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The increasing pace of your heartbeat takes priority over the conversation going on. “Excuse me,” a simple smile dismisses the two talking to me, letting me get to your shivering form in second. “I feel like I can’t breathe,” you panted, leaning into me, eyes begging for help. “I know, angel,” my soft words offer you comfort, your body goes limp in my arms while you try calming down. 

“You should’ve told me it was getting too much for you,” my arms easily lift you, holding you to my chest while we move to the kitchen. “It’s your night, I wanted to support you,” you pouted.   

“You’re more important than everyone in there,” your pills are in your hands within no time, along with water. “Take your medicine,” my hands go to cup your face the second you’ve obeyed, soothing you more. 

Your heartbeat slowly returns to normal as you pull me close, nuzzling into me. “Should I tell everyone to go home? We can get in our pyjamas and cuddle in bed,” the way your eyes light up gives me the answer. “Go warm up the bed, angel. I’ll be there shortly.” 

You kissed me like you planned on doing it again
but you tasted like the kind of person
who doesn’t know how to stay

and I think I could tell what you were thinking the moment you fell asleep that night
I remember waking up so god damn early that morning and I spent hours while you were asleep hopingprayingwishing that you’d wake up and smile at me the way I needed you to

But something cracked and changed
whoever you were before that night didn’t stay
the moment you woke up that morning
you looked away

I guess what I’m trying to explain
is that people like you break hearts
and never know how to mean what you say
you act like you’re in it for the long haul and then it’s oh God can’t we just stay friends but I mean Jesus Christ friends don’t look at each other the way we did when we slept in each other’s beds

so it’s not you and me anymore you know
it’s you me and everything
we don’t know how to say to each other

so we hold it together in the way we never touch;
we hold it together in the way we stay
just friends
if staying friends means seeing each other
in familiar places and laughing and smiling
like you didn’t tear this to pieces

—  you didn’t even have to explain
  • Ray: The stars are beautiful tonight...
  • Zack: Ya know what else is beautiful?
  • Ray: *braces herself* ... no...?
  • Zack: The fact that we're both alive right now.
  • Ray: ...
  • Ray: ... how dare you use a meme to tell me that, that's unfair.