Sick Day Tips Masterpost

General Stuff:

  • Drink lots of water and go pee a lot! It’ll help flush out the toxins
  • Make sure to keep your face moisturized. The last thing you want to deal with when your sick is itchy irritated skin 
  • If you have the energy, do some light exercise. It’ll help to invigorate your body
  • Avoid too much screen time D: (sorry that includes tumblr)
  • Try to avoid wearing makeup, or wear as little as possible 

Sore Throat:

  • Drinking Ginger Tea helps a lot :3
  • If you have a clogged/phlegm-y throat, gargling salt water will help (don’t drink it though– you’ll feel even sicker!)
  • Other easy teas are milk and honey or water lemon and honey

Stuffy Nose:

  • Hot showers help get the mucus out
  • As does vapor– fill a bowl with boiling water, then place your head over it with a towel covering your head and try to breathe through your nose. If it gets too hot just take the towel off for a couple of seconds and then continue (this is also great for clearing up the clogged pores in your face! :D)
  • When you go to bed, stack your pillows so that your head is elevated
  • Remember: Eyes, nose, and mouth are connected- so if you have a cold and wear contacts, its best to avoid wearing them if you can. You want to keep those three outlets as free as possible

Upset Stomach:

  • Eating Ajwain seeds or drink ajwain tea helps if you feel nauseous
  • Eating prunes or drinking prune juice helps relieve constipation
  • For eating, remember the B.R.A.T diet: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Drinking chicken broth or apple juice is also really good for getting some nutrients without having to try to stomach solid food


  • The best OTC medicine to take if you have a headache is Aspirin because if it is an average headache it is most likely caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain, so blood thinners are good
  • Drink lots of water! It will do the same as Aspirin 
  • Stay away from screens or straining your eyes at all and get some shut eye in a dark room

Feel Better bbs!


Greek Bronze and Gold Short Sword and Dagger, C. 1450-1300 BC

The daggers and early swords of the Aegean Bronze Age represent some of the most striking artifacts of the period in terms of their opulence, craftsmanship and display of technical virtuosity. Whilst some were used solely for ceremonial use, many were functional instruments of war, attested by the clear developments in form, according to fighting preferences and practices. The short sword, which developed from the dagger, is one of the most interesting innovations of the Bronze Age, often signifying social status in societies in which hierarchy and one-on-one combat were primary concerns. The present dagger and short sword probably originate from Crete, in the locality of the great palaces at Knossos, or from Mycenae. The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations were renowned for their wealth, richness of culture, technical sophistication, and strong influence across the Greek world for centuries to come. These are the weapons of the fabled heroes of Troy, the great treasures of powerful kings like Agamemnon, who ruled over the kingdom of Mycenae.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love all your headcanons, they're so creative and wonderful!! Could you please do a platonic RFA + V + Unknown when they find out MC is a minor/in high school? Have a great day/night!

Thank you so much! It means a lot that people like them ^^


  • “ignore all the times I’ve hit on you I bEG”
  • The ultimate big brother
  • He’s protective af when it comes to anything, especially dating
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, if someone shows interest in you or vise versa 
  • He’s showing up at the school to investigate
  • And he gets you and your friends tickets to any upcoming productions 
  • For your enjoyment, not to show his talents nOPE


  • He’s fINALLY not the youngest and it makes him so happy
  • Plus you guys can be the broke students together oh boy
  • If you’re getting stressed he’ll invite you over for gaming nights
  • Sure they last until 4am and you usually can’t get up for school the next day but the stRESS is gone?
  • If you’re pulling an all-nighter then he’s stocked up on caffeine for the day ahead


  • Probably one of the only ones to realise that a highschool student is organising the party?
  • And he’s a little concerned that the stress is going to be too much for you
  • So he helps out as much as he can
  • Let’s just say you’ll never have to worry about expensive textbooks and school costs
  • And you have the coolest stationary sets in the school
  • Offers to pick you up in a helicopter even though he cAN’T there’s nowhere to land wth??


