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What's your favorite affectionate gesture? Mine is nuzzling, fucking love it. But also love sleepy butt grabs xD

I was just talking with my qp about this a bit ago. For me it’s gestures of service. Getting tea. Making dinner. Helping me with something. I could honestly cry if people treated me like that!!

Title: we’ll be alright this time
Summary: This is how Sasuke Uchiha falls in love.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: First Love
Rating: K
A/N: It’s ssmonth guys sobs. I’m a lil late but it’s ok.

It starts in the hospital, the first week into his return. Sasuke is bedridden, confined to a too-white room, still bruised in blacks and blues—but the worst of his wounds have healed for the most part, courtesy of Sakura’s gentle healing hands.


She’s here a lot, he realizes, as each day passes by; not just with him, but in the halls of the hospital and the adjacent rooms, too, treating tired shinobi wounded in war and still-frightened civilians trying to recover from it all. The smile to her lips never ceasing, she doesn’t seem to miss out on any pressing matter, doesn’t actually seem to leave these walls at all—and if Sasuke didn’t so often catch her dozing in the armchair at his bedside, he might even think she never sleeps, either.

And yet, despite her busy schedule, Sakura always finds the time to offer him a visit every day.

Something in him softens at the thought.

“You’re healing very well, Sasuke-kun,” she says to him, one day, as time dictates it necessary to have his bandages changed yet again. “I’m actually pretty surprised. Are you sure you don’t have a hidden tailed beast somewhere inside you helping to patch you up?”

The query is a teasing one—something that Sasuke has yet to grow used to, when it comes to Sakura. She’d always been so shy when it came to him, Sasuke remembers from their years before, so sweet and pure, and eager to impress him; whatever brashness she held inside had only ever been expressed with anger towards their blond best friend whenever he did something she didn’t like—which was often. But the woman that stands here before him now is different, despite in some ways still being the same; kind, and bright, she smiles and jibes playful remarks, seemingly unafraid to make a fool of herself… or, perhaps, driven with a confidence that she can make him smile, too.

Sasuke honestly doesn’t know what to say about that.

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Here's a list of things you can do for/with your little !!

baking (esp. cookies or brownies)
bedtime stories and being tucked in
being a princess
being told you’re too little to do ____
blanket forts
blowing bubbles
braided hair & pigtails
bubble baths
candy & cookies
candyland the board game
chocolate milk
cute clothes
coloring (esp. with crayons)
cotton candy
crafting in general
if relevant…. diaper checks & changing
helping make dinner
dressing up
firework sparklers
forehead/cheek kisses
glittery things of all forms
glow in the dark anything
cute hair accessories
hair brushing
head patting
holding hands
hugs & cuddling
ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles
juice boxes
jump rope
letters to caregiver
macaroni and cheese (esp. the shaped kraft kind)
having caregiver / daddy / mommy open jars and cans for you
cute names for you or your caregiver
reward charts & calendars
having shoes tied
sidewalk chalk
sippy cups
skip it
slip ‘n slide
cute snacks
smiling :)
stuffed animals
talking cutesy & using your little voice
tea parties
walking in the park
water gun fights
water sprinklers

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omg the christmas ask had me thinking: how would seventeen act if they were meeting your family?

Assuming they were invited for dinner…

- the most….. natural boyfriend ever
- talks as if he’s known your family forever
- gets along with them all, loved by everyone
- bonds with your dad over puns and dad jokes
- holds your hand under the table

- when they saw jeonghan, they were like APPROVED 100% W O W
- wins your family’s heart in .234517 seconds
- offers to help with dinner or the dishes
- “where…… did you find this perfect man…….”

- gentleman
- you know when people describe someone as “the type of boy you bring home”?
- joshua hong started that
- super polite and kind and cute and??? an actual angel
- acts really natural, but when you leave he’s all like “did they hate me?? omg i feel like i disappointed them??”
- no he didn’t
- your family loves him and asks about him every day

- shocks your parents with his handsomeness
- does super cool tricks without realizing throughout the meeting
- like easily catching the plate of food that almost fell to the floor
- and doing a kip up to get back on his feet when he slipped and fell
- impresses your parents by just breathing

- excitedly greets your family
- exchanges embarrassing stories about you with them
- talks nonstop….. actually never runs out of things to say
- his face lights up when your mom brings the food to the table
- nervousness hits him halfway through and he starts sweating profusely
- jokes about coming back for dinner the next day
- but your parents are like “COME BACK ANYTIME”

- stiff LOL
- “make yourself at home” “thank you (remains stiff)”
- perfect posture
- perfect table etiquette
- perfect manners
- speaks REALLY formally because he wants to appear as polite as possible

- robotic
- probably wrote down an entire paragraph and memorized it to say to your family
- really quiet at the dinner table because he’s scared he’s going to say something to make them hate him
- suddenly gets super passionate when he talks about writing music
- gets embarrassed for babbling and apologizes a lot

- L O U D
- screams about how excited he was to meet them
- doesn’t stop smiling the entire night
- makes jokes the entire time and makes everyone laugh
- does body gags, nearly knocks over your mom’s china collection

- makes the PERFECT first impression
- “you didn’t tell us you were dating a model????”
- helps your mom make dinner WOW MINGYU
- compliments your mom’s cooking, eats everything
- probably spilled the pitcher of water while trying to pass it to your parents

- shy but your mom finds it cute don’t worry
- smiles throughout the dinner
- accidentally answers a question in chinese
- doesn’t stop blushing for the rest of the dinner

- wears a suit let’s be real
- bows every two seconds
- brings a gift for your parents
- super nervous, but hides it by babbling about anything that comes to mind
- LOVES the food, flatters your mom when she sees how much he’s eating
- but he probably practiced in front of the mirror for three hours in different tones
- probably also got seokmin and hoshi to pretend to be the parents so he could practice

- awkward
- everyone can tell he’s really nervous
- the actual meme “(in his mind) act natural” “(out loud) today how you are”
- was holding his breath the entire time
- “i thought….. i was going to die….”

- brings flowers LOL
- got himself all dressed up for the occasion
- compliments your house’s décor
- compliments the food
- compliments your parents
- compliments you
- just throws compliments from every corner
- the biggest sweetheart

thank you for your request!!

Happiness Is Homemade

also on Ao3

MooMaw’s kitchen is always filled with light.

It’s pouring through the windows above the sink and filtering through the blue and white checked curtains that hang above it.

Eric sits on the counter, right in the middle of a sun beam, and swings his little feet against the cabinets below as he licks brownie batter off a wooden spoon.

MooMaw has the phone tucked between her shoulder and her ear as she uses a spatula to scrape the last of the batter into the pan.

The cord stretches from the wall and Eric extends a sock covered foot out towards it and tries to touch it with his toes.

It sags before he can get to it as she steps forward and takes the spoon from him.

He only has a second to pout before she’s putting the spatula in the bowl and the bowl in his lap and ruffling his hair.

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Philophobia |Steve x Reader|

Word Count: 1,771

AN: This is a part of a new collection I’m working on. I t will contain a bunch of oneshots about different phobias. Send in some phobias you may like to see.

| Feedback is very much appreciated | Masterlist |

Philophobia - The fear of falling in love 

Your mom had always been the most hopeless of romantics.

Growing up, she had always seemed to have some sort of cheesy romance movie playing on the small, glass screen of the family television. Anytime you’d be playing with your toys, reading a book, doing your homework, or even helping your family make dinner for that night- There was always one of the world’s greatest love stories to accompany your memory.  

You remember the time your dad made you laugh so hard that water came out your nose with the time that Richard Gere professed his love to Julia Roberts on her fire escape.

You remember the time that you accidently spilled your paint on the living room carpet with the time that Rose promised to never let go of Jack.

You remember the time your cat had knocked over your mom’s favorite vase with the time that everyone forgot it was Molly Ringwald’s sixteenth birthday. 

She had these movies always on loop, to have a constant reminder that love exists and that love conquers all. She would put you to bed every night, always coming up with some sort of butterfly inducing tale of an epic love story that seemed so magical your wide eyes would sparkle in a way they never had until she uttered those words. On rainy days when your dad was at work, your mom would blast Celine Dion from the cheap speakers, she found on one of her garage sale hunts, and twirl you around the house singing the lyrics as loud as she could. She would always make a point of telling you and your dad just how much you all meant to her and how much she loved you. Every Tuesday she would take you to the public library after school, searching for another romance novel to tie her over for the week. 

She loved to love. 

Suddenly, everything you’ve come to know came crashing down in a matter of minutes.

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Push the button

A/N: My idea for this fic changed a few times because I came up with a series idea….so enjoy the fluff while you can. The relationship between the reader & Jensen has a lot of inspiration from the one I share with my brother-in-law. I basically took something that happened with me & my brother-in-law & adjusted it to fit this story. Enjoy.

Jensen x Sister!Reader

You were scrolling through Facebook while laying on the bed at your brother’s house when JJ came strolling into your room. Looking up from the conversation you were having with your friend on chat you shot JJ a confused look. She looked upset, an emotion you rarely saw on the happy three year old’s face. Placing the laptop on the bed you got up and walked over to her.

“What’s wrong little bird?” You asked her while crouching down to her level.

“Daddy’s leavin’ again tomorrow.” She replied with a pout.

Giving her a sad smile you embraced your niece, “I know,” You told her, “Sucks a lot, doesn’t it?” JJ simply nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around your neck. “Where is your dad anyways?” You questioned her.

“Wif mama, Arrow, and Zeppy.” She responded, letting out a sigh. With JJ’s words you couldn’t help but squeeze her a little tighter. Jensen and Danneel had been worried about JJ feeling left out with the birth of the twins. Their fear had led to them asking you to move in with them. You could help Danneel with the kids, spend time with your family, and it gave you more time to work on the screenplay you had been writing.

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Cooking Sentence Starters

As requested by Anonymous.

