“I just turned 20. I never gave any thought about going to college, I just plan to do my military service and then start a business. My friend got a cocktail related license, so I also plan to get a license as well and open up a bar.”
“What made you decide to do that?”
“Not only did my friend advise me to do it, but the situation at my house isn’t so good as well.. I would rather send my younger siblings to university than me. So, I’m working now, I will go to the military, and then I will work again. I told them, ‘you should at least finish college.’ One is in his junior year of high school and one in his last year of middle school, so they have many more days left than me to study.”

“이번에 스무살이 됐어요. 대학갈 생각은 없고, 군대 다녀와서 사업하려고요. 친구가 칵테일 관련 자격증을 땄는데 저도 자격증을 따서 칵테일 바 사업을 하려고요.”
“그런 결심을 하게 된 이유가 뭔가요?”
“친구의 권유도 있었지만, 집안 형편이 썩 좋지 않아요. 저보다는 제 동생들을 대학에 보내고 싶거든요. 그래서 지금도 일을 하고 있고 군대를 갔다 와서도 일을 할 거에요. ‘일단 너희는 대학만이라도 나와라’ 그랬죠. 각각 고2, 중3이라 저보다는 공부할 날이 많이 남았으니까요.”