  • At first she was a little worried that you were going to be a ~rebellious teen~ kind of person but?
  • It turns out she’s totally cool with you being a teenager
  • You guys actually become super close
  • She loves to help you out with remedies to stress (like hot drinks n stuff)
  • And encourages you to work hard at the same time
  • Will be more than willing to help you out with any work though
  • 100% is going to make sure you keep up healthy sleeping/eating habits as well


  • Steals your homework the night before it’s due, or distracts you the entire time you try to work
  • Hacks into your computer to proof read and mess up ur essays
  • And then the school computer to change any grades please you can’t do this
  • He’ll come to pick you up in a new car every day as well
  • And despite the teasing, he’s constantly looking out for you and checking up on how you’re doing
  • Also he is the perfect tutor for anything you don’t understand


  • “Oh damn I’ve kidnapped an actual kid”
  • Since he’s not the best at enouraging you
  • You can bet he’s going to indirectly support you as much as he can
  • If you come home saying anything negative he disappears for a while
  • The next day the problem is gone
  • saeran what did you dO
  • He’ll avoid answering any questions about it but you know
  • And he will fight anyone who dares to tease you or anything


  • All he can think about is how a child has been dragged into this
  • He’s so impressed and proud of how well you’re doing with balancing school and the party but?
  • He’s so apologetic, and will let you drop out of the RFA at any moment if you need to 
  • Overall he cares about your education a hell of a lot
  • And he can’t let you get stressed over all the work thrown at you
  • Literal dad to you, as well
  • If you need a break from life, you’re getting a break from life, no questions asked

• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 27/100 •

// rosehip oil //

This serum changed my skin.

I had combination skin - super oily, so I washed it twice a day, but washing it would create dry patches that would become super irritated.

Buying this changed everything! I use four drops every morning that I work into my skin after washing my face. My face feels firmer, looks brighter, and seems more elastic. Now I can wash my face twice and I ~never~ have dry patches! It has also reduced my red patches I sometimes get on my skin.

It blows my mind that I don’t have combination skin anymore. My skin feels amazing all day, and it’s made me feel so much more confident. For $10, it’s definitely affordable as well.

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what would the band do if their s/o had v bad period cramps

me right now god kill me

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He knows what periods are. A bloodbath in your uterus. A “last survivor” type of game.
  • Well, unfortunately, you don’t remain unscathed from the war. You’re cramps are terrible and give you headaches, and you feel nauseous as well. You get bloated and your boobs hurt, and… Augh.
  • Well, Mudz has never really had hands-on comforting skills when it comes to that time of the month… The closest he’s got to knowing about it would be that one hooker telling him that she’s tied for the next week (yikes).
  • Murdoc runs to every pharmacy in town, getting you every single medicine so you can stack them, different varieties of chocolate, and a heating pad (if you’re without).
  • If he goes out to buy you pads or tampons, he’s kind of antsy about it (why are you embarassed about it, Mudz? They’re not even for you). He casually would slip the cashier x amount of cash, and dash out of the store.
  • He would massage anything that hurt because he’s kinky like that.


  • His mom talked to him about it once…? Kind of? Nonetheless, when you tell him that it’s that time of month again, he calls up his mom to ask for help.
  • After the long talk plus frequent note-taking, Stu pacifies you at your side, making sure that you don’t feel like you’re about to puke, or faint, nonetheless.
  • Cuddles definitely make you feel better, he finally concludes. Stu would spoon you, arms wrapped around your waist, hands on your abdomen. If you were moaning in anguish, he would be there. If you were crying in pain, he would still be there.
  • Late night shopping trips? He’s on it. 
  • Stu has an abundance of pain relievers hanging around in the bathroom cabinet for his frequent migraines, so you always have something like Midol or Ibuprofen hanging around tip: don’t ever use tylenol for this type of situation. it doesn’t work on menstrual cramps. midol has some of the same components as ibuprofen, so you’re better off not wasting time. i take midol.
  • When you guys go out, he always has an extra sweatshirt or jacket with him just in case you bleed through your clothes.
  • When he has to buy period products for you, he doesn’t really care like how Murdoc would. It’s not something to be embarrassed by, and if girls can do it, he can, too!


