Exploring Bicol

Went to Bicol a few weeks ago because I was invited by Ateneo de Naga University to give a talk about photography, blogging and online marketing for their alternative class program (read about it here). I was stoked cuz it was my first talk that’s outside Manila and my family tagged along as well! Stayed there for 3 days so I had the chance to explore Bicol with the help of my new friends/tour guides Nadine, Carol, Raffy, Ralph, Marian, Melojean and Jessie! What I really like about Naga is that it’s such a small city. You can go to your destination in 15-30 minutes or less and there’s a high chance you could bump into a friend! Here are some photos from my trip:

Hello Naga City! I was so happy to be out of Manila even just for a short while, I even missed school for this haha! They even picked us up at the airport, how nice of them! (Photo from Nadine’s blog)

They also escorted us to the hotel. Nice meeting you ladies! 

It was my free day so I got the chance to tour Naga City! First stop was San Bernardino. The place is really nice, great place to unwind! 

This caught my attention! I wonder what that is.

I love this place! Didn’t get to stay for long cuz it was really hot that day.

Pigeon holes? lol

Woot family photo! I wish my brother and my other sister were with us in this trip!

Of course we wanted to try their local food so we had lunch at Geewan! 

Our new friends from Bicol brought us to this milk tea place called Bubble Town!

With Nadine, Carol, Marian, Melojean and Jessie! 

The mint chocolate and malt milk tea were really good! I wish we have this in Manila! 

Next stop was CamSur! 

Really wanted to try wakeboarding but we weren’t prepared for it and we had a tight sched so we went there just for sightseeing haha, next time!

Sitting on the wakeboard benches

I love this photo of my sister, cuz I took it. lol

Not dressed for the weather haha

I don’t know what my sister & I were doing here haha

Chill time before going back to the hotel

So grateful to have supportive parents

Thanks for being such awesome tour guides guys!

CamSur I’ll be back!!!

Had Chinese dinner with the other speakers and people from Ateneo at Wok. Saw this cool doodle wall while we were on our way to the restaurant! 

There was an art gallery beside the restaurant. I’m a big fan of local art! 

This artwork is so intresting

My favorite hahaha

With Tata Garcia. She’s a soccer player/teacher and she’s Kirk Long’s girlfriend! Hahaha irrelevant

With Dino, Ralph, Nadine & Tata! Thank you Ateneo de Naga for the yummy dinner!

Our tour guides took us to the Metropolitan Cathedral. Bicol has lots of churches! 

Cool architecture 

Another area in the cathedral 

There was a long line going to the Lady of Penafrancia.

So cool!

Was so entertained by the tricycles in Naga haha it could fit 7-8 people! (I think haha)

Saw these guys practicing for the fiesta around 10 in the evening! Went back to the hotel early because I had to finalize my presentation!

Good morning Naga City! Our call time was 7am!

On our way to the venue (thanks to my sister for this full documentation haha)

New friends! 

Speaker for the day! I had two talks that day, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. I hope they all learned something! More photos here.

My parents surprised me by attending my talk in the afternoon! I begged them to tour the city and not go to Ateneo the whole day but they did! Haha but thank you parents for the support! I love you both!

Done with the talk! I could breathe normally again! Our new friends from Ateneo de Naga took us out to experience the night life in Bicol! We rode the school jeepney! Saya!

We went to Ateneo and we all had dinner together, picnic style haha

With Smartie/Smarty and my sister being a douche 

Karaoke night!

My voice sucks!!! Sorry I ruined your song Kanye West and Tracy Chapman haha

Woohoo I got an 87! Although we all know this isn’t credible haha 

New friends from Naga. Thanks guys!

My last night in Naga!

Had soup at 1 in the morning at some restaurant

Bread cooked in lard and served hot 

Last day in Bicol! Had a shoot outside the hotel for a collaboration with a brand based in Naga! 

Had lunch at Bigg’s Diner! 

Awesome place. Look at those neon lights!

Baby back ribs


Lava cake

Obligatory touristy photos haha

And another one

Goodbye Bicol! It was really hard for me to leave but I had to go back to school/work! Wish I stayed longer for the fiesta! Thank you to Ateneo de Naga University for taking care of everything and to my new friends from Bicol for touring me! I had such a great time, I’ll definitely be back!!!

Promote Philippine Tourism Through #PhilippineFridays

Consider this a personal appeal. Would appreciate each reblog. If we on Tumblr can generate enough tweets, reblogs, and posts, we in our little way could help Philippine tourism.

Last Friday, the topic was favorite Philippine destination. This Friday, I hope we could help out and answer this Friday’s question with the hashtag #PhilippineFridays.

Spread the word and make #PhilippineFridays a TWITTER WORLDWIDE TRENDING TOPIC and help our country!

From The Lost Boy Lloyd:

Manila Minds is a collaborative effort among Manila’s prime movers and shakers that aims to find creative and sustainable ways to solve the country’s problems. Their brainstorming sessions are hosted by Co[LAB] Manila.

On their session focusing on tourism, they came up with an idea of a Twitter hashtag: #PhilippineFridays. This aims to put forth the country and hence Philippine tourism onto the top Twitter trending topics list and into the global spotlight. 

In the Philippines, there are around four million Twitter users. If enough people would make #PhilippineFridays a top Twitter trending topic, it would generate enough curiosity for tourists to explore the country.

Mechanics are simple: Answer the question every Friday and add the hashtag #PhilippineFridays. This is not limited on Twitter though, as everyone is encouraged to blog about the week’s question too. The question is updated weekly on Brian Ong’s The Philippines and Beyond.

Let’s do our share in promoting Philippine Tourism! #PhilippineFridays

Logo by Team Manila.

Serenity at Palm Beach Resort San Juan

So after spending a day and a half at our relatives’ Llamar Beach Resort, we went to Palm Beach Resort, which is in a different side of San Juan, Batangas called Hugom. Note that this is different from Laiya Beach.

The beach isn’t that good, but the place is inviting for some serene R&R. They have the impressive minimalist casas and nice cabanas. There’s an infinity pool and water sports equipment, too! It’s nice to just enjoy the scenery and setting! :)

Read more on this at The Lost Boy Lloyd.


Pilipinas, Tara Na!
(Version 3 of 3)

Mula puno’t dulo ng arkipelago, sasalubong sa'yo mga ngiti ng bawat tao. Pagtanggap sa bisita at pagpapasaya, sa Pinoy ay wala nang tatalo pa!

Pilipinas, Tara Na!


It’s more fun in the Philippines! Wherever you go, our fun people make it so.



I found these links:

1) For how to make your own “it’s more fun in the Philippines meme

2) For more fun in the Philippines inspiration and ideas


More fun making made easy! They made an app!

All the more that there’s no reason not to join in showcasing our Pilipinas!


Find your snaps from your beautiful hometown, make your own and share to the world! : j

On tourism as a business.

While I agree that tourism is a business, I do hope that the people who enter into that business would take care of the very thing they’re capitalizing on. Wag lang yung gagawa ng resort or mag ha-hiking na walang paki sa environmental impact ng gawain nila.

TeamManila’s take on the Philippine Tourism Department’s latest campaign.

Tara na! (Let’s go!) was the tagline used by DOT in its domestic tourism drive to invite locals to explore and visit our own country’s tourist spots.

I think this is a much better logo compared to what DOT has come up with (which totally looked like an illustration from a children’s book).