helsinki institute

ALVAR AALTO, Floor Lamp model No.A808 (1955/1956). Originally designed for the National Pensions Institute in Helsinki. Material brass, metal and leather. Manufactured by Valaistustyö Ky, Finland. 


Name: Julia
Age: 16
School: Helsinki Dance Institute
Why I love ballet? This might sound cheesy, but ballet is my way to express myself. I get this indefinable feeling whenever I go on stage. It’s more than joy(love?). Also I have a love/hate relationship with the rehearsals. I love working on all the details to strive for perfection.
Favourite ballet: I have too many. Don Quixote, La Bayadere, La Sylphide and Giselle.
Favourite ballerina: Evgenia Obraztsova(she will always stay as my ultimate favourite)
Dream company: my DREAM company would be Mariinsky/Bolshoi, but I think it will remain as a dream.
Do you want to become a pro? I really think I do. I could become something with a higher salary, but this is what I love.
Pointe shoes(Freed):
I’m not sure about my model, it might be custom made(?). It says on the sole “C Pro Insole”?
Well everyone has different pros and cons. I have flat, strong, narrow feet. I’ve read somewhere that I have a greek foot.
+ easy to break in and adjust(for example do a ¾ shank)
+gives enough support
+easy to go en pointe
+quickly stretches out to your foot
-the box is too narrow if you have bunions
-they die quickly(depends on your foot+model but this is a general opinion)

I wear one pair for about 2 weeks-1 month, depending on the month. ( I have really strong feet tho. And by this I mean that I don’t need as much support as “normal” people do)