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Because the casting of Finn Jones annoyed me so much re: Iron Fist and how it looked like he barely practiced for the role, I decided to go raid youtube for liveaction Kenshin fight scenes where Takeru Sato practiced his ass off so he could do his own stunts and fight scenes. 

This is the first epic fight scene with Kenshin vs a gang of thugs.

And this is Takeru Sato learning kendo and the fight choreography and you can see him go faster and faster until his in believable Kenshin Himura speed:

Another thought: I am 99% certain that Watts is on their side. He’s a detective, he’s smart. He would have known to stay out of the whole thing so he could help them later. No one outside of station house 4 knows of his connection to Murdoch and the others yet, putting him in a really good position to help. He probably knows everything Murdoch does already (because, you know, plot). And now that I think about it, I remember either Graham or Davis saying at one point that George was the only person left at station house 4 who could help  (before he got shot). I think it makes a lot of sense for Watts to show up and prove them wrong.

Either way, they’ve set him up for some Character Development™ in the next episode, which is all I wanted from this show anyway

Okay, something I feel like we don’t talk enough about, Jeno. i MEAN LIKE IM NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH BUT JENO IS SO MULTI-TALENTED. he’s a dancer, we know this, he’s a sinGER, we know this, BUT HAVE YOU SEEN HIM SING ON WEIBO LIVE THING HE SANG PART OF A CHINESE SONG AND ??? BLESSED. hE’s NOW A RAPPER?? LIKE PLEASE. aND LETS NO T FORGET he’s an ACTOR, like his specialty is acting. HES DONE SO MANY CFS as a smol. And can you just imagine… the older he gets the more hE CAN LAND ROLES IN DRAMA SERIES AND ETC if sm lets him like THINK ABOUT ALL THESE POSSIBILITIES FOR JENO. iS THAT NOT AMAZING OR WHAT?? i just, we just gotta love jeno so much man… I LOVE HIM SO MCUH HOW DO YOU NOT??


Vax'ildan is Vax'il-DONE (ha)
Honestly I’m super excited to have him completed and totally pumped to wear him to Youmacon this weekend! Watching Critical Role makes me want to get back into a dungeons and dragons campaign (which is in the works!).
Special shoutout to @qunaributts for introducing me to the series as well as watching me put the whole thing together!!
See you Critters this weekend! ♡

seriously though i feel so bad for vex. i think she was starting to bond with kaylie a little bit - talking about absent fathers, saying ‘thank you’ when she left the room so vm could talk alone. she wasn’t involved in the pudding prank + she went through hell waiting alone in that inn for news. and then for scanlan to go after her like that, specifically the comment about ‘daddy issues’. poor girl. laura is such an amazing role-player. i think both she and her character were most hurt by what happened and i hope they both get a chance to work through that.

if you’re sick of people reducing rosalie hale to a two-dimensional, vapid, baby-crazy character clap your hands