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HC of being Spy!Tom's partner

fuck yes 

  • at first, he was a bit doubtful of you, as he’d never seen you in action and you were replacing his former partner and best friend, harrison 
  • that doubt was quickly replaced with amazement 
  • on your first shared mission, you had taken out the enemy, and his accomplices, before tom could even arrive to the scene 
  • “did you..really..already?”
  • “some help would’ve been appreciated, but my patience ran thin” 
  • he’d be taken aback by your wit and skills
  • tbh he found it quite attractive, but he kept those thoughts to himself 
  • although harrison and tom weren’t partners anymore, as they were displaced from one another, they still kept in constant contact 
  • back at the headquarters, harrison liked to tease tom often about his growing crush on you 
  • “mate, you’re actually the top spy on this entire continent and you can’t even grow a pair to ask her out” 
  • “but we work together, harrison” 
  • often having training sessions together 
  • both of you distracting the other with your appearances but neither of you actually acting upon it or saying anything
  • you both learn a lot from each other and work to improve one another and that’s your favorite part about being his partner
  • he’s very encouraging of you 
  • tom is much gentler when speaking to you as opposed to other spies or people he interacts with 
  • high fives in the middle of missions when one of you take a good shot or have a killer fighting sequence 
  • “you stole my move” 
  • “i learned from the best, darling” 
  • he doesn’t get mad when you out-perform him, in fact he’s rather impressed and doesn’t hold back from complimenting you 
  • both of you love the roleplaying that can often come along with certain missions 
  • one time you guys had to play the lovebirds attending a gala where a heist was going to go down, and you both discretely enjoyed it 
  • cheeky bastard slipping his hands down your waist and softly grabbing your bum through the fabric covering it 
  • “holland, what the hell are you doing?”
  • “playing a role, love” 
  • “that role didn’t request your hands on my ass”
  • “oh, so you’re not enjoying it?”
  • “be quiet” 
  • lots of flirting and cheeky comments if that wasn’t already noticeable 
  • he loves how tough you are and that he can be the one to break down those walls and bring a tint to your cheeks when he says these little remarks 
  • “don’t deny it, babe, i am pretty cute” 
  • “you’d look cuter with my foot over your throat” 
  • as much as you hated to admit it, he was hands down your favorite partner you had ever had
  • and he was pretty cute 
  • loads of teasing from harrison towards you as well, who may i add had become one of your close friends as well
  • “harrison, why don’t you just date tom, with as much as you talk about him” 
  • “i’m trying to be a good wingman here, don’t ruin it” 
  • ending up in a compromising position with tom during one of many  training sessions
  • he had you pinned on the ground, hands holding your arms above your head in one hand 
  • “ok, let me go now, holland” 
  • “what’s the magic phrase?”
  • “please?”
  • “trick question, it’s a kiss” 
  • @ kingsman put tom holland in a film 
  • it’d be greatly appreciated  
  • i’m actually dead 

AU!Tom Week… 5k Celebration!

Wolf children

Ok honestly this movie is so amazing and I’ve watched it like 10 times already and each time I tell myself not to cuz I know I’m gonna be dead on the floor in a pile of tears. And you know what. I watched it this time. Same thing But this movie is so powerful and It tells such an amazing story about a single mom who didn’t know what she was doing but she got through it all with a smile on her face ((SPOILER DONT READ ON for anyone who hasn’t seen it)) She was a highschool dropout who fell in love with a man and decided “I can do this, because I have him” she showed her wolf man something he had never felt before and made him feel so loved. She didn’t care what he was she loved him for him. He was always there for her even when he was gone. She was distraught but she had to push through. She promised she would care for their kids and she did So now she has to rowdy kids who are half human half wolf. And she’s so lost but that doesn’t discourage her. She pushes through with a smile and even when it was getting tough she fought on and didn’t stop. She moved to the country to help them get more comfortable with themselves. She was living on her husbands savings, whose job was a mover. She farmed and she cleaned that entire godamn huge house all by herself, and still managed to be kind and smile even when she was on the brink of collapsing. She worked so hard for her kids to make sure they grew up well even though she didn’t know what to do. She let them decide what they wanted. Even after that one scene (if you’ve watched it you know it T-T) she knew something was coming but you know she pushed it aside and said “when it comes I’ll deal with it then” and when that day came she hiked through a forest she didn’t know, almost fell to her death, and saw her late husband who told her everything would be fine and that she could rest now because her kids knew what to do, she smiled and said “ok” She watched her little boy find his true identity, and leave her. Her daughter chose to be a human and she moved to the city to continue school. And she stayed in the country by herself content with what she’s seen and learned and after all that hardship, she still smiled. Most amazing anime women in my book is Hannah from wolf children:

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Cost of Freedom (31/52)

Summary: In which the heist begins.

