helping her clear her head

How Sarah’s characters would act if they had a crush on you

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For: @zamoimagines

Billie Dean:

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Billie would be pretty shy but would always hang around you. She would probably just stay by your side maybe do readings with you. You would calm her down and help her get her head clear. So she would always be around you. She would totally use the loud spirits as an excuse to take lingering glances and to get close to you.

Lana (banana) Winters:

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When Lana first figured out she had a crush on you, you’d both be in the asylum. So she would do little things like help you up if you tripped or covering for you. She would also write a lot about you, all the ripped paper in her pillow would be vivid descriptions of her ‘bestfriend’ (y/n)

Cordelia Goode :

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Cordelia would def try to impress you with her killer gardening skills, her immense leadership skills, or just her badass supreme powers. She would also be extremely kind and would always be there ready to listen to you and help you the best she could. She would be really protective and would always be there to unleash the wrath of the supreme on anyone who dare to mess with you. At first you’d be a little weirded out but then you’d find it really cute.

Bette and Dot Tattler:

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Bette would be more willing than Dot to get close to you but in the end she would cave. You three would take picnics out in the field away from all of the other freaks to help them get away from the chaos. Bette would blush and act cute the whole time while Dot would ask about your family and what you were interested in. You would help them get ready before shows. If they ever got nervous they would easily calm down knowing you were in the front cheering them on.

Sally McKenna:

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Sally would be very bold and wouldn’t waste any time with flirting. Like you’d be in your room after a long night of partying and she’d just burst in to do the nasty.

Audrey Tindall:

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Audrey would flirt HARD. She would invite you to galas and red carpets, not to mention all the Sunday brunch you could imagine. She would definitely get real nervous around you which would make her get even more nervous because she isn’t used to being so worked up over somebody. Also she would ultimately destroy the paps if they got in your guy’s face.

Ally Mayfair Richards:

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Ally would be really neighborly and would invite you to her restaurant. You would recognize her from the news but after talking to her wouldn’t be effected to much by it. Ally would totally have the ultimate big dick energy and would be super charming. She also would introduce to Oz and would love to see you two interact. Ally would also shut down all the homophobes that didn’t approve of her and it would totally turn you on.

Wilhemina Venable:

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Venable would probably be mad at herself at first and would take it out on you. But soon she would realize that it wasn’t your fault. Though she would most likely never act on her feelings she would help you any way she could without seeming suspicious. Like sneaking you food, extra blankets, even comfortable clothes. She would truly love you but would not know how to express her feelings which may to lead to outbursts of anger from her. God help the poor soul that tries to fuck with you though she would tear them apart limb from limb.

Essays in Existentialism: HSAU

can you do a high school AU where one is the captain of the football team and they sweep off the nerdy girls’ feet?

Morning started the same, every day, rain or shine. Four thirty in the morning, the alarm beeped in the small attic room, and under one section of angled roof, where a pile of blankets slumbered, an arm would appear and slap around until the offending noise stopped. It was precise and methodical and never changed, six days a week.

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Late Night Shance Ideas (Why I Can’t Sleep)

Shiro’s body. Just- hear me out.

The man isn’t physically soft. Not in any way, though he’s nicely well muscled and all around balanced, if probably a bit underweight for his body type and age.

Now, imagine Lance knowing this and figuring out that Shiro’s never had a spa day in his life, the poor uncultured man. The scars are harsh and uncomfortable (due to tightly pulled scar tissue and muscle damage), his dry skin is a nightmare, his lips are chapped and bitten while he walks like he has a rod up his back.

Lance refuses to let this stand, so he comes up with a team spa day. Allura and Coran are very helpful with setting this up, as Allura adores spa days and Coran knows several Altean massages that are heaven on the pressure points.

Lance commandeers the entire thing, Pidge jumping in to help because she sure as hell isnt passing up a spa day! She even helps with making the face masks, each specially made for the corresponding Paladin depending on what they need done the most. Acne clearing and softener for Keith, gentle cleansing and grease eraser for Hunk, moisturizing and deep cleaning for Shiro, oil clearer and acne scrub for Pidge, moisturizer for Allura, and Lance’s usual all encompassing goop for himself,

The spa day begins, each Paladin wary but otherwise pretty excited to try a spa day. Hunk is nearly vibrating in anticipation, as he’s done this with Lance before and the results were spectacular. Pidge got roped into one back at the Garrison and found it to be a lot of fun, plus it helped her clear her head and focus better. Keith and Shiro have never had a face mask or a massage before, so they’re both a little nervous.

Lance works on Hunk first, the show the others how it’s done. Next is Pidge, then Keith, then Allura, and Shiro is last. Coran does most of the massages, but Lance steps in to work on Shiro.

After massages and face masks, it’s bathtime. Allura and Pidge go to a separate bath while Lance helps the others into a bigger communal bath. It’s already pre-filled and hot, and fluffy clouds of bubbles hide what shouldn’t be seen. Lance then proceeds to give everyone hair masks. He takes an especially long time with Shiro’s hair, grumbling about how it’s probably never seen conditioner in its entire life with how coarse it feels.

After rinsing, repeating, and rinsing again, it’s time to dry off and brush out. Lance is the one to brush everyone’s hair, as it’s a very soothing thing to do and feels great.

So later, as everyone heads to bed, Shiro lays awake in bed and runs his hands through the soft white floofy bit in front and marvels at how soft it is from Lance’s attention.

He wonders if anything else will soften as he spends time with the smiling Cuban man.

He hopes so.

(His heart, geniuses. Not his d***)

Collars and confidence

Watching the first episode of the new season reminded me how Isayama loves the scenes where Hange is grabbed by her collar. Chapter 52: Sannes grabs her because he doesn’t want to let her into Nick’s room and glorious Moblit protects his Squad Leader.

Nick’s death hits Hange like a truck and she blames herself.

But here we have our awkward Levi who helps her to believe in herself again (scene unfortunately cut in the anime because they messed with the timeline but I really hope that their talk will happen eventually, maybe later in other circumstances).

Levi compares Hange to Erwin (he just gave her the best compliment he’s capable of) and thinks that she can be as good as him.

It is very interesting that in the recent chapters this little, secondary scene is repeating itself with much bigger and important consequences:

Chapter 107:

The collar.

Unfortunately, Moblit is not here to help her (I need a fan art with Moblit in this scene, pls!).

Again she’s blaming herself.

And here again our beloved Erwin, again compared to Hange, but now it is Hange who implicitly makes a comparison with him. Unfortunately she gets to the opposite opinion Levi had: she’s not as good as Erwin, she goes as far as saying that Erwin made a mistake (I think that here Levi would disagree completely with her: he trusts her and he’s always trusted Erwin’s decisions so I think that for Levi the sentence “Erwin made a mistake” is wrong in any possible way, grammatically, syntactically, morphologically etc.)

I don’t think that this time a nice talk will solve her problems, but it would be helpful, at least, to clear her head and to gain some confidence. In this moment, unfortunately everyone seems to be away (Levi is in the forest, most of the kids are at Sasha’s funeral, Armin was with Annie) and, on top of that, if Gabi and Falco were in the same prison as Eren, she will surely know very soon that those two escaped and killed a soldier.

In the Uprising Arc, after that moment of discouragement she showed us how brilliant she is and she saved everyone’s ass with her intelligence.

I hope that in this arc too we will have the opportunity to see her amazing mind working and see again her passionate and strong personality. Isayama owes this not just to Hange’s character but to Erwin’s too. I’m sure that his mention wasn’t by chance and that he will prove us, once again, that Erwin never makes mistakes.


Heirs: Cherry Bomb” (Chapter 10).

Summary: Jeremy is the owner of an important company in London, which will be inherited by his oldest son, Tom. Sebastian, his jealous youngest heir, craves power and desires to take what’s Tom’s. To achieve his goal, he’s plotted horrendous things alongside his lover who’s got interests, issues, and secrets of her own. Mysteries begin to unravel when Jeffrey, an old colleague and friend of Jeremy’s, and Bill arrive in town.

Originally based on: [Imagine 1]  [Imagine 2]

Written by: A.Wölf.


  • Jeremy Irons
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Chris Evans
  • Jared Leto
  • Bill Skarsgård
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Previous Chapters:  1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”. // 3. “Family Bonding”. // 4. “Wine Bath”.  // 5. “The 13th Stranger”.  // 6.”The Last Supper”.  // 7.”In Poison We Trust” // 8.”Achilles’ Heel”  // 9. “The Dissolution and the Seven Devils”

Notes: I tried to make this chapter as least stressful as i could. We’re slowly approaching the end, and it’s about to get real intense after this. So, enjoy. ;P

@jazzybaybay Remember that one time we talked about Seb being a year and a half younger than Tom? The scene i had in mind did not make it into this chapter. It shall be in the next one ;)


Bill woke up to the sound of water running, and opened his eyes to find himself alone in his bed, still in his dark jeans and white tank top.

