• Grimsley and Marshal stealing each other’s food long before and after they started going out; the outrage is still real
  • heads in laps
  • Grimsley sneaks into Marshals bed and two minutes later complains it’s too warm and half asleep, Marshal suggests, “I could leave (my own bed)” and Grimsley like nOPE siiiigh I s’pose i can suffer tonight and basically we reaffirm that Marshal is hot (interpret freely)
  • Marshal’s the only one who calls Grimsley ‘Gri’.
  • Grimsley wearing Marshal’s clothes is actually more hysterical than sexy 7 times out of 10.
  • when they argue, it’s loud and bad and stubborn
  • making up doesn’t actually include make-up sex; it’s replaced with make-up cuddling
  • they have had sex in their league rooms
  • multiple times
  • (they were almost caught once)
  • they do nose rubbing as often as kissing like screeeech
  • exchanging tokens
  • there is a selfie collection (somewhere)
  • they never team up in battle if it can be helped, preferring to be opponents more
  • “I could beat you in a fight.” “Seriously?” “If I cheated and played dirty, I’d have you in the dirt begging for mercy.” “What makes you think I’d play fair too?” “Because I’m me and you’d play fair against me. Honor code because you adore me.” “I could play play dirty and still adore you.“ “O rly.” “It’s not that hard. All I need to do is roll. over. for you, and beg for mercy….”
  • (you can imagine how that night went)
yoshi12370 answered your question: I blinked and missed something, didn’t I?

It came from you not noticing the Zorua!Helsing…for shame Luna >: T

=V Excuse you, lemme tell you about my feels, like none of the Unova E4 get along at first, not really, and Grimsley takes his responsibilities less than seriously so during a tourney they were guests for, it turns out Grimsley isn’t there, but his Zoroark is, impersonating him, and Marshal, being the warm-blooded soul that is, don’t let that shit fly because he /notices/ it’s not Grimsley (Caitlin, too, but she’s less interested in all their affairs) when Shauntal should have been the one since White side/Black side, but doesn’t out Zoroark in front of everyone, because E4 reputation, and Grimsley is /really/ out gambling and when he come back, Shauntal’s upset and Marshal’s angry and Zoroark’s got its head in Caitlin’s lap being pet because spoiled, and it’s a two.five-way argument where Marshal’s mostly arguing for Shauntal who’s really frickin’ upset and does not yet have a balls to stand up to these people (she will but not yet) and Grimsley, “I do what I want,” and it’s really just a breakdown between all of them.

BUT LONG STORY SHORT, Grimsley falls in love because someone /cares/ about him and his and Marshal falls in love completely by accident.

anonymous asked:

M!A Make Grimsley a chibi Neko like in that HelsingShipping picture, size and all!

((OMG SO CUTE ACCEPTED I wasn’t given a length so he’ll be like this for a week))

“Awe crap.” *POOF* “How am I supposed to get around like this??”