[CoF Full chapter list]

They block off the streets.

Kaito hadn’t thought exactly that they’d block off an entire street, not when KID heists had been so popular, but he supposes that because there’s technically a murder case with his name against suspect, and they want to ensure he doesn’t take any hostages.

Not that Kaito would ever be desperate enough to turn to hostage-taking. It’s messy, and frankly, he doesn’t want to rely on random strangers to help him find Pandora. Or… anyone really, which is why KID is a one-man show.

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Prompt for Steggy: The times she notices something is wrong and manages avoids a scene and the one time she doesn't. Slightly au with Steve being found in the ice earlier and struggling to adjust/recover

It wasn’t like Howard Stark to give up, and it certainly helped that Peggy had breathed down his neck the entire time, so that Steve Rogers was pulled from the ice in a matter of weeks. The hospital they had him in was woefully unprepared to treat a super soldier, yet alone a super soldier that needed to be thawed. With Peggy’s stern intervention and Howard’s limitless cash supply, they were able to secure the medical specialists they needed, and Steve seemed to be on the road to recovery.

Except Steve was his own worst enemy.

No one knew how long it would take him to recover, there wasn’t much in Erskine’s notes, and definitely not enough studies done on super soldiers, seeing as he was the only one. Steve seemed to think he had it under control, and no one possessed the wherewithal to stop him. Except for one Agent Peggy Carter.

“There’s a war to be won, Peg, and I’m not helping anyone from this hospital bed.” He had gotten out of bed, pulling on his Captain America uniform that had been mended by the nice old ladies from the volunteer auxiliary. Peggy watched him carefully, and he seemed to be okay. He certainly moved with purpose, no grunts or groans of strain, no halted movements, no pained grimaces. She let him go.

As he ran down the hall, everyone on the floor stopping to watch him, Peggy couldn’t shake the nervous feeling that something was wrong. Not caring that he would probably be upset with her for fretting over him, she got into her waiting car and asked the driver to head towards the airbase, where Steve would no doubt be heading.

When she saw the crowd up ahead she didn’t know whether to congratulate or curse herself for being right. She shoved everyone aside, and knelt down to cradle Steve’s unconscious head in her lap.

“You foolish boy,” she whispered, brushing his hair away from his forehead.

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I was listening to “Out of Sand” from Part 16 again and some of the lyrics keep jumping out at me. When I first heard it during the episode I thought some of the lyrics might be attributed to Audrey, who entered the scene as it was playing, so I waited for the credits to check if Lynch penned (or co-penned) this song like he had done for a few others in the series. I was surprised to see he hadn’t and brushed it off as a great selection. After the finale however, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning. Listening I can’t help but think of Cooper and his decision to go back, his final interactions with Laura/Carrie, and how the entire Twin Peaks universe seemed affected. 

- “Offered the hand of a disembodied man while I still had a chance, but now it’s gone.”
- “Who I was, I will never be again.” 
- “So close. Right roads not taken, future’s forsaken. Dropped like a fossil or stone. Now it’s gone.”
“Victim or witness we’re gonna get hurt. Fragile existence with echoes of worth.”
- “There’s another us somewhere with much better lives.”
“Now it’s gone. I am who I am. Who I could have been, I will never have the chance.”

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ive always wondered, how the hell do u stay unspoiled?!!

Well.. I don’t like getting spoiled ‘cause I can’t enjoy an episode if I know what’s gonna happen so… It’s really easy when it literally ruins the viewing experience.

And then for anyone who doesn’t mind getting spoiled but would rather be surprised: Just don’t frequent spoiler forums, or tags, use blacklists and if you follow ANYONE who doesn’t tag their spoilers then just unfollow them? I don’t know. I think there’s a temptation factor that comes into play for many people, like they don’t want to spoil themselves but they can’t help it. Just… quit the internet for a few days and that should work, or maybe not the internet entirely, just anything related to bbt.

And in terms of promos and stuff.. I know some people don’t consider those spoilers but I do. CBS is THE WORST. Seriously, if there’s one Shamy scene in an episode they’ll put it in the promo. It’s so annoying. I can watch promos for every single show except for this one, for instance, watch this promo: they spoiled the ONLY Shamy scene of the episode (the tag with flirty Sheldon). Plus, it makes it look like the episode’s about Sheldon trying to convince Amy while everyone else is going and it’s not about that at all.