  • She knows what it feels like to have the fist of Mother Nature rip into your vagina. Trust me.
  • She has lots of herbal remedies to help you out, and she recommends lots of things to help ease the pain, like hot water bottles and a good ol’ pillow in between the legs.
  • Exercising helps with period pain as well, so Noodle will go out and take a walk with you if you’re feeling up to it.
  • You two probably get your period at around the same time, so you both comfort each other.
  • Fluffy blankets and chocolate? Heck yeah, man. Massages in sore areas? You’re darn right that’s gonna happen.
  • You and Noodle go to the drug store to get a bunch of different lady products to test out. You use statistics and bar graphs and everything to prove which product works the best, whether it be tampon or medicine related.

Russel Hobbs:

  • He’s pretty chill about periods. I mean, most guys seem freaked about them, but he’s never cared in his life. If he gets bled on by accident? Oh well, it’s just a pair of pants.
  • You need anything like pads or tampons in the middle of the night? Just give him 10 minutes to fully wake up. He’ll go out at 2am while you sit miserably on the toilet, bleeding out, as he picks out exactly what you need (plus a bouquet of flowers for good measure). It’s fun being female.
  • Russ would supply you with lots of water and hot compresses, as well as healthy snacks like tiny veggie trays and nice soups.
  • He holds your hand and lets you lay on him if you get to the point of absolute suffering.
  • He’ll make sure you get enough rest, as well. Sleeping helps ease the pain.

shoutout to everybody that bleeds from time to time

🌸🌸OWW's First Giveaway!🌸🌸

Hello dears! So I’ve decided to do a giveaway. Yep my very first. Since I’m on mobile I can’t post pictures with this but I can give very detailed descriptions of what you will be winning! Let’s go over Prizes before I bore you all!

3rd Place:
🌸My Saints and Angels Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue PH.D. Very good conditions I’ve only looked through it and it’s collected dust on the box from never being used at all. All the 44 cards are there.
🌙 1 Set Of Runes! I am actually making these so they are genuinely filled with my love. You can chose between getting the normal runes(26 runes), Moon Phase Runes(8 Runes), or astrological runes(12 Runes).
🌸1 Oil of your choice. I make all of my oils and have tested them on myself so they are safe. They have no chemicals and shouldn’t irritate your skin considering I have very sensitive skin. You can chose between the following scents: lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and Spearmint
🌙3 sigils all made by me. You can chose what the Sigil says
🌸2 white tea Light Candles. Yeah not much but hey I have a lot and buying them costs very little.
🌙1 amber chip! It’s small. Like smaller than the runes but it’s still really pretty. Amber is fragile so it’s going to be put in an earring box so it won’t get hurt.

2nd Place!
🌸1 Small Dream Catcher Handmade by Moi(me). I generally use sticks from my back yard, twine and white string to make them. I will attach 3 feathers to it and a small semi precious stone to it as well.
🌙2 Sets of Runes. Same offer as for third place but you get a choice on two types instead of one! Great deal isn’t it? Again I’m making these with my love.
🌸2 Oils handmade by me. Again completely safe and chemical free. I have 7 scents to chose from (lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint)
🌙6 sigils made by me with whatever you want them to mean.
🌸4 white tea light candles. Again. Simple and easy to buy.
🌙Sleep Well Dream Satchel: this is actually made by my mom. It’s inside a golden mesh satchet with green and red rhinestones. Inside are dried roses and Lavender to induce a calming scent (honest to God it smells like a bath remedy) to help you sleep at night. Or hang it above your bed just like a dream catcher (that’s what I did with mine before.) you will be getting a fresh one made by me in a different satchet worry not. The one I described has been with me since like, middle school.