He turned on the bed and tried to go back to sleep once he gathered that his guest was in the shower, but became restless as he tried to fight the racing thoughts in his mind. He grudgingly sat up and stared at the bathroom door while chewing on his bottom lip and wishing he could see through it. He stood up and got closer, gently pressing his ear to it as he envisioned the steam concealing the mirror, her trail of clothes on the bathroom floor, her naked body under the water. His fingertips twitched; turning the doorknob seemed so tempting all of a sudden but Bill clenched his jaw with shut eyes and he shook away the thoughts, battling his desires.

It was all too familiar for him.

As soon as the faucet was turned off, he rushed towards his closet and chose a pair of pants and a clean shirt to change into. She came out of the bathroom wearing yesterday’s clothes and drying her hair with a towel. Bill glanced at her over his shoulder and they locked eyes.

“Morning.” He said.

“Good morning.” She echoed.

“Are you leaving already?” He inquired trying to sound nonchalant but failing which made her purse her lips to restrain a smile.

“I kinda have to.”

Bill eyed her from head to toe.

“You could’ve taken something from my closet.” He said.

“Can’t risk getting caught wearing men’s clothes.” She absentmindedly mumbled while putting on her jacket and walking towards him. “There’s pancakes and bacon on the stove.”

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 2

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Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve go and pick up your son. The reunion is emotional, but you’re so happy to have Jeremy back in your arms. You take Jeremy back to the tower to meet the rest of the team and one specific person who he’s a huge fan of. Steve takes on a fatherly role and he and Jeremy become close. One night, Jeremy says something out of the blue.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Steve (Familial)

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Danny Smith (OMC), Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner, Henry LaMontagne, Peter Parker. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Thor Odinson, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Vision, Clint Barton, William LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne (Mentioned)

Warning/s: None, this is just very fluffy.

A/N: Thank you to @molethemollie for being my beta!!

A/N/N: I’ve decided to make this a crossover with Criminal Minds since the idea for this little series sprung from an episode of that show and it’s much easier this way since there won’t be loads of OC’s that I have to make up. Anyway, enjoy!

Part 1

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(requested by @memesandfanfics)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 959
warning : smut
summary : based on the song ‘24/7′ by David Correy | Kai is staying at Reader’s grandparents’ house for the summer, along with her cousins. Reader’s grandpa is an old friend of Kai’s father.
note : i tried my best , but i am afraid it differed from the song a little more than intended   

*not my gif

2.17AM - 3 Days After Kai’s Arrival

Y/N sat on the window in the small bedroom she and her cousin got to share for the summer. Moonlight seeped through the window along with a cooler night breeze as she opened her diary, tucked away safely a picture of her and Kai between the pages and began writing. Writing everything always helped her clear her head, though this time – it seemed quite impossible.

Dear diary,

Summer is only beginning and I have no idea how I will make it through the next two months with the guy I am in love with sleeping down the hall and my cousin, who is also in love with him, sleeping five steps away from me.
Every time I close my eyes I am back in that hot August day last year, laying on the old tree stump with Kai by my side. I remember it as if it was yesterday, how he cupped my face with one hand and leaned in towards me. How our lips met for the first time and butterflies flapped their wings in my stomach.How his soft lips touched mine lightly at first and then he had put his arms around me holding me towards him. I remember his blue eyes piercing into mine and everything had felt perfect, but then he had to leave and none of us ever spoke about it. However I know he rememberes. It’s in his eyes every time we look at each other.
I kept my distance today and saw it hurt him but what else was I supposed to do when Amy rushed out of the house to welcome him, jumping into his arms like I wanted to.
And now I am losing sleep because I can’t stop thinking about him. How his eyes lit up when he saw me, the way he smiled from ear to ear and those dimples. How every time he says my name butterflies flap their wings in my stomach , how my skin turns on fire at his slightest touch. He uses every chance he gets to wrap his hands around me and even though Amy pays so much attention to him, it appears he just wants to spend his time only with me. Which is only making it harder to keep my distance because that’s what I want too. To be with him 24/7, 365 days a year.
Whenever I fall asleep, that’s exactly where my dreams lead me. To his arms. Right where I want to be but I guess the Universe decided it would be more entertaining to make both me and my cousin fall in love with the same guy. Probably a way to punish me for being what I am.

Y/N tapped the page with the pen and scratched the second half of the sentence to a complete blank so no one could read it and she continued writing.

I just wish he’d tell me if he feels something about me. If he does maybe I won’t feel guilty about wanting what I want.

*      *     * 

Kai laid awake in bed thinking … about her. He wanted to see her, to wrap his arms around her and never let her go. There weren’t many people he connected with or cared about or even felt something towards but with his Y/N, things were different. They had this almost instant connection and he knew what they had is special, he knew that much and wasn’t willing to let go of it. Even if it seemed like she doesn’t want to see him anymore and acts all shy around him all of the sudden.
A sigh left his lips and he got up, quietly making his way out of his bedroom and two doors down to her room. He’d definitely get in trouble for sneaking into the girls’ room in the middle of the night if he gets caught, but he didn’t care. Every fiber in his body was pulling him towards her and he needed to see her, maybe wake her up and confront her because he knew for some reason she is acting like she doesn’t like him anymore. And he knew that wasn’t true. His hand hovered over the doorknob for a few long moments before he heard movements from the inside and he quickly disappeared into the shadows. A moment later the door opened and Y/N walked outside, in her PJs and barefoot as usual. She ran her fingers through her hair and closed the door quietly before heading down the stairs. Kai didn’t even have to think twice about following her to the living room and into the kitchen. He watched her open the fridge, slightly bending over to get the lemonade from one of the lower shelves and then grab a glass from the cupboard.
    “Can’t sleep?” said Kai, almost making her jump up. “It’s understandable. I know you don’t like sleeping alone in your bed. You are welcome to share mine , I won’t mind.”
    “So full of yourself.” she said trying to walk past him but each time he blocked her way.
    “You are avoiding me.” he stated. “Why ?”
    “Not avoiding you, just want to go back to sleep.”
    “You are such a bad liar.” he said, a smile tugging a the corners of his mouth. “You weren’t sleeping. Your eyes are wide open and you have never been more awake in your entire life. Why are you avoiding me? Have I done something to get you upset with me ?”
    “Kai –”
    “Don’t Kai me.” he slowly backed her against the kitchen counter, placing both his hands on either side of her to keep her from running away. “Why do you act so weird around me? All shy as if you don’t want to see me. Last year when I got here you could barely wait for my father’s car to disappear from view to jump into my arms. This year you barely even looked at me.”
Y/N left her glass behind her while trying not to think how his body pressed so firmly against hers and she could feel his heart racing. She refused to meet his eyes for more than a second while trying to figure out something to say and her mind went on a full overload when he placed his hands on her waist lightly brushing his fingers against her bare skin, the feeling coursing trough her body like an electric shock wave.
    “Come on Y/N. I know you like me.” he said resting his forehead on hers. “And I know you remember – last summer when we were at the tree stump in the woods and I leaned in –” his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. “– and kissed you.”
    “I don’t know what you are talking about.” she replied, her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips.
    “You are lying.” he smirked seeing her nose crinkle again, just like every time she lied. “I can prove it.”
He gazed into her eyes and his lips crashed against hers, sending a dozen butterflies in her stomach. The feeling spread through her body like a tsunami and he pulled her so close to him she could feel their hearts beating as one. For a moment she let go and tangled her fingers in his hair then pushed him away, placing her hand on his chest holding him an arms length away.
    “Y-you can’t do that.” she pushed him off her and almost ran upstairs, trying to calm her breathing and heart rate. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth still feeling the lingering feeling of his lips on hers. He had kissed her. What did that mean ? She made her way to the second floor when Kai grabbed her wrist, spun her around and his lips crashed against hers again. He backed her against the wall pressing his body firmly onto hers and pinned her hands over her head so she couldn’t push him off again.
     ”Stop lying to me and stop lying to yourself. There is something between us and you know it.” he said breathing a little heavily, resting his forehead on hers while snaking his hand around her waist pulling her towards him. “Don’t deny it. Your kiss already gave you away.”
    “I told y-you – I don’t like you this way.” she wiggled her hands free and pushed him off her, taking a step down the hall. Barely a second later he grabbed her wrist again, spin her around and smashed his lips against hers pulling her towards him. For a moment Y/N pulled him close too and then pushed him off again but he wouldn’t give up and pulled her back for another kiss leaving her completely breathless.
    “Sure you don’t. That’s why your heart is trying to leap out of your chest and your cheeks are flushed. That’s why you returned the kiss all four times and that’s why you are looking at me with those googly eyes right now. Makes total sense.”
Y/N opened and closed her mouth trying to find any words to say to him, scrambling for any will power to push him off. Instead, she allowed him to shove her against the wall again, leaning in to whisper in her ear.
    “I want you and I know you want me.” he whispered, pushing his crotch against hers. “You know what else I want? I want to rip your clothes right in the middle of this hallway and have my way with you until the sun comes up.”
Y/N opened a closed her mouth feeling her skin turn on fire at his words, Kai’s hot breath hitting her face intoxicated her and clouded her mind completely. He pinned her hands over her head and brushed his fingertips against her hip all the way up her body without taking his eyes off her for a second. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second and her back arched off the wall towards him and he pushed his crotch against hers again.
    “Kai , l …Let me g-go.” she stuttered not willing to look him in the eyes knowing the second she does she wouldn’t be able to push him off again. “Please –”
Why did things have to be so complicated, why couldn’t she just – let go and be with him like she wanted? He wanted her just as much as she wanted him and if there was no one in the house, they probably would’ve ripped each other’s clothes by now. But if couldn’t happen, not with her cousin sleeping a door away and her grandparents being down the hall.
    “Only because you said ‘please.” he brushed his nose against hers for a second and took a step away from her.
Y/N studied his face for a moment and quickly made her way to her bedroom. Her shaky hand hovered over the doorknob for a few long moments before she felt Kai’s breath on her neck, whispering in her ear.
    “I wish I could take you with me in my room –” he brushed his fingers against her inner thighs all the way up to her heat. “ – and spend the rest of night and every night after that with you.”

