helpful powerpoint

hey protip if u need to print out slides for a class:

Click “Outline” on the side bar that normally shows thumbnails of your slides

And itll give you the content on a nice bullet form that you can copy/paste in to a word document. u can put it with your favorite formatting (i like narrow margins) and make the font bigger so its easier to read

and that way you save on ink and paper, and you save your eyes from having to look at all those little slides on the handouts option that ppt prints it as.


so @haycon has not yet seen kiznaiver and i took advantage of the situation because im a Good Friend. i hope this informative powerpoint helps you guys understand some of the characters better. :^)


Hi guys! I’m currently a Teaching Intern for the General Chemistry I class here at Rutgers and this year, i’m responsible for holdings office hours and review sessions. For my review sessions, I make a powerpoint (~50-65 slides) of practice questions with answers. I also make step-by-step how-to’s for the more difficult concepts of chemistry and my students have found these powerpoints very helpful. 

Would any of you be interested in such powerpoints as you’re preparing for your finals? If so, I would happily upload them here!

Please like this if you’re interested! And for all my wonderful studyblrs who are not currently taking general chemistry, please kindly reblog this so your followers have the option of having access to the material! I only made powerpoints for the last two hourly exams (which is 2/3 of the semester’s worth of information). But there’s at least 50 more practice problems that you all can have access to!


Since some people were confused about the logic behind my post about Laura not being blonde, here is a helpful Powerpoint on the subject.

(the penultimate slide is good-natured ribbing; I’m not too fussed about Laura’s hair changing between seasons. or anybody’s. I get that life happens off-camera and sometimes re-dyeing actors’ hair isn’t an option for whatever reason. no offense meant to the cast or crew)