1st Place: yep I totally made you wait to see what First places prizes are. I’m evil but I totally got your attention didn’t I? Without further ado, the first place winner shall receive:
🌸A Clear Quartz Crystal Wand! Handmade by a guy at my local flea market. I bought it for 15 dollars even though it isn’t fancy looking in any way. The wand is a little over a foot in length and the handle is made from oak wood or pine. I originally bought this for me but uh I’ve never used it and it’s been getting in my way recently
🌙3 Sets of Rune stones made by me. You don’t get a choice. You’re getting all three kinds of runes I offer! Lucky you!
🌸3 Oils of your preferred scent! Yep not one or two but three oils! All skin and animal safe(lavender is really good for fleas) and there are no chemicals! You can chose between lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint.
🌙2 Parakeet Feathers. These feathers come from my two birds Welken and Riceball. Both boys. I collected these when they were molting and I already washed them for you. (Note: I did not Harm my birds. Molting naturally happens in order to let new fresh feathers grow. Also I can easily get more feathers because they’re my birds. And they molt almost every month or two)
🌸A Happiness Spell Jar! It’s my spell! You can totally check it out on my blog somewhere in that mess. It’s all safe and just herbs with papers. Nothing dangerous that can hurt you in anyway(unless your allergic). You can shake or smell the jar. (Note: if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, please tell me or don’t open it.)
🌙1 Vanilla Birthday Cake Scented Candle! It’s 18 ounces and smells really freaking good. I was tempted to keep this before I remembered that I technically can’t burn candles in my room… my dad doesn’t know I have tea lights soooooo yeah. Still living with the parents I won’t lie about that.
🌸AND GUESS WHAT: you get 12 sigils made by me with whatever meanings you want them to have!

❗️you must be 18 Years or older. 15-17 Year olds can participate WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION. I will ask the winners ages.
❌USA Residents Only Please! Sorry I’m sending three packages and shipping is expensive.
❗️you must be following me. I will check.
❌NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS. I will check. Like seriously. Just Don’t.
❗️You have to be willing to give me your personal information (name, address)
❌1 Like=1Entrance 1Reblog=1Entrance. You can reblog once a day. I don’t want to get spammed so I’m minimizing it.
❗️winners will be chosen by a number generator with the help of Bomie.
❗️This give away is NOT Tumblr associated.

The GIVE AWAY WILL END ON JULY 29TH only because I won’t be back at my actual house until then.

I WISH YOU ALL LUCK and if you have any questions as to what the items look like please do not hesitate to ask. ~Moon Child

Shape of You

I’m a firm believer in the fact that we need more smut in this fandom. I’m also a firm believer that we need more Elorcan. So I decided to help remedy both of those little issues with my first ever attempt at smut.

If you like what you see, please visit my page over on I’ll be making an account on AO3 by the same user name soon! Reblogs are appreciated!

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BTS REACTIONS: You being self conscious about your acne.

Not sure what renews is, but so i just went with acne. Hope that is okay.

JIN would legit yell at you, because he’d feel like you were focusing too much on your acne. He’d even try to change the subject every time you try to bring up your problem. It might seem annoying to you, but he only does it to show you that it’s not a big deal.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

RAP MONSTER would try to give you advice on how to accept your flaws. He’d tell you personal things that he has never told anyone in order to make you feel less alone. Ultimately his goal is to just make you feel less worried about something that a lot of people deal with.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

SUGA would seem kind of cold and brush it off by telling you its not a big deal. He isn’t doing that to hurt your feelings though. He’s doing it, because he thinks if he doesn’t pay attention to your acne then you’ll think its not noticeable or bothersome. He just wants you to not pay so much attention on it.

Originally posted by mn-yg

JHOPE would tell you all his embarrassing moments. Just so you can laugh at him and tease him a bit. He doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke for a bit, so you can stop thinking your acne for a while.

Originally posted by hihobii

JIMIN would make you feel like you’re the sexiest person in the world. He knows what its like to be super self conscious about something, so he’d try his best to convince you that you are sexy even with acne. He’d have no problem with your acne, so he’d try to convince you not to have a problem with it either.

Originally posted by doona-baes

V would help you find remedies to heal your acne. He would feel like you wouldn’t get over it unless its gone so he’d help you find something that works. He’d be doing it for you though, he honestly could care less. He thinks you’re just fine the way you are.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

JUNGKOOK would stop you as soon as you started talking about your acne. He hated when you talked down about yourself. Knowing that you feel self conscious about your acne, he’d make sure to tell you you’re beautiful every morning until you actually believed it.