*      *     *

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anonymous asked:

How would Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee and Allen cheer up their SO after a bad day?

My inbox ate your ask I’m so sorry these took so long oh my gosh 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

[ Allen Walker ]

Originally posted by zechs

  •  If his s/o was in a bad mood, he would try his best to calm them down with occasional little kisses
  •  Allen would ask Jerry to make his s/o’s favorite desserts and bring them back for them to feast upon. While they eat, Allen would have his s/o explain what happened during their day that’s gotten them in a sour mood
  •  If his s/o was in a mood where they just wanted to be left alone, Allen would send Timcanpy to fly to their room with a note in his mouth. If you excuse the golem slobber, the note will have a simple yet uplifting message that Allen wrote for them
  •  He’ll offer to play a card game of their choice and lose on purpose simply to make his s/o happy. He’ll still be a hardy player, but Allen will make himself lose in the end all for their sake

[ Lenalee Lee ]

Originally posted by riboku

  •  Lenalee is all ears if she notices her s/o is in a bad mood. She’ll listen to them talk about their day and give them advice about how to handle everything
  •  Lenalee would make some coffee or tea for them and allow them to vent their feelings
  • She’ll offer to go out on a long walk with her s/o to help clear their head
  •  Showers her s/o in affection and stays by their side. Lenalee will bring or make some chocolates for them to eat and offers lots of kisses and cuddles to cheer them up

[ Lavi Bookman Jr. ]

Originally posted by cronalover102

  • Silly jokes or comments to make them smile. Lavi always does this whenever his s/o is in a bad mood. Seeing them smile even if they’re going through a rough time helps him to smile as well 
  • He will force his s/o to cuddle with him. Doesn’t matter what they’re in the middle of doing. Cuddles first. Work later.
  • Tells overdramatic stories of things that happened to him during the day. His s/o will defiantly know he’s making up funny stories but still finds a way to laugh about it
  •  //Lowkey risks his life to make his s/o happy// but he’ll decide it’s a great idea to pull a prank on Kanda, even if his s/o tries to warn him against it. The results may not be pretty, but rather comical

[ Yu Kanda ]

Originally posted by kikyoshirax

  •  Invites his s/o to mediate with him or attend combat training to release some steam 
  • Tells (totally doesn’t demand) them to sit down with him and just talk. Talk about what’s gotten them bitter, what happened, anything negative you can vent off to him and he’ll listen. He may not seem to interested at first, but if the reasoning behind you being moody is because of how someone treated you, then you may have to hold Kanda back so you can spare someone’s life–
  •  If all else fails, he’ll send them to take a bath so they can clear their mind

a little 12.21 ficlet that was written for the sole purpose of replacing 10.21, 12.04 and 12.21. ~1.9k


It’s through a splatter of red that Eileen first meets her.

She still can’t see whatever’s been chasing after her, but she definitely sees the blood dripping out from thin air as the red-haired woman pushes her machete deeper into the thing. When she pulls the blade out, there’s a big enough vibration against the ground for her to flinch.

It smells awful. Like pungent, rotten meat.

After making sure the thing is dead, the woman walks towards her. Eileen scrambles on the ground to get back up, but the woman’s eyes widen, and she shakes her head.

She drops the machete on the ground, and holds up her hands.

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The Contest-Part 27

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Jared was looming tall and strong over me as he snapped, “I SAID, take off your shirt, Y/N.”

“And I said, MAKE ME.”  I sat back on the bed and just looked at him, hardly daring to breathe.

He moved quickly for such a large man.  One of his huge hands grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled, tearing it in half and scattering buttons everywhere.  Flinging the pieces to the side, he hooked his hand around my waist and yanked me to him.

“I may be a professional Y/N,” He hissed in my ear. “But if Rory Montgomery so much as glances in your direction, I will kick his ass.  I’m selfish where you are concerned, I won’t share.”

“I could care less what Rory does, Jared.  Gemini has taught me a lot about soul mates, and I think you are mine.” I murmured as I ran my lips against his neck.  

He started to say something else, but I silenced him with a finger to the lips.  “Shhh! I’m done talking about Rory.  Are you gonna show me who I belong to or not?”

With a snarl, Jared pounced.  He suddenly seemed to grow a second set of arms because his hands seemed to be everywhere.  He managed to unhook my bra and yank it off before I even knew he had done it.  He kissed me with an air of barely restrained violence, and it sent me into overdrive.

I lay back on the bed and pulled him down with me, our mouths battling for dominance.  He licked and bit his way down my body, seemingly determined to mark me for all to see.

Jared was usually a patient and considerate lover who took his time and made sure I was satisfied in every way, but not today.  Today he took what he wanted, and there was a rough, reckless edge to him that drove me wild.

He wasn’t at all gentle when he kissed me, instead his tongue plundered my mouth and he drank from me as though he might never get to kiss me again.  His long fingers dug into my skin as he pounded into me, and I knew I would be bruised later, but I didn’t care.

It seemed as though Jared couldn’t get enough of me that night, I woke to find his hands and mouth on me multiple times. When sleep finally overtook us, our bodies entwined,  I couldn’t stop smiling.


I had fallen asleep in Sam’s arms that night, drunk on his kisses and still in shock about the knowledge that we were going to have a son.  Sam would make an amazing father, I could tell already.  I just wish I had as much confidence in my skills as a mother.

My sleep had been filled with dreams of our life as a family: me, Sam, and our son.  I saw us living in the bunker and raising our son here in the life, Sam and I taking turns hunting with Dean.

There was so much he needed to learn if he was going to grow up to be the one to defeat Lucifer and Jack.  But I have to admit I felt a bit like Atlas with the weight of the world resting on my shoulders.  So much responsibility.  So much we would need to make sure he learned.  Now not only did we need to manage to keep ourselves alive but him too.  And Lucifer was determined to kill me.

It was suddenly all so overwhelming I couldn’t breathe. I woke up gasping for air and managed to extricate myself from Sam’s arms without waking him.  As soon as I had opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t in the bunker anymore.  I grimaced in annoyance.  “Dammit Lucifer, why do you keep doing this?” I shouted.

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Pulling on her shoes after telling the elevator to take her to the bottom does she realize what he had said, “Tell me your schedule so we can meet again”, but also “Why of all people would I choose you”, a wave of unwelcome emotion making it suddenly hard to see the laces of her sandals, eyes blurred with tears along with suddenly unsteady fingers. Why was he so mean? Her head was spinning, which was it, “I wanna see you again”, or “You’re a mistake”?

She doesn’t end up taking the cab he called, seeing it parked as close as it could to the door, it was a nice cab too, brand new by the looks of it, clean and shiny. It would have been much easier just to hop inside, she was still a bit unsteady from waking up so out of it. But she walked on hoping the unforgiving winter air will help to clear her head, and help her figure out what really happened and why she was so upset. Walking on the sunny side of the road arms wrapped tightly around herself to ward off the chill of the morning. She lets every thought of Harry slip away telling herself she’d never see him again, that it was a dream. She was convinced by the time she arrived back at her apartment, stripping off his clothes and hanging them neatly in the back of her closet, away from view letting the last reminder of him be forgotten like the rest. It was just a dream…

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Strangers on a Train
Tom x Hermione
Rated M-ish. Warning: Character Death

Well, here is my contribution for @dulce-de-leche-go‘s Spooky Scary DulceWeen. If you’d like to read last year’s, you can click here.