And then watch this: they spoiled 1. Sheldon and Amy getting back together (showed a kiss and everything) and 2. SPOILED IN ADVANCE that they’re gonna have coitus in the next episode. Goddammit CBS!!!!!!

I get that they see that Shamy attracts a lot of viewers to this show and so they do it to get better ratings, but seriously?! It’s ridiculous and (in most cases) deceiving.

Hey, CBS:

So… I have a feeling that Chicago might be married or something?! I don’t know why, I just, I don’t know, maybe is just my brain trying to deal with Bechloe not being canon.

I noticed that in the scene where they smile to each other, Chloe is with the same clothes she is when they meet Chicago the first time, so maybe she goes and flirts with him and he’s just like “sorry, not available”, but then they could become friends and he helps her after her “aggressive” moment with Beca. I don’t know guys, I just don’t want Chloe drooling over him the entire fucking movie! I’m going insane.


So I started watching Little Witch Academia recently, and I came across the episode where they bring a soldier guy back from the dead as a skeleton… I won’t spoil the episode, but I just fell in love with this character! I totally thought of him as Papyrus with a mustache the entire time (even if his voice probably isn’t what he’d sound like. Maybe if he were a little more nasally?) XD

Of course, there was also this one brief scene where I couldn’t help but think of Sans… if you’re an Undertale fan, you will see the obvious reason.

So yeah, this character perfectly embodied my favorite skeleton brothers (at least on a surface, aesthetic level), and I simply had to share this with you. XD

But seriously, Little Witch Academia is a really good anime! I love it so much! It might be one of my new favorite things! ^__^

you know what i need a quick rant about set safety.

I know that those of us who choose to work in TV have chosen to do that, but why does that mean we are to put up with unsafe conditions? I have literally been told, by someone who I counted as a friend, to “stop complaining if you love your job so much.”

Know why I was complaining? Because I’d had to work 21 hours straight. i got a 20 minute break to wolf down a sandwich and some juice between scenes.

21 hours, and my job involves making sure everyone else is safe. Some on that set had been there the full 24 hours.

And yet. When we complain about working conditions being poor, we’re told that we shouldn’t complain, and that we chose to do this. Yeah, I chose to help entertain all you fuckers, I didn’t choose to put my life, my health and my happiness on the line to do it. 

People lose their jobs, their entire careers, for pointing out how by and large set safety is terrible, and I just find that shitty as hell.

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krory and timothy?

This one was a challenge.

Why I like them: What’s not to like? Honestly, I love that he tries to act like he’s really old, but he’s not, and how devoted he is to Eliade.
Why I don’t: ….I can’t think of anthing I dislike about the sad old vampire boy.
Favorite episode (scene if movie): The entire fight with Jasdevi. Also strip poker Krory.
Favorite season/movie: I’m gonna go with arcs on this, and honestly, his introductory arc was wonderful?
Favorite line: Can’t think of any
Favorite outfit: I really like his uniform, actually?
OTP: Krory and Eliade? I don’t ship anyone.
Brotp: Tbh I love seeing Lavi and Krory interact, so…. that?
Headcanon: The General Cross team had to help Krory out while they were traveling, because Krory was so sheltered before and was still suffering from loss. It didn’t help completely, of course, because it takes a long time for people to move on, but it at least made things a little easier for Krory.
Unpopular opinion: Is it an unpopular opinion that I don’t like him training under Socalo? I get that Socalo will help him toughen up, but think Tiedoll would’ve been a better fit for Sad Boy. I don’t think he really got the time to grieve for his lost love? They just…. whoop you’re an exorcist now let’s go travel to find a general and also maybe face what was, at the time, the entirety of the Clan of Noah haha yeah. Socalo’s cool and I love him, but… Tiedoll might’ve been a better fit to help Krory adjust and move on.
A wish: I really love his softer personality and I want to see more of it. I’m a little worried Socalo’s influence on Krory might make it a rarity.
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: …you know how the Earl can see and hear through the akuma? I really don’t want him to use Eliade against Krory. Please, no.
5 words to best describe them:  The hair that foretells death
My nickname for them: Sad Dracula