  • “What’cha cooking?” 
  • “Something smells absolutely delicious!” 
  • “Need an extra set of hands?” 
  • “Do not have me turn around see you eating my cookie batter” 
  • “Are you making a three-course meal for an entire army?” 
  • “Can you get that out of the oven please?” 
  • “Uh, this pot is boiling over…”
  • “You should flour the rolling pin before you roll the dough.”
  • “Don’t mind me, I’m just taste testing.” 
  • “Are you baking dessert?” 
  • “How much sugar goes into this again?” 
  • “Want to help me make dinner?” 
  • “Am I doing this right?” 
  • “Why is the kitchen so smoky??”
  • “You got flour everywhere!” 
  • “How on earth did you get chocolate on the ceiling?”
  • “Apple pie or blueberry pie?” 
  • “I hope you like chicken!”
  • “Will you please stop sampling before I’m done!” 
  • “I think you cut a little too much onion for this…” 
  • “What on earth is this weird thing?” 
  • “Are you making fresh pasta?” 
  • “Oooh! This looks tasty!”
  • “What kind of fruit is this?” 
  • “Don’t tell me I mixed up salt with sugar.”
some more gorillaz headcanons
  • murdoc is actually pretty decent at voguing and can pull off a flawless death drop. he does it whenever he’s not getting his way and wants to be petulant about it. there have been a lot of arguments in which murdoc is about to lose but instead drops to the ground suddenly and slides away on his back, whining “you can’t maaaaake meeeee.” he’s been doing it less as he gets older but he’s still not allowed to come on supermarket trips anymore. last time russ wouldn’t let him get the sugary cereal he wanted and he death dropped in the middle of the aisle and caused a scene and a cleanup on aisle 4. 
  • everyone steals everyone else’s nail polish, even though as a whole the band has over 400 different bottles. this sometimes leads to really passive-aggressive messages in the group chat. when noodle was little, she insisted on painting everyone’s nails for them; this doesn’t happen as much anymore, but since there’s always a bottle of nail polish somewhere in reach, long conversations between people tend to be held over a communal nail painting session. 2d still can’t paint the nails on his left hand; murdoc usually paints them for him. 

more under the cut!

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Periods {Avengers Preference}

requested by anon: ‘Hey can you do an Avengers Preference about fem!reader and how their S/O reacts to their periods? If that makes sense’

Steve Rogers

Steve isn’t freaked out or grossed out at all. He tries to be as sympathetic as possible and helps out where he can. When you have cramp, Steve is there to help by making dinner and running you a nice hot bath.

Tony Stark:

Tony’s usually pretty grossed out when you talk about it, which makes you roll your eyes and scoff at him. He doesn’t like talking about it in depth but when your cramp is really bad and you’re really feeling awful, he’ll man up a bit and will comfort as best as he can.

Bucky Barnes:

Bucky is much like Steve in the sense that he doesn’t mind it. He also doesn’t mind cleaning the sheets after a heavy night. He doesn’t get grossed out at all. It’s natural. He understands that. He goes on junk food runs and gets you nice relaxing bath soaks and candles too.

Natasha Romanoff:

Nat understands the pain so understands your mood swings and doesn’t mind when you shout at her over the silliest things. She gets it. She makes you tea and makes sure there’s a plentiful supply of snacks, tampons/pads and makes sure to cuddle you a bit more.


Thor calls you a warrior for dealing with it and makes you feel like you’re the winner of a battle… which you kinda are for dealing with a period. Well done.

Bruce Banner:

Bruce jokes that your mood swings are worse than his. He cuddles your cramp away, gets you whatever you want when you want it and lets you wear his shirts to bed cause you always say you prefer them. He doesn’t care about ruined pyjamas or sheets, as long as you’re okay.

honestly tho this is one of my favorite random little scenes

like. we have no context for why Bakugou is good at using a kitchen knife. he just. is

it’s such a random, completely normal, domestic household skill and it’s Bakugou (aka Mr. Baron von Blasty MsSplodokills) who’s presented, by the narrative and the characters themselves, as being really good at it, and i love it

I JUST LOVE HOW RANDOMLY TALENTED HE IS OK and honestly this scene begs the question of, like, did he help make meals at his house??? did his mom make him help out with making dinner?? does he just enjoy cooking?? why is he so good at using a kitchen knife????

what other random domestic skills do you have, Bakugou 

tell me your secrets my angry child

Bakugou is such a Mom Friend ok

Sing For You // Hong Jisoo


the prompts: (1) whenever I think of joshua i get this “boy next door” feel. but maybe have it where joshua or the reader has just moved to the neighborhood and the reader hears joshua play the guitar near his bedroom window and he starts to notice her and play songs that convey his feelings for her. (2) personally i would love a joshua scenario with a flirty josh and oblivious reader cuz!!!! why not!!!

words: 3834

category: fluff

author note: he’s not that flirty in this like maybe a subtle flirt. anyway this is for my older sister, for her graduation gift. I’m proud of you, you loser, and I hope you like this scenario. (good luck choosing between joshua and yuta now muahaha)

- destinee

Originally posted by dinochans


When you and your family moved into that ugly green two-story house at the end of a cul-de-sac, you assumed there would be no one your age to hang out with. It was the summer after you graduated high school, and you were pleased to spend it leisurely, doing nothing but catching up on the latest Netflix series available. You would start working as soon as the summer was over, and so your goal was to spend as much time as you could enjoying being lazy.

The bedroom you chose was at the end of the hall on the second floor, far away from your parents’ room. There, you could watch Netflix on your laptop day after day, without a care in the world at who was outside (or inside) of your house.

Your mother was sociable, and always on the prowl for new friends she could chat with. That’s how she found Mrs. Hong, who conveniently lived next door along with her son, Joshua.

To say Joshua Hong was cute would have to be the understatement of the century, since he was downright princely in every sense of the word. Luckily, his bedroom seemed to be right across the yard from yours, so you were able to see him from time to time whenever he opened his curtains. He never seemed to notice you when he sat on his window seat to play his guitar. Sometimes, he would crack open his window and you could hear the experimental twang of the strings as he learned new melodies and songs. That wasn’t very often, though.

Usually, Joshua had friends over, and they would play in the in-ground pool in his backyard. You found out he had handsome friends too, and lots of them. Sometimes they picked him up in a beaten up old van. It obviously didn’t fit thirteen boys, so you always watched in amusement as Joshua would squish into the trunk with a few other boys. They were a wild bunch, and loud. They were the soul reason you bought noise-canceling headphones.

Some days, when you didn’t feel like Netflix or the internet, you would watch Joshua and his friends hang out, since it was rather comical to see them playing around. Especially when they had sleepovers at Joshua’s place. Apparently they were fans of truth or dare, unless Joshua really did have a boyfriend named Yoon Jeonghan, as he had shouted out for the neighborhood to hear one night. That was the first time you ever heard him speak, funnily enough. His voice was soft.

Soon, Netflix became boring to you as July found it’s way into the year. You found yourself at your window seat more often than not, watching Joshua as he fiddled with his guitar. He was quieter alone, away from the the hustle and bustle that his friends offered. With his and your windows cracked open, you could hear his gentle voice as he sang a familiar song. Without realizing it, your eyelids began to droop as you leaned against the window pane. Joshua’s soft voice sang you to sleep that night.


She is the sweetest thing that I know…“ Joshua sang, ”you should see the way she holds me when the lights go low. Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every—dang it!”

He exhaled in frustration as he once again messed up the simplest of chords. Where there was a D, he had played a C. He had never messed up something like guitar chords. He could play a song by ear if he wanted to, as he had been playing since he was in middle school.

He blamed you. Ever since you had moved in a few months ago and he saw you going out to collect mail, his mind hadn’t been the same. He found it cute how you would give the mailman a wide smile whenever he brought a package for you. Often times he didn’t even have to wonder very long what it was that you were so happy to receive, as you would open the package right there in the front yard. He got to see your interests, which mostly consisted of miscellaneous fandom merch or something even stranger like a box of food from who knows where. Although once, you received a tin of cookies and Joshua had considered introducing himself right there just to take a few of those chocolate chip treats home with him.

The point was, Joshua found you rather interesting and pretty, but he was too shy to actually strike up a conversation with you. His mother told him a lot about you, because according to your mother you were always watching Netflix shows or making strange conditions in the kitchen.

Joshua had the developing desire to keep learning about you. He wanted to know more about you, outside of your mother’s opinions and his observant assumptions. However, he wasn’t very outspoken when it came to girls. In fact, he barely even talked to them in high school. Even now, in college as a struggling music major, he didn’t really talk to girls. He was too shy and uninterested. He had his entire life to find someone that made his heart race. For now, he just wanted to hang out with his friends. Your moving right across from him sort of wrecked that plan, however, as now he found his heart racing every time he saw you outside.

As he repositioned his fingers to play the song again, he glanced out the window, towards your house. His curiosity for you was quenched when he realized your window was right across from him, and you were sleeping against the partly-open windowpane. He quirked a smile at your sleeping form.

Had you heard him singing? The thought flustered him, as he wasn’t sure he sounded good. Sometimes he just fooled around on his instrument, and it probably sounded stupid. He wondered how many times you had heard him singing his heart out to Ed Sheeran songs. Then, he cringed as he remembered his favorite activity to do when he felt bored was to freestyle his own raps for whatever reason. Perhaps you would find them funny. That would be a plus, right?

Whatever you had heard, Joshua was going to make sure you heard only the best songs from him. From then on, he kept a mental note that you could be listening to his songs.


You were awoken bright and early the next morning, to the usual legion of boys shouting and yelling.

Did they not know it was morning?

Splashing was quickly heard along with loud voices, so you sat up begrudgingly and looked at your phone. You groaned, Who went swimming at the crack of dawn, anyway?