Originally posted by jeonify

fucking fantastic. Damn car skimmers got my card somehow and bought shit on 

Props to Chase bank for catching it, emailing me about the fraud alert immediately and helping to remedy the issue quickly and smoothly. I’ve really never had a better bank - and the fraud and claims people were both perfect in handling my questions and concerns. 

But looking at my statement and where I’ve used my card lately, I have no clue where it would have been skimmed. Especially since I typically use it WHERE I WORK. 

Aside from there, I’ve just used it at costa vida, beans and brew coffee, subway… all physical locations. no internet usage lately that wasn’t paypal direct to bank account or 

i don’t get it. guess it could have been skimmed a while back and they just now used it?? whatever. I fucking hate fraudsters. 

I’m so sick and tired of people not understanding that I have a damn mental illness. I have borderline personality disorder fucking yoga, meditating, eating green isnt going to fucking help me. Jesus why can’t people be practical and realistic. I literally tell people i will kill myself cause they said hi to me funny like do you really think a simple homemade bullshit fake ass deep remedy will help? I’M FUCKING MENTALLY UNSTABLE. All these conversations on how I can “fix” myself is pointless asf

anonymous asked:

Hello! Saw the requests were open and decided to request. RFA + V & Saeran react to an MC who has had back surgery and suffers from pain plus is self conscious about it. I had surgery for scoliosis and honestly am super self conscious about the fact that I have a long scar down my back and avoid wearing anything that shows it. Thanks in advance!

So sorry to hear. We hope you feel better soon, and hope these brighten your day a little. :) 


  • It came up when he suggested you guys go to the beach
  • You were avoiding it for awhile
  • He finally got annoyed because he knew were hiding something
  • You blurted out about your surgery and the scar and how you were self conscious
  • He understood the feeling
  • He didn’t want you to give up fun things in life because of it
  • So he does some research and helps you to the degree you can handle
  • He’ll help pick a swimsuit that covers your scar
  • Looks up remedies that help with the pain
  • Huge support to you on good and bad days


  • He planned to take you to an amusement part as a surprise date
  • You felt really bad, but you had to tell him you couldn’t ride most of the rides there
  • Your back probably wouldn’t be able to handle it well
  • He was beating himself up for not knowing about your back problem and surgery
  • You told him it was fine since you had been silent up until then
  • He tries to make it up to you and does whatever you can do in the park
  • Even it’s just playing those arcade games
  • He wins you a huge stuffed puppy
  • “If you’re in pain and I’m not there, you can squeeze this for comfort!”


  • You two liked to jog in the park every once in awhile together
  • She noticed you’d start out strong, but slowly lag behind
  • She watched you for a few weeks, and finally confronted you about it
  • She said she figured out you had scoliosis from your symptoms
  • She had a mild case due to desk work all those years
  • That’s when you told her about your surgery and the pain that happens every once in awhile
  • She’s patient and tells you when you need a break, even when you want to keep going
  • She buys you heating pads for when the pain gets really bad
  • Also has a bunch of tips and remedies memorized


  • You’re wearing a big t-shirt around the house
  • It kinda sags in the back a bit, exposing some of your scar
  • Jumin happens to notice and freaks out
  • He asks what happened and how’d you get it
  • He’s just super worried
  • You explain your condition, and he calms down a lot
  • But you can bet he’s already researching on how to care for you
  • He has the best doctors do check ups on you and help you through physical therapy
  • He even bought you one of those massage chairs that was safe enough to use for when you got a bit better
  • Really calm when you get pain in your back, and does whatever he can to help


  • You hadn’t told him anything about it
  • And you two usually have those play fights that are mostly tickling and ends up with him “throwing” you onto the couch
  • Only this time, when he picked you up, you started screaming in pain
  • He put you down and panicked
  • He thought he hurt you and was feeling really guilty
  • Once the pain died down, you explained  that it really wasn’t his fault
  • You explained about your surgery and back problems
  • His over-protective mode activates
  • It’s really hard for you to do ANYTHING as he’s always swooping in to help
  • You eventually find a balance, but he’s still careful with you


