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Librarian Checkouts - Chen

A birthday gift to a lovely friend of mine who also happens to be a librarian and a Chen stan. It’s a lot longer than what I originally planned, but i kept it all together anyways. And if you’ve been wondering why I haven't been answering ships and stuff, I was probably busy writing this xD

(Maybe he wasn't intending to check out books in the first place.)

It’s silent in the library.

A stupid observation, because it’s supposed to be silent in a library. But today is a Saturday, not a week day. Which means the place is a lot busier. More people are able to come in and check things out, students come at exactly opening time to get a hold of computers, and parents are free to bring their children in for story time.

It’s supposed to have started by now.

It’s never quiet during story time.

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Turbo was brought into a vet in 2014 to be given up for adoption. He was 4 weeks old and was born without his front legs. Luckily, he was adopted by two awesome people Ashley and Ray. Watching Turbo try to get around without his front legs troubled them so they built him a little cart out of toy parts. Turbo got lots of press and then an aerospace engineer in San Diego tried to help out with his magical 3D printer. He made him a little cart…and turned Turbo into TurboRoo, the first every puppy to get 3D printed wheels.

The little friends in our lives need your help too! It’s great to see technology used for something awesome like this. Watch him move here. 

Choose an object you want to transfer to and print it out with an inkjet printer on a waxed paper. It works on wood and fabrics. You need to reverse the image because the inked side should be touching the surface. This is very easy to do by using the Paint program on Windows operated Computers. Open the picture you want to flip, then go to Image in the top bar. There is a drop-down option for Flip/Rotate. That should reverse the image for you. Stand close to the printer and help guide the wax paper out, make sure there are no wrinkles. Try to line up the paper then gently lay it on the surface you want to transfer it to. Holding the wax paper firmly down, use a credit card to gently scrap the surface.

IM5 Preference : His Apology [ Part 2 of He Cheats On You ]

part 1 of he cheats on you


It had been about a year since your break up with Cole. You lost most contact with him, you didn’t talk to the boys as much anymore, and you didn’t go to anymore of their concerts. IM5’s success was growing, so you had been seeing Cole in the news more often than usual. Each time, he had a different woman draped over his shoulder. He never did seem happy though, he sulked through interviews, his eyes always droopy, rarely ever smiling.

You were watching a new interview of the boys that had just been posted online. They were talking about relationships, and heartbreaks. “So Cole, have you ever had to deal with a heartbreak?” the interviewer asked, shoving the microphone into his face. He hesitated, but nodded. 

“Yeah, once.” He mumbled lowly. “What happened?” the interviewer pressured. “Lets just say, what happened in the end, was my fault.” He grunted, before pushing the microphone away. “Hell yeah it was.” You whispered to yourself, snacking on your popcorn.

The interview continued, trying to get more answers out of Cole, but he wasn’t having it. “So boys, off the album, which one of the songs would you think you relate to the best personally?” The boys chatted among each other, explaining their favorite song until it got to Cole.

“I would have to say my favorite song is Heartless. I’ve felt a connection with that song on a personal level lately. It’s all about being hurt once before, and not wanting to have it happen again, so you shut everyone out. It may be a upbeat pop song, but it has true meaning, and I wish some people understood that.” Cole explained.

“Is there anyone special that you dedicate the song too?” the interviewer asked. “Yeah, and she knows who she is. Next question please.” Cole sighed, pushing the microphone away. Will patted him on the shoulder softly, as if he was comforting him.

You didn’t know what to think, or even say. He had practically confessed that your whole relationship was his fault, to all of his fans. Your twitter began blowing up, people asking you what had happened, or if it was your fault. Some started sending death threats, which began to scare you.

You got a notification from Cole, he had just tweeted something. “Guys! Leave (Y/N) alone! This is between me and her, I love you 5ers, but it’s not your business, it ours." You smiled a bit, seeing after all this time he still defended you. ”Thanks.“ You tweeted back.

Anytime, really.“ He responded, a little smiley face at the end. You opened your messages, sending him a quick text, "Talk soon, maybe?” You asked, anticipating an answer. A few seconds later, he responded “That’d be great.”


Ever since your breakup with Dana, you’ve needed ways to control your anger and stress. With your new amount of strength, you decided to get a job as a personal trainer at a gym in LA. You spent most of your time boxing, whenever you weren’t training. 