They were disrupting your precious sleep, and so it was only logical that you would disrupt their precious fun. As desperate times call for desperate measures, you got out of your bed and grabbed the Nerf gun that lay in the messy underside of your bed. After finding a spare dart laying around, you crept over to your window seat and hid behind the decorative throw pillows you had set on the cushions. You pushed open your window and aimed for the first boy you saw near the pool: a tall, dark boy busy slathering sunscreen on his shoulders. You pulled the trigger and grinned as your target met it’s mark.

“Ow! Wh—” he turned around quickly, and locked eyes with you.

You squealed in alarm and ducked behind your cushions.

“Joshua! Your neighbor just shot me with a Nerf gun!”


You peaked your head over your throw pillow and watched as Joshua pushed himself out of his pool and walked closer to your house, his brows furrowed as he looked at your window. Then, he opened his mouth without a sort of Aha! expression. “It’s really early. My mom told me her parents were on a trip so I just assumed she was with them. We should keep quiet.”

You sighed in relief as all the boys seemingly agreed and got out to get some sun instead.

If you were honest, you might have watched the shirtless boys tan for just a bit longer before returning to your bed.


Cause I know that I let you down, but is it to late to say I’m sorry now?“ Joshua strummed his guitar rather recklessly to the Justin Bieber song.

His thoughts were that if he couldn’t speak to you, then he could very well sing to you. At least from his bedroom. He still felt guilty for waking you up on a Saturday at six in the morning. So he thought of the only semi-apologetic song he knew the chords to. If that was Justin Bieber, it would have to do.

He could see you even now, with your head against the windowpane, listening to him. You seemed to be listening casually as you scrolled on your phone, occasionally stopping to double-tap. When he stopped singing and playing, he chuckled softly because you had peeked up and looked over to his window, wondering why his voice had cut off abruptly. He quickly put his head down and waited until you went back to your phone before he looked at you again.

Was there a sort of unspoken communication between you two? He would sing and you would just listen along?

Joshua bit his lip in thought as he mindlessly strummed random chords. Maybe he could sing for you every night.

Before he could begin another song, his mother called him to help her make dinner.


He went downstairs into the kitchen, where his mother was busy tossing a salad. “Can you cook and cut the chicken for me?”

“Of course,” Joshua said, moving over to the fridge to grab the chicken.

“What happened this morning?” Mrs. Hong asked as they both worked together. “I was drinking my morning coffee, listening to you guys play in the pool and then all of a sudden all the noise just stopped.”

“Oh, well apparently Y/n didn’t go with her parents on that trip, and we woke her up. She shot Mingyu with a Nerf gun to let us know that we were being too loud.”

Mrs. Hong giggled and shook her head fondly. “Maybe you should invite her over. She might be lonely during dinner.”

Joshua groaned and turned to narrow his eyes at his mother, “Are you trying to set me up?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Mrs. Hong shrugged her shoulders coyly, “but it would be nice for her to come over and you two to meet properly.”

“I don’t know…” Joshua mumbled, his ears turning pink at the thought that his mom might embarrass him before he got to even properly talk with you.

Mrs. Hong rolled her eyes. “I won’t bring out the baby pictures, just go and invite her over before she starts microwaving pizza pockets or something.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” Joshua sighed, making his way out the back door.

The walk from his house to yours felt rather slow for him. Especially since his legs seemed like lead, and his feet were dragging with anxiety as he thought of seeing you face to face.

He stood in front of your pea-green home and lifted his fist, knocking on the creaky screen door.

He heard quick footsteps from inside, and then the door was swung open. It was you, with a bright smile on your face until you saw him. Your smile quickly turned down in disappointment. “Oh. I thought you were the delivery man with my clothes.”

Joshua scratched the back of his head, “Ah… Sorry. I’m Joshua Hong from next door.”

“I know who you are,” you said sweetly. “I’m Y/n Y/l/n.”

“Yeah. Um, my mom wanted to know if you wanted to eat dinner with us? Since your parents are out and everything.”

“Oh!” You looked genuinely surprised. “I’m sorry, but I’m going out on a date with this guy from the mall. I don’t have his number to cancel or anything.”

“Don’t cancel!” Joshua said hastily, ignoring the frantic and nervous beating of his heart as he thought of you going on a date with someone else. “If you’re going on a date then go! Have fun,” he laughed awkwardly and turned on his heel, marching down the stairs towards his home.

He walked into the kitchen, his stomach turning as he saw his mother’s hopefully face. “Is she coming?”

“No,” Joshua sighed, going to take the chicken out of the oven. “She has a date.”

The two of them agreed not to talk about you any longer, as Mrs. Hong could sense the melancholic tone in her son’s voice. He was a bit hurt, but he wouldn’t mention it as he sat down to eat with his mother.

The two of them sat down and prayed before digging into their light dinner, easy conversation distracting Joshua from his worry about where you might be going and what you might be doing on your date.

The loud honking of a car suddenly jolted the two. Poor Joshua had been drinking water as it happened, and so he accidentally spilt some of it down his thin t-shirt.

“Go see what that is,” Mrs. Hong told him, her eyebrows furrowed in worry that there might’ve been an accident in their neighborhood.

Joshua obeyed and walked over to the window over the sink, dabbing his shirt with a paper towel as he did so. He peered out the window to see a sleek black car in your yard, honking. Suddenly your door opened and you came outside, your hair flying behind you as you ran over to the car.

“It’s her date,” Joshua informed his mom, “He didn’t even ring the doorbell.”

Mrs. Hong rushed over and tutted, shaking her head. “Where’d she pick him up?”

“The mall,” Joshua said spitefully. “What guy picks up girls at the mall anyway?”

Mrs. Hong patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. “Why don’t you go call it a night?”

“M'kay,” Joshua said softly. “Thanks Mom.”


You returned home later and tossed your bag onto your bed. You plopped into your window seat and sighed. Your date had been a jerk, and after flirting with the waitress, he had made you pay for the entire meal (which wasn’t any MacDonald’s by the way). After that, he tried to initiate a make out session in the front seat of his car, to which you politely declined.

You opened your window slightly, hoping to hear some of Joshua’s singing. You wished you had just stood the jerk up and stayed with Joshua and his mom. You were sure that dinner would’ve reaped more benefits than the one you had been on.

You heard the sweet melodies of a Shawn Mendes song, followed by Joshua’s soft voice. ”‘Cause I know I can treat you better than he can, and any girl like you deserves a gentleman…

You suddenly looked up and met Joshua’s gaze for a second before he finally looked away, still singing.

Had he played that song for you? Did he know that it was a botched date or was the song just a coincidence?

Either way, you grabbed a blanket and curled up in your window seat, letting Joshua’s voice lull you to sleep.


The next few weeks were rather quiet, save for Joshua’s nightly songs. Each night was a different love song, and you liked to listen to them as you feel asleep, imagining he was singing to you. It wasn’t like the two of you hadn’t ever talked, but the words were nothing more than greetings from him, and occasionally his friends, when they saw you outside.

Your parents had returned, yet they were still put most of the time, working. You spent the morning cleaning up the house, and had finished well before noon. Out of boredom, you decided to make cookies.

After a few hours, you were surrounded by cookies and cookie dough, your music blaring loudly with whatever random Spotify playlist you had chosen. In your excitement, you hadn’t realized that you had made literally fifteen dozen chocolate chip cookies, and there was no way to eat them all.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of yelling and hollering outside. The boys! You could give them each a dozen to take home and you’d still have two dozen left.

With that decided, you put the cookies in individual ziplock bags and stuffed them all in one of your mother’s oversized grocery bags. You turned off your phone and pocketed it before leaving the house.

The boys were all near the pool again, as they had been since the early morning when you started your chores. With a few steps, you were outside the pool gate, opening the latch and letting yourself into what looked to be an intense chicken-fight competition. There were nine boys standing at the pool edge with their backs to you. They hadn’t noticed your presence, as they were too busy cheering on the four boys in the pool. You snuck beside one of them to see Joshua sitting on the shoulders of the boy you had shot with a Nerf gun just a couple of month ago. His hands were linked with another boy’s, and they both were straining to push the other off.

In the excitement of the other boys’ cheering, you played along. “Go Joshua! Take him down!”

Joshua froze at your voice, allowing the other boy to shove him into the water. Each of the boys turned to look at you, and the one in the pool was the first to speak, “It’s Nerf girl!”

Joshua resurfaced and pushed his bangs off his forehead. “Y/n?”

“Hi, Joshua,” you said with an awkward wave.

The boy you had shot spoke again, “Don’t think you’ve gotten out of the punishment, Shua. Jeonghan won so he gets to flick your forehead.”

All of the boys agreed, and so Joshua and the other three boys pushed themselves out of the pool. Joshua walked over to the towels and quickly wrapped one around his shoulders before making his way towards you. “What are you doing here?”

You shrugged and held up the bag. “I made too many cookie so I thought I would share. There’s a bag for each of you.”

Suddenly, Joshua’s punishment was forgotten as each of the boys scrambled to get their bag of cookies. They each thanked you, but you could hardly reply after seeing their handsome faces up close. When there was only one bag left, you pulled it out and handed it to Joshua with a soft smile. “Here you go.”

“Thanks, Y/n.” Joshua scratched the back of his head, “Do you want to come swimming?”

The thought of Joshua seeing you in your swimsuit made you blush, but it was hot outside and you were bored. “Sure. Let me go get my swimsuit.”


Joshua thought his ears were going to absolutely burn from the heat that crept up them. Your bathing suit made you look even more stunning, and Joshua was finding it hard not to stare as you smiled and laughed with the other boys. Everyone was taking a break to eat their cookies, which were no longer separated by dozens, but instead passed around and mixed up until nearly all of them were gone by you and the thirteen hungry boys.

“So, what’s it like living next to our Joshua?” Jeonghan asked you with a smirk as he leaned back into the lawn chair.

Joshua groaned, a cookie in his hand. “Guys… don’t bother her.”

“It’s okay,” you answered Jeonghan, ignoring Joshua’s pleas. “When you guys aren’t waking me up, that is. Actually, when you guys aren’t over at all, it’s quite pleasant.”

