Your Love Guard Me Through The Night….

TONIGHT I PRAY that you thank the Lord frequently as you journey through out your day.  When you do this it enables you to pray without ceasing and it allows you to become more aware of His Pleasure shining upon you and your prayers become a sweet aroma to the Lord.  I pray that you thank Him for it will bring you His Presence and Peace. When your mind is occupied with thanking the Lord, you will have no time for worrying or complaining. If you practice thanking Him consistently negative thought patterns will gradually grow weaker and weaker.  I pray that you draw nearer to Jesus with a grateful heart, and let His Presence fill you with His Joy and His Peace. In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen…  I love you all!!!  God bless you!!! ♥♥♥


I don’t know how recent this, but I just discovered that tumblr has made it easier to report reposts (and as you can see reposting is not okay. Just stop stealing people’s things!).

You can report people for either reposting or selfpromoting on your post

And then you just have to fill out a little form with links to the repost and a link to your original post as well as your email (so they can let you know what happens next)

Note: You can only report for posts you are the owner of - so if you see somebody else’s post has been stolen, just notify them, and maybe give them this link if they didn’t know it existed

You can also file a DMCA takedown request via this form (useful if you haven’t posted your thing to tumblr but somewhere else on the internet)

Please reblog this so we can make tumblr a better place for creators, not the lazy reposters!

proofreading is an essential skill when it comes to your studies, there’s nothing worse than dropping a grade on your essay or report because of simple grammar errors after you’ve worked so hard on it. These are some of my tips for effective proofreading: 

1. Spellchecker 

Firstly use spellchecker to initially pick up on any spelling errors, make sure it is set to the right language, remember the english language differs in spelling between countries, don’t get caught out. DON’T rely on spellchecker to catch all errors in your work, it does not pick up on incorrect word usage.

2. Print out your work 

It is easier to proofread a hardcopy than from your computer screen, it forces you to focus just on the text and also allows you to scribble down any changes needed. 

3. Proofread with fresh eyes 

Set your work aside for at least an hour, preferably a day. This gives you a break from your writing and lets you look at it from a fresh perspective. Do not proofread when you are in a hurry, tired or stressed. Leave plenty of time to proofread when working out your assignment timeline.

4. Check for one problem at a time 

Do not try to find all errors in one read through. Check for presentation issues, and then go through and read for grammar and sentence structure. Read line per line; paragraph per paragraph. Making notes of any changes as you go through. 

5. Read your work aloud 

It can be helpful to read your work aloud. You may ‘hear’ a problem that you might not ‘see’.

6. Create or use a checklist 

Sometimes a checklist may be provided to you (sometimes in the form of a marking schedule). If you make your own, you can add things that you have problems with to remind yourself to check for these issues. For example, if you have a particular problem with sentence structure or spelling, make a note of this on your list.

7. Have it peer reviewed

Have a friend or classmate read through your work. Do not be afraid of asking for help. Take their suggestions/criticisms positively. They are trying to help. You can arrange to exchange work during the course of the year to return the favour. 

8. Read it again

Once you’ve gone back and fixed your errors, print it off and read it again just to make sure nothing was missed. Once again make sure in planning your timeline ensure you leave plenty of time to proofread, I usually leave myself a day before the deadline. 

any questions, feel free to ask! 

Strength Building Self-Statements 

1. What’s the worst that can happen? And based on my experience, and NOT on my emotions, how likely is that to happen? 

2. Feelings are sometimes painful, but are time-limited. 

3. It will get easier each time I practice. 

4. My success is measured by taking skillful action, not by whether I was anxious when I did it. 

5. I’m not going to let a lapse get in my way. I’m going to continue making progress towards my goal. 

6. Feeling I can’t do it is NOT the same as not being able to do it. Stick to the plan. 

7. Good job—I’m staying in the situation, even though it’s hard. 

8. I’m going to make it. 

9. It’s a sign of strength to ask for help in an effective way. 

10. Knowing when to ask for coaching is a skill in itself. 

11. I am a unique person, and I have unique reactions. Only I can determine how I SHOULD feel in any given situation. 

12. My feelings are not right or wrong, they just simply ARE. 

13. A feeling of certainty is not the same as the truth. 

14. My painful emotions happen for a reason and are an important source of information and direction for me. 

15. Urges are a natural part of emotions and of being human. Having an urge (even a strong urge) does not mean that I have to DO anything at all.