  • He’s very observant
  • He can tell when you’re in pain and can tell when you’re self-conscious
  • Very blunt when he asks if something is wrong
  • You explain about your back
  • He helps you on the rough days, but he’s also pushes you to get help
  • Really supportive of you getting physical therapy and strengthening your back
  • He sympathizes with you when you talk about your scar
  • His tattoo is a scar of his own
  • You both comfort each other in this aspect


  • He can’t see, so you weren’t as worried about your scar
  • One day, when you’re really tense, you ask him to rub your back
  • His fingers brush across your scar, and he asks you about it
  • You’re a little embarrassed but you explain the whole situation
  • He doesn’t act any different
  • He doesn’t make a big deal about it
  • But you can bet he still pampers you on bad days
  • You both continue living your life around his blindness and your back pain
  • Giving support to each other just comes so naturally 

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Astrology Self-Help

Especially for if you find yourself in stress inducing situations or emotional exhaustion:

1. Really learn about your Moon sign, the basic traits and expression, the house that contains the Moon and any aspects. This will help you find remedies to soothe you particular emotional nature.

2. Think about what is your lacking element (or elements) in your chart, and focus on any external representations of this element. For example:

Lacking Fire- Work up a sweat, exercise, try to stay warm, think about what you desire/where your will takes you.

Lacking Earth- Visit open, green spaces, focus on the practical and the grounded.

Lacking Air- Visit open, maybe even high up spaces, open the windows, try to get some fresh air, focus on your thoughts and where they take you.

Lacking Water- May find comfort from baths/showers, the ocean, try to stay hydrated, try to connect to your spiritual world.

3. Research and delve into the possible dissonance between how you live your world (The Sun) and how you feel your world (The Moon). Work on getting the expression of the Moon through the Sun and smoothly as possible, without self judgement and force.

Getting in touch with your guardians and/or guides

I believe most all people have natural guardian and/or guide spirits, which aid them in life. You may not be aware of your spirits, but they are almost always with you, sending you subtle messages and organizing things for you to help life go your way. If you ever feel that things just always work out for you, or you catch a lot of lucky breaks, that could be your spirits working on your behalf. On the other hand if you feel that nothing ever goes your way and life is out to get you, there could be a problem with the spirits that are intended to aid you.

Some people believe everyone has spirits to aid them. I don’t believe everyone does, because I have met people without them. There also exists lore that a person can offend their spirits to the point where the spirits abandon them entirely. From my own experience, when someone does not have spirits around them, it is for an unusual magical reason and this can often be remedied by help from a witch, shaman, or spirit-worker.

Regardless, you very likely have guides around you right now. Meeting them is easy and does not require any kind of spirit summoning or conjuration.

If you use a pendulum and/or a spirit board, have those with you. Otherwise do things the old fashion way and just contact your guides through visualization.

Remember that ‘visualization’ basically means 'magical imagining’. Your imagination is a powerful cauldron of magical potential. When you contact spirits it may easily seem like you are just making them up, but have faith in yourself and faith in them.

Sit or lie down in a relaxed state. Imagine a large door before you. Note what color it is and what style it is. Say to yourself, “beyond this door is the World Tree.”

Open the door and observe a massive tree standing before you. It’s trunk is the size of a city block, it’s roots are as tall as houses. Within the roots of the tree you notice small doorways much like the one you passed through. Think to yourself that you would like to find a room where you can meet your benevolent and helpful spirit allies. A single door will stand out to you. Note it’s color and design, and walk to it. Open the door and pass through.

You will find yourself in a certain location. This will be where your spirit companions feel most comfortable. This could be a cathedral, a cozy cottage, a forest, or a sunny field. Many times I open this door to find blackness, which indicates to me that my guides do not care where they manifest. Observe this location.

