When your weapon bounce in G-rank

Honestly, that is the most devastating thing to happen to me in monster hunter. For 3 days after finally getting to G-Rank, I honestly thought i was doing something wrong. I used to mop the floor with Rathian in less than 12 min, and then all of a sudden it took more than 25 min. I never had a game legitimately put me in despair like Monster Hunter Man, Don’t even come to me about Dark Souls or Bloodborne, if you were having trouble you could just lvl up, and the maximum amount of time it took to beat a boss was 10 min. Monster Hunter you gotta plan ahead, have the right tools, use the right item at the right time, hit a certain spot, and so on. Dark souls and Bloodborne doesn’t put you in a false sense of security for literally 2/3 into the game. I actually felt useless. I would even think to myself “am i really good enough? Can i actually survive?” The game really took it’s toll on me. I have the up-most respect in Monster Hunter. Best game i’ve ever played~


Chilean Atacama Desert – the driest desert on earth, where rain is falling only once every ten or fifteen years. But another interesting fact of Atacama desert is the upraised hand in the middle of sands rising 11 meter toward the sky.

Mario Irarrasabal, the author of this desert masterpiece, wanted to emphasize the vulnerability and helplessness of man in the desert.


Where to start,
where to end,
my sister
who was once my friend.
if she cannot see the truth by now,
how our mother,showed us how,
how she said: 
he was not good for you,
and not take the punches
that he threw,
 a  lowly  coward,
to the last,
best left alone, 
this excuse of a man
and yet 
you fall into his arms
this Satan with the devils charms,
and the devils punch
that hurts you most,
comes from the one, 
you love the most.

Scattered Thoughts.