Why I like them: This brat. I like that, actually. It’s one of my favorite things about him, because I think it’ll be an interesting perspective to see playing out over the course of the story.
Why I don’t: See above. He’s a kid and it just…. it makes me really, really sad to see this poor child go from what was… while not an ideal situation, he was happy, and now he’s…. well. He has to fight a war, and he doesn’t even realize what that means for him yet.
Favorite episode (scene if movie): Timothy, as Link, being stabbed by Allen.
Favorite season/movie: N/A
Favorite line:  “Take over that one! -Bounces off of the akuma- ….take over that one! -Bounces off of the akuma-”  Gets me every time.
Favorite outfit: I actually think he looks ridiculously adorable in his uniform
OTP: NO. No. Do not. Plz. This is a child.
Brotp: Allen is number one big brother
Headcanon: Allen taught him some of the acrobatic moves Mana taught him about clowning. Allen will never admit it, but he taught them to Timothy because those same moves have saved Allen on many occasions and he hopes they’ll save Timothy, too.
Unpopular opinion: N/A
A wish: ….I want him to meet Shithead Nea and… I want something sad to happen, whoops. I want that moment when he sees Nea to just be the moment Timothy realizes that… this isn’t a game. This is a war, and he’s going to lose people, and because of the nature of the people in this war, sometimes these people might be lost to a fate some might consider worse than death.
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Please don’t kill this child. Please do not kill this child. He’s a shitty brat, but still… please don’t.
5 words to best describe them: Cocky mint chocolate burglar boy
My nickname for them: Tiny Tim 2.0

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What's left of the gang is mourning Noctis' death at a funeral. Bonus points if there's some Noctis/Prompto in there.

White just wasn’t his color. The now past Prince, rather King, was always adorned in black, even his white clothing was musky and stained with glass and mud and whatever else he managed to pick up along the way of his “journey”. In fact, it wasn’t just his clothes that didn’t fit him; the entire place seemed flooded with white light, sunshine streaming in from the broken windows and walls, painting the scene to be strangely tranquil. 

Prompto didn’t like the silence - he didn’t care if it was a funeral or not, but the silence, the peace, the quiet that filled the room felt sickening. Noctis didn’t mind though, then again, this was all for him. Ignis and Gladio had laid flowers beside their fallen friend, covering him from all sides with colors and petals (though, Ignis had needed help from them, as he seemed to stumble around the entire time). Prompto just stood and stared unfocused at the floor.

How long had it been? More years than he could remember had flown by and he found himself only trailing back to when he and the Prince first met back when they were in middle school. A lot had changed since then. 

The blonde managed to push his aching body along to the small alter Noctis lay peacefully on, painfully oblivious to the hurt he left everyone in. Ignis had managed to cover up the wound in his torso with thick bandages that poked out from the suit Gladio had tried to fix him in, not doing such a good job but he tried. His hair was a mess, matted and sticking up weirdly in a few places to which Prompto shakily placed back into their places. 

As if on queue, the others simply gave him a look of sorrow, walking away outside after saying their own goodbyes, leaving him alone with the dead Prince. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen him since death, but it was the first time he got to properly see him - too scared and too exhausted to bother with shitty goodbyes and tearful memories that would stay etched into his mind for a good few months or years. A wry smile adorned his features as he ran his hand down the side of Noctis’s face-

After all this time, I’m still here by your side, huh? ” A dry laugh left his throat, voice a bit raspy after not speaking for days on end. His lips were quivering as he desperately tried to speak again, but the tears flooding and rolling down his face had other plans. Choking down a sob, Prompto rubbed the tears on his blouse before forcing himself to look back at Noctis, sleeping peacefully while he cried. 

Leaning down, his head met with Noctis’s chest, garbled words and stutters of anger and sadness came forth while he tried to get himself together. Prompto bit back another cry as he went up to his friends face, now only a mere inch apart. “ After all this time, I still love you. Weird, huh? ”  

Silence over took him again, watching the face he found so familiar and warm yet so distant and so cold; another tear slipped as he made his decision of a final goodbye, pressing his lips to the Prince’s for a minute before pulling back with a bittersweet smile. 

It’s like I promised…right? Ever at your side. ”

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What is a girl flirted with Kiki's dad in front of her mom? How would her mom react?

We all know Enyo isn’t outwardly affectionate, she’s pretty bitter and can be unnecessarily cold… And she gets jealous. It doesn’t help that Mamoru is dense as a brick and wouldn’t pick up on another girl’s flirting, he’d just think she was making friendly conversation.

Enyo wouldn’t want to make a scene, so she’d be… Passive aggressive? Shooting glares, grabbing Mamoru’s hand, making sure their wedding rings are visible, trying to not-so-subtly excuse them from the conversation. Mamo would be so confused the entire time, he wouldn’t understand why she’s acting like that LMAO.

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I want to find a new secret! Next trip is number 11.

Not sure what kind of secret you’re looking for….

But try this- 
I thought the contrast of the choreography between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth before and after the party scene was fascinating.  Best way to experience this, in my opinion, is to wait until the start of the 2nd loop and spend the entire narrative arc with either one of them.  It can get a little crowded, and it helps if you know where they’re going next so you can anticipate, particularly with Macbeth.  But if you don’t, maybe choose Lady M since she doesn’t move as fast and it’s easier to keep up, especially if there is a mob.

