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LFCC 2017

So… I have the most amazing and supportive family. I’ve been dealing with a lot in recent months and needed both a break and a little joy in my life, not that I was going to angle for one because I just tend to KBO.

My sister and cousin were already planning to go to the con and I just had no time or money to do so. BUT THEN. My sister booked an apartment for all of us to go to the con on the Saturday and my parents bought me a diamond pass to see Mads and stole my spawnling for the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I met Mads last year at LFCC and let me tell you, I am so glad I had a do over this year. Last year I was in a really dark place. It was before I started binding, waaaay before I started to socially transition. My anxiety was terrible, I had three anxiety attacks that weekend and I was on the verge of a panic attack when I had my photo with him. I just… it was a really fucking bad weekend. And this weekend was the total opposite. I felt as comfortable in myself as I can get right now (roll on hormone therapy!), I even felt a smidge of the confidence I used to have. I felt good!!

Highlights Behind the Cut!

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thebriebella: It really took me awhile to love my new curves. After giving birth I honestly thought I’d bounce right back but no one ever told me that a 10lb precious little thing would take up every minute to every once of energy you have. I was being hard on myself for not making time for the gym, feeling guilty smashing a bag of popcorn while watching Netflix when I had my me time. I didn’t know how to dress with my new body and was getting so frustrated that none of my old clothes were fitting.
Finally I looked in the mirror and said F it, this is my new body and I’m going to love every bit of it!!! This body created a human and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. A little help from my sister @thenikkibella on how to dress and I’m feeling better than I ever have. (Still getting use to my boobs 😳) Cheers to all the Moms and all the different stages of life we go through!! Ciao Bella 🍷❤️💋


thebriebella: It really took me awhile to love my new curves. After giving birth I honestly thought I’d bounce right back but no one ever told me that a 10lb precious little thing would take up every minute to every once of energy you have. I was being hard on myself for not making time for the gym, feeling guilty smashing a bag of popcorn while watching Netflix when I had my me time. I didn’t know how to dress with my new body and was getting so frustrated that none of my old clothes were fitting. Finally I looked in the mirror and said F it, this is my new body and I’m going to love every bit of it!!! This body created a human and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. A little help from my sister @thenikkibella on how to dress and I’m feeling better than I ever have. (Still getting use to my boobs 😳) Cheers to all the Moms and all the different stages of life we go through!! Ciao Bella 🍷❤️💋


My lil’ baby niece was more than happy to help with my secret santa gift ( Hyrule Warriors) to my bro-in law! Luckily he’s as big  a zelda fan as I am! Made the costume and painted the chest in one night so I’m pretty proud of myself ;v; 

I was so happy he liked his gift! I think Liv likes her new outfit too! My scarf was a bit big on her but she wears it with gusto! 

My sister made an album with more photos( ithink*) if you wanna check it out! She’ll be doing a photoshoot with me in the future! Excitedddd *v*

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Aaaaaa your ask box is open! Imsohappy you have no idea The GOM invite their girlfriend to spend the night over at their place (for a chaste, romantic evening, no lewd intentions), but she jumps to the conclusion that they want to get intimate and feels all jittery/acts all flustered throughout. How would the GOM react when they catch on~?

I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE SO HAPPY <3 LOOL this is so cute i love it

Note: Female reader, as requested. 

Kuroko: He had invited you in a way that seemed completely offhand and spur-of-the-moment, but he had been planning this for weeks. In all honesty, he would have been crushed if you had said no. But that wasn’t something to dwell on, because you were at his door right now.

Taking a deep breath, he unlocked and opened the door. “Good evening, ___-chan,” he said, smiling softly. You looked absolutely perfect, as you were so prone to doing. 

You smiled weakly, and Kuroko wondered whether you were feeling ill. He hoped that wasn’t the case, because he didn’t want to have forced you to come. “Are you okay, ___-chan?”

You stiffly nodded your head. “Yup! Just fine! Th-thank you for inviting me!”

He smiled a bit wider at that and gently took your hand in his to bring you inside. “Thank you for coming. I have a lot of things planned for the two of us, so I hope you have fun,” he said, pulling you against his chest and pressing a kiss to your head. 

For some reason, you squeaked out something unintelligible, but he looked past that. It would make sense if you were a little nervous, he was too. He hoped you could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest, so that some of your own nervousness would be eased away. 

The rest of the evening seemed to progress in the same way. You remained  stiff and got quite jumpy if he so much as touched the back of your hand. There were some moments when your nervousness had faded away slightly to let you laugh freely or have fun playing a board game with him, or helping him make some chocolate cookies, and it assured Kuroko that he hadn’t forced you to come over, but he still felt uneasy. 

Your flustered expression seemed to get worse as Kuroko led the way into his bedroom for the two of you to get ready to sleep. He was just in the process of pulling out a futon for him to use so you could take the bed, when you blurted out a stuttered, “Tet-Tetsuya!”

Kuroko turned to you inquisitively. “Yes?”

“I…,” you began, pulling at the hem of your shirt. Kuroko turned his full attention to you and waited with patience for you to formulate what you wanted to say. It seemed important. “I… um. Are… are we going to… I mean– did you want to– ahh,” you squeezed your eyes shut, and Kuroko took that as his cue to hold your hands and sit you down on the bed. 

“Take your time, ___-chan,” he said as sweetly as he could. 

You took a few deep breaths, then finally looked at him. “I’m… I’m sorry if I was acting weird tonight. I just, for some reason, I kind of thought that you were gonna… um, y’know, initiate something more… intimate?”

“You thought we were gonna have sex?” he translated, brows furrowed. 

You hid your face behind your hands. “You’re so blunt,” you mumbled, then sighed and looked up. “Yeah… I’m sorry if I ruined tonight because of that.”