Jeonghan rose his eyebrows, “Hear that, Shua? She likes it when you’re the only one home.”

“That’s not what she meant—” Joshua started, but he was quickly cut off by all the boys’ suggestive cooing.

“Leave him alone,” you said, your own cheeks aflame.

Joshua found it endearing that you were sticking up for him. In fact, as the day progressed, and he talked more with you, he felt absolutely enamored with you to the point where he wasn’t sure he could hold it in any longer.


After you showered and cleansed all of the chlorine off of your body, you made your way to the window seat. As you dried your hair with a towel, you listened for Joshua’s song through your cracked window, ”Leave this blue neighborhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh, and it drives me wild. ‘Cause when you look like that, I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad, oh, it drives me wild. You’re driving me wild, wild, wild…

The thought that he could be singing to you crossed your mind yet again, and before you could stop yourself, you pushed open your window and hung your head out. "Hey, Joshua!”

Having been staring at his guitar, he jumped when you called his name. The song stopped abruptly, and Joshua turned to see your head out of your window. “Yeah?”

You sent him a smile, “Can I ask you something?”

Joshua opened his own window all the way so he could hear you better. As he retuned his guitar to keep his nervous fingers occupied, he replied, “Shoot.”

“Are you playing those songs for me, or is it just a coincidence?”

Joshua’s eyes widened as he realized that you had caught on to his act. He cleared his throat, “A–Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

As he played his new song, he heard your laugh as it echoed across the way. “Joshua, stop! I wanna talk to you!”

Reluctantly, Joshua did stop. “Yeah. Okay, well, I guess I like you but I didn’t actually know how to convey it. I was sort of hoping my songs would charm you into liking me too.”

You smiled brightly, “Oh, they did. Especially those freestyle raps you sang about how much you wanted tacos.”

Joshua laughed nervously. “You heard that?”

“Yeah,” you answered, “It was cute, though.”

Joshua stared at your confident smile for another moment before biting his lip. “Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love to, as long as you’ll keep singing for me. I expect a rap about how much you enjoyed our date as well.”

“You got it,” Joshua said. “Any requests before I head in for the night?”

You hummed in thought before replying, “How about Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis?”

Joshua’s cheeks turned pink. “Oh. That’s a good one. Okay. Right. Cool. Let’s go.”

He began to sing, and once again you curled into your window seat, listening to his soft voice conveying not only your feelings, but his own as well.

~the end~

Tumblr woes

A/N: This is my entry for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge! Happy birthday & sorry that everything I write is angsty. I had the gif that you see below. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to wrap the fic up so it just kept going & going.

Warnings: Angst, accusations of cheating, fluff? (me? write fluff?)

Jensen x Daughter!Reader

You sat on your bed scrolling through Tumblr and couldn’t help the scowl that was overtaking your face. Your father and step mom always told you to stay away from the website, but you couldn’t help yourself; you were seventeen and thought you could take on the haters of Tumblr.

You were wrong.

After arguing with another person who ran a hate blog against your step mom you couldn’t take it anymore and slammed your laptop shut. These people thought they knew everything about your family’s life when in reality they only ever saw small glimpses of it.

So what if your family had a nanny? Most families have a nanny or babysitter.

So what if your family ordered dinner? The average American family eats out between four and five times a week.

Who cares if you have a cleaning lady? You can hire people on Craigslist to clean your house for twenty dollars.

However if your family does anything like this is all falls back on your step mom, Danneel, and how ‘terrible of a wife and mother’ she is; and you were sick of it.

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The Sheriffs Daughter- daryl x reader

(Request: Reader is ricks daughter she’s 21?? And some angst between Daryl and reader cause they’re both very much into each other yet Daryl gets so angry with her because they can’t be together because of rick???)

Note: I hope you enjoy this!!!!!

Warning: smut, mild angst, fluff!

Daryl’s lips pressed against yours as he forced his tongue into your mouth. You were pinned against the wall, Daryl’s hands on either side of your head like a cage. Your hands explored his muscular arms, loving the feel of them being so close to you. As his lips started to move down onto your neck and collar bones, your body became more eager to feel his touch. But that didn’t happen. There was a knock at the front door and Daryl immediately stopped his movements and looked to the door. You ducked under his arm and went to answer it.

“Hey dad” you said, realising that it was Rick at the door.

“Hey (y/n), you alright”

“Yeah!” you said, stepping back so he could come in. Your eyes scanned the room for Daryl but he had hidden from your father.

“Are you okay?” you asked

“I am, I was just wondering if you’ve seen Daryl. I need to talk to him about the next run but I can’t find him anywhere”

“Well I don’t know where he could be, sorry” you said, shifting uncomfortably on your feet.

“Alright. If you see him, let him know to come find me”

“I will”

Rick smiled at you and kissed your forehead before turning and leaving your house. “He’s gone” you said in a playful tone.

You saw Daryl pop up behind the island in the kitchen and you wrapped your arms around his neck when he got closer to you.

“So, where were we?” you grinned up at him but he had a serious expression on his face. He unwrapped your hands around his neck and angrily mumbled to himself before heading to the door. “Where are you going?” you asked, grabbing his arm to stop him from leaving.

“Gotta go find your dad” he replied, almost spitefully.

“You don’t have to go right now, we can finish what we started”

“Na (y/n), we can’t” he replied, anger starting to boil inside him.

“Why the hell not?” you asked, raising your voice.

“Because you’re only twenty fucking one and your Rick’s damn daughter! I can’t keep sneaking around like this or pretending like there’s nothing go on between us! I want someone I can be free with!”

“So you don’t wanna be with me? Is that what you’re trying to say?” you crossed your arms over your chest, trying to keep up a hard exterior but inside you were cracking.

“That’s not what I’m saying-”

“Well it sure as hell sounds like it!”

You both stayed silent for a moment and you looked down to the floor. “Just go” you finally said.


“No really, my dad’s looking for you. Go find him” you said as you turned and walked over to the sofa. Daryl hesitated for a moment before sighing and leaving to find your dad.

It had been a couple of days since you and Daryl had spoken properly. You had both been so busy helping out the group and going on runs that you barely had time to talk about what happened. You saw him standing by his bike, ready to go out on a run. You quickly jogged over to him and caught his attention.

“Hey, how long do you have ‘till you leave?” you asked.

“When Olivia and Michonne get over here, they’re on their way” he nodded his head to Michonne and Olivia who were walking over.

“Do you think we can talk after? Just get rid of the elephant in the room?”

“Sure” was all he said as he revved the engine of his bike. You took a step back and watched him drive off, Michonne and Olivia in the car behind.

It had been a couple of hours since they left. You kept yourself busy by helping Carol make dinner in the kitchen. You couldn’t help but notice the sun was setting and they still weren’t back. You looked worriedly outside and excused yourself from the room, letting Carol take over.

You stepped outside and saw your dad in the watch tower. He brought binoculars up to his eyes and you saw him scrunch up his face.

“What do you see?” you asked, your loud voice startling him.

He quickly ran to the ladder and started to climb down, shouting at you to open up the gates. You did as he said and ran over to the gates, your hands fumbling with the lock. You managed to get it open and you saw Michonne and Daryl sitting in the car with two flat tires and no Olivia. They drove in and you shut the gate, looking at your dad in confusion as he approached the car.

“What the hell happened? Where’s Olivia?” he asked as they stepped out of the car.

Daryl was covered in dirt and blood, you didn’t know whose it was but it shouldn’t have been there. You walked over to hear what had happened. From what they said, they were attacked by some people who all claimed to be ‘Negan’. A small fight broke out and Olivia was shot and Daryl’s bike and crossbow was taken. Rick ran a hand over his face and sighed.

“Did they see you come back here?” Rick asked.

“No, they left before we did”

Your dad nervously looked between the gate and the car, he was hoping that they wouldn’t have to deal with them again. “Get yourselves cleaned up, I’m glad you’re okay” Rick placed a hand on Daryl’s shoulder before walking off with Michonne.

When your dad had walked out of ear shot you turned to face Daryl. “Are you okay?” you asked, wanting nothing more than to touch him and make sure he was safe.

“I’m pissed about my crossbow” he said, starting to walk off to get himself cleaned up.

“We can find another one” you replied

He scoffed and shook his head. “How many people you see out there with a damn crossbow? No one”

He angrily shoved the door open to his house and stepped inside, letting you follow him in before he shut the door.

“I’m gonna shower” he said, walking towards the stairs. As he disappeared you sighed to yourself and looked down to the floor. You knew why he was getting like this. It was because of your dad. If he found out about what you and Daryl had going on, then he wouldn’t approve and who knows what he’d do. You heard the shower running and an idea popped into your head. You knew that Daryl wasn’t one to talk bout his feelings, so you would get it out of him another way.

You made your way upstairs and walked into the bathroom, you kept your eyes on the outline of Daryl’s body hidden behind the steamy glass.

“(Y/n)? What are you doing?” Daryl asked as he heard you shut the door. You said nothing as you quickly striped the clothes off your body, the thought of being in a closed space with a naked Daryl motivated your actions. You opened the shower door and stepped in, immediately feeling the warm water pierce your skin.

“You’re so angry all the time, you need to get all that frustration out of you” you said, looking into his eyes seductively as you ran your hands up his wet but toned chest, feeling every muscle there was.

“You’re not doing this for me, you just want me to fuck you until you lose control of your body” Daryl smirked down at you, catching along to your little plan. He swiftly grabbed your now wet hair and pulled at it, giving him access to your neck. He sucked on your pulse beneath your skin, making your eyes roll back into your head and your legs shake. You pulled him closer to you and you felt his boner press up against your thigh, you felt it throbbing against you and you felt heat rush between your legs.

“Fuck” you moaned as Daryl’s hands let go of your hair and squeezed your ass, his fingers digging in and leaving the right amount of pain and pleasure. You moved a hand between the two of you and you grabbed his boner. You started moving up and down at a slow pace, teasing Daryl as he started to snap his hips forward into your hand, wanting to feel more friction. The sounds of his grunts and your moans echoed throughout the bathroom, the sound of the shower not loud enough to drown it out. Daryl soon had enough of your torturous pace and he removed your hand from him, taking it and slamming it against the glass, doing the same with your other hand.

