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Intaglio | Tattoo
Kickstarted this year by tattooing one of my etchings onto friend CBH. Stick and poke with a 3RL needle, been doing more of them recently.
I don’t copy the etching line by line, I basically re-do the entire work.
When writing on my plates it of course happens backwards, and I very much value that small translation that happens in the etching and printing process, the result is very close to my handwriting but not exactly, a mirrored copy of my backwards handwriting really, which looks a lot like my own handwriting, but with a certain distance to it. 
When tattooing the change to the handwriting is different, but still enough to satisfy me. And like in intaglio, the ink sits in the deeper parts, the “grooves” poked into the skin by the needle. Probably overreading the significance of that, but still - into it.

Since I’ve been thinking so much about tattooing in relation to etching, I’ve decided to only do them in an edition of 3. I’ll post some of them infrequently, from the 33 series and the HOW TO LIVE work I’ve been doing on my leg in the last months.

*apologies for terrible cell phone pics, btw. 

** also: 400th post, what what what what.

*** so far I’ve only worked on people I know and really like. I’m considering to expanding that to people I like, but not neccessarily know yet. Get in touch when interested and in a city I either live in or visit. Stockholm Helsinki Berlin Vienna and so on.

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I only fucked you as a joke

“oooh baby, I can’t make good decisions everyday”

elloelle: “What an unbelievable summer we’ve had! 
Life on the road with my love for the#musedronestour.. I have mixed emotions about it ending…. Im so proud of Matt and so grateful for the memories we made and the moments we shared; I will cherish tHIM always! 💖 
At the same time, I am happy to finally be back home in LA after three long months away.. Feels really nice to unpack all those suitcases and put them away for a good long while now! 
On another note: How freakin cute are we?! I absolutely adore this man 💝 I love us so much 💗 I’m the luckiest girl in the world 💕💕💕👸🏼💕💕💕 PS-some of the places pictured are: #Helsinki #Copenhagen #Paris#London #Glastonbury #Berlin #Stockholm#Norway #StTropez #Ibiza #Iceland#justtonameafew #summer #adventures”

Dec 7th Vienna date added, a few more open 

-Dec 1 Warsaw
-Dec 2 Kiev
-Dec 3 …..
-Dec 7 Vienna
-Dec 9 San Sebastian
-Dec 15 Tallinn
-Dec 16 Helsinki TBC
-Dec 22 Berlin
-Dec 23 …..
-Dec 31 …..
-Jan 5 …..
-Jan 6 …..
-Jan 13 Lyon
-Jan 19 ……

While all the madness and destruction keeps getting more horrifying by the day, trying to fill the empty dates above AND considering non-music playing, more in the ‘music conversations, talks, Q&A’s etc.’ On juicy topics that should make enthusiasms uncurbable, like :

“Dealing with the Self Anointed PR Networking Whore Mothers with they Daddy’s Money aka the Movers & Shaker of the Fake It 'til You Make It Set” or “How (Sub) Cultures Shape Our Madness” or “How Not to Survive , Get Woke, Stay Broke and Utterly Cynical in the Post-Illennium New Music Industry. Let the Burned Bridges Light the Way”

Or I don’t know, open to suggestion, so much to cover !

If you know anyone who knows anyone who may want to make it happen around those days, maybe can let em know

anonymous asked:

Tbh I don´t really understand you. Maybe when you have some more experience and have finished a diploma you´ll see that life isn´t one big dress up and there´s a point when everyone needs to grow up.

The great thing about life is that you not understanding the way I look does in no way reflect on me. I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat: What you see through my blog is one side of me. Yes, it’s a truthful representation of a lot of things I like and find beautiful, and from time to time I use it as a way to share what I have been up to. But it is still only one side of me and making assumptions like the ones you’ve just made based on that one side is just - well - foolish.

Some days of my life are one big dress up, some are not - it all depends on what I’m doing. Do I have a face full of make-up and a corset on when I’m doing my duties as an aunt or when I’m practising my craft? Most likely not as it’s inconvenient. Do I do those things worse when I am wearing those things? No, I’m responsible and good at what I do even if I am wearing all those things; A corset doesn’t cut off the circulation to my brain, it just makes my waist look smaller. There’s no reason why dressing a bit differently would mean that someone isn’t grown up. Alternative looks are phases for some, but they are preferred, comfortable styles and lifestyles for many, many adults. (I also happen to be a professional in a creative field which means that self expression through appearance or otherwise is encouraged, not stunted. Being an adult shouldn’t mean becoming someone you don’t want to be or don’t feel comfortable being - creative field or not.)

I also find it slightly amusing that you think I look like this because I’m uneducated or young. I studied in the International Baccalaureate diploma programme in Washington DC for a year, I have a high school diploma from Finland, I finished a two-year vocational degree studying in Helsinki and working in Berlin, I received a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from a highly-regarded vocational course in London last year, and am about to move back to England to do a BA degree.
I know I look really young but I’ll turn 25 this year, and I have plenty of experience behind me already and will only get tons more as years go by. My - as many other people’s - appearance is not a sign of youth, rebellion, or lack of understanding the world. It’s a tried and tested way of self-expression which does no one harm and makes me happy.

Maybe one day I realize this look isn’t for me anymore. But it won’t be because I I reached a certain age or felt that I had “grown up”. It will be because I have found something else that makes me more comfortable and feels more like me. But as far as I can tell, that’s not happening any time soon and I’m just fine the way I am now.