Kuroko shook his head, trying to hold back his grin. “While I’m happy to know you’re so eager, I just wanted us to spend time with each other.”

You picked up a pillow and whacked his arm. “Hey! I’m not eager!”

He fixed you with his best kicked-puppy look. “So you don’t ever want to…?”

You blushed, and were about to answer before you caught onto Kuroko’s tricks. In response, instead, you hit him with the pillow again, starting up a pillow fight that ended with the two of you collapsing in bed with tired giggles. 

Kise: “____-cchi!” Kise yelled happily as he threw open the door and dragged you inside. He took your bags as you removed your shoes, and was already tapping his foot impatiently next to you as you stepped up next to him. “Come, we’re gonna have so much fun! I planned lots of stuff,” he laughed a little and shot you a mischievous wink, “we won’t be sleeping tonight, that’s for sure.”

It puzzled him a little why you blanched at that, but since you didn’t mention anything else, he didn’t feel the need to push it. Instead, he lead the way into the living room. “Okay, we can watch a movie, sing karaoke, or,” his eyes lit up and he grinned widely, “we can make our way to the bedroom, where I have set up a surprise.”

“I don’t like surprises,” you said to him in a very matter-of-fact tone. It made him want to kiss you. 

“This is something you’ll like, I swear,” Kise promised, and he hoped you did like it, because he knew he was going to enjoy this. 

“Ryou–,” you tried, but Kise was already dragging you down the hallway. “Ryouta!” 

He glanced at you over his shoulder. The both of you stopped in front of Kise’s bedroom door, and turned around to face you. “Yes, ___-cchi?” he asked, smiling. 

“I-I… I’m not ready for that sort of… surprise…,” you said in a subdued voice, and Kise was already leaning forward, trying to catch your eye while you were doing your best to avoid his gaze. 

“What do you mean? It’ll be fun, and it’s not scary at all,” Kise explained, leaning his shoulder against the wall and crossing his arms. He pondered over your sudden unease. Usually you were so lively with him, always managing to throw witty comebacks at him at the drop of a hat. 

“I’m not ready,” you said resolutely, also crossing your arms. You finally met his gaze. Your look was one that was daring him to defy you. 

And then it hit him. 

He bit his lip for a moment to hold back a laugh. Once he’d managed to push the humour of the situation away, he put a hand on your head and mustered up his most gentle smile. “Don’t worry, ___-cchi, it’s not that sort of surprise. Promise.”

Your face flushed at an alarming rate, and you covered it with your hands. “I-I knew that!”

Kise rolled his eyes. “Of course you did,” he said, not bothering to hide his amusement this time. “Can I show you my real surprise now?”

“… fine.”

He immediately twisted the knob and pushed the door open. “We’re gonna turn you into a model!”

You wrinkled your nose at the set up of clothes, accessories, and makeup. Shoes littered the floor. They looked like a health hazard. “Where did you get all this stuff?”

“I got it from my sisters’ rooms. By the way, you have to help me put it all away before they come home, or else we’re both dead,” Kise said offhandedly, already, pulling scarves from a hanger. “Blue or yellow?” He gave you one of his photoshoot ready smiles, and you knew there was no escaping your fate now. 

With a sigh, you pointed at the yellow. 

Midorima: Midorima sprinted to the door, only to pause a few steps away to compose himself. Clearing his throat once, he adjusted his glasses then opened the door. “Hello, ___.”

You smiled at him, a tad less mischievous, a bit more hesitant. “Hey, Shintarou.”

He let you into the house, and waited as you carefully slipped out of your shoes and looked around curiously. “Where should I put my bag?”

“My room. Come,” Midorima said brusquely, leading the way. Inside, his mind was working at a mile a minute. Why were you acting so strange? Did he smell? Did you not want to be here? Did he force you to sleep over? No, that couldn’t have been it, you had been the one to suggest it. Then what…?

He watched you as you dropped your duffle bag onto the floor and turn to him with a wary sort of expectancy. “What do you want to do?”

Midorima mulled this thought over. He had composed an extensive list of activities to partake in, but he had immediately tossed them out of his mind once he realized you weren’t acting like yourself. “I’ll leave that up to you. You invited yourself over, anyway.”

You burst out into a laugh, and Midorima internally sighed in relief. 

“How about we watch a movie?” you suggested. 

Midorima perked up almost imperceptibly. “I have a new marine life documentary that I have been wanting to see. Or, we could watch a this old historical drama,” he then faltered, “a-ah, or, you could choose a movie.”

You grinned brightly at him, and he almost melted at the sight of it. You needed to warn him before you did that. 

“Let’s go see that fish documentary, then,” you said, grabbing his hand and pulling him forward towards the living room. 

But once the movie was on and the both of you were sitting on the couch next to each other– but with a respectable space in between– you reverted to the version of you that seemed almost… distant. 

He couldn’t take it anymore. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked, turning to face you. He kept his face steadily blank.


He cut you off. “Just tell me. If you don’t want to be here, then say so.”

You shook your head. “I do want to be here.”

“Then why are you acting so odd?”

You wrung your hands and avoided his gaze while you mumbled something. 


“I’m nervous about having sex!” you blurted out. 

The room went quiet. 

Midorima could feel the heat in his face rising all the way from his toes to the tips of his ears. 

“Oh, so you weren’t thinking that. Oh good,” you stretched your arms out in front of you, then relaxed into Midorima’s side, much more comfortable now. “Finally, I can relax. This documentary’s really good, by the way.”

And you continued to chatter away, ignoring the stiffness in Midorima’s body now that the thought of sex had rendered him completely paralyzed. 

Aomine: “Oi, what are you doing? You’ve been standing outside for ten minutes,” Aomine called through the door. 

You thumped your fist against the door. “If you knew then why didn’t you open it for me?” you yelled, the beginnings of exasperation colouring your tone. 

