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Kevin’s using William, William is using Kevin, Demetres is using Sindy, Ika is using Demetres, emily is using Dillon. Everyone’s using each other its strategy! Doesn’t make them bad people just means they’re playing the game!

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#ThankYouBones week: Day 8 - 5 B&B Moments that made you fall in love with them

Just as everyone else has said - How do you show the core 5 moments that made you fall in love with Booth and Brennan? It’s literally impossible to choose just 5 scenes. For me, being a fan of the show for 12 years (I was 13 when I started the show) I literally watched as it unfolded on TV, I watched B&B fall in love on screen as it happened. For me it was the early seasons that demonstrated their love, which made me fall in love with them. When they finally got together, that was just a bonus. Because, we all knew they loved each other before they knew (those idiots in denial.) These, are just some of the scenes that made me love them.


Guys, this is so cute. I’m in love. You have to watch it. 😍

Can't Help Falling In Love
Can't Help Falling In Love

Contains: My singing cover your ears children and my attempts at editing in instrumentals

Well, you guys voted for this song to be my cover! It was this and Burn, but when I worked on Burn nothing ever turned out right so I decided that if I sing again, I’ll do Burn and hopefully do it right.

A/N: I don’t think I hate anything as much as I hate my singing voice. Hell I can handle my imperfections on my body better than my singing voice - and I can’t stand my body. I dedicate this to two people: Lily and one other person. Other person…you know who you are. So I’m just going to put this here before I change my mind lol I at least hope it’s tolerable enough for you guys!



“I’m gonna be here for you guys more.. and again I’m not making empty promises.. I won’t do that.. I’d never do that again.. but I will be better.”
- @markiplier is literally the most amazing person I have never met.. ❤ -

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Hi, I'm a year 11 student, and I've been studying Japanese since I was a year 7. In September, I'm going to Japan for a study tour, but I'm not particularly good at Japanese, and even after all this time, I'm still about as educated as a four year old would be. I mainly struggle with remembering adjectives, verbs, and kanji, so I was wondering if you had any tips for memorising them?

Hi there, pal! You probably know more Japanese than I do, but I can most certainly give you some tips for how I study all of those.


I use a wonderful app called Sticky Study. You can use it to help you memorize plenty of kanji in pretty short amount of time. I typically do about 20 kanji every couple of weeks mostly because between work and school, I don’t have a lot time to study. You can learn those 20 brand new kanji in a little over an hour with this app. It lets you do stroke order, all of the readings, audio clips, and more. It allows to make your own list and it also has plenty of premade lists for you to practice. It also has settings for going back and practicing old kanji by decreasing them in Study Level after you’ve been past it for a while. 

Another good way to practice kanji is to read news sites in Japanese designed for kids. It’s another great way to learn new vocab as well. Tofugu has a great method for this where you read through all you can, write down the new kanji and vocab, and then try to read through the whole article. The articles are targeted at children so they use less complex kanji, great for a student to engage with. 

Adjectives and Verbs: 

Practice! I know that’s probably what you don’t want to hear, but practicing using the adjectives and verbs in a sentence is almost always how the words stick in my brain. Usually with new vocab lists, I typically make up a descriptive sentence to go along with the new word. It helps me remember the context for the word a lot better. 

Flashcards are also great. I like to separate my flashcards for adjectives by なand い. That way, I can keep them in stacks if I want to go over the specific kind of adjectives with their rules. I do the same thing for the different る、う、and irregular verbs. When I practice verbs, I primarily go through all of the conjugation I know so far. It helps me remember which kind of verb it is. 

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hi lovely!! thank you for existing and taking the time to run such an a++ blog <3 i was just wondering if you know what ilhoon's tattoos mean?? i hope you're having a wonderful dayyyy

‘NADIE PUERE SER COMO DIOS’: ‘no one can be like god’ in spanish (his second tattoo)
1004: his birthday, also 1004 means angel in korean (his latest addition)
☧: a chi rho also known as the labarum which stemmed from the latin from military standard, popularize by constantine after receiving a vision before the battle of the milvian bridge "On the top of the whole was fixed a wreath of gold and precious stones, and within this the symbol of the Saviour’s name, two letters indicating the name of Christ by means of the initial letters, the letter X intersection P at the center.“ (his third piece)
🐾: a tattoo he had with 3 of his other friends, including cclown ray, cclown kangjun and their non idol friend park junseok… its his first tattoo but he never told us the meaning behind it 

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I had to rewatch the Will it ‘smore? just because it was so amazing. It got me thinking about how last time Rhett and Link were on the show, Jimmy didn’t really know who they were and they were all a little stiff and formal.

This time they were almost like old buddies, and Jimmy kind of looked up to them (not just physically) instead of vice verca. I think he was a bit intimidated by Rhett, but he clearly was impressed by Link and his nonchalant way of sinking all those nasty smores. And then at the end of the segment Jimmy called them legends!

It’s funny how sometimes you don’t realize just how big and successful R&L are because they are so familiar to you and also so casual on GMM, but these two guys are really legends in what they do. Everything they do just amazes me.

And the best part about them is that they are still despite the fame and success, these two silly boys who do what they love. Which is why we love them.

What story/save are you guys most eager to see updates for next? The Larsens - to continue Ezra’s confrontation now that he knows about Arashi? The Hawkes - where we learn more about what Toby is going through & someone possibly finds out a secret we’ve all been waiting for him to hear? A Place in Hell - where we see the flashback to Vincenzo deciding what to do with his newest prisoners, answers to what landed them there & the creation of Commander Reyes’ most trusted officers?

Edit: Also, a Dating Game update for anyone who is wondering - completed the questions for the next round & sent them to the contestants so we’re moving again on that too :)

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Can u rec some of ur fave blogs? I need more people to follow! 💎

ahh hi!! i wasn’t sure if you meant fandom or aes, so this is like a mix i guess ?? i’m so sorry if i left anyone out or anything, but literally anyone who i reblog from is great and you should check them all out !! :)

first of all,, the loml @myownlouis 💖💖💖

some more great blogs/friends - @preciousbabyharry , @vanslouie , @warmfringe , @fireproofharrie , @happiers , @thiccmom , @rosanoff , @browneyedgirl , @calmfairy , @turnitaround , @starrylou , @buerella , @baa-ocean , @louisweedsocks , @moonstrucklesbian , @buscrimes , @spellingoutmyexistence , @sapphic2017 , @htmlcactus , @roseylouie , @beyrihka , @daisyau , @prettyhrry , @cmonbemybaby !!

i reblog and like posts from all of these people pretty often, and i genuinely think they have great blogs and you should definitely give their blogs a look and maybe follow !! 💓💓💓

hey! so i know most artists have an inspiration blog of some sort but often times don’t link it or forget to. I would love to follow more of those so if you have one reblog and add a link! 

you can find mine HERE! Just a collection of art, photos, and a bunch of other stuff that inspires me and fuels my creativity!