If Neville leaves, I’ll be upset WWE lost another great guy but I’m not going to pretend that he doesn’t deserve better. To be frank, 205 Live is just another WWE Network show to most casual fans and WWE has waited far too long to give them more time on RAW. That third hour should’ve been given to them from the get-go because it’s not like RAW has ever had a show that just breezed by without that midshow drag. Now they’re trying to help them out but they’re doing it in all the wrong ways and it’s just too late in my opinion.

I wouldn’t blame the entire division for walking. They worked hard for so long just for WWE to drop some troll into the scene and give him the championship and more air time than all of them combined. Pitiful. WWE doesn’t even deserve them.

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finished ep1! good shit, they should buy some new dice (ESP the bard), i haven't seen so many 0hp - 1hp - 0hp bounces since percy v ripley, loved the "set the scene - explode the scene" transition into action by the dm, i'll admit i'm not entirely sure who did what to whom for a lot of the battle? bc it was just voice based, more names would be appreciated, but tentative fave is either euterpe (bc bard) or theo (so naive but good)

(cont) i don’t think i caught everyone’s pronouns, tho with the help of the vid i got names straightened out (idk vantis’ (sp?) class bc like i said difficulty telling who’s who, but i got everyone else). but yeah, good job to all of them! loved the “lvl one SUCKS” and the brewing conversation and the “no, come and help” “ok” and the “i can tell this is gonna be a thing” with erin (sp?) helping theo… favorite bit probs just the joking and banter, but i always love good char interaction

For those of you who have not listened to YOUR STANDARD HEROES, here is a real-life person who likes this who has never at any point lived with any of the people involved! Come on, I know more of you guys like D&D, because I wrote a bunch of Critical Role fanfic, and then I got followers.

Anyway, this is your very important reminded that YOUR STANDARD HEROES is amazing and a lot of fun, and you should all listen to it.

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I can't believe Scott doesn't hug Stiles when Stiles and Derek return. Like... it's his bestfriend that he hasn't seen in what I assume is months... why the help didn't he hug him? I get that he hugged Derek bc it's been longer, but he couldn't hug them both? That's the problem with the finale, they ignore the fucking core of the entire show- Scott and Stiles' friendship. I don't know what the hell they were thinking, not including a single scene between them

I can’t believe Scott hugged Derek, period. I guess they had to give Posey his way this time around after not letting him bizarrely cry over Derek back in season 4.

Background: Elias is the questgiver in my current campaign. He tasked the players with protecting and investigating the town of Black Birch as he traveled to Eversummer to get supplies for the Speak with Dead spell - which he will use to get information about the odd happenings in Black Birch. This is his trip back to the village and his thoughts on the most recent sessions. Paul is his partner.

One scene has been illustrated here

The trip back from Eversummer was tiring. Elias didn’t particularly like travelling during the winter, but he had taken this job and he couldn’t walk away from it. Not just the adventurers he had hired were waiting for him, but the entire village was afraid of what would happen next. He had to stop it, whatever was going on there. The pinch of graveyard earth he had procured would help.

His fingers were red and shaking when he stopped that night, he and his horse huddling close to the fire, taking shelter from the wind in an alcove close to the road, nestled in the hills. But the one solace he could always take was the scroll he had, and the ring on his finger. He had developed a habit to turn it once a day, feeling Paul’s presence like a warm, comforting blanket around him. He was moving south, getting farther from him each day.

Gods, he missed him.

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I don't know if anyone's asked; but do you guys have links to any mini-alpha stories ?

[The Mini-Alpha Beta Series!]

Sweet Dreams series by Jenetica (2 works | 13,265 | Rated E)

Stiles has one little sex dream about Derek, his mini-were, and now his entire world has turned upside down. But, Stiles thinks, for the better.

Mini Derek aka the best pet ever! by omega101 (1/? | 2,231 | Rated G)

After ditching Scott and Allison, Stiles finds a mini alpha (Derek) at a pet store and of course has to buy him!

Mini-WolvesAU by ariddlesorigin (2 works | 1,371 | Rated T)

Stiles gets a pet.

All I Ever Wanted by Teespazzr (3/? | 6,404 | Rated T)

Stiles always wanted a Mini Wolf, but when his Dad brings him one home from a crime scene, Can Stiles help heal the Mini Wolf or has Stiles bitten off more then he can chew?

ohlittle-red said: Rizuno also has a short mini-Alpha tumblr fic.

you guys can read part one here and part two here.