Somewhere close you will see your guardian or guide. There may be more than one that appear to you at this time. At first your imagination may become confused and project several different appearances on to your guide, but don’t force anything. Relax and see what comes to you. Remember that your spirits may be in human, animal, plant, insect, mineral, elemental, or mythical form. Do not expect to see a creature that you have a spiritual connection with, as these will not necessarily be your guide spirits. Note what this spirit looks like.

Once you have met, try talking to it. Think or speak your questions and wait for something to come to you – words, images, thoughts, feelings, sounds. A list of questions you can ask is [here].

Once you are done, exit back through the root door. Walk back to the original door you came through, exit it, and close and lock it firmly behind you. Wake yourself up from your trance state with food, water, and mundane activities.

You do not always have to use the world tree visualization to contact your guides. I simply think the names of my companions and I am connected to them, able to communicate mentally.

Castiel’s Creations

Characters: Cas x Pregnant!Reader, Sam, Dean

Summary: The reader is pregnant with Castiel’s children and reveals the genders to her brothers

Words: 995

Warnings: As fluffy as an angel’s wings

A/N: Sorry it took so long! Thank you for bearing with me! I had to come up with the idea and make sure I didn’t turn it into angst! (Which was a bit hard to do) So for the sake of no angst, the reader conceived when Castiel was human.

Originally posted by ardysgurl

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@moodiful819 wrote a delightful thing for me based off of discussion about reylo while rey is on her period. i’m writing something of a continuation of it for her wherein kylo gets to try out some remedies to help rey feel better. hOPE YOU LIKE IT I GOT SEVERELY CARRIED AWAY, AS USUAL

Rey is in deep space, alone, sitting with her legs crossed in the pilot seat of the Falcon trying to meditate. She sips a drink called hot cocoa that Master Skywalker had given her and nestles one of her cheeks into the cloak she received from Kylo Ren. It feels almost traitorous to be enjoying both of the gifts at once, but… his scent, contradictory to all logic, calms her. His cloak, heavy and warm, smells like electrical burns and ashes and musky sweat, offsetting the chocolate. It helps her forget the worst of her curse, at the best of times—

(She knows what it’s called now, that it’s not the work of the Maker or of Jakku’s goddesses and instead simple biology, but ‘menstruating’ and ‘period’ ring too clinical in her mind to use them to describe the pain that squelches her guts every month.)

—and at the worst of times she remembers that she had received help and been asked nothing in return from her enemy.

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> McCree could sense the fear, the irrational and instinctive shrink of your touch

> He kept his distance from you without saying much

> You’d tell him that it’s not a big deal and he’ll just brush it off and continue to avoid you

> Eventually you just get so fed up and you go up to him and grab him by the shoulders

> “Accidents happen, dammit! You can’t blame yourself for that kind of thing!”

> What you didn’t expect was McCree raising his voice back at you

> “What if I hurt you? What if I kill you?”

> There was a dark look in his eyes, and you felt a cold chill go through you. 

> You took a deep breath, and said,

> “I would be happy to die by your hand.” 

> I’ll leave the details up to your speculation, but I can say that you got a big hug and lots of medicinal tea afterwards


> Expect to be smothered with medicine and attention

> Every time you shrink away he just tries harder to win you back

> You tell him that it couldn’t be helped and it was just an accident. He just laughed and continued to pump you full of good teas and things you liked

> Eventually you come around and stop retracting yourself at his touch. Only then does he ease up a bit

> Definitely a bit suffocating at first though

> He’s definitely projecting himself onto you by doing all the things he wished his brother would’ve done for him after “killing” him hahaha i love to die


> why must you hurt this man like this You’re pretty sure the arrow that hit you hurt him more than it hurt you

> You knew he would never hurt you intentionally, but you couldn’t help but shrink back from his touch reflexively when you first returned from the mission

> You could see something break in him

> He left without saying anything, and no one around base saw him for a few days

> Hanzo doesn’t really know how to confront his problems and emotions other than running away from them please help him

> You finally track him down a few days later on one of the roofs at the watchpoint overlooking the coast of gibraltar

> He doesn’t meet your eyes, but you give him a big hug and tell him that you know he doesn’t mean it and accidents do happen in the chaos of the battlefield. 

