An Apology

Um. Hi. Hello. *taps microphone* Is this thing on?

As some of you may know, I deleted my blog a few weeks ago in a fit of anger. I left without saying a proper goodbye and left some unpleasant words in my wake. Both the sudden manner in which I left and the comments I made upon leaving were upsetting to a number of people in various sectors of the Hans fandom - especially my friends in the Hanna sector - and for this, I sincerely apologize.

I would also like to make a personal apology to tylersegguin for behaving as though my leaving was her fault. I publicly blamed her for attempting to sabotage my efforts to make peace with the Kristanna fandom when in actuality she had no idea that I was engaged in such efforts. It was unfair of me to accuse her without speaking to her first, and it was equally unfair of me to act as though she was responsible for my departure. My (very poor) decision to delete on a whim was mine and mine alone.

(As an aside, I do plan to resume my efforts to maintain positive relations with the Kristanna fandom. To that end, I say: congratulations on your OTP’s official engagement! :)

I did peek in on Tumblr occasionally after I left, and when I saw that a friend of mine from the Hanna fandom had posted about some personal difficulties she was having, I realized that I had made a terrible mistake in deleting. I knew then and there that I just couldn’t leave you all behind, and after gathering my courage (because I knew that people would be upset with me, and rightly so), I decided to come back. (hissouthernisles very kindly saved my URL for me, and I’m infinitely grateful to her for doing so.)

I can’t recover all the previous posts and reblogs I made over the past year-and-a-bit, but I’m doing the best I can to recreate the rest of my blog. I’m trying to track down all of my old mutuals and follow them back (if you were a mutual of mine and I haven’t found you yet, just follow me and I’ll be sure to re-follow you). I will also repost all of my fanfics and fill in my biographical and autobiographical sections as soon as I can.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to all of you for storming out in a huff, for saying unkind things when I left, for making people worry, and for turning my back on everyone who has supported me and my blog for more than a year. (The raging hormone fluctuations caused by losing one pregnancy and subsequently conceiving another may explain my actions, but they certainly don’t excuse them.)

One final thing: I don’t normally come right out and ask people to reblog my posts, but I really would like the entire Hans fandom to see this and know that I truly feel terrible about the way I behaved. Would you - that is, anyone who reads this apology - mind reblogging it in order to distribute it as widely as possible? Thank you so much.

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I'm really not certain Disney can pull off Han's redemption because all the fanfics that do so beautifully give us his thoughts and perspective and inner feelings and that's not easy to convey on a screen. Also, they last over a long period of time (months or years) and that's hard to fit into a 2 hour movie. I'm afraid if they attempt it, they'll fail and make the Hans fans even more hated in the Frozen fandom. Not to mention, you can't pull off Helsa in a couple of days/weeks. Hint it, maybe

My dear anon.

Hans Christian Andersen said “Where words fail, music speaks.”. And I say that what you think could take years, a song would do.

This brings to my memory one of my favorite Disney movies, favorite musical sequences, and favorite bonding time between memorable characters that though their relationship started conflictive, they found true love in the end. They grew, they learned, they changed for the better. Do I need to tell you which classic, epic, timeless Disney movie am I talking about?

May I say that Disney has great talent on showing transitions that could take months through just a musical number? Inner thoughts through lyrics as well. And Frozen is a musical after all. Didn’t they show Elsa and Anna getting older through the years through a musical number?

What about Hans changing his ways? What about Elsa giving him the chance to make amends and see the good he is capable of? What about them opening up to a possible love relationship? 

I say Disney can totally pull this off.

P.S. I have said many times in the past I don’t expect a sequel redeeming Hans to show Helsa completely canon by the end of the movie. I do expect however, hints of these two growing feelings for each other. Subtitle hints like held gaze, secret smiles, making each other laugh, unintentional hand holding, dramatic demonstrations protecting the other from harm, etc.

I repeat. Disney can totally pull this off.

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I really love your rants. Can I ask a massive one about a bunch of Disney/animation ships? Starting from Helsa. I really would like to hear what you think about it, because i like your explanations. I'm not a shipper of either Hanna or Helsa, but I'm just curious to hear your point of view, which is always interesting to read (like what you said on Frozen and its characters and storyline). P.s.: I love your prompts/headcanon!!! You're a great artist and writer.

Awwww, first of all, thank you kind anon! <3

Sorry for taking so long, but I’ve been terribly busy…plus, i wanted to give some thought to my answers. I didn’t want to upset anyone by saying a thing the wrong way…i know how sensitive people are about this fandom -___- *sighs*

Click below for a huge rant with doodles! :D

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Imagine if Hans /hadn’t/ bumped into Anna so he planned to carry through with his original plan of marrying Elsa and taking over the kingdom that way bUT THEN when he saw her he actually fell in love with her and then they danced and sANG TEN MINUTES AGO SJSKSKC MY HELSA FEELS I’M CRYING HELP ME

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Hey, beauty I've got a question for you. How or why do you ship Helsa? I mean you see Hans as a villain, you write him as a villain.. What's the side of him you can see that makes you ship him with Elsa. Personally it doesn't matter that he's a villain, the only couple I can see in this fandom is Elsanna. I'd like your point of view. Especially since your otp is Elsanna.

Originally I ship them together for two reasons: one, I think Hans is cute, and two, I couldn’t see Elsa with Kristoff romantically and there are really no other guys left in the film to ship her with.  As I got more into the ship I really liked the idea of redemption Hans and just like the possible dynamics between them.  The smut has potential to be really hot and I just really like them together.  Of course when I write Helsa, it’s done with a sort of OOC Hans because that’s really the only way to do it without getting into having to redeem him.  He tried to kill Elsa and her sister.  There’s no overlooking that.  But it’s kind of like how I overlook the incest guilt of the Elsanna ship.  I just don’t care and I want to read a good story about them or look at some awesome fanart.  

One of my betas has read both my Elsanna and upcoming Helsa fic and she can attest that I write him differently while maintaining Hans’ essence.  It’s not that hard to write him in both because in Crash I’m taking his canon personality to an extreme while in the Helsa fic I’m toning it down a bit and early in their relationship Hans has to become a better person for Elsa. 

I completely understand why people don’t understand any of the ships I ship but it’s like chocolate and vanilla.  You just like what you like sometimes and don’t look back :)

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A breeze blows through the lace curtains of an open window in the second floor room of a bed and breakfast in Natchitoches. Its naked inhabitants are nestled in bed, lazily entwined after making love during one of Louisiana's afternoon spring showers. The redhead cradles the other, burying their face in white blonde hair and inhaling the celestial scent of flowers and sex before taking the blonde's hand to their lips and kissing each knuckle.

Okay, I finally watched “Frozen”. Of course, the story of these sisters.. I was very touched, and I was worried about Elsa and Anna. Oh, and of course discovered a new otp. When I don’t look this cartoon, I hate ship Kristanna, but now this my otp. But. Best ship, in this cartoon, for me — ELSANNA. F🐤🐤K THIS. THIS IS SO CUTE SHIP. New otp’s: Elsanna | Kristanna | Jelsa.