He chuckled and unlocked the door to let you in. When he saw you, he gave you his best shit-eating grin. “I wanted to see when you would knock, but then I got bored waiting.”

Sighing, you pushed past him and into the house, quick enough for him to just miss the flushing in your cheeks.

“Anyway, now that you’re inside,” he dragged out the word sarcastically, “let’s watch a movie. I’ll even let you pick. I’m such a good boyfriend.”

He left you in the hallway and stepped into the living room, settling on the couch before looking over at you. “Hurry up!”

“What about my bags?”

He shrugged. “Dump ‘em in my room and come back.”

You sighed and picked up your duffle bag and backpack. “Good boyfriend, my ass,” you muttered, which prompted Aomine to throw an indignant ‘OI’ at you. 

But Aomine could see the beginnings of a smile on your lips, so he relaxed into the couch and glanced over at the snacks he had carefully arranged on the table in front of them, remote in perfect reaching distance, blanket on the armrest in case they got cold. 

He had promised himself that he wouldn’t ask for Momoi’s help this time, and so far it was going well. 

You returned a few moments later and sat down on the opposite end of the couch, feet flat against the ground, back straight, hands in your lap. Which was weird, he had never seen you sit like that before, except for when you were opening up an acceptance letter. Were you nervous? Why were you nervous?

Whatever it was, Aomine decided to put an end to it immediately. He stretched out onto the couch, and pulled you down to tuck you safely underneath his chin, arms firmly around you. He sighed and shut his eyes for a moment. He relaxed so easily when he was holding you. “Okay, what movie do you wanna watch?”

You made an odd croaking sound, and he lifted his head to check whether you were okay. But when you noticed him looking, you blinked a few times and then grabbed the remote from the table to click through the movie options. “Um… what about this one?” 

It was a movie the both of you would like. Ah, he loved you so much. He nuzzled his face into the crown of your head. “Yeah.”

You put the movie on, and it started to play, but he noticed you getting stiffer and stiffer. 

“You okay?” he asked, carefully brushing back some hair that had fallen into your eyes. 

“Yes,” you squeaked out, and Aomine immediately took the remote and paused the movie. 

He sat up and pulled you into his lap. “Hurry, spit it out. What’s wrong?”

You glanced away for a moment, toying with the fabric of his shirt idly as you thought. Finally, you sighed and began to speak, eyes trained on your hands. “Um, I was a little nervous about coming here… for the night. B-Because I thought that maybe… you wanted to get more intimate.”

Aomine furrowed his brows. “I thought we were intimate already.”

You chuckled under your breath and then looked up to smile at him. “No, I mean like, really, really intimate.”

His eyes widened for a moment in understanding, before immediately softening and pulling you close. “I know I’m a dick sometimes, but I’m never gonna start something you’re not ready to start, okay?”

You sighed and snuggled closer. “Thanks, Daiki. Love you.”

He cleared his throat gruffly and hid his face in your hair. He knew that it was hard to tell when he was blushing, but he wasn’t going to risk it. “Love you too.”

Murasakibara: Murasakibara opened the door widely a few moments after you knocked. “Ahh, looks like Girlfriend-chin is here,” he said, smiling softly through his curtain of hair. He usually kept it tied back now, but at home he left it out so that it would be more comfortable, and he knew you wouldn’t mind. That’s why he liked you so much anyway. 

You hefted your duffle bag further up your shoulders as you toed off your shoes. “Hi Atsushi,” you said, smiling– but smiling as if there was something distracting you. “Where should I put my things?”

Murasakibara took your bags from you. “I’m going to put them in my room. What do you wanna do?”

You followed him as he walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. “I-I, um, I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

He shrugged. “Dunno.”


From just inside the bedroom, you watched him deposit your bags at the foot of his bed then sit down on it. “Heeey, what’s ___-chin doing all the way over there? Come, come,” he patted the space next to him and watched as you stepped towards the bed and gingerly sat down on it. He furrowed his brows. “Why are you acting so weird?”

“We-weird? I’m acting completely normal,” you said, laughing a pitch higher than usual. 

Murasakibara hummed, neither agreeing or disagreeing, but decided to drop it for now. “Can we nap?” 

This time, you laughed genuinely. “But I just got here! Don’t you wanna do something while we still can?”

Murasakibara was already lying down– and bringing you down with him. “Nah, tomorrow’s Sunday. We can do whatever we want when we wake up. It’s fine. Come. Nap.”

He wrapped himself around you, snuggling your face like an oversized cat. But then you pushed him away. And you never pushed him away. Ever. So Murasakibara was confused, and a little hurt. To cover up, he upped the snark. “__-chiiin, whaaat? Do I smell? Don’t you like me anymore? I wanna naaap.” 

You sat there quietly, legs crossed, head down, not saying a word. Now he was worried. “… ___-chin?”

“U-um…” you began, and he’d never heard your voice wobble like that before. Slowly, carefully, Murasakibara put a finger under your chin and tipped your face forward, and to his horror, your eyes were wet

Murasakibara panicked immediately. “A-Ah, ___-chin, was I being too mean? Don’t cry, I don’t have any tissues nearby– Oh- Ohhh, you’re crying. Take my shirt, __-chin!” he pulled his cotton t-shirt off and gently rubbed the wetness on your cheeks, thanking the heavens furiously for giving him the foresight to wear a newly laundered shirt today. 

Once you had stopped crying, you took a deep breath and held one of his hands between both of yours. “A-Atsushi, I-I’m not ready to do really, really intimate things.”

He was confused. Where did that come from. “Okay…?”

You gave him a confused look right back. “… Okay?”

The both of you stared at each other for a moment, then Murasakibara sighed and pulled you back down into your previous napping position. “I don’t care. We can do those things whenever you want.”