“(Y/N), we got some exclusives coming in today, so on your best behavior.” Your boss told you. You knew that meant some hot shot celebrities, and you had to give them the royal treatment. You kept to your workout, working on a punching bag. 

“You’ve got a nice left hook.” A voice told you from behind. “Thanks, I’ve been working on it.” You answered, turning to see Cole. “Cole! I haven’t seen you in forever.” You squealed, giving him a tight hug. “Same, the boys and I missed you.” Cole smiled. You let go of your hug, giving Cole a look. “All the boys?” You questioned. “Trust me, all the boys.” Cole nudged you, pointing to Dana, who was standing across the room, staring at both of you.

You squinted your eyes at him evilly, he just hung his head, looking down at the ground. “Talk to him.” Cole mumbled, pushing you toward him. “No, Cole I don’t want too!” You screamed, but you were already standing face to face with Dana.

“Hey (Y/N), it’s been a while.” He mumbled, staring down at the floor. “Six months.” You muttered. He looked up at you, surprised that you even remembered. “Yeah, six long months.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“What do you even want?” You growled lowly. Cole was beside him, giving him a look as if he was supposed to say something important. Dana reached deep down into is pocket, pulling out a familiar gold chain. “You left your tiger chain at the dance studio when you left me. I never had the guts to call you and return it.”

You grabbed the chain examining it. Dana had bought it for you when you two had first gotten together, and you wore it ever since. That day at the studio, it must have been in your pocket for some reason. “You’ve kept this on you the whole time?” You whispered, admiring the chain.

“Yeah, it reminded me of you. I knew how much you liked it, so I kept it on me, just to keep it safe.” He shrugged, looking back at you for a reaction. “Thanks, Dana. That’s really sweet of you.” You gave off a little smile, putting the chain in  your pocket. 

“I never did say I’m sorry. I know it’s kind of late for that, but I truly am. I know I seriously screwed up. That girl, I don’t even remember her name, she should have never happened. I know you probably hate me, but the reason that I kept that chain around was on the spare chance, I got to see you again, and I really hope this won’t be the last.” Dana confessed. 

You couldn’t speak, your throat felt hoarse, as if you couldn’t speak at all. “That would be..nice.” You looked back up at him, a little smile coming to your face. “We’ll see you around, (Y/N).” Cole smiled, leading Dana away with one last goodbye.


“3 am.” Your clock read. Loud sirens, the sprinklers flashing on and off, the sound of footsteps running down the halls. You woke up to the crazy commotion throughout your apartment, A loud banging rumbled your front door. “I’m coming,” You muttered, dragging yourself out bed. You opened it to see your neighbor, dressed in a robe and slippers.

“There is a fire a couple levels above us, we need to evacuate.” She explained. You nodded, grabbing your coat and a pair of slippers and heading out with her.

The fire didn’t last long, you were allowed back into your apartment around 4 am. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the damage wasn’t too bad. You finally got into bed, when another loud knocking began. “Oh my god.” You mumbled, rolling out of bed for the second time.

“What is it?!” You screamed, opening the door. It was Will. His face bright red, out of breath, panting on the side of your door frame. “You’re..okay” He huffed heavily. “Will, what the hell are you doing here?” You exclaimed, trying to help him stand up straight to calm his breathing.

“I saw that your apartment was on fire on the news, so I drove over here, to see if you were okay.The elevators are off, so I had to run up all 12 flights.” He sighed as you slowly brought him into your apartment. “Let me get you some water.” You offered, rushing into the kitchen.

You came back to a droopy eyed Will, who was laid out on your couch, barely able to keep his eyes open. “Here.” You handed him the glass, sitting next to him quietly. He quickly gulped down the water, ending with a loud sigh. “I needed that.”

“So, you drove all the way down here, to check on me? Weren’t you asleep?” You questioned Will, putting his glass away. “I haven’t been sleeping much lately.” He admitted. “Why not?” “Too many things on my mind.” He rubbed his eyes, looking exhausted.

“Will, why don’t you spend the night? You can’t drive in your condition.” You offered, grabbing a pillow and a blanket. “You really want me to sleep in the same bed as you?” Will asked, confused. “I meant on the couch, Will.” You stated, causing Will to blush. “Right, of course.” He smiled, grabbing the blanket and pillow from you.

“It was really sweet of you to drive all the way out here, just to check up on me.” You smiled, as Will got situated in bed. “I just, wanted to make sure you were okay, put our past behind us, you know?” He replied, trying to clear the air. “It’s not that easy.” You folded your arms, glaring at him.

