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Could u let everyone know that there are people on twitter in the ariana/Manchester/dwtmanchester tag posting photos of loved ones who still have yet to be in contacted with and if anyone has any info on them please let them know.

Check twitter for more info xxx

Holiday Inn Manchester are taking in children who have been separated from their parents. You can contact them on: 0161 836 9600 


Steven Bartlett‏@SteveBartlettSC:

#roomformanchester Anyone needing somewhere to stay can come to our Manchester headquarters in the city centre. 127 Portland St M1 4PZ


Taxis in Manchester are offering FREE rides home for anyone stuck in the Manchester Arena area. Let your friends/family know!


louise benson‏ @Lbenson88

#Manchester. DM me if you need somewhere to go, to use a landline, to have a tea and sit down. Anything. Northern Quarter-Oldham street


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Would you maybe possibly recommend the happiest, most sunshiney, most unsad dnp video you could think of? I'm stressed out about life and so much in the world I can't control and I need something v v happy and cheerful.

general dan and phil cuteness: 
poppin cookin
epic japanese candy time 
blind folded cat face game
cat cafe
festive ditl

gaming videos:
festive flash fight
tekken 2
bubble bobble
best fiends quizzes but only the questions

dan and phil talking about dogs for 20 minutes
dan and phil actually with dogs
dan and phil with babies
dan and phil with a koala
dan’s off-camera voice
phil’s off-camere voice


I realize that I’m a WJSN blog and lots of you are probably wondering why I’m talking about another group all of a sudden, but Sistar is really important to me and I really want to take time to appreciate all they have done.

After 7 whole years of promoting, this group of beautiful and talented women is disbanding. For years, this group has done nothing but create amazing music that made summer a million times better and fight the stereotypes against Kpop ladies. They rocked tan/darker skin and actively showed that they were tanning, proving that all skin types are beautiful. They were known for being blunt and wouldn’t let anyone step on them. The girls even outright told a rookie idol ON AIR that men were dangerous and male seniors weren’t to be trusted. They took the “ quiet, obedient kpop girl” trope and shoved it face first into the ground. These girls were legends and they deserved to be treated much better than they were by Starship.

I’m going to miss Sistar more than I can express with words and it’s horrible to see them join the other amazing 2nd Generation girl groups who have disbanded. But I wish the girls happiness and I hope they’ll be treated fairly from now on. Also, lets make sure that there’s no discord between STAR1s and Ujungs. I don’t ever want to see “it’s good Sistar is dead cause then WJSN can shine” or “WJSN killed Sistar.” We all know that shit’s not true and it’s Starship to blame. Plus, WJSN idolizes Sistar. They’ve only danced to Sistar songs about 50+ times. Fuck Starship, but the family needs to stick together.

Anyway, I hope everyone can at least send a bit of love to Sistar and STAR1s. It’s gonna be tough watching a crucial part of summer die.

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“I don’t have to.” He smiled and splayed his hands at me. “You do it for me.”