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Can I get a main 3 s/o mental disability head Canon? (Anxiety, ocd, depression etc.)


  • he offers to arrange therapy/professional help for them
  • pampers them a bit. he wants to make his s/o as comfortable as possible
  • will sit and listen to their troubles, if they want to talk it out. if they don’t, then he’ll encourage them to share their feelings with him

Yuri K.

  • he struggles with mental illnesses too, so he knows how they feel :(
  • they watch out for each other. even if they themselves have trouble, the other does their best to help
  • does the thing where if s/o is anxious about doing something, then he’ll work around his own anxiety and do it for them so that they don’t have to

Yuri P.

  • gives them enough space, but if they’re not doing well then he’ll be stern about their self-care. he may be a little brash, but he just wants the best for them
  • assists them whenever they need help. he tries to keep his s/o out of situations that may strain their mental health
  • he’s got a super soft spot for them. he’ll hold them and give them little kisses to cheer them up. will do anything he can to help them feel better
Papa Joshua

Joshua Hong as a new dad AU! I also did Papa S.coups (who’s birthday just passed happy birthday!) a while ago check it out here!

  • Once you told him you were in labor he low key broke out into a cold sweat
  • Kept a cool and collected demeanor for your sake
  • Once the whole giving birth ordeal was over he finally could soak in the reality
  • And man did it hit him hard once he saw his baby
  • Overjoyed
  • Laughing and crying at the same time, what a magician
  • Scared to touch the baby because he/she looked so fragile
  • Took the long way home to avoid dangerous traffic
  • Once the trio was home he suggested (more like demanded) you get some rest and he’ll watch the kid
  • “Papa J’s got this babe don’t worry!”
  • The baby starts crying and he’s like… help
  • Does the smell check by lifting the baby like they were in lion king
  • Realizes the baby is probably hungry but before he could figure out what to do:
  • “What’s wrong? Why’s the baby crying so hard?”
  • Inwardly bitch smacking himself for not being able to stop the baby’s crying before it woke you up
  • Apologizes repeatedly as you take the baby from him
  • You’re just like “Dude it’s okay.”
  • Warm smiles and comforting hugs from the Mrs.
  • From then on he works 2x harder to be a better dad
  • Eventually the dad instincts just come to him
  • It’s like 2nd nature
  • Now that the new baby freak out is over, insert the corny dad moments
  • Bought himself the #1 dad mug
  • Shortly after he buys you a matching #1 mom mug
  • Wants to be known as “rad dad”
  • Such a nerd over his kid
  • His family is very involved in the raising of the baby
  • So is your family
  • Family’s going to church on Sunday
  • First family pictures afterwards
  • Everyone raves over how cute and beautiful your family is
  • In conclusion:
  • Started off a bit rough but never gave up on being the best dad he could be because he loved his kid
  • Bettered himself everyday by paying close attention to the little things
  • Was never the funniest dad or the coolest dad or an extraordinary dad but he was his kid’s average and loving dad
  • And that was enough for him


where people talk about, like, theoretical space shit

stuff like What if…..the earth and moon were tidally locked
what if… on high gravity planets…
what if…non carbon based life….
what if……..what if….

and usually smart people battle each other with their knowledge and math and eventually agree on something

IF YOU GO THERE OR KNOW OF PLACES LIKE THAT CAN YOU LINK ME because i always find them by accident and then can’t find them again

title: lost and found
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kenhina
word count: 7611
summary: kenma loves shouyou. the way he can talk about nothing for hours without needing a response, or the way he writes “i love you” with obvious care compared to the messy scrawl of his other words, or the way he always seems to know when kenma needs him the most. he figures he’ll have to wait until they’ve both graduated to meet each other, but it seems that fate has other plans.

in which kenma and shouyou both get lost and somehow end up finding each other.

(au where any marks made on your soulmate’s body also appear on your own)

here on ao3 and also below the cut!!

part of my haikyuu!! soulmates au (ao3 link)

Kenma’s first thought about his soulmate was that he was loud.

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About Sugilite

So, I was thinking about how Sugilite didn’t attack Pearl in Cry for Help vs how she nearly killed Pearl in Coach Steven.  Anyways, I was rewatching Cry for Help when I noticed something.

All of the Crystal Gems have a star symbol somewhere on their body

But then when you look at Sugilite…

She has stars but they’re both crossed out, representing the fact that she does what she wants and therefore isn’t really a member of the Crystal gems.

But now look at her new appearance in Cry for Help

do you see that?

the stars are whole now.  I think at some point Garnet and Amethyst unknowingly worked out whatever issues caused Sugilite to go berserk, and now Sugilite can be considered a valid member of the team.