Huge thank you to @hollowg1rl for alpha reading! Tagging some people who liked the sneak peek or I think just might be interested, but feel free to ignore if it’s not your cup of tea: @weestarmeggie17@sindhooora @perf-patricia @colubrina @katsitting @feelingsinvitae @ash-castle @nerysdax @kreeblimsabs @madziayeon @kakashizzle @evcrythings @tomriddlesnonexistentheart @holysheepfan @svalle099 @snipandsnail @calebski @jheeley @jasperandgemma @meowmerson @kristeristerin @littleredsiren3101 @browneyesandhair @bluecurls8 @bonafake @for-witchcraft-and-wizardry @geekmom13 @imsonick @itisariddle @katemaplebranch @littlemulattokitten @mechengmama @primruesabcd @queenvulca @sableunstable @synoir @thriftycrimson @worthfull1 @xxdustnight88 @ashenrenee

Stomping down the long hallway of the Hogwarts Express, Hermione Granger could feel her irritation only rising higher. She had hoped that walking away from Ron for a while might help her clear her head and keep her from hexing him. She wasn’t entirely sure how, but after only two hours of being in his presence again after a Weasley-free summer, Ronald had already made her flee for a bit of solitude.

Looking into the glass panels of the doors, she knew that she would be beyond lucky to find an empty compartment this late in the train journey, but she was willing to do basically anything at this point to put some space between her and her friend.

To her dismay, she was nearing the very end of the train, and had only one carriage left to find sanctuary. Pushing through the doors to the very last car, she paused for a moment, noticing that the overhead lights seemed to be flickering in time with the steady turn of the locomotive’s wheels. It was a bit eerie, to say the least, but she pressed on, hoping that she would turn up something. Unfortunately, this part of the train was just as full as the rest of it.

That was, until, she came to the very last compartment on the left. Looking inside, she saw just one occupant, a boy that she didn’t recognize. Biting her lower lip, Hermione waffled for a moment, before moving to open the door. Sticking her head in, she gave him a cautious look. “Erm, sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering if I could join you for a while? All the others are full,” she lied, knowing that there was a perfectly good compartment further up the train holding her trunk that she could rejoin at any time.

The boy – or young man, really – looked up from the book that he was reading, and gave her a charming smile. “Of course, come in,” he said with a sweep of his hand to the empty bench opposite him.

Hermione cautiously returned the smile. “Cheers. I won’t disturb your reading, I promise,” she thanked him before taking her own seat and staring out the window. Watching the scenery rush by did little to distract her though, and before long she was sighing and grumbling, imagining all the ways that she could hurt Ron Weasley if she wanted.

After she sighed for what must have been the 100th time, the young man coughed, catching her attention, and she found him staring at her with intense blue eyes, a smirk on his face. “Sorry, but is everything alright? You seem quite upset.”

He seemed so sincere that she almost opened up without hesitation. But then, she really looked at him and Hermione realized that she actually had no idea who he was at all. He seemed that he might be about her age, but he hadn’t changed into his uniform yet, and his nondescript grey robes didn’t help to place him. Confusion on her face, she sat up a bit straighter. “I – I’m sorry, I don’t believe that we’ve actually met yet. I’m Hermione Granger,” she introduced, hoping that her shiny prefect’s badge would be it’s own introduction.

“I’m Tom,” he replied, still smiling, but not elaborating further. With his jet black hair, slightly tousled, he was really quite handsome. She was positive that she would have recognized him if she’d seen him before.

“What year are you, Tom?” she asked, hoping that she wasn’t coming across as rude.

“I’m a seventh year,” he said, eyeing up her Gryffindor tie. “Though, I am in Slytherin, so I doubt that we’ve had a reason to cross paths in the past,” he told her smoothly.

Hermione nibbled her lower lip, thinking that his explanation did seem to make sense. Perhaps he had just gone through an impressive growth spurt over the summer? Was he a late bloomer, the same as she had been? It felt a little bit uncomfortable to be sitting with him, knowing so little about him. “Hm, I suppose that’s true,” she conceded, eventually.

Pushing her hair out of her face, she decided that maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible if she opened up to this mysterious Slytherin about her issues. It would be good to get them off of her chest and he’d been decent so far. “I am a bit upset if I’m honest. My good friend Ron is the other Gryffindor prefect in our year, and he’s already slacking off. More or less told me that I could do all of the work for the pair of us, and then skived off our meeting so he could chat to Lavender Brown.” Hermione crossed her hands over her chest, really feeling quite annoyed still that he hadn’t even bothered to show up. “Sometimes he makes me so mad, I could just…ugh…kill him!”

Tom chuckled at her seeming to understand where she was coming from. “I completely know what you mean,” he said, his white teeth glinting perfectly behind an equally perfect smile. Merlin, he was so handsome. “I have had similar experiences.”

Hermione thought that was a bit of a weird thing to say, but she contented herself with looking back out the window, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of his eyes on her. It was making her hair stand on end, and when her eyes finally darted back to his face, he was staring at her with a wide grin.

She was shocked when he suddenly stood up, stretching his long legs, before moving to sit in the seat next to her. “You know, Hermione, I had the funniest idea just right now,” he said, his voice having dropped an octave, making her shiver. She was uncomfortable having him sitting so close to her body, feeling his heat seep into her skin, being unused to this kind of male attention. “You and I both have someone that makes us mad enough that we could kill them,” he whispered conspiratorially, his nose scrunched up as if he were telling her a delightful joke. “But of course we couldn’t actually do it…we’d be the first suspects.”

“I didn’t actually mean that I wanted-”

Tom cut her off. “But there is a way around that, isn’t there? I could kill your Ronald, and you could kill someone for me. Both of our problems would be solved, and neither one of us would be traced back to the crime,” his voice was seductive and gravely, his hot breath trailing over her neck while he played with the ends of her hair.

Hermione narrowed her eyes, turning so that she could look at him. “Who do you want killed anyway?” she questioned, not entirely sure how to deflect from the topic at hand. Of course, he couldn’t be serious about killing someone, could he?

“Dumbledore,” he said, viciously, his eyes flashing dangerously.

Hermione couldn’t help herself. She burst our laughing at the absurdity of it all. “Hahaha, yes, Tom. You kill Ron for me, and I will kill Dumbledore for you.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm as she rolled her eyes, standing up. “You know, Tom, you’ve cheered me right up. I am sure I can return to my friends now that I’ve had a laugh.”

He just smirked at her while she stood up, leaving the carriage, and Tom, behind her.

After her unusual meeting, Hermione didn’t see Tom again. She’d nearly convinced herself that she’d daydreamed the handsome seventh year Slytherin, a figment of her imagination to burn off some homicidal thoughts.

That was, of course, until Ronald Weasley wound up dead in the Great Hall.

It was well into October when it happened. She had waited in the Gryffindor common room for Harry and Ron, wanting to walk down to breakfast with them. Harry had come down confused, telling her that Ron’s bed was made, and he wasn’t anywhere to be found in the boy’s dorm.

“Well, maybe he got so hungry, he decided to go down early,” Hermione had quipped, knowing about their friend’s legendary appetite.

They’d walked down to the Great Hall together, chatting about their upcoming potions essay that Professor Slughorn had assigned. Harry was generally much more excited about potions now that he had his textbook, margins filled to the brim with notes and changes. It irritated Hermione to no end, partly because she thought it was cheating, and partly because he was doing better than her at the subject.

In retrospect, they should have known something was up when they entered the Great Hall. All of the other tables were empty, and everyone was crowded around the Gryffindor table. Upon seeing Harry and Hermione approaching, student parted, whispering, giving them access to the scene in front of them.

Hermione gasped when she saw it, her face transformed by the horror. Ron was laid out on the table, his face a horrifying shape of purple. His bright blue eyes were wide with horror, snot and dried tears covering his face. There was some shape lodged in his throat and a red apple had been forced between his lips. There was no hiding what had happened – he’d choked to death, but someone had done this to him.

Unable to look at it a moment longer, she felt tears spring to her eyes, and pressed her face into Harry’s shoulder. His arms wrapped around her provided her little comfort. She could still hear Lavender, Ron’s girlfriend, wailing. Before long, the Professors were shuffling everyone aside, telling them to return to their common rooms. In the jostling, Hermione was separated from Harry.