There was a beat of silence where you both lay together, arms around each other, staring at nothing in particular. Then…

“A-Atsushi, sorry, but, um, can you put your shirt back on?”

“Arara… am I making __-chin uncomfortable? Am I? Maybe I’ll sleep in my boxers.”


Akashi: Words could not explain the level of excitement that he was feeling. But a glance in the mirror could tell him that his face couldn’t convey his excitement either. Which he had already planned ahead for; he would show his excitement through his actions. Those were what mattered, anyway. 

Around the time you were supposed to come over, Akashi set up camp next to the door and waited, fiddling with his phone to pass the time. 

But then the bell rung, and he sprung right up, shoved his phone into his pocket and raked one last hand through his hair to make it perfect. Then, with a deep exhale, he opened the door. 

And you stood there, looking a little nervous, but Akashi could feel himself falling in love with you all over again as each second ticked by. 

“H-hi…,” you said. 

Akashi smiled as gently as he could, to try and ease your nerves. “Hi, __-chan. Come in.”


He watched as you removed your shoes and let out a quiet, “sorry to intrude”. It was a little odd exactly how nervous you were acting. You hadn’t even given him a kiss yet, and he recalled you saying exactly how much you liked to give him little pecks on the lips and cheeks. 

He looked past it. He had a full day planned and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste. “Can I take your bags? I’ll put them in my room and then we can decide what to do next.”

You handed your bags over with a smile and trailed after him into the bedroom. Akashi tried to calm his own nerves. You acting this way made him unusually flustered as well. 

He set the bags on his bed and then grabbed a typed out sheet to read off of. “I have many activities we can do, and we can do them in any order,” he said, then he put an arm around your waist and pulled you closer with a flirty smile. “But if you have any better ideas, I’m all yours.”

You let out a noise that was absolutely adorable, and he couldn’t help but hug you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 

With jerky movements, you pulled away with a forced grin and plucked the sheet out of his hands. “O-okay, let’s see. A movie, baking, cooking, a puzzle, having a deep conversation, a staring contest, massages, taking a walk, listening to music, dancing to music, basketball–” you burst out into the most natural laugh he had heard since you had gotten here. “Did you make this list? It’s very detailed.”

He was quite proud of that list, so he nodded smugly. “I have a second sheet, too. What is it you want to do first?”

“Um… we can do a puzzle?”

Akashi was already opening up a closet and pulling down seven different boxes. “Which one?”

After some deep deliberation, the both of you chose one and got down to work. You found yourselves on your stomachs, leaning over the puzzle. Akashi was enjoying it immensely, but that was until you both reached out for the same puzzle piece and accidentally bumped hands. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem, but today you pulled your hand back as if you had been burned. 

Akashi frowned. “Are you alright?”

You avoided his gaze, and tried to fit a piece into a place that was obviously not right. “Y-yeah…”

“Please tell me if something is bothering you,” Akashi insisted, sliding closer to you and bumping shoulders. “I want you to have fun.”

You sighed shallowly and then looked up at him, worrying you bottom lip between your teeth. Finally, you spoke. “Um, I was kind of nervous coming here… for the night.”

Akashi nodded encouragingly. 

You thumbed over the puzzle piece you were holding. “W-well, I was kinda nervous because… because I thought you might have wanted to get… uh… more… intimate?”

Akashi’s eyes widened. “Oh.”

You nodded. 

“Well, don’t worry about that. We can take things at your pace. I wasn’t even thinking about those things. I just want to spend time with you,” Akashi explained, taking one of your hands and smoothing his fingers over your palm. 

You relaxed into his touch. “Thank you. You wanna finish the puzzle?”

Akashi grinned and landed a kiss against your temple. “Okay.”


- Jiutóu Cosplay Progress -

IT IS DONE!!!! AAAAAA ;____; <3 <3 My Jiutóu cosplay is actually done! And this is the first time I tried everything on together, and it all fits perfectly, I don’t have to fix or adjust anything! I’m so happy ;A;
(reason I’m just wearing one of the gloves is bc I started out taking selfies, but the cosplay is so big I couldn’t frame everything, so my sister had to help me out >w< )
Just have to make the Quandao now, but that wont take long. And the photoshoot for this is scheduled some time next week ^-^
Cant wait to get to cosplay this incredible character!<3 <3 I love High Rollers so much ;w; <3  And when my friends Elora cosplay is done, we are gonna have another photoshoot together as well <3

Secret Unlocked.

“How in the world did you find it?!”

I was barely paying attention to the words my sister was spewing over the phone receiver to me as I stood pacing my living room, the mysterious device still clinging to my fingers and I flipped it over once more. I didn’t know how I had ended up with this prized possession in my hands. I assumed it had to have been a mishap that occurred while I was on set, helping my boss with her photoshoot but for me to end up having access to James Rodriguez’s cell phone was eerily lucky.

“I didn’t find it. It was with my stuff. He must have thrown it down and I swiped it up with my sweatshirt.”

I had been contemplating what I should do with the device. Run back to the building and return it? Wander through his pictures by ‘accident’? I wasn’t sure. Which was why I was currently on the phone with my sister who I assumed to be much smarter, much more responsible.

“Well I say go through it. I mean…who ends up with a phone that important? Aside from the people who like find a celebrity’s phone and sell all their nudes to the media.”

I scoffed, just thinking of the types of individuals who would go that far. “I’m insane but I’m not shopping around nude pictures of Rodriguez. That’s creepy. I’ll take a gander for myself though,” I smirked.

I thought that maybe she would talk my intrigued side out of looking through another’s belongings and invading his privacy but she did the exact opposite. Now I had this itch to surf through his pictures at the least. Maybe I’d avoid his messages but part of me wanted to look through those too.

“Well I have to get back to work so let me know if you find anything! Send a few pictures to your deserving sister,” she pleaded with a giggle which caused me to laugh as well.

“Okay, I will.”

