helping my sister with a photoshoot

Yaaay!! First photo from the Arabian Fem! Free! Photoshoot at the #salonmangabcn !! Thank you so much PHACED for the amazing photos!! I’m really happy with how this cosplays turned out 😄 I made the 3 outfits 😬 Look at my amazing Haru and Rin 💗✨💗✨💗
Also thank you Mango Sirene , your “Desert Haru costume breakdown” helped me a lot when I was making the cosplay 😄💗
PS: Haru forgot to put on the arm cuff 😠🙈 Haru –> my sister
Rin –> Sunah Cosplay
Makoto –> me!!!


- Jiutóu Cosplay Progress -

IT IS DONE!!!! AAAAAA ;____; <3 <3 My Jiutóu cosplay is actually done! And this is the first time I tried everything on together, and it all fits perfectly, I don’t have to fix or adjust anything! I’m so happy ;A;
(reason I’m just wearing one of the gloves is bc I started out taking selfies, but the cosplay is so big I couldn’t frame everything, so my sister had to help me out >w< )
Just have to make the Quandao now, but that wont take long. And the photoshoot for this is scheduled some time next week ^-^
Cant wait to get to cosplay this incredible character!<3 <3 I love High Rollers so much ;w; <3  And when my friends Elora cosplay is done, we are gonna have another photoshoot together as well <3


Princes Jellyfish!

Someone offered us a little photoshoot at Palmcon! He was very helpful with deciding on poses and whatnot (I suck at that lmao) but ANYWAYS!

Photographer - Travis Scotka Photography

Kuranosuke - glitty-kitty
Tsukimi - emolga (me)