> He later makes you tea and gives you a bunch of folk remedies to help your wounds heal better 

> all of them taste like shite and you don’t have the heart to tell him

> Admin GK

Covetous (Part Two)

Prompt: @ruth-hamilton-delrio requested “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.” I wanna see your take on that, for Lin x reader” and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic.

Author’s Note: I know people have been asking and asking for a part two to this (I’m so happy so many people like this, my god!) and it’s taken me a bit to complete because I had a few ideas, but I had to fit them into the timeline. Also, my mom has been really sick the last week or so and needs my help a lot. So, when I’m not helping her or doing my schoolwork, I was at the barn. Left me very little time to write, so this IS short, but it’s worth it. 

If this angst hurts you, just wait for what else I have planned. -cue evil laugh- 

Words: 1,868

Warnings: Angst, mentions of hospital 

Also, for this, it’s modern and Lin has Hamilton and Moana done, but he’s obviously not married and doesn’t have his son for sakes of the fic.

Tags: @ruth-hamilton-delrio @manuelmirandamn @sempiternal-mooses 

Enjoy!! (don’t hesitate to tell me how you like it through asks, messages, comments, or reblogs!)

It was a week later and there’d been near radio silence from Lin. He’d texted you back initially, accepting your profuse apology, but there had been a shift in the dynamic between the two of you and it did not go unnoticed. You were on your way to your apartment after a long double shift doing several surgeries that came into the emergency room when the shrill ring of your phone bursted from your bag. As you searched for it to pick it up before it stopped ringing, you held your breath, wondering if it would be him.

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anonymous asked:

Gom + kagami + takao reactions to s/o being REALLY into mystic messenger. Like setting alarms for all the chatrooms and buying merch and just being a fangirl in general?

Kuroko: Understanding that liking a video game so much would want to make you play it all the time, Kuroko doesn’t exactly nag when you get up in the middle of the night to play. He is, however, upset when you complain about it the next morning. It had been your decision to stay up and he was supportive of that, but you couldn’t complain for digging your own grave.

Kagami: Spending money on merchandise was something Kagami could kind of understand, though most of what he bought for himself was sport related. Still, he’s okay with you buying the key chains and art books and extra episodes just so long as it’s within your budget. If he couldn’t go overboard with his spending, neither could you.

Kise: He can’t believe he’s jealous of a video game. It didn’t matter to Kise that the guy you were obsessing over was virtual. The fact that you had more photos of him on your phone than you had of your very handsome, very real boyfriend definitely irked him. He constantly whines and actually starts sending you more than one selfie a day to help remedy this problem.

Aomine: A bit of a heavy sleeper, Aomine doesn’t realize that you’re waking up every night at odd hours to catch the chat rooms. It isn’t until weeks into this endeavor, when he sees the bags under your exhausted eyes, that he finds out why you’ve been so tired. You need more sleep and he’s starting to come up with plans to tire you out so you miss every alarm you ever set.

Midorima: It’s not like he can fault you for spending so much money because his allowance often diminishes quickly as well. However, Midorima likes to argue that his use of money is definitely more practical. There’s not much you can do with key chains and posters, especially of characters from a video game. You should spend your money on things that actually benefit you instead.

Takao: The light from your phone screen wakes him up, too. Takao often watches as you play, losing sleep himself because he doesn’t want to spend a single moment of consciousness without you. To get you to play faster, he often suggests what options you should pick when they come up. Usually they’re the ridiculous ones. You’ve gotten Seven’s route three times thanks to him.

Murasakibara: Jealous that you would be spending more time on the game than you would with him, Murasakibara complains every time you pull out your phone to answer an imaginary call or text. He doesn’t see the point in the game and would prefer if you stopped playing around him. Maybe if he hid your phone from you for a little while?

Akashi: Upset that you would stay up until odd hours of the night to play the game, Akashi actually offers to buy you all the hourglasses you need so you won’t need to lose sleep. Anything else you want is on you though, because he just wants to make sure you stay healthy. In fact, it’s in his best interest that you hurry and complete the game already.