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hi! there has been a some sort of an attack in my home town turku, finland. DO! NOT! read the news by bbc and cnn: they’re making statements abt a video, saying that the men fleeing are shouting “allahu akbar” when in reality the shouts are “watch out!” in finnish. & cnn said that we only speak swedish in turku… check ur facts. bbc used a picture of helsinki… ignorant.

we don’t actually know what the motives behind the crime (1 dead and 6 injured in a stabbing) were yet. we don’t know if this is terrorism or if the criminals were just idk. high. one suspect has been attained by the police.


Although we are called ‘Rainbow Direction’ and our most common symbol to show support and inclusivity is the rainbow, we welcome (and love!) seeing all the pride and diversity that everyone is bringing! It is not always easy to stand up for our differences, especially when those are not welcomed or accepted. Showing your own pride is courageous and can help others feel more comfortable wearing theirs.

These are just a few examples of participants showing their individuality:

coastingonthisdream ‘s Asexuality sign in Gothenburg (OTRA, 23/06/2015)

tshawau ‘s Bigender sign for the OTRA tour

bimuslimheaux ‘s Bisexuality flag in Atlanta (WWA, 01/10/2015)

rose-and-a-dagger’s inclusive sign for the OTRA tour

riikkapas’ Non-Binary shirt, hair and sign (not in picture) in Helsinki (OTRA, 27/06/2015)

tobeloved-tobeinlove​ ‘s Bisexuality and Pansexuality shirt in Helsinki (OTRA, 27/06/2015)

persimmonlions Asexuality sign in Vancouver (OTRA, 17/07/2015)

Participant in a Transgender shirt in Helsinki (OTRA, 27/06/2015)

original-cypher representing Rainbow Direction and Pansexuality at the Paris Pride 2015

You can see more submissions here:

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If any of our participant posts are missing in the tag-listings or we got your sexuality, asexuality spectrum or gender wrong, please never hesitate to contact us so we can correct it!

A makeup test for my upcoming costume! She’s Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars Rebels. The headband is only a placeholder. Also it seems my way to cover my eyebrows isn’t very good so I will shave them for the convention. For the white tattoos I tried a light lineart on the right side. I think they look better with the lines.

This should be ready for the next month’s Star Wars convention Hoth Con in Helsinki. More pictures when the whole costume is ready! I’m so excited! X3

elloelle: “What an unbelievable summer we’ve had! 
Life on the road with my love for the#musedronestour.. I have mixed emotions about it ending…. Im so proud of Matt and so grateful for the memories we made and the moments we shared; I will cherish tHIM always! 💖 
At the same time, I am happy to finally be back home in LA after three long months away.. Feels really nice to unpack all those suitcases and put them away for a good long while now! 
On another note: How freakin cute are we?! I absolutely adore this man 💝 I love us so much 💗 I’m the luckiest girl in the world 💕💕💕👸🏼💕💕💕 PS-some of the places pictured are: #Helsinki #Copenhagen #Paris#London #Glastonbury #Berlin #Stockholm#Norway #StTropez #Ibiza #Iceland#justtonameafew #summer #adventures”

SHINee's Minho surprises fans with a photoshoot in Helsinki, Finland!

In the pictures, SHINee’s visual member and K-Pop hunk Minho can be seen sporting stylish coats, turtlenecks, leather jackets, and boots, showcasing the perfect look for the colder seasons.

During his interview with ‘Cosmopolitan’, Minho discussed how much he enjoyed his time in Finland and also expressed his gratefulness towards his fans. He stated, “Once in a while I feel like I’m in a position where I only receive the fans’ love. And so once in a while, I worry about how to communicate with them, so I’m glad I have the opportunity to communicate with them through this interview.

He continued, “I hope that after a long time with no individual photoshoots, my fans will receive this as a surprise gift. I will finish the Japanese activities healthily and return so please don’t forget SHINee and me, Minho… give us a lot of support. Until we meet again on the stage!

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