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AUDIO EN INGLES (sin subtitulos por vagancia)
Me gusto llamar esto como “Lo que realmente paso cuando Henry llego al estudio”

Quien se halla esperado una animación seria pues estaba equivocado
El audio pertenece a este video de Brandon Rogers

Los diseños de Henry y Joey le pertenecen a @bendy-diablito-sepsi-666 
La woman con lentes y pelo marrón (???) le pertenece a @sophie-cartoons
La peliroja (???) (Honor) le pertenece a @xxsalmaxx900v

créditos a TheMeatly por el juego en si (y Henry, Joey, Alice, Sammy)

El de gorro con pelo naranja que parece mujer me pertenece a mi :P

FIN~ No me maten~

Plus Size Fcs:

these are some i was sent! i’ll gif some that really stand out, also there are so many fcs here, y’all should be giffing them too :D

  • remi cruz
  • helen anderson
  • sarah baker
  • brooke elliott
  • breezy eslin
  • ben hawkey
  • iman mcdonnaugh
  • hannah mclalwain
  • lamarcus tinker
  • harvey guillen
  • dexter mayfield
  • craig robinson
  • iska lawrence
  • kim gee-yang
  • tabria majors
  • meghan tonjes
  • amber riley
  • raven goodwin
  • katy mixon
  • kelly clarkson
  • mary lambert
  • gabourey sidibe
  • america ferrera
  • sarah rae vargas
  • jacob batalon
  • chrissy metz
  • bree kish
  • nadia aboulhosn
  • denise bidot
  • kirsten vangsness
  • dounia tazi
  • rebel wilson
  • simone mariposa
  • tess holliday
  • jordan raskopoulos
  • bishamber das
  • olivia campbell
  • beth ditto
  • shay neary
  • chaz bono
  • ashley graham
  • hayley herms
  • naomi shimada
  • andrea michelle
  • liris crosse
  • jennifer buckingham
  • katana fatale
  • philomena kwao
  • jade allwaze
  • katie knowles
  • jazra m
  • nancy ramirez
  • sommer green
  • dandridge
  • vanessa mays
  • sabrina servance
  • melissa henrius
  • rayna salcido alvarez

f-62 twins!!

I fell hard in love with this sculpt when it was first released in Japan a couple years ago, and it became my grail. So I was stoked when they were offered for US FCS. I couldn’t decide between WS, sunlight, a boy, or a girl, so … I just.. went with both..! I’m so happy I did. They look beautiful together! (the girl is actually taller than the boy; he’s SD10, she’s SD13!)

I had a small scare of the girl – she was lost in the mail for a few days before she arrived. So even though they’re twins, they didn’t even come in at the same time 😂


jooheon | music bank



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I don’t really have a lot to say about this year. I went through a lot of highs and lows both on here and irl and so I want to thank everyone who stuck around and still to this day give my posts love. It really does mean a lot.

A special thank you to Chloé. Thank you for all of the support and reassurance you’ve given me over the months we’ve known eachother. For dealing with the random drops of motiviation that I get when it comes to my writing and my game. For this amazing ship that we share and that I love so so much. For listening to my random rambles at 4/5am in the morning?? For talking to me every single day and for generally just being an amazing friend. TAKE MY SAP FCS. I LOVE U.

Also special thanks to Carolina even though your kermit chinless memes are not appreciated. You’re getting my sap too. I’ll lay it on you no matter how much you try to resist it. We spent forever speaking through Chloé only to speak and for you to then bully me!!! But honestly, thank you for all of the support and wise words you have given. I hope you’re loud smiling. LOVE ᵖʳᵃʷⁿˢ U ᵖʳᵃʷⁿˢ TOO ᵖʳᵃʷⁿˢ FI.

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Here are the more popular celebrities with Filipino blood used faceclaims. A few others to consider are: Jasmine Villegas, Vincent Rodriguez III, Ana Maria Perez de Tagle ,and Michael Copon. Disclaimer: Ages are subject to change, obvs.

  • Bob Morley - Gif Hunts - Irish (Father), Filipino (Mother)
  • Shay Mitchell - GIf Hunts - Irish/Scottish (F), Filipino/Some Spanish (M)
  • Darren Criss - Gif Hunts - Irish/English/GermanIrish/Scottish (F), Filipino/Spanish/Chinese (M)
  • Hailee Steinfeld - Gif Hunts - Ashkenazi Jewish/Filipino/African-American/German/English/Scots-Irish/Northern Irish/Scottish
  • Steven R. McQueen - Gif Hunts - Scottish/English/German/Dutch Filipino/Spanish
  • Vanessa Hudgens - Gif Hunts - Irish (F), Filipino/Chinese/Chinese (M)