Immediately, she could feel dread settle in her stomach. She’d been positive that the mysterious Slytherin from the train had been joking…he hadn’t really intended that they kill people for one another, had he? An icy hand clenched itself around her heart when she realized she’d sarcastically agreed to the plan. Merlin, just what had she gotten herself into?

Scanning the crowd, she easily caught sight of him, leaning against one of the far walls, completely by himself. He was smirking at her, having just taken a bite of bright red apple, the same shade as the one in Ron’s mouth. Hermione stomped over him, feeling more and more nauseous with each step. When she got to his side, he was fully grinning at her. “Admiring my handiwork?” he quipped, clearly enjoying himself and the chaos that was unfolding before them.

“No! I can’t believe you killed my friend!” Hermione said, shoving her hand against his rather solid chest.

He gave her a patronizing little frown. “Oh, but Hermione, we had a deal. I kill your problem, and you kill mine, remember?” Before she could blink, his hand was pressing her hair away from her face, his fingers cupping her jaw lovingly….except for the thumb that was digging into her throat, just nearly cutting off her airway. Her eyes searched the room, hoping that anyone would see what was happening to her, but they were all still caught up in tumult of discovering Ron’s body. His face was transformed to something handsome to something much more sinister. “Now, I’ve held up my end of the bargain, Hermione,” he whispered into her ear.

Again, she looked around for anyone to help her, and she caught Ginny’s watery, shocked eyes. She tried to convey that she needed assistance, but to her dismay, Ginny was pulled into a hug by Luna Lovegood.

Another squeeze of her neck had Hermione’s attention snapped back to Tom’s face. “Now it’s time for you to do your part. Don’t disappoint me,” he demanded.

“I’m not going to kill Dumbledore,” she insisted weakly, bringing her hand up to his wrist, hoping to pry it off, but not getting very far with his iron grip.

“You will,” he said confidently. “You’ve seen what a convincing scene I’ve created here. Don’t you think that I could frame you just as easily?” His voice raised up a pitch, mocking some giddy school girl. “Of course Granger just snapped. Everyone knows how jealous she was that Weasley was dating Lavender Brown.” Another smile slipped on his face, as though he was  positive he was going to get his way. Suddenly, her earlier joke about him being too hungry to wait for food tasted like ash in her mouth. “And if that’s not enough incentive, I’ll kill you next if you don’t.”

Pressing her further into the wall, Tom eventually released her from his hold, before walking out of the Great Hall. Hermione rubbed at her neck and wondered if she might have bruises. Knowing she didn’t have time to think on it, she paced over to where her friends were standing, Ginny now wrapped up in Harry’s arms.

“Ginny!” Hermione called, her eyes wild. “Did you recognize that boy I was just talking to? I think he might have had something to do with Ron’s…murder?” She questioned eagerly, before trailing off, hating the way that she’d just stomped all over social norms. Ginny was shocked, grieving, and here she’d just blurted out that Ron was murdered.

The redhead looked horrified, and then concerned. “Hermione, maybe you ought to go lie down…or talk to Madame Pomfrey,” Ginny sniffled. “I didn’t see you talking with anyone.”

The school was unequipped to handle a student death, especially one that was covered so publicly. Harry had stayed with Ginny until the Weasley’s could arrive, and the Professors had fluttered around them, trying to field their grief. Hermione had slipped through the cracks, having been told by the Head Girl to go to Madame Pomfrey for a calming draught and maybe a dreamless sleep potion.

She didn’t go.

Hermione had lied awake in her bed, unable to keep with the memory of Ron’s face still in her mind. Tom’s threats were heavy on her mind, and she was spinning different possible outcomes, many not looking too good for her. She’d thought about telling Harry for about thirty seconds before dismissing that idea out of hand.

In the darkness of her dorm room, one answer sprang to mind. Unfortunately, it meant reaching out to just about the last person that she wanted to: Professor Dumbledore. She just had to hope that he would listen to her and realize that she didn’t promise to kill him. Maybe he would have more information about just who Tom was, too.

Slippers on her feet, she crept down from Gryffindor tower through the halls of Hogwarts. The castle become increasingly terrifying the later it got at night. She navigated her way, avoiding Professors and ghosts alike, down moving staircases until she got to the gargoyle guarding Dumbledore’s office.

“Bertie Botts? Licorice wands? Pepper Imps?” Hermione tried offering up every wizarding confection that she could think of, but to no avail. Biting her lower lip, she knew it was imperative that she speak with Dumbledore as quickly as possible, but she was getting nowhere this way. Of course, it was against the rules to break into a professor’s office, but she needed to speak with him. Raising her wand, she shut her eyes tight. “Confundus.

Her eyes opened back up at hearing the sound of the stone scraping against the wall, unable to believe that it had actually worked. Still, she eagerly raced up the stairs into the darkness of the Headmaster’s office, finding it empty. Another spell had the room bathed in the unnatural light from the tip of her wand.

Cursing another time, Hermione realized that Dumbledore wasn’t here, and she didn’t actually have any idea of where he slept so that she could wake him up. She had to let him know that his life was in danger, and worse that she knew exactly who was behind Ron’s murder. She wondered if he would understand how she’d gotten involved in the first place, or if he would understand that she’d all thought it was a big joke.

Before she was able to plan her next steps, the floo was flaring bright green and eerie. Dumbledore stepped out of the fireplace, brushing his robes of any imaginary ash, before he was startled by Hermione’s presence. “Miss Granger, what are you doing here?” He asked.

She was unable to see his eyes, as the light of her wand was reflecting off of his half moon spectacles. “Professor, I am sorry for barging in here in the middle of the night, but I had something I had to tell you,” she bit her lower lip, hoping that she had made the correct assumption about the Headmaster. “Your life is in grave danger.”

A cool sensation slid down her spine like ice water. She could sense his presence before he even spoke. There was no second guessing who it was that had pressed their body against her’s, his hand coming around her wand arm, covering her hand. His breath tickled against her ear when he spoke. “I am so proud of you, Hermione. I didn’t think that you’d actually do it.”

“I’m not here to kill him, Tom!” She hissed, wondering how he’d gotten up to the office in the first place. “I’m here to stop you.”

“Who are you talking to Miss Granger?” Dumbledore asked, his normally calm tone betrayed by a slight waver in his voice.

“Don’t you recognize him, Professor?” she questioned, hoping that he’d still be able to see the other boy, even in the darkness of the room. “He’s a Slytherin called Tom.” Belatedly, Hermione realized that she’d never gotten his last name…

“Miss Granger, Hermione…” Dumbledore continued, concern evident on his ghostly features. “There is no one else there, except you and me. Now, why don’t you put down your wand.”

Tears sprang to her eyes, and she shut her eyes closed tightly. How could Dumbledore say that there was no one else there? She could feel the hard wall of muscle behind her, she could feel the heat of Tom’s body seeping into her skin, she could feel his grip on her hand, pointing her wand at her Headmaster. Shaking her head back and forth, she tried to clear out her thoughts. “No!” she said firmly.

“Come on, Hermione, let’s do it together,” Tom whispered, and she could practically feel his smirk, even if she couldn’t see it. “You know the words, you know the wand movement. It would be so simple, and you’d just be holding up our end of the bargain.” She could feel him moving her arm, a quick zigzag pattern, refusing the let up.

Avada Kedavra!

The spell echoed in her head, along with Tom’s laughter, long after Dumbledore had fallen in a heap to the floor. She wasn’t sure if it was her or Tom who had said the words in the end, but she dropped her wand the same, feeling as though it had scalded her. What had she done? How had this happened? She’d only wanted to help Professor Dumbledore and in the end, she’d….

Her heart was pounding against her chest, a wild rhythm that she couldn’t see to gain control of. “What did you do?” She questioned, turning around and facing the young man who was supposed to be just another Hogwarts student. At this point, she knew that there was more than meets the eye.

“What did I do?” Tom laughed again, giving her a cheeky smirk. “Well, my dear, sweet Hermione, let me tell you. I’d been living at Hogwarts – a sad, hollow, remnant of a spirit – ever since Harry Potter tried to destroy my diary, biding my time. I’d gained some strength from Ginny Weasley’s soul, but never enough to become corporeal again.”

Hermione stared at him in absolute horror, the wheels in her mind turning rapidly while she pieced together what he was saying. “But that means…you can’t be…”

“Tom Riddle,” he pronounced with a self-satisfied smile. “Or as you might know me, Lord Voldemort.”

She pushed back from him, trying to get out of her grasp, only to nearly trip backwards over Dumbledore’s robes. Tom caught her, pulling her to rest against his chest, his fingers tangled in her hair, and his nose pressed to the crown of her head. It would have been a reassuring and welcoming gesture had it come from anyone but him. “Please let me go,” she begged, trying to get free, but to no avail.

