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So, Im a shift manager at a place famous for roast beef. I always wear a headset when I’m on the floor, even when Im not im drive thru just in case some shit goes down or a team member needs help. Last night, while I was doing paperwork, this guy pulls up to the speaker with a really loud truck. The drive thru person (we’ll call him R) tried to take his order like usual, but couldnt hear him, so he asked if the guy could turn off his vehicle. The guy then got pissy and R said “Im sorry, its really hard for me to hear you” and the guy started yelling. I cut in and said in my manager voice “sir, you either need to pull forward or turn off your vehicle because we have no idea what you’re saying.” He then shouted that this was bullshit and I told him we wouldn’t serve him if he used that kind of language. He then left. I genuinely dont understand why he was so goddamn upset.

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can you do 46 with peter parker pls & ty!

Peter Parker + things you said when you kissed me goodnight

A/N: Thank you for requesting bb! I haven’t written any angst fics so i just, idk, This kind of, like, came? And i also strayed a little from the prompt too?

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Peter didn’t know what he was thinking when he came to you in the middle of the night for help. It had felt right at the moment he had gotten hurt, but now he was rethinking his choices.

He had been standing on your balcony for a couple of minutes, contemplating whether or not to wake you up. It wasn’t a school night, so that had almost pushed Peter to knock on your window.

He couldn’t, though. It was already too much for you to worry about him whenever he would go out as Spider-Man, he just couldn’t let you worry more.

Just as he was about to swing off, the glass door slides open, revealing your sleepy yet concerned figure. “Peter?” you groggily ask.

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The thing that confuses me about the note is that if it were for Naruto and Hinata then Sasuke would have just instructed the hawk to go to them. The whole "Sakura is gonna give it to them so they can give their congratulations as a couple" sounds like we're grasping at straws. But SP hates SS so much I doubt it's for her bday. Idk I just overall hated the last episode for the lack of SS/ Team 7 moments and having NH shoved down my throat once more when they got a movie already.

I’m just gonna keep on believing it said “swiggity swooty I’m comin for that booty” because it helps me sleep at night

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Can u just post this for someone to help me maybe?? Last night my boyfriend sat on his bed, closed his eyes and kept seeing these images of a natural abortion (??) he saw so much blood on his hands and suddenly he woke up laid down. He just keeps seeing these awful predictions/images. Does anyone can help him??

Anyone have ideas?

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I love your honestly and also tell your girlfriend that saline spray for the nose might help her allergies at night so she could breath better

Oh we’ve tried everything. She’s starting allergy shots in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

hey!! so a lot of you were asking about the day and night universe and how stuff works there and i tried to think of something less half-assed and seriously thought this through. and i would like to warn you if you were expecting some kind of science related explanation or something cries i deeply apologize

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A Starless Night Ritual For Letting Go of Guilt, Whether Warranted or Not

You will need:

  • Candles or lamps in your home


After dark on a cloudy night.

The spell:

Outside, look up to where the stars would be, saying, “Stars, thought invisible this night, yet I know you shine your light. The clouds will clear, you will appear, and I will shed this guilt and fear.”

Move you hands in and out slowly, palms vertical and facing each other, and create an invisible energy ball from the power in your hands. Toss the energy ball up high and say, “Guilt be gone!”

Go indoors and light candles or turn on all the lamps, saying, “Like the stars I will shine again. No guilt remains, for peace I gain.”

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

I can feel your heart beat
fear was growing in your eyes
but you and me, we are all alone
and soon there will be clear blue skies
with the night, comes to goes
when the lights disappear
know that I won´t let go
and if dreams become real
you should know
there’s no retreat and no surrender
you should know
not here not now not ever
when your´re cold, when you´re lost and you fall for the lights
I will stay by your side with the song for the night
…the night will find, some piece of mine, knowing you be safe, sleep tonight,
…with the song for the night…   

Stanfour - Song for the Night

edit:changed some small stuff D:

And if I suddenly wasn’t here tomorrow,

Tell me, what are the things you’d wish you would’ve said?

—  Nicole Torres // ;Speak before it’s too late;

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