“I know, I know. But ever since that day, I haven’t thought about anything else. What I did was wrong, but it never even meant anything. I didn’t even remember what had happened until David had told me I was gone. Maybe I was drugged, I don’t know, but the whole time I was at that party, the reason I got drunk was because I was missing you. I wanted, maybe even needed you there with me. It’s no excuse for what I did, but maybe just something for you to think about.”

You bit your lip hard to keep yourself from saying something you may regret. “Goodnight, Will.” You whispered, leaving the room, Will’s words still fluttering through your mind.


“(Y/N)! Where’s my water?” Your boss screamed. “Coming!” You shouted back, rushing to the break room to grab him a bottled water. You had decided to get a summer job at this big office building, as an assistant. You knew barely anything about the company, but the pay was good, so you didn’t really mind.

On the other hand, your boss was a bit crazy, so you were always running around doing random tasks for him. “Here you go, sir.” You said, giving him his water and a smile. “Thank you. Now, I left a bunch of papers in the printer, can you go get them for me?”

“Are they stuck again?” You groaned. “Probably,” He gave a little smirk, before looking back at his computer screen. You moaned, marching over to the break room to see the overly stuffed printer.

“Just great.” You mumbled, pulling the papers out as forcefully as possible. “Just come out, already!” You shouted, luckily no one was in the room. “Need any help?” A familiar sounding voice asked. “No, I got it.” You grunted, still pulling the papers out of the printer. “Here let me help.” You saw two hands grab onto the papers.

“Thanks for the- David?!” You screamed, losing your grip and fall back. “Whoa, are you okay?” He asked, bending down to your level. “What are you doing here?” You shouted a bit too loud. “I was trying to hekp you get those papers out of the printer, until you fell at least.” He answered.

“I mean in this building, here. Why are you here?” You grunted, brushing yourself off as you got up. “We have a business meeting, talking about a tour maybe, what are you doing here?” “I work here.” You huffed, still pulling out the papers from the printer. 

“Babe, that’s not going to work.” David chuckled. “I’m not your babe anymore.” You snapped. His smile fell. “I’m sorry, it was just a reflex.” He apologized. “Can you just, leave me alone? I need to get work done.” You scolded.

“I’m sorry. About everything.” He sighed. “You had your chance to apologize two months ago.” “What’s the point in apologizing when you never actually listened?” He asked, his words hit you, hard. It was true, you never did truly hear his side o the story, you were too angry.

“I need to get back to work.” You muttered, trying to push past him. He grabbed your forearm, not tightly, but he had you secure. “I meant what I said, I am sorry, and I miss you. Nothing’s ever going to change that.” His deep brown eyes staring straight into you, making you melt just like the first time you met him.

“I have to go David,” You sighed, releasing his grip, heading to your office, wondering if he even deserved a second chance.


“Look who’s in town again.” Your co-worker groaned, pointing to the TV in the corner of your shop. You looked at the screen to see the IM5 boys walking through LA. “Ugh, turn it off. We got work to do.” You ordered.

You broke things off with Gabe a few months ago, and in that few months you had made many accomplishments. You moved into your own apartment, and you had opened up your own bakery. You were really proud of it, and even more proud you didn’t need Gabe’s help.

“Hey, I’m going in the back real quick, take care of the register for me, okay?” You asked your assistant as you went into the back to get some things sorted. About 15 minutes later, you heard a bit of arguing coming form the front. “You can’t be in here!” You heard your assistant scream. A bunch of loud male voices followed in the argument.

“Whats going on out here?” You shouted from the back, heading in to see Gabe and the boys. “Oh hell no.” You groaned. “(Y/N)?” Gabe asked, looking shocked. “(Y/N), I tried to make them leave, but they were so stubborn and kept yell-” Your assistant, Stacey rambled. 

“It’s all right Stacey, I got this. Can you just go in the back and finish cleaning up?” You asked, she just nodded, leaving you alone with the boys. “Long time no see.” Gabe started. “How can I help you all today?” You smiled sweetly, ignoring Gabe.

“Um, we were just leaving.” Dana mumbled, pushing the rest of the boys out of the room. You groaned loudly, leaning your arms on the front desk. “I didn’t know you opened this place.” Gabe smiled, admiring all the cakes in front.