“Your spirit called to me on the Express. You were so angry, and my spirit fed on that, allowing me to appear for you,” he whispered, and she could practically feel his proudness radiating into her. “And now that Dumbledore is dead, well, I’ve absorbed his energy, and I’m fully corporeal again. A second chance at life, and it’s all thanks to you.”

“No, no, no!” Hermione begged, knowing deep down that what he said was true, but not wanting to face the facts. She was ashamed that it was her anger at her friends that had allowed him to get a foothold in her mind. She never would have killed if it hadn’t been for him.

“Yes, Hermione,” Tom said indulgently, as if she were a misbehaving child. “Now the question is, what are you going to do? No one else has seen me, except for you, and everyone will think you’ve gone mad and killed Dumbledore. It was your wand, after all, that cast the fatal spell.”

As much as she wanted to deny it, she knew that what he was saying was true. There was no way that she could explain the situation without ending up in Azkaban, as she didn’t think the Ministry would believe that she was possessed by the spirit of Tom Riddle. All they would see was someone who’d snapped and killed her best friend, and then her Headmaster. They would probably even use it as some kind of propaganda against muggleborns. She couldn’t allow that to happen. “I don’t know what to do,” she admitted quietly.

“Come with me, Hermione. I will take care of you, and all will be well,” he offered in that sweet, crooning voice of his, the rumble of his words in his chest making her eyes droop as her adrenaline waned.

Helpless and without her wand, Hermione nodded, defeated. She allowed Tom to shuffle her to the fireplace, listlessly watching as he took a pinch of floo powder. “Riddle Manor,” he called out confidently, pulling Hermione into the Avada Kedavra green flames.

entwined (a tdbm, jean/lucien fic)

a very quick thousand word ficlet

In some ways, it feels like a return to their relationship of employer-employee all those months ago. There’s an unspoken something between them and neither one will address it. 

He hadn’t realized how much he had come to rely on expressing himself through touch or how often he had held himself back before Adelaide. Now, with her stiff smiles and awkward silences, it feels as if he has been robbed of something precious.

The morning after his I love you hangs in the air, words not returned, he tries to kiss her good morning, tries to put things right. She turns her head and his lips catch her cheek instead. He looks stricken and she shakes her head, sadly at him. “I’m not there yet, Lucien.”

He understands, of course. He’s a bloody fool and he should be grateful she’s still in the house at all, still wearing his ring. But the rejection stings and he tries not to overthink it, tries to honor her request.

So he keeps his hands to himself. No more casual shoulder rubs or a gentle squeeze of their hands. He steers clear of her when at all possible, locking himself inside his mother’s study and allowing her to have the house to herself. He even misses the taste of her, misses the way she sighed into his mouth and clutched at his neck when he sucked at her bottom lip. 

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Dahlia headed outside to wait for Logan, hoping the crisp autumn air and a few minutes alone would help her clear her head. 

She was disappointed in herself for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the fact that Cross McIntyre, even the idea of him, still had the power to turn her inside out. Their breakup had been hard, yes, but amicable, and the right thing to do at the time. They had fallen out of touch naturally over the years, due mainly to a 3,000 mile separation, but also through a mutual desire to live their own lives. Dahlia had done just that over the last six years, growing up and growing into the person she was now. She had no idea of knowing how her life might have turned out had Cross still been a part of it, and before now, it had never bothered her. So why was she wondering? Why now, when she had a great thing going with Logan, a job she loved, and a life in the city that she wouldn’t give up for anything?

Sighing heavily, she pulled out her phone, hoping for a distraction, but it was disappointingly quiet. She opened her only text from Michaela, seeing a message that normally would have made her smile, but now only made her anxious: “out for the night – apartment is yours!”, the text read, following by about a thousand winking emojis. Would Logan even want to come back to hers tonight? Before their conversation about Cross, it had been a guarantee, and she had been looking forward to a night in bed with him. But now…

The city block around her was distinctly quiet for a Friday night, with only a few passersby: last night joggers (or insane people, as Dahlia thought of them) and people coming and going through the subway entrance across the street. It was a weird hour, too early for the late night revelers, and too late for commuters. Dahlia heard the door to the bar open, a short blast of noise hitting her ears before cutting off as the door closed behind her. A single pair of footsteps made their way up the stairs, and Dahlia turned to watch Logan’s approach, a determined look on his face.

“All set?” Dahlia asked tentatively, but any more words were cut off as Logan pulled her in for a kiss, surprising her with its intensity. One of his large hands curved along her neck possessively while the other wrapped around her waist and tugged her close, until their bodies were flush. Her mouth opened on a gasp, giving him the access he craved, and Dahlia felt herself getting lost in the moment, in the claiming way Logan kissed her. When they finally broke apart, they were both smiling.

“What was that for?” Dahlia asked breathlessly. "Not that I’m complaining.”

Logan smiled wider before pressing his forehead to hers. “Felt like we both needed that. I sure as hell did, anyway.“

“I did, too.”

Logan nodded, pulling back slightly to look down at her. “I was a dick, and I’m sorry. The thought of you having feelings for some other guy… and not even romantic ones, just feelings… kind of threw me. I like being the only guy in your life,“ he admitted in a rare show of vulnerability. Logan had always been so strong and steadfast, easily letting things roll off his back – it was one of the things Dahlia loved most about him.

"You are, Logan,” she assured him, reaching up to brush his cheek with her hand. He leaned into the movement, and Dahlia felt a rush of protectiveness flood through her. She knew she had to take great care not to break this man’s heart, because he had placed his complete trust in her. “Let’s go home?”

“Yeah,” Logan said on a relieved breath. He took her hand and led her across the street. "Walk or train?”

“Walk, if you don’t mind. It’s still too nice out to be cooped up on the train. Although you might have to carry me the last few blocks,” Dahlia said, kicking up one of her heeled feet to prove her point.

Logan laughed. “I’ve got you, babe,“ he assured her, and Dahlia knew he did.

lightdusk96  asked:

Since you've already handled a RobStar proposal, how about 17, BBRae from the 100 prompts?

Cute. And I love the prompts I’ve been getting for BBRae. They are a great couples goals couple purely bc of the sheer banter and sarcasm they’d have between em’.

I mean, i’m not very good at writing BBRae but I hope you like this anyway!

‘Will you marry me?’ 

Beast Boy yawned as he leaned back, propping himself up on his elbows as he sat, eyes focused on the sun that was slowly setting beneath the pink and purple streaked skies.

His eyes felt heavy as he stared at the darkening horizon but he had something on his mind that he needed to do before he could even think about going inside to sleep.

Tilting his head, he glanced at Raven who he had been sat beside for the last hour in companionable silence whilst she meditated. They’d started doing this regularly; coming out onto the rocks at the base of the Tower at sunset for her to meditate.

Raven pointed out that it helped a great deal to be outside in a quiet environment. It helped her clear her head and concentrate more on her centre.

However, he noticed her violet eyes were open now and she was staring at the sun, waving goodbye to the day.

She lowered herself to the rock beside him and sighed, Beast Boy watching her with a small smile,

“Feel better?” He asked,

Turning to look at him, she nodded, “Much. It’s so much nicer to meditate out here.”

“Ocean probably helps. It’s a calming sound, huh?”

Raven nodded.

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anonymous asked:

so do you or any of the egos ever listen to Lindsey Stirling? If not you should, she's amazing and I love her!

(She’s so awesome!!! I listen to her music when writing sometimes, too.)

Host will fight you over Lindsey Stirling. As a fellow violinist himself, he has nothing but respect for her as an artist, and often times he will play along with her when listening to her music. It helps clear his head after a long day.

Words (un)Spoken

Dedicated to the lovely @katieshirogane , our resident shidgeon

A little backstory: I was in class and they asked to write a short story. I had shidge on the mind. So here, have my first shidge fic

The taste of the unspoken goodbye lingered on her lips as the Camry turned the corner, a puff of smoke in the car’s spluttering wake. Her heart beat slowed, a solemn drumbeat: why, why, why’d you let him go?

Her older brother slung an arm around her shoulder, rubbing a small circle into the skin where the sleeve of her t-shirt ended. His eyes trailed after the now-dissipating smoke, mouth pressed into a thin line. “We’ll see him again,” he said, pulling her tight into the soft fabric of his sweatshirt.

“Sure thing,” she replied, an automatic response. Her tongue rested heavy in her mouth and she curled her hands into fists, fingernails digging into the soft flesh. Tearing herself away, she walked into the house, a false smile on her face and unnatural pep in her movements.

What a good actress.

