Home is Where the Heart is with @carolinavd

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“Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere, but if it’s true that home is where the heart is, then my home is now Finland,” says São Paulo native Ana Carolina Vieira (@carolinavd), who moved to Helsinki after falling in love 10 years ago. “Although I’m now officially a Finnish citizen, I often still feel as though I’ve just moved here. The midnight sun during the summer and the snowy landscapes in the winter still amaze me every time.”

As a decorator and merchandiser, Ana Carolina believes her visual aesthetic has evolved in her new home. “Long winters take up the vast majority of the year, making things naturally monochrome. Apart from that, life is slower here which translates into a clean and peaceful aesthetic,” she observes. Still, images of São Paulo’s hustle and bustle often make her homesick. “Pictures always remind me of the people and places that were part of my life back home. I start dreaming of everything I would do if I were there. To cope with being homesick, I spend time with my Finnish loved ones and try to see and enjoy the best of my new home. My dog Emma helps me a lot, too.”

PoD Continuation

This is a continuation of a previous post Print on Demand. The last highlight of that post follows:

Update 11/2
Power outages in New Jersey, home of comiXpress.com, have caused delays with the company. Evenin’ will be late either way now. I was really looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by getting everything handled without us initiating the process (outside of placing the order, of course). Still since the storm hit so close to our quoted ship date, we should have already received the email for the PDF proof, and thus an invoice.
I suppose it’s back to the drawing board, and we will just have to release compendiums until we find a suitable company!

We figured these would have arrived before Thanksgiving. Which would have worked out wonderfully, as one is a gift, and the person’s birthday is on Thanksgiving. However, as the date draws nearer, we seem to be no closer to receiving our books! We ordered seven (7) trade paperbacks. In black and white. Oh, yea, and we ordered them back on October 7th. They work with a 4 week turnaround time on new orders. Today is November 19th:
(19 + (31-7))/7
(19 + 24)/7
~ 6 weeks. SIX weeks. Add to this the problems revolving around Helsink County, and the general lack of notification in the process, and you have a very disgruntled CrazedPixel. We were originally planning on having our comics be available for order by the public through ComiXpress. Obviously, we are unhappy with their services. What started out looking great back in September, has turned into a hemorrhoid in three months.

At this juncture, CP Comics will state that they will not be using either Ka-Blam nor ComiXpress, and while we will not be recommending them to anyone, we will not tell you not to use them. They may prove to be your dream printer. If so, Great! If not, well at least you will have been forewarned.
Once again, we are not out to blemish the names of these companies. We simply wish to share our experiences. We’ll update when we receive our books.

Until next time,
ZeD Hunters! (and CPC followers :D)

Any recommendations for affordable printers are welcome!

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Kamome Diner

(Kamome Shokudo - 2006) Trailer

Japanese movie that takes place in Finland about life, simplicity, friendship, sharing, comfort food, being positive & cinnamon rolls. Lovely!