“Daryl” you moaned as his lips pressed against yours.

“Tell me what you want princess” he growled into your ear, wanting nothing more than to pound into you, but he needed to show you who was in charge.

You moaned at his nickname for you and you replied, practically begging him to fuck you. “I want you in me Daryl!”

Daryl moved both your wrists into his big hand and used his other to line up his cock with your entrance. He slid his tip up and down your already wet folds before plunging into you. You both let out deep sighs and Daryl brought his forehead to touch yours, loving the feel of your tight walls around him. He let go of your wrists, wanting them to freely roam his body as he started to thrust into you at a fast pace. Your body was bouncing from how hard Daryl was going, and every thrust sent a pump of adrenaline through your veins. You two hadn’t been able to go at it because you were always getting interrupted, but not this time. This time you were able to do what you had to do in peace.

As you began to feel the familiar knot in your stomach, you dug your nails into Daryl’s back, encouraging him to keep fucking you at a fast pace. “Shit! I’m close!” you cried out as Daryl lifted your leg up, he was able to thrust into you at a different angle, letting you feel all of him. Every hit was pushing against your soft spot, bringing on your release quicker than expected. You held onto Daryl’s shoulders as pleasure exploded throughout your whole body. What felt like bolts of electricity was running through your veins, your legs shook and you lost control of your body, leaving Daryl to hold you up as he continued to fuck you through his high. As your walls clenched around him you set him off. He pounded into you a couple more times as he shot his seed into you, giving himself and you the most amount of pleasure.

As you both climbed down from your highs, Daryl dropped your leg to the floor and you regained your balance. You pushed your head under the water and let it cool you off as Daryl turned it to a colder setting. “Fuck, we need to do that more often” He panted, making the both of you laugh.

You stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around you, drying yourself off as you walked into the bedroom, soon followed by Daryl.

“Can I borrow a shirt?” you asked, rummaging through his shirts in the wardrobe.

“Sure. You staying the night?” he asked, hope lingering in his voice.

“Only if you want me too” you giggled, throwing one of his baggy shirts over your head. It sat perfectly below your mid-thighs.

“As long as you don’t gotta be nowhere tomorrow mornin’”


You made your way over to his bed and climbed under the covers, soon being joined by Daryl, his warm body touching yours as he wrapped his arms around you protectively. “G’night” he whispered as he kissed your cheek and buried his head in the crook of your neck. You kissed him back and placed your arms between you as you both cuddled into each other. You wished it could be like this all the time. You were tired of sneaking around and hiding things from your dad. But you had to do that, there was no other way around it. You pushed the thoughts to the back of your head as you closed your eyes and let sleep take you away.

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Lost Track of Time pt. 2

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff (just a pinch of fluff)

Summary: You were angry, he had no more patience and when you left, he was broken. He wanted nothing more than to mend the cracks that had split his heart in two.

Word Count: 1680

Warning: curse words…that’s it

Originally posted by kookiesforjimin

Jungkook sat on the floor clutching onto the platinum watch for what seemed like eons. He sat there on the cold, hard floorboards throughout the entire night going through the argument you two had in his head. He mentally beat himself up every single time the image of your tear stained face popped into his mind. 

Night turned into day, and Jungkook still sat there on the ground. He felt like he just lost his entire world. You, his everything, left and it was all his fault. Never in the span of your two-year relationship, did an argument ever escalate to the point of you leaving. You disappearing and the absence of your belongings gave Jungkook a giant wake up call. He never realized just how easily you could fall from his grasp until you had slipped away.

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BTS Reaction: Their S/O never sharing her feelings/ being open

 @purplepokemons said:

Can I request a bts reaction to their s/o never opening up and sharing her feelings as she feels like its a burden and she would just sound annoying or silly please 🙉😙😙😙

Thanks for the request! Sorry it took so long :( But I hope its okay

*gifs are not mine unless I say so*

*requests are open*

WARNING: May be a little emotional

Jin: “Y/N, are you ok? You’ve been acting strange..” Jin asked you.

 “Yeah, I’m fine.” You said and tried to give him a convincing smile. He noticed that your smile didn’t reach your eyes, and he sat by you. He pulled you into a hug while you hold back your emotions.

 “Y/N, it’s okay to tell me what’s wrong. I’m here for you.” He said. You finally gave in and started to sob into his chest.

 “Baby please don’t hold back your feelings again, okay?” 

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 Suga: I feel Yoongi doesn’t like expressing feelings much either. He would have just come home from practice and noticed you weren’t there. He figured you were sleeping, so he decided he’d go lay down with you. As he entered the room, he saw you weren’t sleeping. You were sitting up while hugging your knees into your chest. He heard you sniffle, and he immediately got worried. 

“Y/N?” He asked. You looked up and he saw your swollen eyes.

 "What’s wrong?“ He asked you. You explained the problem to him and he pulled you into his arms to comfort you.

 "Talk to me next time. I love you y/n”

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Hoseok wouldn’t start to notice until you weren’t laughing at his craziness like you use to. You still laughed, but it didn’t sound convincing to him. So one day he wanted to confront you about it. You were sitting next to him on couch, while looking at comments on twitter. He glanced at your phone screen and read the harsh comments from his fans. He pulled the phone out of your hand and hugged you.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Is this why you’ve been acting different? Y/N I love you, please don’t listen to those comments. Your mine and they can’t change it.” He whispered softly as you silently cried into his chest.

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(Him after he saw you reading the comments)

Rap Monster:

Namjoon could probably see right through you. Just the slightest change in your attidude would tell him something was wrong. He probably think he did something wrong, so he would start to make sure he is more affectionate towards you. But your attitude wasn’t changing. So he wanted to do everything for you to be happy again.  He had Jin help him make a fancy dinner for you and he bought you a boquet of flowers. When you got home, he would immediatly apologize for what ever he did.

“Y/N, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry. I just want to see you happy again. Forgive me?” He asked and handed you the flowers. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Namjoon, you didn’t do anything wrong.”You said as you frowned at your real problem.

“What’s wrong then?” 

You told him what was wrong as you and him ate dinner together. He would tell you on how you can overcome your problem and do anything to make you happy.

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(him trying to cheer you up)


Jimin wouldn’t notice through the skype calls, he would probably think you’ve been tired. He wanted to suprise you by coming home a day earlier than said he was. He opened your apartment door and saw you sitting on the couch. He rushed over to hug you, but you quickly covered your face while he hugged you. You didn’t want him to see that your eyes were swollen from crying. He noticed what you were doing, and he gentley grabbed your hands and moved them. He saw that you were crying, and he wiped your tears away with his thumbs.

“Are those happy tears or sad tears?” He asked you, with his hands still on your cheeks.

“Both.” You admitted. “They were sad because I can’t help but read your fans comments about me… I’m sorry.” You hugged him again and kissed the top of you head.

“But I saw you walk through the door, they became happy tears because I missed you so much.” you say.

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(after he saw you crying)


When Tae noticed your attitude started to change, he would probably assume it was “your time of the month”. He be careful of what he would say to you, and try to do thing for you. He would buy you chocolate, and even buy you tampons/pads when you didn’t even ask. 

“Why did you buy tampons?” You asked Tae as he walked through the door with them in his hands. 

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t run out.” He said and gave you a smile.

“I’m not even on my period.” You said awkwardly.

“Wait, I thought’s that’s why you’ve been being quiet though.” He said confused. 

“What’s wrong then?” He asked and sat by you. He looked at you with concern as you quicky wrapped your arms around him and sobbed into his chest.

“Shh, baby it’ll be ok..” He said while rubbing the back of you head.

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I don’t know why, but I can see him getting irritated with your change in attitude. You would start to distance yourself from him so he wouldn’t notice that you aren’t the happiest. He would eventually get tired of you trying to avoid him and would confront you. But without realizing, he started to yell at you.

“Y/N if you are just gonna avoid, at least give me a reason! If you don’t want to be with me just go ahead and break up with! I’m tired of this!” His yelled at you.

“Kookie, please don’t yell at me..” You said quietly, trying to hold back your tears. He noticed your pained expression on his face, and immediatly regreted yelling at you. 

“Y/N, I-I’m sorry for yelling.. Can you please tell me what’s wrong?” He asked as he sat by you. 

“I’m avoiding you because I don’t want you to see me like this..” You said while crying as he pulled you into his chest. 

“Baby, don’t be afraid to cry infront of me..”

