helping picture quotes

Teaching my grandma how to say "Cheshire Cat"
  • Me: Cheshire
  • Grandma: Treasure
  • Me: what? no. Chess-sure
  • Grandma: Tress-sir
  • Me: where are you getting the T? Chess-sure
  • Grandma: shesh-sir
  • Me: ok... Chess as in the game, and sure as in "sure I'll jump off a bridge after this"
  • Grandma: chess
  • Me: good. Now say sure
  • Grandma: sure
  • Me: Chess. Sure
  • Grandma: chess. Sure
  • Me: great! now put it together!
  • Grandma: Tresh-stir!
You have to get over it. And honey I’m not trying to be insensitive and hard about this. It hurts. It will hurt every time. I know you loved him, but do you know what you’ll love even more? Being at peace and passionate about living and deeply being again. And don’t you dare talk yourself into believing he doesn’t still look at you. He looks. And looks and looks, even more so now, with bright wide eyes. So dance around your kitchen in the refrigerator light, sing down the hallways, and experience your life the way that you deserve to, love. Then don’t be surprised when you notice he was watching you, and how he misses you. And always will.
—  You are more capable than you will every believe