Filters | Blend Modes | Want more Undos? | Deleting Brushes Easily

  • To select brushes in a row, click one brush, hold down SHIFT, then click the last brush that you want selected.
  • To add brushes IN ADDITION to brushes that you have already selected, click COMMAND and then select more brushes (Windows users, click CONTROL)

Once you save your brushes, just name them after yourself. What’s great about this is that once you save this as your default brush set, you can alter it very easily. Make sure to back it up somewhere. You can create your brush set, then continuously add and delete brushes so that it completely streamlines your artistic method. There’s no point in having brushes in your set that you will NEVER USE.

ALSO, in present manager, you can shift brushes back and forth. You can put your most used brushes together in one spot instead of trying to constantly remember where they are. So for me, my brush set has 51 brushes, but in all honesty, I only use about 3-4 on the regular. I can shift all my most used brushes into the top row.

Definitely something that would have been good to know during college.

Ultimate College Masterpost

With graduation done and over with, here’s some helpful links for you new college students. I’ll add more to this list soon. Enjoy! 

Productivity / Homework / Studying


Freshman Tips


FeministaJones has created an incredible database of mental health professionals who are volunteering to provide support for those who need it! All info is kept private, the database works as a way to connect volunteers with those who are seeking support.

If you are in need of mental health support via phone, email, g-chat, etc. you can sign up here.

If you are a mental health professional and you want to offer phone/email support, you can register here.

More mental health resources/self care tips can be found in my Resources For Activists masterpost.

Helpful Websites

Purdue Owl

    1. Everything you need for writing.  MLA and APA format, subject specific writing tips, and english as a second language writing tips.  I go to this website every time I have to write a research paper.

Intelligence Squared Debates

    1. This website has the best sources for current events.  Just look up any topic and you will find superb articles and essays concerning it.  For both sides of the issue.  Also if you are a debate kid, the videos are great to watch.

 College Confidential

    1. You may’ve heard about this one.  CC has a reputation for being a little stuck up, but I’ve never once not been helped there.  Not only does CC have information on college apps, but advice on what classes to attend, AP, SAT, and ACT exam resources, and high school application advice.  


    1. My favorite website for all things lists.  Checkli allows you to make as many checklists as you would like for free.  If you’re a left brainer like me and lists make you feel the way a fresh batch of cookies makes other people feel, you will fall in love with Checkli. 

Web 2.0 Scientific Calculator

    1. For all of your calculator needs.  This is a free online scientific calculator that is convenient and easy to use.  The website it’s on also has clear, concise explanations of how to use a scientific calculator for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and finance.

Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg

    1. This is exactly what it sounds like.  A free online library.  Not only is this great for keeping up with class reading, GP is my No.1 go-to site for research papers.  Just search whatever subject/ topic you need (no matter how specific) and use whatever books you’d like to.  I have never been disappointed.

Pro-tip: Citing books instead of online articles will make it seem as though you went beyond just googling the subject, and took the time to do comprehensive research.  Also, it is unlikely that your classmates will have cited the same sources as you.  Your teacher(s) will be impressed, I promise.

For Dummies How-To Help and Videos

    1. If you’ve ever read a ‘For Dummies’ book, you know how helpful they are.  If you don’t want to pay for one, you can find a lot of their explanations online, for free.  Everything from gardening to calculus, made easier.

Google Drive

    1. This is another one you’ve probably heard of, but just in case you haven’t, this one is a life saver for group projects, and my teachers love it for editing.  Google Drive wins all the awards, and is free.  In fact, I used it for a year in lieu of the overpriced Pages, Word, Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint, and excel.  

Howcast | The best how-to videos on the web

    1. This is more for life things than it is for school things.  Howcast has great life-hack type videos for almost anything you can think of.


    1. Vocabulary cards for everything ever.  Quizlet has a set of vocabulary cards for every subject you will encounter in high school (most of them, anyway.)  Quizlet also allows you to develop your own set of vocabulary cards, specific to your needs.

Hope these were helpful!


More! Yay! Finally putting up more study sessions! Currently, I’m in the living room. Yes, yes I know it’s bad. I’m watching Fifa, women’s World Cup, I believe.

Just a little tip, don’t watch tv while studying. You’ll never get anything done. This is why I’m still on the first page of annotations. Tumblr is at fault too…

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Self-Encouragement: Reality Statements for Interpersonal Effectiveness 