“Didn’t know I had to tell you anything.” You spat coldly. “Are you really going to be like that?” He asked. “Yeah, I am Gabe. What did you expect me to do? Have you walk in here and run into your arms, begging for you back? You cheated on me, Gabe!” You shouted.

“You don’t think I know that?! You don’t think I’m sorry!?” He threw his hands up in the air, his face red. “ You think that I wanted this to happen? The one person in my life that I truly cared about, just walks out, and I’m the reason why! You don’t think that I regret every second I spent with Alex, regret every second I spent betraying you? You don’t think that I’ve spent the past two months, remembering every single second I spent with you, and wanting to trade anything in the world for it.” He screamed, his voice cracking from the loud shrieks of his voice.

“Yeah, maybe I did want you to come running into my arms, because I miss you! I miss your touch, your hair, your smell! Everything about you was perfect! And I’m the only reason I lost it all!” His breathing was heavy, his color of his skin, bright red, his hands curled up into tight fists, staring you straight in the eye.

“I-I..” You squeaked. “One brownie.” He said softly. “What?” You questioned. “One brownie.” He pointed down at the chocolate brownies in the corner. You nodded, handing him a brownie. “No charge.” You added. He just gave a little smile, taking a bite into the brownie. “You make them the same way."He said, savoring the brownie. You could feel your cheeks get hot, about to blush. "I hope I’ll be seeing you around, (Y/N).” He nodded, leaving the store without another word.


Sorry! I knew this took forever, i feel bad! I went to go see Guardians of the galexy today, which was amazing, so I was out most of the day.

David’s is the worst, sorry. I may rewrite it later when im less lazy.

Part3, when they get back together, or just leave it a mystery? lol, tell me!

kay bye, hope you likey!

anonymous asked:

Will you share the origin story of your brand? Did you imagine getting this far G? And I really like it over I copped the last two drops 🤘🏿

It was the year 2012 & I was in a weird place in my life, mostly just lost with no leads on where to go. In college I met some friends in an art class that owned a brand called Spirit of The Buffalo, and he was explaining on how easy it was to do at the time and how he had a good friend that prints for him. SO around mid 2013 I was still stuck in a rut & had the idea of making shirts for my friends and I to wear.  So I linked up with the printer at the time and he helped me out with where to get shirts and how to go about designing. 

I needed to come up with a name that stuck, Bad Vibes was the first thing that came to mind, but not because i’m generally a negative person at times, but because those were the only vibes I had going through me as I was stuck in that rut. As I thought more and more on the name, I started to really grasp where it was coming from and why.

Bad Vibes Brigade was born at a shitty time in my life, but it was also the most creative point in my life. Normally some of artists best work comes from a low point in life. It gets your creative juices flowing (or at least mine anyway). Parker & Momo helped me push the brand these past 2 and a half years.

So thats where the name “Bad Vibes” comes from. Its not meant to be a negative thing, nor am I supporting “BAD VIBES”. Its a statement from when my (our) creative peak happens at a low point.

I didnt imagine it to blow up the way it did honestly. Hopefully people are starting to grasp what the brand is about the more intimate I get with future pieces.


Cristina already didn’t like the town of Beacon Hills. It also didn’t help that the school printer was running out of ink so she only had a faintly printed map to work with when finding her classes. Trying to focus as hard as she could, the tiny brunette ended up bumping into someone and falling onto her butt.

Okay, so I had to print out stuff for school and I had to connect our printer to my computer. My mum helped me out and I minimised my stuff to open my documents.

I wasn’t really thinking and this picture is my background

My mum was like “why do you have a picture of men in their underwear?" 


Secret Life of Odin Dark (Kagero x Odin)

Modern AU

“So, have you talked to her yet?”

Odin blinked in confusion. “Huh? Talked to who?”

He found himself sitting at a cafe outside. Across the table from him was his friend and co-worker, Laslow. The two were on their lunch break and often came down to this cafe as it was close to work and fairly cheap. They were deep in the city and although the air was warm, the shadows cast by the large skyscrapers kept them cool.

“Oh you know who I’m talking about,” Laslow stated with a smug grin. “Ah, thank you, darling.” He was momentarily distracted as a pretty waitress refilled his glass of tea, giving the girl a wink before looking back at Odin, who still seemed confused. “Kagero, the new, cute intern who-”

The two men jumped at the sound of gunfire. “What was that!?” Odin asked, looking about frantically.

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