Some people asked me if I can help them draw Steven Universe characters and how I went about it. Here’s a bunch of tips on how to draw them!

Sorry I didn’t have enough room to include other characters but I hope this is useful!


Photo Study Painting Tutorial by Ahmed Aldoori

I wanted to doodle  before going to work to get my mind of stuff I don’t want to think about. And I felt like it’s not going to make me feel better but at least I will enjoy it while it lasts. Though to be honest I do feel better after drawing this and it made me feel more calm? 

so hey have an Obi-Wan Kenobi and have a good day please! ♡

why the types I personally don't find sexy are sexy to other people
  • ESFP:manic pixie dream girl alert
  • ESFJ:you've heard of the daddy kink, now get ready for... the mommy kink
  • ENTP:because they're smooth motherfuckers
  • ENFP:manic pixie dream girl #2 alert
  • ENFJ:we were just talking about kinks before; well, I have solid scientific evidence from Twitter that there was a girl with a Jesus kink once
  • ISFP:we're all waiting for that one person in our bed who will roll over naked and sleepy after a fun night and whisper those three words... "death is inevitable"
  • ISFJ:they're really sweet and they'll let you be right always.
  • INTP:they'll obsess over your weird obsession even if they've never heard of it and eventually become more obsessed with it than you
  • INFP:don't deny it. nicholas sparks novels turn you on.
  • INFJ:? ????????????????? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?????????

Okay but whatever relationship Barry/Iris E2 have in E2 and the switch Barry E2/Barry E1, IT MUST have some “consequences” in E1, right?! I mean Barry will acknowledge his feelings for her. Once he’s back, it can’t be like nothing happened, right?? Otherwise I will be disappointed.

Of course I’m scared..with these writers you never know. 

anonymous asked:

Due to culture difference, I have a hard time getting the whole "don't support someone who struggles" thing I see online. There is a difference between "if you're not black, your experience and opinion is not allowed to overwrite the experience and opinion of a black person" and "if you're not black, you're not allowed to speak". The haters sure won't shut up, but the supporters should? I don't like the idea that the oppressed should take care of their problem on their own like it's their fault.

[context 1, context 2]

You’ve completely misunderstood those posts, since I was advocating the first point. There is no “support” that white people can offer here; it’s solely about the opinions of Black people on whether they appreciate a certain kind of representation or not. We, as white people (or really, anyone who isn’t Black), do not have the right to decide what is or is not good represntation of/for Black people, therefore our opinion on this topic is useless and unnecessary. Any attempt to offer one would be talking over Black people, not “supporting” them. You don’t support people by speaking for them on topics you have no firsthand experience with.

Why do people always see “you lack the relative experience on this topic and therefore your input would not be appreciated” as “you are never allowed to speak ever”? Go make your own post on your own blog about what you think about portayals of human!Luna - nobody is stopping you - but it’s not relevant here because I’m not asking how it affects you. (Because it doesn’t affect you.) You really can’t see how answering for an audience you don’t belong to means you’re speaking over them?

Your last sentence in particular has absolutely zero relation to any part of this topic… The question itself was to try and figure out whether this trend does actually “help” anyone or not. White opinions on it don’t help anything. Like. I asked about how fan portrayals of a specific character as Black are actually perceived/appreciated by Black people… you literally can’t have a useful opinion on it if you’re not Black