The summer heat seeped through the paper-thin cracks of the two-pane windows, leaving behind an aura of exhaustive humidity. Her paper heart wore at the edges, threatening to tear with every dull tug. The polaroid photograph of two years earlier, an arm slung around a version of her mid-laugh and face nestled in her hair, loomed above her headboard among others. A printout on glossy paper, a quote warning her not to wait, reflected the beams of sunlight from the window. The dull breeze from her oscillating fan shifted her hair, causing wisps of ash-brown hair to fall from her loose ponytail.

She didn’t scream into her pillow, no matter how frustrating, how weak her actions were.

“Katie,” her mother called, leaving a swift knock on the door, “Everything okay?”

“Yes,” she croaked out despite her leaden tongue and the weight of the world starting to crush down on her shoulders. “I’m fine.”

“I’m making dinner. Come help me out.”

“Yes, Mom.”

And the world continued to spin.


“I’m sorry I can’t make it,” he said, regret and apology oozing from that entire sentence. “My car broke down, and I can’t—”

“It’s okay,” she replied, smoothing out the waves of her voice. “Maybe next time?” Her roommate tossed a box of tissues, sending it arcing across the room and landing with a soft thump on her comforter. The neon pink Post-it spelled out her roommate’s relative distaste for the ongoing situation: if you end up crying, you owe me a box of tissues. “I mean, it’s not like I go home every weekend.”

A short bark of laughter from his side of the phone conversation. “I do want to visit, Pidge.”

Her face flushed pink beneath the meticulous layers of makeup. “Why do you call me that? I’m not five anymore.”

A rustle of fabric, a halfhearted shrug. “You’ve always been Pidge.”

“And you’ve always been Tom’s best friend who teases me.” She closed her mouth before the bitterness found its way from the cage in her chest and made its way into the world.

“And you’ve always been the little sister too brilliant for her age. You’re at an Ivy League. On a full scholarship.”

She fidgeted with the fashionable, prescription-less glasses that now helped to accentuate her face. “I’m waiting for it,” Katherine replied, a smirk forming on her features. “Where’s the teas—”

“Nerd. Geek.” His voice escalated in volume, “Child of mysterious origin and budding genius.” The teasing lilt appeared through the façade of deadpan humor, a quality that inherently screamed Shiro.

She couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled past her lips, echoing in her dorm room and drawing a furtive glance from her do-nothing roommate. “At least you didn’t call me a robot this time.”

“So,” he began, voice cautious. “What are you gonna do this weekend instead?”

She bit her lower lip again. “Guess I’m going to keep bothering you.”

“I don’t mind,” Shiro replied, answering her tacit question if it was okay, if it wasn’t a bother.

She didn’t know what else to say.


“Katherinnne,” her brother teased, drawing out the last syllable. She didn’t respond, nose still buried into her book. “Katie.”

He reached over, swiping the novel from her hands and holding it far above her petite frame. “Matt,” she whined, reaching above her head for the paperback. “Why’d you do that?”

“You’re in college now,” he said, “And it’s your break but all you want to do is read?”

“Just give me my book back, Mattie.”

“You know who’s coming back?”

Her eyes drifted to the family picture on their coffee table, a family of four and a dog. “Dad’s back for the week?”

“Nah. Shiro’s coming back.”

And like that, a surge of emotion broke through the walls she had not known she had formed. “I thought he was away for another six months?” She changed her expression, steeling it into something neutral before turning to face her brother. “I know it’s break, but we haven’t seen him since—”

“Since he left,” Matt finished for her, a knowing glint in his eyes. “Still, you talk to him a lot. More than I do. And I’m his best friend.”

Her eyes widened in surprise, arms dropping to fold across her chest. “Really?” The pout on her face juxtaposed the happiness in her eyes, but after nearly a full four years of failed attempts to meet up on her campus, her doubts remain high.

“He’ll be back for New Year’s.”

“Really?” she repeated, dropping her arm to her sides. She bit down on the inside of her bottom lip, worrying at the already-chapped skin.

“You’re a broken record.”

Just to spite him: “Really?”

He handed her back her book, a novel for one of her courses.  “I hate you sometimes,” she complains, hitting him on the shoulder with it.

“Nah, you love me.”


She paced, each footstep squeaking from her new galaxy Vans against recently mopped tile. The smell of pine and berries emanated from the living room, a lingering reminder of the most recent holiday that passed.

“Katie, sweetheart,” her father placed an arm in front of her, stopping her mid-stride. “Did you drink coffee today? You haven’t had this much pent-up energy in years.”

“Maybe a little coffee,” she replies, doused with more than a shot worth of liquor—but she’d never tell her father that. Liquid courage did nothing to settle her nerves.

Her father pressed a kiss to the crown of her forehead. “Relax. It’s just a bunch of family friends. I know you planned and cooked. Just take a breath.”

It helped, the oxygen refilling her lungs and clearing her head more than the back-and-forth pacing. “Thanks.”

“You worry too much,” her father responded, ruffling a hand through her bangs. “If you get too worried about what could go wrong…”

“I’d miss the chance to do something great.”

“You got it, sweetheart.”

A spider of streamers spiraled out from the living room’s ceiling fan, a web of black and silver with sparkling confetti. Plastic balloons filled with helium and hand written HAPPY NEW YEAR’S levitated in mid-air, connected on purple curling ribbon. The doorbell rang, and she darted forward to the door, nearly tripping over her own feet.

Another deep breath before opening the door. She wasn’t sure what she expected, but five years since seeing him in person, and she was the girl whose words wouldn’t appear. She was the one who remembered every single what-if.

He reached forward, picking her up into a bone-crushing hug as he spun her around twice.

Her world was already spinning, and she grasped onto his grey sweatshirt.

“It’s good to see you,” he whispered softly.

She grinned broadly, eyes crinkling at the corners, and finally the words came.

“I missed you.”


Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 2 630
summary :Reader has a crush on Kai , and Kai has some feelings for her but he doesn’t understand what they are and later on he finds out Reader is different than any other girl he has ever set eyes on.
*gif by  christopherwooddaily

It was just another ordinary day in Mystic Falls. Almost. Lilly Salvatore’s heretics were out of the 1903 Prison World and Malachai Parker , the first guy Y/N ever had a crush on was now one of them - a vampire witch hybrid. Life had gotten a lot more complicated for her and her friends the past few years. Even though the people closest to her didn’t like Kai , she did. There was something about him - the way he walked , the way he talked. He was always a little nicer to her even before the merge with his brother Luke , which of course made her fall for him even more.
Y/N was one of the few humans left in the Mystic Falls gang along with Matt and sometimes that felt incredible - to be the only one who actually has the chance at a real future with kids and everything. A chance at a normal life. Others it was torture because as a human she always got caught in the crossfire.
Around lunch time she headed for the town square. It was sunny and warm , the bluer than usual with not a single cloud unless the thin clouds looking like a stroke of a brush on the sky. Y/N loved those clouds - it was as if someone was using the sky as a canvas to draw. She sat on one of the benches with her scketch pad , a pencil and a rubber. Her hands swiftly moving the graffit across the page drawing the monument a few meters away. Drawing always helped her clear her mind , to focus and put things in perspective.
At the wedding a few weeks ago , she had seen Kai die but also she had seen him come back to life and turn into what he was right now. The blast had sent her flying towards one of the walls , glass pieces puncturing her skin. There were no vampires around , only Kai and his family up until the point they had all died.

After Kai had fed and completed the transition , he headed towards the exit , a grin on his face looking at all the mayhem he had created. Y/N’s mind had been fuzzy from the blood loss and he throbbing headache in her head , but she remembered clearly Kai walking towards her , kneeling in front of her. His grin was still on his face , but his eyes betrayed him. There was hurt in them , tears filling them and fast.
“Ohh … ” he said mockingly. “Did your precious friends ditch you here to die ? I thought they cared more about you , seeing how every time I was around they always dragged you away from me and now … here we are. You and me. Alone … sort of.”
“P-please … just … l-let me die in p-peace.” she mummbled weakly. However nice he had been to her , she didn’t think he’d save her after what he had done. She hoped he would , she wanted him to and maybe that’s why she had said to let her die. Because he always tended to do the opposite.
Kai reached for the pieces of glass puncturing her stomach , the one in her leg and pulled them out only then noticing there was a piece in her shoulder too.
“You weren’t supposed to get in the crossfire Y/N.” he said biting his wrist and bringing it to her lips. “I am not going to let you die. You are the closest thing to a friend I’ve got. What kind of a friend would I be if I let you bleed out ?”
He caressed her cheek , pushing up her dress a little to make sure the wound on her hip had heeled. Kai looked into her eyes , his gaze so intense it sent butterflies in her stomach.
“Get out of here. Go home. I don’t want you near this place for what comes next.” he said softly , getting up and walking away.
Kai had healed her and tried to compell her not realising she was wearing her vervain bracelet. What he had said about not wanting her there only made her want to say and in the end it had been the right choice. He saved her life earlier in the evening only so she can save his later that same night.

