Documental de la gravació de “Helplesness”, el nou disc de Fleet Foxes, a la venta a partir del proper 3 de maig, i que sortirà de la mà de Bella Union i Sub Pop.

La cançó que sona sota les imatges duu per títol “Grown Ocean”, i s'inclourà en aquest disc.

Dear Allah....

I’m thankful to Allah that He’s given me the kind of grandparents that I have. I’m so so thankful for that. I’m thankful that they give me the right kind of advice at the right time - even though they have no idea about what I’m going through, subhanAllah! Even when I don’t complain to them about what bothers me….they sometimes say exactly what I need to hear. A word of encouragement. A dismissal of issues. Over-the-top compliments, words of endearment.

It’s only by Allah’s grace that I am here, that I am making it through each day. He knows exactly when I’m feeling down, alone, isolated…and I believe that those are the days on which He’s written for me to receive a call from Badimama and Daddy. If there is any force out there to whom I am thankful, it’s Him.

I received some good advice the other day. I was complaining about how no one’s ever “around” when I want to talk about something, and how that feeling of isolation kills me to such an extent that I can’t focus on anything else for the rest of the day, or the next two or three days. And I was asked - “Do you believe in God?” A simple question.

If I do believe in Allah, then I should accept the idea that Allah has knowingly put us in the situations we’re in. Allah is with me when all humans leave me. He is with me when no one else is around. His promise of forgiveness and mercy to the repenting slave remains true … So why do I beat myself up about every dang issue? This is life, this is not easy, this is my test. I am not alone. I’m just being tested.

Patiently, happily, unrelentingly, I will go about my affairs!

My Lord, forgive me and make me of those who sincerely are pure in faith….make me dependent on YOU, ALONE! And let me change myself for the better….. Ameen.