dress form to stretch it out, you can just put it on yourself and look in a mirror!)
• Sew down edges

And you’re all done! Tomorrow we tackle the wrist bands and the socks! You can find my cosplay account on Instagram @ Pestermychum!


A Maria Gallenga stencilled persimmon velvet medieval inspired gown, 1920s

Un-labelled, printed with repeat gingko leaf shaped repeats in silver and gold, the fagotted shoulder seams inset with wide coral glass beads, the long sleeves with pointed cuffs adorned with gold crochet bauble buttons, curved lightly gathered waist side seams, trained hem, lined in matching crêpe, with matching draw-string purse

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HI!!! :D I just wanted to know how did you made the fabric to do that wavy-thing at the end on your twillight dress? Cuz its not the first time that I see a dress doing that and I've always been facinated by it. Btw, that dress is a-may-fucking-zing!

First of all thank you!! I achieved the wavy effect using two different methods, depending on which fabric type I was working with: horsehair braid for the top layer of lavender satin, and beading thread (or fishing line) + a rolled him for the lower layer of dark purple organza.

Top layer: Horsehair braid – This can be bought at most fabric stores and is amazing for getting clean hems on circle skirts. If the circle has a lot of fabric in it, you end up with that wavy effect when it drapes! It’s better for medium/heavy fabric like satins, cottons, etc., and not good for lightweight or sheer fabrics. I used this tutorial to learn how to install it properly.

Bottom layer: rolled hem with beading thread or fishing line – For lightweight fabrics like the dark purple organza I used here, a rolled hem is the way to go! Do yourself a favor and pick up a rolled hem foot for your machine, since folding and pinning the organza manually is a nightmare. You have a few options with the hem, depending on how dramatic of a wave you want:

  • Rolled hem with no wire or line = soft drape with minimal structure and will lie more flatly against your skirt
  • Rolled hem with beading thread = soft waves without a ton of structure (this is what I did!)
  • Rolled hem with fishing line = dramatic waves, like the sort of thing you see on flamenco dresses

There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube for how to do the fishing line hem - essentially you just super carefully feed the line into the hem as you sew, so that the line is encased.

Hope that helps~!

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
-A Short Story-

I was exhausted. I’d spent the day Christmas shopping, the first half shared with my mother up until we stopped for lunch. Then after we parted ways, I continued my hunt for the perfect gifts, checking off my list one by one. By six o’clock, I’d called it a day, pushing my door open with my shoulder as I struggled with enough bags to completely cover the foyer. I set them down with a sigh, shutting the door behind me and tip-toeing around the bags to get to my kitchen where I dropped my purse and keys. I took a gander back at the mess in the hallway, my eyelids heavy with fatigue. Making my way over, I grabbed only one of the bags, leaving the rest to be put away later.

Once in my room, I laid the bag on the bed, removing the dress I’d purchased for myself. It was a pretty deep crimson shade with a simple A-line hem, and it cost almost as much as all the gifts I’d bought put together, but it was totally worth it.

Harry was having a Christmas party.

Harry Styles and I had gone out a handful times. I wasn’t really sure if you could say we were “dating”. How many dates constitutes dating? One? Five? Seventeen? I never really knew the answer to that. He’d taken me to dinner a few times and to a party another, and we had a good time, at least I thought so. I just felt like it was too soon to tell how he felt about me. But I liked him. I liked him a lot.

This wasn’t really a date though. This was a party he was throwing for all his friends and other people he knew. I would just be one of many to attend. Nevertheless, I was excited to be going, and this little red number I hoped would make an impression.

I hung up the dress on the hook that hung on the closet door, pressing my hand along the soft, silky fabric. I smiled to myself as I thought of Harry, the way his green eyes twinkled when he smiled and the way his soft lips felt against mine when he’d kissed me goodnight. I sincerely hoped he would kiss me again. Maybe even under the mistletoe? I chuckled to myself as I made my way back out into the hall, grabbing the rest of my bags and bringing them into the bedroom. Too tired to sort through them at the moment, I left them lined up at the foot of the bed and returned to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. That’s when I heard my cell phone going off in my purse. I smiled when I saw Harry’s name on the screen.

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If you're okay for it with your prompts - Lexi In Denial about a crush she 100% doesn't have on Ryder

“Very good. Now breathe in from your back.”

“My back doesn’t have holes in it.”


Lexi kept her eyes serenely closed, pointedly ignoring the stare Sara was sending her way. She could almost see it now– that foolish, lopsided smile of hers that showed all teeth. Directed at her as if t could elicit some sort of response.

Hardly. Lexi rolled back her shoulders. “Turn your shoulder blades inward, support with the thighs.”

“There’s got to be an easier way to do this.”

“It starts with listening to your instructor. Now, turn your palms upward. Release tension from the stomach.”

“Like this?”

Damn her. It was a silently understood rule that Lexi did not focus anywhere but their exercises during these yoga sessions. But with a directed question…

The doctor opened her eyes, exhaled from her nose–not quite a huff–and turned.

What she saw was so completely…Sara.

The human was biting down intently on one corner of her lips, toes splayed and ankles wobbling. Arms outstretched completely over her head, causing the tight exercise tank to ride up her leanly muscled stomach. Ponytail mussed, with thick strands falling into Sara’s squinted, intensely concentrated gaze aimed somewhere on her forehead.

Lexi’s eyes were drawn to that line between hem and skin to monitor her positioning, of course. And that lurch in Lexi’s own stomach? Merely a response to the metabolism fluctuations yoga induced.

“No,” Lexi said–her genuine affection leaking into her tone despite herself. “Hold still.”

She moved behind Sara, arms gently shifting her shoulders, realigning her hips. Touch was safer, somehow, than watching. Touch let Sara become a patient again, all anatomy and recovery. Watching her stare of concentration and mussed hair…that was where things became dangerous.

“This is supposed to help me relax?” Sara asked with that infectious little laugh of hers, as Lexi bent down to straighten out the positioning of her legs.

“Yoga is a mind-body exercise meant to reduce blood pressure and stress.”

Lexi felt Sara’s stare on her. “Does this mean you’re going to mind my body?”
Sara wiggled her toes in a manner that Lexi certainly hoped wasn’t meant to be suggestive. Goddess help her, Lexi found herself smiling at them.

This. This could be dangerous, too. Best to put an end to it.

Lexi stood up, shaking her head. “Perhaps something with more cardio?”

Sara’s eyes went wide. “You mean-?”


The Pathfinder smiled far too impishly, “Jogging?”

Lexi looked up at the ceiling. This brave, beautiful, silly patient was going to be the death of her.