“until you start seeing a therapist and get the help you need, i think we should take a break”

‘well, t—–, we might as well call it off now because im not going to’

i dont know how long wed been dating; close to a year, i think. she was the first person id ever honestly loved. first serious relationship after a slew of awkward ones. she was kind and caring beyond reason and she loved me of all people. which was the most baffling thing about our entire relationship.

picture a disney princess; that was her. beautiful, kind, energetic, crazy ambition. really creative. wonderful writer.

then picture a really destructive sid vicious kind of guy.; thats the type of person i was when i was dating her

underage, i was drinking and doing drugs and she didnt like that, but didn’t stop me. shed just say be careful. one night we’re up late just talking and she asks me to tell her about my life and stuff. she wanted to know everything about me. i made the mistake of telling her.

she looked at me different after that. started connecting my drug use and alcoholism to things my dad had done to me as a kid but i kept telling her over and over i was over all that shit. i guess i kinda lost myself towards the end of it. i was angry a lot because all she’d talk about afterwards was how she thought i could use a therapist. all she wanted to do was help.

she was like the warm yellow light that poured over everything she loved, and i was the grey ice water trying to drown her.

id like to say that it was for the greater good. she wasnt right with me, i wasnt good for her. she was perfect. i was a punk. i realized that. i want to say that i let her go because i knew shed be better off, but the truth is, i just dont like being told what to do; especially when people use themselves like that.

that was the last message we sent each other. a few weeks later we kind of awkwardly met again and talked and by that point we were already strangers, even when she started to cry and say she wished we could get back together. i said i wished we could too but i knew that the same things that had made me begin to resent her would make me angry with her again since i was so against her aid.

that was roughly 7 years ago. i still think about her from time to time, even though im in a really good relationship right now. id just like to know how shes doing and hope shes okay and where she wants to be in life. she deserves that much, i think.

I spent a really long time looking at paint chips today with our new landlord. He was so excited about it and we kept going from room to room and looking at the chips in different light. Don’t click read more unless you care about paint colors.

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GALTx eNews: Hounds Available to Foster! Can You Help?

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More of our Greyt 32 will be ready for a foster home soon! We haven’t yet had the chance to test these hounds with cats or other small animals. And as you can imagine, foster homes without cats or other small animals are hard to come by. We could really use a hand. Click here to learn more about fostering or complete an on-line foster application today!

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“So, what do you think? Should I go for personal training? I’d be spending even more time at the gym then, but I’d be helping others. What do you think, Juliet?”


“You uh,  you kind of stare off into space a lot huh? I’ll take it as an artsy quality. Girl with her head in the clouds…”

“Huh, what’d you say, Abel?” 

“Oh, nothing. How was your day at work?”


Harry walked slowly to the door, an eerie sense of déjà vu rolling over him. “Who is it?” he called out through the varnished maple.

“Can Harry come out to play?” The voice on the other side of the door was light and airy, musical, with a raspy edge.


Harry felt his pulse race a little before he found words. “Harry’s not home right now.” He smirked.

There was a pause and then a light tap-tap-tap on the door, right at Harry’s ear. “Bullshit.”

Louis is a vampire. Harry is probably too curious for his own good.

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I just created my first envelopes! they are completely self made including the design (I painted the plants etc with photoshop) and I’m thinking about starting an online shop this autumn. What do you think? Do you like them? would you consider buying envelopes / stickers / postcards etc? I’d really love to hear your opinion!! Thank you :’)

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achievement hunter is awful for how theyre overworking everyone. like gavin and michael have bags under their eyes ALL THE TIME NOW WHY NOT GIVE THEM A BREAK??????? also geoff is rude af, jeremy is just a constant short joke and isnt funny at all and jack and ryan dont do shit but insult everyone else. why cant roosterteeth just get rid of them already

I’m sorry you feel this way? I mean I can’t really help you out if you think Achievement Hunter is that bad. My only suggestion would be to not watch them but they are a major part of Rooster Teeth. I’m not sure how to help you out here…

will you behave?

➵ characters: jb x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 3965
➵ summary: jaebum comes home in a special mood, in a mood to appease to one of your requests.
 author’s note: look. i’m gonna be honest. this isn’t 99.9% smut, this is 100% smut. just a warning, slight breathplay. this is the most smut i’ve written for one story, even though do me your worst is a close second. and after that jb angst, i felt like i needed something to counteract that. so, enjoy.

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Holding on to you by Twenty Øne Piløts

Fight it,
Take the pain, ignite it,
Tie a noose around your mind
Loose enough to breathe fine and tie it
To a tree. Tell it, “You belong to me.
This ain’t a noose, this is a leash.
And I have news for you: you must obey me.”

Things discoursers will do to make the LGBT+ community “safe” :

- policing people’s identities

- refusing to acknowledge the existence of certain orientations

- refusing to acknowledge the prejudices one can encounter for being a certain orientation

- belittling people’s personal experiences regarding their orientation

- making fun of orientations / gender identity, if they are lesser known

- forcing the gender binary on non-binary people

- when they are cis, constantly opting out of cis privilege, talking over trans people

- attacking, mocking, expressing disgust, hatred, violence, towards entire orientations

- and many others !

But keep going, folks! All of this is surely exactly what the LGBT+ community needs. That’s totally not like the way straight dyadic/non-intersex cis people treat us ! Not at all ! This is how you will keep us safe ! Keep up the great work !!!

Remember in Cry for Help. when Peridot tried to send a message to YD? Remember she said this?
“Abandoned Crystal System, Colony: Planet Earth”?
Pink Diamond wasn’t just gonna colonize the Earth, she wanted the entire solar system, she was gonna call it the “Crystal System”
That’s most likely why they call themselves the Crystal Gems

I think, when Rose allegedly shattered Pink Diamond, she came to rule over PD’s court. There’s a theory on what values each of the diamond courts holds most important, (like Harry Potter’s houses and the factions in Divergent) and it says PD’s court values strenght, as seen in Jasper. When their leader was “shattered” all of the gems thought “hey, she killed our leader, she must be stronger, let’s follow her now.” So the name Crystal Gems was originally for Pink Diamond’s court, and since most, if not all, the Gem’s in the rebellion were part of PD’s court, Rose decided to keep the name, because it was the same group of gems, but now being led by a common quartz soldier instead of their diamond. Maybe this is why Homeworld doesn’t talk about the Crystal Gems? They didn’t want to give this long explanation that they were actually Pink D’s gems but they killed her and took over her colony and her name but weren’t actually led by her? So they just ended up calling them rebels becayse they didn’t want to legitimize them?

Or something like that

We ended things and now I’m supposed to forget.
I’m supposed to wake up tomorrow and act like you didn’t have anything to do with my life. I have to act like it doesn’t bother me when I wake up and check my phone to realize there’s no text from you. I have to pretend my heart doesn’t drop every time I hear you’re name. I have pretend that I’m doing just as well as the day before.
I sit and wonder where you are, I wonder if you feel the same. I wonder if pretending we didn’t happen is as hard for you. But I can’t help but think, you’re going through your day just fine, without needing me in it.
—  v.m