  1. It is OK to want or need something from someone else.  
  2. I have a choice to ask someone for what I want or need. 
  3. I can stand it if I don’t get what I want or need. 
  4. The fact that someone says no to my request doesn’t mean I should not have asked in the first place.
  5. If I didn’t get my objectives, that doesn’t meant I didn’t go about it in a skillful way. 
  6. Standing up for myself over “small” things can be just as important as “big” things are to others. 
  7. I can insist upon my rights and still be a good person. 
  8. I sometimes have a right to assert myself, even though I may inconvenience others. 
  9. The fact that other people might not be assertive doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be. 
  10. I can understand and validate another person, and still ask for what I want. 
  11. There is no law that says other people’s opinions are more valid than mine.
  12. I may want to please people I care about, but I don’t have to please them all the time. 
  13. Giving, giving, giving is not the be-all of life. I am an important person in this world, too.  
  14. If I refuse to do a favor for people, that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. They will probably understand that, too. 
  15. I am under no obligation to say yes to people simply because they ask a favor of me. 
  16. The fact that I say no to someone does not make me a selfish person. 
  17. If I say no to people and they get angry, that does not mean that I should have said yes. 
  18. I can still feel good about myself, even though someone else is annoyed with me. 


Blogs Ran By Their Signs Masterpost

Feel free to message me about your blog and what sign if you want on the list! These are just a few straightforward ones on the top of my head!

Aries: ariesonfire aries-on-fire ariesconfessions

Taurus: taurus-vibes taurus-the-bull hannahthetaurus

Gemini: geminizone gemini–cricket geminiastrology trippygemini funkyastrology 

Cancer: cancerastrology canceronly cancergology cancerlibraleo

Leo: leo-strology leo-ology leos-astro

Libra: libraastrology libruhasstrology libraloser

Virgo: virgostrology virgonirvana virgoseason hipsterstrology

Scorpio: scorpiofactsdaily scorpio-life scorpio-official batstrology cutestrology scorpio-dreamer

Sagittarius: andreattarius sagittarius-the-archer sagistrology sagittariusssss sagittarius

Capricorn: emoastrology capricorn-truths capricorn101 capricornzodiac cap-perspective

Aquarius: coffeestrology aquariussitsalone aqua-astrology aquastrology

Pisces: pisces-pisces-pisces

I hope these are all accurate! I’m trying my best because I see a lot of posts asking for these blogs!

Hello my dear followers! Today I am making a different sort of masterpost. Some of you might think this is utterly ridiculous, others of you might actually really like this. I have made an ASMR recommendation masterpost, not only for those of you who enjoy ASMR, but also to spread ASMR awareness to others who might not have heard of it. (photo credit

What is ASMR?

Have you ever gotten shivers from a particularly good song? Do you feel relaxed when someone brushes your hair? If so, you’ve experienced ASMR

It literally means, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Translation: it is the sensation you feel from seeing or hearing certain things. This response creates a mind tingling sensation and makes you feel relaxed. Like a favorite color, everyone has a favorite sound

A sound is also called a trigger, because it triggers your ASMR. Common triggers include scratching, whispering, and roleplay. Roleplay consist of soft spoken conversations with some sort of plot, like a doctor’s visit or a haircut.

There is an entire community dedicated to ASMR and making videos to provide people with ASMR sensation. ASMR can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your age, race, gender, etc.

Without further ado, here is my gigantic recs list for ASMR to get y’all started. (I’ll probably add to this at some point)

My favorite ASMR artists:

Heather Feather ASMR

Heather is probably the most popular ASMR artist. She is so talented. Whether its roleplays, trigger videos, or experimental ASMR, she really delivers. She has the best voice for ASMR. I started off with Heather’s videos. They’re absolutely exceptional. (She recently is experiencing some medical problems, so send her some love, will ya!?)


Ally is such a sweetheart. She does trigger videos and whisper videos, but her real forte is roleplays. Her roleplays are so good, she puts a lot of work into them. 


fastASMR is a really good channel! You never see her face, (I think she’s mentioned that she can’t show her face for her job?) but that doesn’t stop her from making ASMR videos. 

Ephemeral Rift

Rift’s videos don’t strike you as particularly relaxing – Plague Doctor? Asylum? Um? – but I swear to God, he’s amazing. He’s my absolute favorite ASMR artist. Give him a shot.

Tony Bomboni (ASMRer)

I absolutely love Tony. I don’t know their pronouns (they keep their private life pretty separate from ASMR), but their videos are exceptional, so relaxing, and they are such a sweetheart, I love them so much.

Trigger Videos: {videos that are made purely for tingles and to trigger you, no plot included} {my comments are included lol}

Roleplay Videos: {videos that combine triggers with a plot line (so it’s a little less weird? idk)} [I also really only listen to a these couple of ASMR artists….some roleplays out there are hella weird and just not my cuppa tea tbh]

Experimental ASMR: {videos that don’t exactly fit a certain category}

And there are so many many more! Hopefully you give this ASMR a chance! I know it seems really freaking weird, and that’s totally understandable. When I first discovered it, I was weirded out, but tbh it’s totally worth it! Hope this helped :)