“Do I really look like that ?” said a male voice from behind her.
Y/N turned around only now realising Kai was leaning over her starring at the page where there was a drawing of his face. She had been so lost in her thoughts , she had drawn his face in a haze. Quickly she closed her sketchpad as he sat next to her.
“I didn’t know you draw.” he said putting his arm across her shoulder. “Why would you draw me ?”
Y/N turned her head towards him , their faces closer than she had expected. Kai was smiling , his smoky blue eyes glowing for some reason. She felt her heart skip a beat for a second and then starting to beat so fast , as if trying to leap out of her chest and into his hands. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach and she felt her breath getting caught in her throat.
“It helps me clear my head.” she said clearing her throat. “What are you doing in the middle of town square? Damon is looking for you. He’ll kill you if he finds you.”
“Let him try. I am a heretic now , he is no match for me.” said Kai turning his gaze away from her for a moment. “I never said ‘thank you’ for saving me that night.”
“It’s only fair. You saved me first.” smiled Y/N.
“There is something that’s bothering me though… Why would you save me ? Why … would I save you ?” he wondered out loud. “All this emotion thing is … hard. I can’t figure it out and now it’s even more complicated.”
“How so ?” she asked curious.
“Because … ” he sighed. “… I don’t know what any of those emotions mean. Like there is this strange one I am feeling right now - my palms are sweaty and this fuzzy warm feeling in my stomach is … never mind. And I just want to …”
Kai turned towards her , his palm brushing against her cheek making her lean into it. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment enjoying his touch. He liked her. A smile spread across her face for a second before quickly disappearing. She got up picking up her things. Kai stared at her confused. All of the sudden she felt nervous being this close to him , like a wall was building up itself around her. Y/N wanted to kiss him , even more so now after what he had said , but she couldn’t. Not because of what he might think or what her friends might say. No. Because she had never kissed anyone before.
“Where are you going ?”
“Why ? Did I do something wrong ?” he asked studying her face. Y/N had smiled when he had touched her face. Why would she be in such a hurry all of the sudden?
“What’s with the single word answers Y/N?” he asked listening to her heart beat which was now erratic , slowly figuring out things. “OH I get it.” he said grinning. “I make you nervous don’t I ?”
“No.” she lied again.
Kai smiled to himself , being able to tell she was being dishonest with him. That’s why she had saved him. Something about those emotions he felt towards her clicked for a moment. He had been laying awake at night these past few weeks , trying to push her out of his mind. Finding himself dreaming about her when he falls asleep and generally wanting to be with her all the time.
“You like me.“ Kai said amused.
“Don’t deny it. I can see you blush just now.” he said leaning in. “Your heart is racing and … just now your breathing got so shallow its barely there.” he added in a hushed voice , his lips nearly touching hers. “You don’t have to hide your feelings. I may be a sociopath but doesn’t mean I don’t notice things … or that I don’t want to be with you.”
Y/N looked at him confused. Had he just admitted he wants to be with her as more than friends ? No. She shook her head slightly , turning away without giving him an answer but he blocked her way. Their eyes met and she felt the butterflies in her stomach all over again as she got lost in his eyes for the millionth time.
“I have literally no idea what you are talking about Kai.” she lied , pushing her way past him , her hand on his chest where his heart is for a second. Kai grabbed her wrist not letting her take her hand off. His gaze dropped for a second and then his lips smashed against hers , kissing passionatelly making her legs feel like jelly. About half a minute later he pulled away with a smile on his face.
“Are you going to deny it now too ?“
Y/N fought the urge to pull him into a another kiss , to feel his lips on hers again. She had never felt anything like what she felt in that moment. Like every fiber in her body just came to life , demanding to be with him. To have more. Y/N pulled her hand away , blinking fast a few times before meeting his eyes.
“Nothing to deny Kai , because there is nothing there.” she said walking away from him , her mind consumed by what had just happened.
Kai watched her walking away , listening to her breathing and a smile spread across his face. He knew now for sure - she had feelings for him and he wanted to find out if he has feelings for her too.

* * *

Kai sneaked into her house that night , carefully and quietly climbing up the stairs towards her bedroom. Y/N had curled up on the bed , a book semi open next to her. He smiled seeing the title of the book - Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hide. Kai crawled into bed with her , gently brushing hair from her cheek trying not to wake her up. She looked so pieceful , a small smile on her face for some reason. He had planned on waking her up , surprising her but now he didn’t have the heart to wake her up so instead he closed his eyes and entered her dream …

Y/N was laying on her side , holding a book in her hand when someone’s fingers trailed up and down her arm before snaking around her waist.
“Whatever you are reading , I promise you - it’s not even half as fun or interesting as me.“Kai whispered to her , his breath tickling her skin.
At first she didn’t react , enjoying his touch and then she jumped up sitting in her bed starring at Kai.
"What the hell ?! Get off my bed !”
Kai grinned at her.
“Awwh but why would I do that ? I want to be here .. with you … all alone.” he said crawling over her , his fingers brushing her cheek tracing down her neck onto her shoulder down her hand , intertwining them with her fingers. He could feel her tense at first and then slowly begin to melt under his touch. Y/N’s heart was racing faster than ever before , her breathing turning shallow again just like earlier today. Kai leaned in, brushing his nose against hers.
“I know you want to kiss me…” he whispered , his lips almost touching hers.
Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat. Of course she wanted to kiss him. Ever since he kissed her earlier that day , she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him even more than usual. And now the desire to be with him had gotten magnified somehow.
“Y-you are wrong.” she whispered , not wanting her voice to betray her true feelings.
Kai pouted for a second. “Sure you do. I bet you haven’t stopped thinking about our little moment earlier today… I sure haven’t.” he trailed off.
Y/N was taken a back from his words. Why would he be thinking about their kiss?
“What are you d-doing in my bed , Kai ?”
Kai placed a gentle kiss on her cheek , then another on her jawline his lips moving onto her neck sucking a spot onto her collarbone. A small unvoluntary moan escaped her lips at the feeling and her hand covered her mouth.
“I told you - I want to be with you. I
want you.” he whispered in her ear , gently biting her earlobe. Kai’s finger traced her cheek onto her lips down her neck slowly. “I can hear your heartbeat sweetheart. ” he cooed , his hand squeezing her breast through her shirt before agonisingly slowly sliding down to her core. “Your breathing is so shallow , it’s barely existant…”
The more Kai’s hand closed in towards her heat , the more she felt a burning feeling building up. He pushed his fingers down her short shorts , teasing her folds through her panties , feeling she had gotten wet.
“Awh sweetheart… You definitely can’t deny that.” he said , his voice low.
Y/N closed her eyes enjoying the new feeling and then grabbed his hand pulling it out of her short shorts before pushing him off her. Thing was - it was her first time. Not that she didn’t want him this way , because she did but there were all these walls building up again.
“I have to hand it to you Y/N , your self control is incredible.” Kai said laying next to her , turning to the side whispering in her ear. “It’s driving me insane… you are driving me insane.”
Y/N turned her head towards him finding him closer than she had expected. Her eyes met his , the change in them more visible now - they were a darker shade of blue , filled with lust and desire. Her hand caressed his cheek for a moment , before she pulled away and got up from the bed.
Kai got up fast , vamp speed running towards her spinning her around and pinning her against the wall. He pressed his body against hers.
“Why do you keep denying your feelings for me ?” he asked , his lips hovering over hers. “Tell me.”
Y/N was very close to losing herself into Kai. His movements were only pushing her towards the limit , clouding her mind.
“Because … I … ” she said in low voice. “I haven’t …”
Kai’s eyes widened a little realising her words. Y/N had her eyes closed visibly trying to force the words out of her mouth.
“OH.” he said surprised. “Wait … w-was our kiss earlier your first kiss too?”
Silence. Kai took that as his answer. He was starting to have doubts , not because she was a virgin but because this wasn’t real - it was all in her head. Kai wanted it to be real. He put his hands on her waist , giving her a small smile and tossed her onto the bed , his lips smashing against hers.

Y/N woke up , her book in her hands sweat on her forehead. She laid back onto the bed taking a deep breath. That had been some dream and part of her wished it had been real the other was glad it hadn’t been and her secret is going to stay a secret.
Kai stood in the corner of her room , cloaked , looking at her smile at the dream she had awoken from. He was going to do things differently , no matter how much he wanted her right in that moment , he was going to take things slow and wait for her until she was ready and all the walls she had build around herself disappeared.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017