I quickly hung up my phone and tossed it to the side, no longer caring about what could be sent my way. I was much more interested in the one in my hand. I first opened the camera app, being immediately greeted by an adorable picture of James and Salome which looked to be from this morning as he was wearing the same clothing he had arrived to the shoot in earlier.

My smile widened as I continued to look through the pictures. There was nothing too risqué. A shirtless picture here and there but it didn’t go any deeper than that. I closed out of the app and reluctantly moved towards his inbox. My gut told me it was the wrong thing to do but it was as if I had so much information at my fingertips that I had to look.

What did he and Cristiano text back and forth about? Hell, did the entire team have a group chat filled with jokes and memes that made them seem like childish teenagers? Was he the type to send his wife sweet morning messages after he left?

Curiosity was killing me. I had to look and so I did. The first text message thread I looked in was Sergio’s.

Hey. U think Benz would let me borrow those red sneakers he was wearing yesterday?

I chuckled to myself before reading a few more messages and then moving on to the next person. I got distracted as a new message popped up in his inbox from someone labeled ‘Kay’.

Where are youuuuu? You were supposed to be here an hour ago. Is she holding you up again? My body can’t wait that much longer. It’s been a week since I’ve seen you :/

My eyes widened in horror and before I could stop myself, I opened the message thread. The just received message was the lone one in the thread which let me know the original had been deleted unlike so many of the other conversations James had in his phone with other individuals.

I wanted to reply, to see if I could confirm my fears that this was another woman in his inbox but it was too risky. A follow up message was sent to confirm my thoughts regardless.

If it’ll make you get here any faster I’m wearing your fav ;)

My breath caught nervously in my throat and I quickly shut the phone off and tossed it to my couch, as if I had just read the worst thing of my life. And I slightly did.

I had never taken James to be the cheating type. Sure, I didn’t know him from a fly on the wall but I still had built this perception of him from seeing him in the media. He had the picture perfect family. No way did I think he would jeopardize that and I was feeling guilty for now having this information. Information that I didn’t want to share with anyone.

I quickly left the room and headed off into the kitchen to grab a drink but the sound of my phone vibrating loudly sent me right back. I just hoped it wasn’t my sister calling to find out what I had stumbled on during my perusing.


“Hey! Quick question. Before you left did you happen to see James’s phone anywhere? He can’t find it and I’m really trying to get him out of here and back home after this long day.” I recognized the voice as my boss, frantically speed talking as she often did when she was nervous. Apparently that missing phone was causing a bit of havoc over there.

It was also wreaking havoc on my mind.

“Uh…yeah. I was actually just about to call you,” I lied. “Somehow it ended up in my stuff and I grabbed it by accident.”

I could hear the relief in her voice as she responded. “Oh great! Think you can bring it by?”

“Um…can you have him meet me at the park near my place? I don’t much want to make the trip all the way there.” I gulped nervously awaiting her approval or disapproval. I had really made the suggestion so I wouldn’t have to meet up with him with others around. I had to ask the questions on my mind.

“Let me just check and make sure that’s okay with him.” I could hear her set the phone down and head off somewhere. There were muffled words in the background and she soon returned back. “He said that’s fine. I’ll give him the address if he doesn’t know it and your number. He’ll be out of here in a few minutes.”

“Okay. I’ll see him then.”

I hung up my phone and dropped it into my pocket to prepare to head out of my home soon.

I didn’t know whether to run off to show his wife first or silently surrender the proof that her husband was cheating on her but I didn’t have much time to make my decision.

gif credit to @albertosmoreno

Yaaay!! First photo from the Arabian Fem! Free! Photoshoot at the #salonmangabcn !! Thank you so much PHACED for the amazing photos!! I’m really happy with how this cosplays turned out 😄 I made the 3 outfits 😬 Look at my amazing Haru and Rin 💗✨💗✨💗
Also thank you Mango Sirene , your “Desert Haru costume breakdown” helped me a lot when I was making the cosplay 😄💗
PS: Haru forgot to put on the arm cuff 😠🙈 Haru –> my sister
Rin –> Sunah Cosplay
Makoto –> me!!!

Caitriona Balfe - Vanity Fair Italy Interview  translation - October 2016.

Anyone who’s seen Outlander, the tv show about the travel through time of nurse Claire Beauchamp, thrown in 1700’s Scotland, must have noticed a hole in the plot. Or at least that’s what a friend of mine says in a Whatsapp group. What requires a momentarily suspension of disbelief, she claims, is the fact that in the past Claire has fallen in love with Jamie (Sam Heughan) – a handsome, sweet, noble ecc. highlander warrior -  and marries him, but at the same time she tries to go back to her husband Frank (in the ‘40s of the 20th century). The only one who can give us an answer to this amletic doubt is Caitriona Balfe, an irish actress who’s been playing Claire for the past three years. I meet her in a hotel in Milan, where she waits to attend the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show: another jump in the past for her, a former model. Ethereal and graceful, she enters the room with the elegant posture only a former model can have. And elegant is the laugh she has while answering my question. “Are we women really so superficial?”

Of course not. But you will admit that the question is legitimate

Claire is not in love with Jamie’s muscles or the fact that he is hot. She loves him because he has emotional intelligence, sense of honor and passion, all rare qualities in a man of his time. They are soul-mates. Women say “He is so handsome”. True, but you get used to beauty. And after a while it vanishes.

Are you tired of hearing that you and Sam Heughan have an incredibile chemistry?

It’s a compliment, we work hard to achieve that chemistry. We are good friends and we have a similar view on life. He is definitely more in shape of me: if I had one gram of the will he has to go to the gym, I’d be the happiest woman on earth. What really bothers me is when people claim we are together. It’s not true.

In the tv show there is a strong connection between love and duty.

