Here’s the link for the donations on croce rossa’s (a non profit unit for life protection) site :
You have to chose the “terremoto centro Italia” and then the amount you want to donate.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to whoever donates.

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Jonghyun’s The Story By Jonghyun-The Agit concert VCR 2015

I just created my first envelopes! they are completely self made including the design (I painted the plants etc with photoshop) and I’m thinking about starting an online shop this autumn. What do you think? Do you like them? would you consider buying envelopes / stickers / postcards etc? I’d really love to hear your opinion!! Thank you :’)

My heart is with my compatriots

Waking up only to discover that your loved ones are living through hell is never easy. An Earthquake is never an easy thing to live with, especially when lives have been lost during the night together with their homes and almost an entire town. Old buildings collapsed to dust, that’s what many people’s houses are now in the center of Italy,

Saying that I’m sad and scared can’t quite describe how I feel when the phone rings to bring the bad news or when the television has been on the same channel the whole morning - seriously, Mum, turn it off, it can’t be worse than this. But no, she keeps it on, not to listen to the number of victims, but to smile bitterly when the journalist announces the rescue of another child who has been buried under the rabble for hours.

And I feel helpless because I can’t do nothing but listen in a daze to the news and text back the friends who are safe.

There is something I can do, actually, but it’s not much. I can only keep my heart and thoughts close to my compatriots who are fighting and working hard to save other people’s lives under this burning sun.

My beloved country, I’m with you.

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Hi Elise! I'm sort of new to the les Amis and I was wondering if you could just make a list of all of them with descriptions?? If it's too much you don't have to!

Oh don’t worry dear, I have cheat sheets at the ready for you :3 Took me two hours one morning during a document synthesis class, the two most productive hours I’ve ever spent in that class x)

Hey friends, we are still looking for donations to help with our pile of vet bills, and we have another appointment coming up soon which will probably be another $150 at least T_T

If you could please find it in your hearts to donate, it would be most appreciated. 

If you donate, please send me a message on tumblr and I will either give you a tarot reading or a blog promo with a screenshot to over 25K followers.

If you chose a tarot reading it will be a one card reading from your choice of 1 of 4 tarot decks, or an oracle deck.

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