A Starless Night Ritual For Letting Go of Guilt, Whether Warranted or Not

You will need:

  • Candles or lamps in your home


After dark on a cloudy night.

The spell:

Outside, look up to where the stars would be, saying, “Stars, thought invisible this night, yet I know you shine your light. The clouds will clear, you will appear, and I will shed this guilt and fear.”

Move you hands in and out slowly, palms vertical and facing each other, and create an invisible energy ball from the power in your hands. Toss the energy ball up high and say, “Guilt be gone!”

Go indoors and light candles or turn on all the lamps, saying, “Like the stars I will shine again. No guilt remains, for peace I gain.”

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason


Hi guys! Some of you may know already what had happen but I will explain it again.

Yesterday, my step father was drunk, had a gun, and was very mad. That was to the point of screaming that everything was my mom’s kids fault. My brother and I of course. He kept saying some horrid stuff about us. He’s very emotionally abusive and I’ve had to put up with it for 5 years.

He is now kicking us out of the house. My mother is very poor and has a poor paying job to try and help support everything. We are trying to find a place to stay and we need the money for a roof over our heads and food. Please note I do live in Alaska and living on the streets is a very bad idea as of right now. It has gotten really cold. Plus food is very expensive here compared to the lower 48s. We need everything we can to get by.

I want to do everything I can to help my mother out. She’s really stressing out right now and I hate seeing her this way. My brother won’t even come back from his girlfriends because he’s so scared of our step dad.

I want to try and earned up to at LEAST 700$. I feel that will be enough to get us food and a place to live for the time being.

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Hello! 💟

I’m Kayla; I am 16, autistic (self dx as of now) and, due to my being dfab and of African American descent, I haven’t been able to receive proper diagnosis or treatment.

Whatever my current condition may be, it is destroying my academic career. After several psychologist-approved diagnostic tests, I’ve found that I possess many symptoms of autism. I pointed it out to my therapist, who’d claimed due to my IQ that was improbable.

I currently am self-dx as autistic, but would prefer to seek further help than simply my own acknowledgement.

Psych Evaluation rates start at around $150/hr and can total in up to $2000. I’m hoping to reach a goal of $1000. I could use anything. Every penny counts.

!!! Donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/autism-psych-val

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i will not apologize for art

I really hate to do this but I truly need help. My youngest son has to get dental work done. One of his front teeth is starting to rot and it looks like another tooth might be coming in over it, too.

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Yoshi always does this ADORABLE thing that consists of him going to his plate to eat whenever I sit down and eat. It’s adorable really. He just… stops whatever birb thing he is doing and just goes to his plate and eats a little. It’s like… “Oh! You’re eating, mom? Wait! Wait for me! I wanna have dinner with you!” and I can’t resist the cute.