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(him noticing you about to cry)

I hope this was ok! Sorry it took so long :(

birthday headcanons for our favorite blue boy
  • he gets a lot of stuff. like, a lot of stuff, including but not limited to:
  • a cup of peppermint tea in his favorite chipped mug waiting for him when he wakes up, piping hot and extra sweet 
  • an old broken keyboard and a bunch of tools and cool things that make really unique sounds that he can fix it with
  • a few hours alone in the garden in the back of the house during the early morning, during which he meditates and tinkers with some of the mechanical things he’s been collecting and writes down a few lyrics and chords
  • a thatching kit
  • no headaches today for some reason because the universe was in his favor today and because of that he’s clear-headed and alert 
  • russ gets him a really nice flickcomb with a cool handle and some vintage vinyls of the human league and the clash. he also gets him a hat because russ is the hat expert and one of those sensory weighted blankets that are supposed to reduce anxiety because russ has one and 2d always says how much he likes it
  • noodle gets him an entire outfit, like the fuckin cutest crop top and a shit ton of neon and pastel nail polish colors and a choker and crazy socks, and also gets him heelys that can light up (part of the reason she got him so much stuff is because she also got it for herself because they essentially share a wardrobe at this point. also bc they’re rich and they can do what they want). she gets him the head of one of the zombies at kong too because she’s metal like that and 2d gasps and says “this is WICKED” like he’s a 10 year old on christmas
  • murdoc tosses a pack of cigarettes at him when he comes downstairs in the morning and grunts “here you go” but then he buys him a drink or two later. that afternoon 2d finds home baked scones in the shape of swans and really nice cologne and a leather jacket in his room. he also gives him a legit collar “because you seemed pretty excited about it on that track” and 2d goes all red 
  • they make him get in the car after lunch and surprise him by driving up to crawley to see his mom and cyborg noodle. his mom pinches his cheek and says that he gets handsomer every year and shows everyone embarrassing baby pictures of stu. cyborg noodle’s body gives him a little salute and shows him her bike all decked-out with streamers on the handles. they all have cake and sing him happy birthday and then murdoc gets too excited and pushes his face into the cake as a joke and starts a food fight with 2d and noodle for a few seconds before russ breaks it up
  • they take him to the fairgrounds by his old house for a few hours. he eats too much cotton candy and they all go on the ferris wheel together and he and noodle make the ferris wheel car swing back and forth and murdoc looks like he’s gonna be sick. russ wins him a fucking massive stuffed animal at the ring toss and he carries it around on his back. 
  • also random people at the fair come up to him like “omg are you the singer for gorillaz? ??  i LOVE your music” and he’s like haha yeah and then they go “my favorite album of all time has to be the fall” and 2d just chokes and looks like he’s gonna cry 
  • when they get home he helps russ and noodle make dinner (it’s vegetarian and has rice noodles) and the whole band eats it sitting on the couch together as they marathon zombie movies. 2d talks the whole time about films and behind-the-scenes facts, so much that murdoc has to remind him to eat his dinner. 
  • he falls asleep with katsu on his lap and russ and noodle and murdoc cuddled around him and he is warm and safe and loved and happy 
Dark! Thalia

So I see a lot of posts talking about the potential of Dark! Percy or Leo etc. Yet I’ve never really seen one on Dark! Thalia. To me she’s probably one of the most likely to have reasons to go dark or turn against the gods. Let’s assess her history here.

*We know that growing up wasn’t easy for her. Her mom was an alcoholic and a popular tv star.

*Some things we can assume do to the previous information. Alcoholism often has severe mood swings as a side effect so Thalia has probably seen some pretty scary and ugly sides to her mother that the public doesn’t see. For a little kid it must be pretty terrifying.

*If her mom was a celebrity there had to be some pressure that went along with that. To be a good kid so her mom’s image wasn’t damaged.

*Going back to Alcoholism it’s gotta be tough as a child to slowly comprehend and realize that your mother is drinking herself to death and slowly wasting away.

*Part of Thalia must have understood and come to two conclusions about this. One: Her mom wasn’t necessarily able to handle the pressures of the media and despite the crap Thalia went through because of her mom she still loved her and would most likely developed a certain bitterness towards the media and most and prying people. Two: She would also realize that it would be easier on her mom if her Dad was there. She’d grow bitter towards him because to her, if he stuck around maybe none of this would have happened.

*Later her father actually comes back which must seem like a miracle to her. Imagine the hope that would bubble up in her little chest. Things were going to be fixed and she and her mom could be happy.

*Now imagine her finding out that he wasn’t going to stick around and then finding out her mom is pregnant. Not only that but coming to the conclusion that her father, who for a split second was her hero, had now only made things worse.

*Imagine Thalia being so grown up at such a young age. Imagine her trying to keep her mother from drinking because she’s pregnant. Or trying to help with things like making dinner and cleaning the house.

*Then Jason is born. And she’s sitting there holding this small innocent child. A kid whose done nothing wrong and she reflects on all of the crap she’s dealt with and decides that won’t happen to him, it can’t.

*Thalia doing everything in her power to give him a better childhood than she had. He becomes her world. Thalia is his world and for a bit he’s the source of her only happiness. Thalia would end up losing her own childhood to raise him.

*Now picture this. Picture Thalia scouring around for Jason complete panic kicking in because “how could I lose him?” “This is my fault!” Only to realize that her mother is oddly calm about this. Being told that Jason was gone for good and suddenly her world just collapses.

*There’s no reason for her to stay anymore. Because honestly she’s contemplated running away before. But she stays a bit longer because she’ll feel guilty. Because her mom needs her. But she eventually can’t take it anymore so she runs away.

*She then meets Luke. A boy who understands everything she’s going through. And for once she can be herself and do as she pleases without having to worry about anyone. She gets a bit of that childlike freedom back.

*She finds Annabeth and every instinct n her being is screaming to protect her. Because Annabeth looks like Jason, she’s as small and innocent as he is, and damn it “I failed Jason but I’m not failing her.”

*Thalia finally has a family she wants. A family she loves. Only it doesn’t last.

*That night on the hill she’s not letting anyone touch the people she cares about because she failed once with her brother and it will not happen again. Not ever.

*Imagine the fear and sadness because she knows there’s no way out of this. But there’s cult there too because this is her fault isn’t it? She’s the daughter of the king of the gods. The monsters are after her. Not them.

*She dies. When she wakes its an entirely different world.

*The little girl she protected for so long is now nearly her age. She missed Annabeth’s childhood. She missed getting to see Annabeth grow up but now Annabeth has Percy. Annabeth doesn’t need Thalia anymore and it’s heartbreaking.

*What’s worse is then she discovers the boy who helped take care of her is evil. It doesn’t make sense at first but then comes the guilt. If she’d been alive maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

*Not only that but her first mission and Luke tries to hurt Annabeth. But a part of her doesn’t believe it. Not until she sees it.

*What we have to understand is that right now at this point she’s also understanding that the prophecy is about her. Not Percy. Not anymore at the moment.

*The bitterness at the world inside of her had to have been so much. So strong. Later she would find out the only reason Luke wanted her to live was so he could be a part of his evil plan.

*Fast forward to the moment she has to fight him on mount Tam. The real moment she realized Luke isn’t the same person anymore. The pain of coming to terms with that would hurt so much. Yet she’d also realize that to an extent he’s right, the gods caused it all, but she can’t side with him because it isn’t right.

*She then becomes the lieutenant of Artemis and has to prepare for a war.

*When the final battle comes around the people she cares about most are constantly on the verge of dying. What’s more is that throughout this entire series Zeus does not show his appreciation for the sacrifices she’s made. And when he does it’s an after thought. In the titans curse one of her biggest struggles as a character is the idea of whether or not her father even cares about her.

*Later she, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth are racing to the throne room. A statue of Hera falls and it’s supposed to be for Annabeth but without hesitation she once again saved Annabeth. Saved the girl she promised to protect and in the process gets injured.

*Everything is like an endless spiral for her. Nothing ever really looks up. Luke dies and she learns that he was himself in the final moments.

*Whats worse however is that she wasn’t there to see it. All she remembers is him trying to kill her. That’s her last memory of him. His evilness not his kindness.

*The war is over and everyone gets their happy ending but she goes back on the hunt again.

*A new war comes up and she is left leading the hunters as the sort of clean up party. Trying to keep things in check while the gods lose their minds. It isn’t all that fair.

*A brief moment of happiness comes when she is reunited with Jason but he’s so big. So grown up and just like with Annabeth she’s missed him grow into a handsome young man. He won’t need her that much anymore.

*Without hesitating she is going to help him in his quest. Only to find out the reason all of this happened was because of Hera. Who has already taken enough. Yet Thalia’s supposed to just let her baby brother go on a quest and save the world when she’s just now gotten him back. A quest where he could very well die and she couldn’t protect him.

*Then to make things worse she has to continue playing clean up and wrangling monsters while everyone prepares for war. Only for all of her friends to go on a quest and risk death with no way to necessarily contact them.

Imagine all of this boiling up. It would be so tiring. So exhausting that you can’t help but wonder how she hasn’t snapped yet? Percy and Leo and the others both got the love of at least one parent. She got the love of none. She raised her brother. She died for her fiends only to come back into a world she didn’t know. If anyone has a right to snap it’s her.

Then again all of the demigods have their reasons and it’s amazing they’ve held out so long. Anyways, I figured since no ones done one of these for Thalia I might as well. Thanks for reading,

Date Night

“Alec, what are you doing?” 

Alec looked up over the pot he was currently stirring in the Institute kitchen to see Isabelle leaning casually against the door frame. 

“I-” Alec started before cutting off abruptly when the pot began to boil over. Once he turned down the heat he finished, “I invited Magnus for dinner here tonight.” 

“You… Invited Magnus here? Like, for a date?”

“Yeah,” Alec responded grimly. 


Alec sighed, “we are always at his place, or we always do things that he suggests… I just didn’t want him to think I’m ashamed of him or something, and that’s why we never come here.” 

“Um, obviously. You never come here because here sucks,” Izzy responded gesturing to the general area of the Institute.  

Alec rolled his eyes and threw some spices into the pot, “are you going to say anything helpful anytime soon? Because if not, leave me to my meal.” 

“Actually, that’s why I came. It smelled like something was burning, and Alec… I’m pretty sure food isn’t supposed to look like that.” 

“You have absolutely no leg to stand on,” Alec said defensively, “it’ll be fine. I’m sure if I just keep adding things it’ll eventually even out.” 

“By the Angel, what is that awful smell ” 

Alec sighed when Jace walked in. The exact last person he wanted to see right now. Jace would never let him live this down, so Alec resigned himself to humiliation. 

“Alec invited Magnus here for a date and offered to cook for him,” Izzy said with a smarmy grin.  

Jace’s eyes widened, “you invited him here? Are you aware that he owns a beautiful penthouse apartment with the world’s most luxurious showers? Honestly, I’m glad to be home… But I still daydream about that shower. Also, there are way fewer people… Don’t you want privacy?” 

“Considering how often you guys interrupt us anyway,” Alec said ignoring Jace’s sound of protest,” I’m not actually sure it matters where we are. And would you stop! He’ll be here in half an hour, it’s too late to suddenly change plans. So, either help me or leave me to my misery.”