I don’t think Claire feels a sense of duty toward Frank. It’s her first love, a good husband. She didn’t choose to leave him, it happened. Emotions are never white or black, you can be deeply in love with someone and have complicated feelings for somebody else. Life always burst into.

Your show is considered a feminist Game of Thrones.

We are very different, but if it hadn’t been for the success of Game of Thrones, we wouldn’t have aired, so we really have to thank it. The books where we start from have been written by a very tough woman: Diana Gabaldon had three degrees, two masters and three children, and at 33 years of age she decided to write a fantasy. To me that’s what makes her a feminist: she does what she wants, managing very well, and has created a character cut from the same cloth. We have two female directors, one of the executive producers is a woman, and half of our writing staff is female. It’s not like we want necessarily to be a feminist show, but we are interested that women are represented in the right way. As it should be.

Apart from Diana Gabaldon, who are the women who inspire you?

My friends, my two sisters, my mother. I think it’s a fabulous historical moment now. Think of Lena Dunham. I always ask myself: how could she be so successful and productive aged 20? At her age I was probably getting drunk too often, and only now I say: ok, concentrate!

Did you always want to be an actress?

Since I can remember. I used to dress up, make up plays, do imitations.

For example?

Margareth Thatcher. I was 4 years old and she was often on tv. I grew up in a village in Ireland and I was so angry that I couldn’t be a child-actress. I used to watch them on tv and thinking “Why can’t it be me?” In high school I studied theatre.

During that time an agent discovered you and you became a model. Did you like it?

They were good years, but it wasn’t my passion. If you don’t chase your dream, it can become frustrating. Being a model is wonderful as long as you work at the top. After a few years I was mainly doing photoshoots for catalogues. It was nice, it helped me pay the rent and gave me the chance of living in Los Angeles. Let’s say that I appreciated a few aspects more than others.

This year you had a role in Jodie Foster’s thriller Money Monster.

Something contemporary: nice.  I love the world of business, and I had fun making researches. But the idea of working in an office is unthinkable, it never happened to me. I called my sister and asked her: ok, what do you do all day long?

You protect your privacy very well. How do you do it?
I post nothing about myself.

It’s not really true. I’ve seen on Instagram pictures of your cat, for example.

You either are comfortable in sharing everything, or you’re not. I’m part of the second group, sometimes it’s important to keep something for yourself. Everyone has an opinion on everything, no? Maybe my skin is not thick enough to stay and listen. It’s nice to share interests but I don’t think people are interested in what I ate. I don’t even think about making a selfie: there are already enough pictures about me outside.

Norcal Noragami Gathering 2016 - Report

(get ready for a splurge of incoherent thoughts because I’m still processing everything)

Our first annual (that’s right I want to do this again~) Noragami Gathering happened, and it was kind of like throwing an elaborate party for ourselves - because all the organizers showed up, and that’s it! 

A part of me was feeling this:
Whee~ check out all our fun fancy stuff we get to do!

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And a part of me was feeling this:
Wahh~ It’s just us.

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This was a real possibility I had considered, seeing as only the organizers had RSVP-ed and we had 16 ppl interested but not committed (which I’m SUPER impressed about because we started with like only 3 people who were interested). I find marketing to be fascinating and it’s a tough nut I’ve yet to crack - I know our fandom is hella niche (it’s part of what makes it so fun ;) ) and a super niche fandom means that it’ll be hard to find enough local fans to attend, even if you hit up the anime networks. I would have really liked to meet up with some of the Noragami cosplayers I connected with at Fanime >_> - in fact I was really hoping they could come! But you know what - there’s always next time >:D and now that we’ve done this once, we have a better idea what we’re doing! And also because we were such a small group, we all had a chance to take individual shots  :3 - which was excellent because the photo-shoot portion took way longer than I expected - partially because I had structured SO MANY Kodak moments (which I think was the strength of our gathering), basically the entire cosplay gathering could be one LONG candid photoshoot. 

So I come at 9:30am, 

and nobody has claimed any picnic benches at Willow Point. There’s some joggers on the edges and people with strollers, but that’s it. I stake our spot under a nice tree, and discover that there’s a smattering of bees, enough to make me a bit worried (luckily they didn’t give us much trouble), and a whole heck of a lot of bird poop - the common problem of parks by lakes. I gave up trying to avoid stepping on the bird poop, and just laid out that picnic blanket, DEFINITELY gonna wash it before I return it >_>

The weather is really nice. I’m constantly running around, so I was getting warm pretty quick, but if you lie down on the blanket and chill in the shade, OMG IT’S PERFECT.  Like it got so warm for me, since I was running around in my jeans and open jacket, but it made our water gun fight SO MUCH BETTER :)

Anyways… by 10am, 

Jose comes by in his Yato cosplay. And the moment I saw Yato walking over, that’s when the Noragami gathering started for me. I saw Yato, living and breathing, picking his way through all that poop and I thought - This is it. This is happening.

I had a similar thought when my uncle showed up with his legit camera equipment, started snapping photos, posing us, and I saw one of his shots that I suggested - taking a picture with our backs to the camera, seated on a bench that has an awesome view of the lake and the bridge. It looked SO GOOD, and my peeps were SO EXCITED. And I thought - this is us. We’re semi legit. This gathering is happening.

When Yato showed up, the two of us kicked back and laid down on that picnic blanket, relaxing in the shade and staring up at the beautiful shimmering leaves and the sky beyond it, and IT FELT SO GOOD, like this was everything we had planned for, this moment right here. Chilling by the waterside, lying on this blanket, simultaneously enacting a Yato + Yukine father/son bonding time with no effort at all. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR GATHERING RIGHT HERE - it’s what I believe we had planned for. Also I think all of us organizers were tired of running around the day before and getting up early today, and lugging everything everywhere, so I think we were happy to do chill things, but I had a lot of games planned (haha) so if I were to go back in time, I’d create more space just to relax.

