helping quotations

With what ever it is you decide to do in life, you must love it completely and full-heartedly.  Our time on earth is too precious to be doing anything but what we’re passionate about.

I’ve never quite felt so much dread
As when our final words were said
The quiet car ride in the dark
Fearing what would be a brand new start

I know that you must move away
When daylight strikes and ends your stay
But shaking hands and streaks of tears
I can’t hold back when you’re not near

You walk me back to my front door
Long distance, we’ve been here before
Behaving like a flickering circuit
Temperamental light; when it’s on, it’s worth it

You are my light
And sometimes that scares you
How you’re on my mind
Until we pull through

But I’ll wait for you from coast to coast
You’ll send me chocolates in the post
That I’ll unwrap when I miss you most
As I kiss the soft temple of your ghost

—  We must goodbye again; it never hurts any less. I’m trying to stop the tears, I’ll embrace the pain through writing for you. // A.S
Life will not always hand you exactly what you were hoping for. But with the right mindset, anything can be made into a positive. So, believe. Release good vibes. Have faith that what ever happens, something good will blossom.
Take a deep breath. Reflect on all of the beautiful things that are present in your life at this current moment.
Everyone has a different way of doing things. You do what ever works for you, regardless of what anyone says.
I get really angry at people who are mean to other people. Isn’t life hard enough without people making it worse for each other? I think the people who do, who set out to make others feel bad, feel bad and alone themselves and they don’t want to feel alone, so they make other people feel bad. So they’ll just feel bad but also maybe, not so alone.
—  Iain Thomas, How To Be Happy