Jace and Izzy shared a look that Alec knew well- it was the ‘Alec is such a loser’ look, but he didn’t call them on it. Especially because, after a moment, they both shifted their shoulders back into soldier positions. They may drive him insane, but they’ll always come through for him. 

“Sure, buddy, why don’t I help you make a dinner that resembles human food?” Jace offered, and Alec sighed with relief. Of the three of them, Jace was by far the most capable in the kitchen. 

“Where were you thinking of setting up?” Izzy asked. 

Alec blushed slightly, but responded, “it’s nice out… So I thought, maybe… We could eat on the balcony of my office?” 

“Wow, look at you, bro,” Izzy said punching his arm playfully, “you are actually a secret romantic.” 

“Shut up,” Alec said turning away. “We don’t have much time, so Jace…”

“Say no more,” Jace responded, taking Alec’s pot and dumping everything out ignoring Alec’s soft sound of disapproval. “We don’t have a lot of time, so I think your best bet is some type of pasta dish, we’ll throw some fish on top because fish cooks faster than meat, make a salad and call it a day.” 

“Do you have wine?” Izzy asked. 

Alec nodded, at least that part he had completed. “Yeah, it’s chilling in the fridge.” 

Izzy nodded in approval, “I’ll go set up your balcony. Alec, why don’t you go shower and get ready?” 

“But what if Jace needs my-”

“No!” Jace said with alarm, “no, it will be less work for me if you’re not here. But don’t forget, you’re going to owe me big time.”

“Duly noted,” Alec responded, “what do you want?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Jace said already focused on his task of chopping vegetables. 

Alec nodded and ran to his room, cursing softly. It was disorganized because he’s been so distracted and busy lately. He hastily shoved a few empty, day old mugs into empty drawers, chucked his clothes into a laundry basket and then put that in the closet. With his room now looking moderately less terrible he rushed to take a shower, shaving his face and using the after-shave he knew Magnus liked so much. Or at least, Alec thinks he likes it based on the way he always seems to nuzzle closer on the days he uses it. 

He knew he couldn’t waste any time, Magnus was religiously punctual (at least, with Alec. Otherwise he was more than content to make people wait. The preferential treatment always made Alec smile.) 

By the time he got back to the kitchen Jace was just about finishing up dinner. 

“Okay,” Jace said upon seeing him, “I plated it and put the extras in your office, so that should be fine. I did place a heating rune on the pot, so no worries.” 

“You are the best parabatai,” Alec said pulling into a hug that surprised both of them. 

“Sap,” Jace said squeezing back just as hard. 

“I’m done with the balcony. I put the wine in an ice bucket out there,” Izzy said as she walked in on them hugging. Alec pulled her into the hug as well, because while his mother may insist that Lightwoods aren’t huggers, that particular family trait did not pass down to her children. 

“Try not to be too tragic, okay, Alec?” Izzy said as they pulled away. Alec made a face. 

“I’m not tragic.” 

Jace and Izzy shared that look again, “okay.” 

Alec opened his mouth to respond but his phone vibrated, with a message from Magnus letting him know he came. 

“I gotta go,” Alec said. 

Jace turned to leave with a wink, “if you end up fucking on the desk in your office I wouldn’t blame you.” 

“Goodbye,” Alec said walking away to let Magnus in through the front door. 

Magnus took his breath away, as usual. He was dressed well, but Alec didn’t expect anything else. There was something special about this, though, about having Magnus on his turf and opening the door for him. It was nice knowing that for once, Magnus really didn’t have to do anything- Alec could take care of him completely. It was a surprisingly heady feeling, Alec thought he might ask Magnus to come here more often after all. 

“I didn’t want to come empty handed,” Magnus said holding out a cake tin. “So I figured I’d bring dessert.” 

Alec took the cake and leaned down slightly to meet Magnus’s lips for a welcoming kiss. “Yes, very sweet.” 

Magnus rolled his eyes at the line but smiled anyway and kissed him again. When Magnus pulled back he immediately nuzzled Alec’s cheek, which made him smirk internally. Looks like he was right about that aftershave.

Alec led Magnus to his office and was hit by the scent of well-cooked pasta covered in a fragrant sauce. Jace really was a life saver. The second thing he noticed was the table on the balcony, with candles placed over a clean white table cloth, beside it was a smaller table with the wine he got chilling in an ice bucket. He even heard soft jazz playing in the background. 

“Wow,” Magnus said his eyes slightly wide, “is this some type of anniversary I forgot?” 

Alec laughed, “no. I just… Wanted tonight to be nice. Jace and Izzy helped a lot.” 

Magnus smiled, “I thought I recognized that smell. I think Jace made this for me once when he was staying with me.” 

Alec was burning up with happiness that bordered on giddy. He walked to the table outside, his hand still holding Magnus’. Letting go briefly, he pulls out Magnus’ chair for him. Magnus, who has been watching him with a soft smile, actually blushes at that. Alec thinks that if he can keep that wide-eyed look of wonderment on Magnus’ face as often as he can, he’ll have lived a good life. 

The place settings already had two plates full of food on them and had a small warming rune burned into the corner of the ceramic. 

He moved to open the bottle of wine when he realized he didn’t have a wine opener. Alec opened his mouth to start stuttering something when the bottle was suddenly uncorked in a haze of blue magic. 

“Thanks,” Alec said, his cheeks still slightly red. 

“It’s the least I can do,” Magnus said gesturing around them. 

Alec rolled his eyes, and reached one hand out to grab Magnus’ and pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. “I’m glad you like it.” 

“Of course I do, you didn’t need to go to all this effort but I do appreciate it. I love you,” Magnus said, his eyes warm and gentle as the looked at Alec. He was always struck by how beautiful Magnus’ eyes really are, they express so many emotions, they can be gentle and kind, and icy cold. Right now they radiated love, and Alec’s breath caught in his throat. 

“I love you too,” he responded. “Now, should we eat? This looks delicious.” 

“Sounds like a plan, Alexander.” 


Anonymous Said:  Can you do a really detailed smut where you give Jin or Jungkook their first blowjob?  Like they get hard and are really embarrassed about it and you help him out?  Like details about the sounds he makes and how he would look like…

I hope this is what you were looking for anon….sorry about the delay, I completely forgot to put this in the queue and left it in my drafts…..

Genre:  NC-17 (read at your own risk) Smut, smut, and more smut!  Did I mention smut???  This is totally PWP NSFW material as in I thought I was going to hell for Talk Dirty to Me, I’m DEFINITELY going to hell for this one……

Pairing:  Jungkook X Reader

Summary:  “Jungkook are you okay?”  He shifted slightly his cheeks flaming in embarrassment as he tried to shift his lower half away from your body.  “Looks like you could use some help with that.  Would you like noona to take care of you, Kookie?”  The frightened twenty year old turned to look at you, his large brown eyes sparkling slightly as he contemplated what you had said.  Slowly, he nodded his head in consent, after all you felt guilty being the cause of his obvious discomfort.  The least you could do was help him alleviate it.

Originally posted by jungkookpresent

I snuggled in deeper; my head was resting comfortably against Jungkook’s chest as we watched Spirited Away.  He’d lounged against the sofa first when we started the movie about twenty minutes ago and instead of moving his legs I just pushed myself between his and snuggled into him.  Jungkook was always comfortable to lounge against and unless all of the boys were trying to fit around the television for a movie or show this was usually the position we ended up in.

The downside of sitting like this was that I always moved around a lot, unless the movie had my full undivided attention I was always shifting around in my position.  And considering that Jungkook and I had watched this movie several times together and separately, I wasn’t exactly giving it my full attention.

It wasn’t long before Jungkook was shifting himself, moving to try and position himself further away from me.  I frowned, not thinking anything of it at first, snuggling closer thinking that he was just wanting to prop himself up more.  When I settled against him this time I felt his body tense and it wasn’t long before he was sitting up further, his hands pushing against me slightly.

“Can we sit up for a while, I’m not comfortable.”  Jungkook mumbled a slight flush to his cheeks as he shifted slightly.

I didn’t say anything, only nodding in response, cuddling one of the throw pillows to my chest, my head turned towards the screen, but my attention was on Jungkook.  He was acting weirder than usual today, and it wasn’t until I noticed his subtle shift that it caught my attention.  The ‘source’ of his discomfort was located in his pants, the rather large tent bulging against his ripped blue jeans.

Trying not to laugh at his obvious state of arousal I chose to ignore it for his sake, but I couldn’t help sneaking glances at him every now and then when he would shift slightly, one time I caught him using his hand to push against himself.  He let out a slight groan of relief quickly darting his gaze over to me to see if I had noticed.

“Jungkook are you okay?” I asked, already knowing the answer to my own question, but I looked at him innocently enough, letting him believe I didn’t know about his problem.

Jungkook shifted uncomfortably, leaning his upper body towards me while angling his lower half away trying to conceal his hard on from me as he spoke, “I’m okay.”

I gave him a disbelieving look, scooting closer to him, pressing my thigh against his own, and my hand resting dangerously close to his throbbing erection.  “If you’re not feeling well I can make you something to eat? Or I could just leave if you want to sleep.”

Jungkook’s face darkened, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, his eyes glued to my hand on his thigh.  Smiling to myself, I waited patiently for him to respond, but he didn’t say anything. Instead his eyes were wide, trained on my hand as he continued to stare between his erection and my hand.

“What are you looking at?” I asked curiously, darting my gaze down to where he was looking at.

“N-nothing!  I-I swear its n-nothing to worry about.”

My eyes were already looking down at my own hand on his thigh, catching a glimpse of his bulging jeans, my cheeks flushing naturally.  Glancing up at him through my eyelashes I caught him looking at my top which was low cut enough he could see the top swell of my breasts.

“Looks like you could use some help with that,” I said gesturing down to his pants, causing his cheeks to flush a darker pink.