Once everyone came together by 10:30, we introduced ourselves a little, shared our favorite character in Noragami and why (Yato was a crowd favorite). We played an ice breaker. 

Then we did the photoshoot.

Jose as Yato.

 Myself as Yukine <3

First we did individual shoots. This was kinda cool because it kind of turned into a group effort. We’d help each person think of different poses to do for their character - one of us would even look stuff up on their phone.

@natseint as Bishamon. Look at her slayy

@umbrella-kun as Kofuku. This was such an adorable shot!

We did a long paired shot with Bishamon and Yato - and I stepped in and made sure Bishamon’s hair looked good. <= That’s a whole job right there - official hair arranger, I’d totally want someone to make sure my hair always looked good in those cosplay shots because… my wig’s bangs was so messy! Like, it looked great when I drove over in the car where there’s no wind, but once I was out, it was fair game.  I kept using some of this hair wax but no dice. Next time I’ll be sticking with hairspray or try some of that wig glue stuff. I really want to up my cosplay game and figure out how to style wigs well. Next time I’m bringing a mirror so I can freaking fix those bangs and check them for sure. Also, posing as Yukine is not easy. He doesn’t have many signature poses. It’s difficult to embody his personality into any real definitive body language. Also, I’m trying to pose as a dude, so I have to remember to try to make myself bigger and watch all my normal effeminate gestures waaaah. Posing as Kofuku on the other hand would be a PIECE OF CAKE. I’m always smiling anyways! I gave @umbrella-kun​ all the tips ;D

- We recreated that scene where Yato kisses Bishamon, and Nat and Jose were SO GOOD. It really helps that they’re already close, and man you could just see the chemistry as they were reenacting it. And it’s such a hilarious moment. That was fantastic :)

- My uncle full on studied the Noragami source material that I sent him. Recreating the Yato kissing Bishamon was actually his idea. He’s so dedicated. I’m so proud of him <3

- Also I bought a Sakura tree branch from Michaels, and it was SUCH a useful prop in the photoshoot. Go me :) 

- 50% of the time, I wanted to run around with a video camera and record/snap different moments because I have a photographer’s eye, and AHHHHH there were so many moments that would have been perfect on video - like our whole water fight - especially when Yato got me back with the water gun, and when we were just chilling and eating, and when we were swinging on the hammock, and some of our improv scenes, and I wish I made one of the cosplayers pose as if they were grilling the food… 

After our photoshoot,  we broke for lunch.

At this point, I still had a bunch of photoshot ideas swirling in my head, but we were sensible and stopped for food. My friend had reeled in his sister to help BBQ, and it was SO NICE because we all basically had zero experience with BBQing. We had hot dogs and hamburgers. I was picturing that we’d eat on the picnic blanket - LIKE IN THE OVA - but our nice photo-ready one is kinda small for everyone to fit in, and going to that blanket area would require walking and we already had a table by the grill, so we ate there instead >_> I wish we took pictures… I should have just swiped someone’s camera and nabbed a few shots.

(they recreated the scene just for me :) )

After lunch,  everyone was getting food coma, and just chilling, but according to my schedule it was 1pm and we were supposed to move on with games, and my brain was going at crazy speeds because I was leading everything. But if i had more chill, I would have allotted for more downtime, maybe like 15 min extra, and then just walked over to the picnic blanket and laid down there, because being there was like HEAVEN. And I missed napping so much, like I forgot to relax during our entire time there. I only relax a bit in the beginning when we were waiting for everyone to get together, but if I were to redo something, I’d create more down time, if anything, just for myself. I’d make sure to chill. But in the end moving at that pace  worked because we were taking some many photos up to the time when my uncle had to take off.

ehhh what did we do… we took a few more shots. we took pictures at the hammock.


IT WAS ALSO PURE BLISS. BEST THING EVER. GOOD THING i DIDN’T TRY SETTING IT UP MYSELF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A MESS BUT YATO AND MY FRIEND DID AND WE FOUND THE PERFECT SPOT RIGHT BY THE LAKE’S EDGE, AND EVERYTHING WAS KINDA SPREAD OUT THERE WAS A STATION FOR THE FOOD AND A STATION FOR THE PICNIC BLANKETS, BUT IN THE END IT ALL WORKED OUT. We found out you can fit 3 people on there without it breaking, but ahhh that was scary. We re-created the ending segment of the anime’s 1 season EP when Hiyori finds Yato and Yukine leaning against each other, fast asleep. We did that scene, but on the hammock and I haven’t seen the pictures yet but I’m sure it was cute as hell. And ahhhhhh I want to be back in that hammock. Suspended in air, floating back and forth. Listening to the sound of the trees. The hammock was definitely another highlight, and I borrowed it from my friend’s family, and they are such a gold mine; I am so blessed :)

We tried to do waterballoons but that was a bust because none of the faucets would work with our special waterballoon-turbo-5000-tron which fills up 30 balloons in one go - so we didn’t get to do a waterballoon toss :O 

And we ran out of time to do the sac hops and the three legged-races, but 

we did do Tug of War,

 and we were all bushed by the 2nd one, but I made them do it one more time, because it felt proper >_>. We ended up doing only one game and when we totalled up the scores, I totally lost and I had to wear cat ears as punishment. (Also a moment I wish we captured on camera, the moment when Yato put cat ears on Yukine. He tried to make me wear the whole set- there’s a tail and a little bow/collar, and I was sulking.)