“Would you like noona to take care of you, Kookie?”  My voice was low, a seductive drawl to my words as I smiled innocently up at Jungkook.

I knew he’d never had sex before and this wasn’t the first time I’d caught him trying to hide an erection from me.  It often happened when we were alone in the dorm when it was just the two of us.  The last time it happened I was helping Jin make dinner and I was wearing my favorite pair of cutoff jean shorts that hugged my backside and thighs tightly.  It showed off my legs and they were comfortable to wear when the weather was hot, I’d bent down to grab a container of kimchi from the fridge when I’d caught his reflection in the steel and glass of the oven door just above the kimchi fridge.

He didn’t know I’d seen him looking, but I saw him adjust his pants, turning back to his conversation with Taehyung and Jimin, but keeping an eye on me while I worked closely with Jin.  Needless to say, I’d put a theory to the test that day and I’d gotten a positive response from the youngest Bangtan member.

I’d known the boys for about two years and I’d always harbored a tiny crush on Jungkook, he was my bias after all, but it wasn’t like I was looking for a relationship with him considering our age gap.  I was his ‘noona’ as he so fondly reminded me several times throughout our friendship, the word sometimes made me cringe considering I saw him as more than just my ‘dongsang’.

Jungkook stared back at me, his dark chocolate eyes staring back at me with lust at the thought of me helping him with his erection.  He bit his bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth gently as he mulled over my words.

“Noona, I-I’ve never-” Jungkook stared to speak, but I cut him off by moving my hand further up his thigh, my fingers smoothing over the bulge in his pants.

“I know,” I replied to his unfinished sentence.  “I’d love to be your first, Jungkook.  What do you say?”  Nimbly my fingers pulled down the zipper to his jeans.

“Can noona be your first?” The words were barely out of my mouth before Jungkook’s soft, full lips were on mine.  His kiss was rushed and sloppy, but he made up for that in eagerness to please and it didn’t take long for him to slow his kiss down matching my pace.

I groaned into his mouth when I felt his teeth sink into my bottom lip slightly, sucking on my lip before locking his lips fully with mine once again.  With one hand I was able to work the button of his jeans undone, my fingers gently brushing against his hard cock through his boxers.  Jungkook moaned into my mouth, kissing me harder, swiping his tongue over the seam of my lips asking for entrance which I granted. Considering the boy was new to being sexually intimate with girls, he was a rather quick learner and his kissing was better than I’d expected.

With little resistance I was able to sneak my hand into his boxers coming into contact with his erection. Jungkook tensed slightly, pulling away from our kiss to lean his head back on the couch, his eyes closing and brow furrowed.  I was gentle at first; I didn’t want him to blow his load too quickly seeing as this was his first hand job that wasn’t a solo act.  My fingers didn’t touch as I wrapped them around his thick length, Jungkook’s breath hitched, his front teeth digging into his bottom lip as his face screwed up in pleasure.

Smiling to myself, I started to stroke him, carefully watching his face for signs that he was getting close to his orgasm.  It wasn’t much longer before his moans were coming closer together and his breaths shortening with his effort to hold himself back.

“Noona, please,” Jungkook’s words were strained, as his eyes opened just enough to look at me pleadingly his hips pushing up closer to my hand.

I slowed my ministrations down, keeping my fingers wrapped around his now pulsing cock, the slight tremors in his body easing slightly.

“Please what, Jungkook-ah?” I smiled sweetly back at him causing him to bit his lip harder, his hips bucking up towards my hand trying to increase the motion and friction against his aching cock.

He groaned, “Can’t you just-” he growled in frustration as I cut him off.

“Ask nicely Jungkookie and you shall receive.”

“Noona, I-” Jungkook tried again.

I gave him a pointed look, stroking my fingers gently up his shaft.

“Oh god,” Jungkook’s face reddened slightly as his eyes collided with mine.  “Suck me, Y/N-ah, please.”

“Dropping the honorifics you little shit?  Naughty boy,” My tone was light, teasing, but I saw Jungkook’s eyes darken slightly at my words.

His hips bucked up harshly, causing my hand to slip down his shaft again.

My cheeks reddened slightly, he was a cocky little shit that was for sure.  Not only was he dropping the honorifics, but trying to push me to giving him a blowjob – even if that was the whole idea, not just a hand job.

Laughing to myself, I lowered to the floor, feeling Jungkook’s eyes following my movement as I slid down to a kneeling position between his firm thighs.  Grabbing the edge of both his jeans and boxers, together we were able to work his restricting clothing down and off of his legs.  Finally able to see the full length of his cock my eyes widened in shock.

I knew he was big because my fingers couldn’t touch each other as my hand had been wrapped around his length, but I wasn’t expecting him to be as large as he was.  Trying to calm my nerves I looked up at Jungkook to see that he’d been watching my assessment of his erection.  Smiling reassuringly, I scooted myself closer to him, settling on my legs in as comfortable of a position as I could before I took his length in both of my hands.

Jungkook’s hands wound their way into my hair, his fingers gripping hard as he watched as I lowered my head down to where my face was hovering inches above his length.  There was a small amount of precum dripping from his slit, the clear liquid dripping down the side of his shaft.  Slowly, I swiped my finger over the liquid earning a groan of appreciation from Jungkook as I stuck my finger between my lips, maintaining direct eye contact with him.

He was salty on my tongue as I wrapped my tongue around my finger taking in every last drop.  I watched as Jungkook’s eyes darkened and widened slightly as he watched my actions, his eyes going down to watch my throat as I swallowed.  I smiled back at him; my hand that was still wrapped around his shaft gave a slight tug, the friction causing him to moan.

Leaning forward my eyes followed my movement as I neared his weeping cock.  Taking a swipe with my tongue before my lips enclosed around the head of his shaft sucking slightly as he writhed above me.  Jungkook wasn’t the most vocal person, but surprisingly his groans and moans were more frequent than I’d thought they were going to be. With his fingers still wrapped up in my hair he tugged slightly from time to time, usually when my head was going down as though he was trying to stop himself from forcing me on him.

We stayed like that for a while longer, his moans echoing in the room around us and knowing that the boys could be back at any minute.  The thought alone sent a cold shiver down my spine and I found myself suctioning harder around his shaft.  Jungkook’s hips jerked involuntarily, his fingers pushing my head down further.  I allowed him to push as far as he wanted; feeling the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and going slightly deeper. I took a breath in through my nose, feeling my eyes begin to water as his hands held me there for a moment longer than I would normally allow, but I wasn’t going to tell him no, not with his cock jammed down my throat.

Pulling back, I felt Jungkook’s muscles relax; he exhaled deeply, his eyes looking at me through slits. Focusing my attention back on the task at hand, I continued to bob my head up and down his shaft several more times, occasionally going further down his shaft and allowing him deeper into my throat.  Jungkook’s hips began to stutter the longer I went down on him, his breaths shortening dramatically from earlier as he neared his climax.

“Fuck, noona,” Jungkook’s voice was deeper than usual as he groaned in pleasure, his hips continued to thrust harder against my mouth.  “I’m so close, please.”

Smiling around his cock, I sucked harder, my tongue swirling around his head when I pulled back, taking a moment to dip towards his slit, digging in slightly before sinking back down around him.  My hands were playing with his balls, rolling them gently between my fingers.  When he got closer to his orgasm, I removed one of my hands from his balls to start stroking his cock again as I worked to bring him to his climax.

“Shit,” Jungkook shouted as his hips thrust up violently a few more times, his muscles tightening and tensing as he remained frozen with his hips pushed out.  My lips worked harder, my tongue stroking in time with my hand as I pulled back one final time to swipe gently over the head before enveloping him in the warmth of my mouth again.

Jungkook’s whole body shook with the force of his orgasm, his cock twitched in my mouth as I stilled waiting for him to come.  The first shot was strong as it hit the back of my tongue, followed shortly by a second, third, and finally a fourth.  I swallowed, feeling his seed go down before I started to stroke his cock with my mouth again, helping him ride out his high as his body continued to shake in the aftermath of his orgasm.

When Jungkook’s body finally stilled, I glanced up at him only to find his dark brown eyes staring intently at my face as I continued to stroke him between my lips.  Letting him go with a slight ‘pop’, I brought my hand up to my lips to wipe off the excess saliva and come as I watched him with a questioning expression.

This was a new step in our friendship and despite not having any regrets for where this ended up, I was afraid that Jungkook wouldn’t see it the same way.  I was filled with apprehension as I waited for him to say something – anything at all.  My legs were numb from sitting in this position for as long as I had, but I didn’t care about that right now, all I wanted was for Jungkook to speak.

Lifting himself up into a sitting position, Jungkook leaned forward, cupping my chin in his hand before swiping his thumb under my bottom lip.  His eyes were trained on mine, his dark pools of chocolate melting slightly as he spoke, “You missed some.”

My cheeks flamed slightly at his words, his thumb pressed gently against my lips, encouraging me to open up which I did gladly, accepting his thumb into my moist cavern, sucking gently.

Jungkook’s eyes were watching as his thumb disappeared into my mouth, his eyes darkened again, the melting chocolate that was there moments before was replaced by solid blackness. He groaned as he felt my tongue dance around his thumb before he pulled it out, resuming his stroking of my jaw and chin.

“Fuck noona.”

My eyes widened at his words, my thoughts snapping back to the fear of what he would say now that the moment was over.

“We really need to do that again.”  He grinned at me, his cheeks turning a slight shade of pink.

I laughed, relief filling my chest as I responded in a slightly gruff voice, “Next time though, you owe me.”

I pulled myself up from my kneeling position, wincing slightly as the feeling returned to my legs, making my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“You should put your pants back on before the boys get home I called over my shoulder.  I could my own wetness soaking my panties, thankfully I was wearing jean shorts so no one would be able to tell, but I would have to live with the discomfort for the next several hours.  This is what I get for pulling something like this when Jin had invited me to stay for dinner, I thought to myself as I poured a glass of water, drinking it down in a few gulps grateful for the cool liquid.