We also had some drama games 

- and I’ve been with drama peeps for a while, so I know we weren’t doing to hot, but I don’t even know where to start??? like how to do you coach/teach beginners how to do improv?? ahhhh I was a theatre kid, I ended up taking only one drama class, but many of my friends did theatre, we’d play games, and stuff, so I was familiar with it, but I don’t know where you’re supposed to start. I guess the best thing would have been to pull out game with clear goals: like the freeze game and telephone charades. Our best moments were when we had to grow and shrink our group. Kofuku and  Bishamon were shopping at the mall, they meet up with Hiyori at the mall and they run into Yukine working at the Hot Topic store, and Yato is off buying some hella expensive fizzy water at Hot Topic and then Yukine chases him off, warning him not to use all their money, and then Bishamon goes off to buy some bras, and then everyone wanders off. in my opinion, it was the best structured scene we got.


Yato brought a freaking sword to a water fight. 

Yato and Bishamon always look so cool.

Near the end of our water fight, everyone was dripping wet, except for me, because I’ve got my trusty Yukine jacket. I was showing off my water resistent jacket until Yato ambushed me and agh he got me so bad! I had to curl up in my jacket to defend myself >_<

Honestly my favorite moments are Yato and Yukine’s father/son moments, or Yato, Hiyori, Yukine family moments - like Hiyori wiping Yukine’s face because he’s got a smudge there, or Hiyori helping Yukine with his homework while Yato keeps bothering him, or Yato giving Yukine a piggyback, or Yukine just rolling his eyes at Yato as he does another lame thing - give me all those moments in a photoset / video and I will be SO HAPPY. However, I held back from making too many of these moments because…

1. We only have one photographer and one Yato
2. I’m still getting to know this Yato cosplayer, and I don’t want to always be up in his business unless we share those mutual family-moment goals ya know?
3. Everyone else is waiting on us >_> , so once again, if they share the same family-moment goal and they’re cheering us on, then I know it’s okay.

However, looking back at all of our pictures, I definitely did get a few “family” style shots. So I’m happy :) Like sooooo happy.

Pst. Message me if you want to attend our Northern California Noragami Gathering next year. I’ll make sure to let you know!

Lacey Karlosky, leaf-spirit, I love you! You are one of my best friends, one of my absolute favorite people on this planet! I’m so glad we met and I’m so glad were friends. I love your passionate love for animals, and your 10 + years of vegetarianism inspires me. I love that were dread sisters, and share knotty hair secrets and tips and help each other work on our dread journeys. (Usually with wine involved.) Thank you for constantly being my model for random photoshoots. Thank you for putting up with my overly passionate self; I know I can be intense sometimes. Thank you for letting me be me. I just wanted to let you know, yours is a friendship I cherish <3

anonymous asked:

"Can you come over...." Pokeshipping please!!

Geez, I had to scroll through so many other, newer requests to find this one! Agh, I didn’t realize how many I had!

Anyway, here ya go, anon-chan! I admit I went on a little longer on this one than I wanted to, but it felt like there needed to be a proper amount of leading in order to reach the climax of the fic. I’m still a little touch and go on how I feel about it too, which makes me sad, but it gets a very good point across and puts Ash in a delicate situation, which is always fun for me to explore.

I hope you (and everyone who happens to read it) enjoy this fulfilled request!

Title - “challenges”

Summary - All of the times Misty had watched awful things happen to him because of his own stubbornness? Let alone the times she’d gotten personally involved, either by helping him out or simply stopping him from making anymore rash moves… Well, maybe it’s finally time to pay back some of those dues. Pokeshippy/friendship.


He’s home for the first time in almost a year when he receives the phone-call.

“Ketchum residence, Ash speaking. How can I–”

“–Oh, I’m - like - sorry, I think I have the wrong number.”

The person hangs up and Ash pulls the handheld away from his ear and stares at it with a quirked brow for five or so seconds before hanging it up and walking back into the kitchen to get the drink he’d previously been pouring before running to pick up the ringing living room phone in the first place.

Only, as soon as he opens the fridge door, there goes the phone again so he sighs, mumbles to himself that someone clearly doesn’t want him to quench his thirst, and backtracks once more.

By the time he’s gotten there, Pikachu has beaten him to the punch and has just grabbed the receiver in his paws and tipped it towards one of his big ears.

“Pikaaachaaa!” he croons in greeting to the person on the other line.

From the one meter or so distance between him and the headset, Ash can hear the person trying to make sense of his best buddy’s ramblings of his own name. So, smiling and sighing all at once, he pats the electric mouse on the head and takes the receiver back into his own hands.

“Sorry buddy, let me get this, okay? Thanks for your help though…” followed by, “Ketchum residence, Ash speaking. Is this the person who called me a minute ago?”

“I swear, I’ve totally got the right number!” the airy-fairy female tone states confidently and confusedly from their end of the line, “Look, I’m sorry, I’m - like - trying to reach Delia.”

“Oh, yeah, Delia, that’s my mom!”

“That’s your… then this must be…” The young woman on the other end falters and dissolves into a fit of giggles before doing her best to pretend she was clearing her throat all along and doing her best to reinitialize the conversation, “… Is this that Ash kid? You might remember me. This is Daisy, one of Misty’s sisters. You traveled with her a couple of years ago–”

“–Yeah, I remember… And I remember Misty too… You don’t have to make it sound like it’s been that long, Daisy.”

“Well, anyway,” she blows off his skeptical tone with her jubilation and continues, “I needed to - like - speak to your mom. Is she around? It’s important!”

“Ah, no, sorry… She left town a few days ago to join Professor Oak and his assistant Tracey on a survey expedition. I’m house-sitting for her.”

“Oooh,” Daisy groans in negativity, the first time she’s lost her charm since the conversation started, “she was our last chance though!”

“Uuh, sorry…?”

“The Sensational Sisters have a photoshoot in Goldenrod City a few days from now. We’re taking - like - all of the local members from our charter with us as part of the crew so our little sister - Misty; you said you remember her, right? - is going to be running the gym all on her own.”

“I… don’t see the problem. Didn’t she do that when you guys went on your trip around the world?”

Keep reading