Sick Day Tips Masterpost

General Stuff:

  • Drink lots of water and go pee a lot! It’ll help flush out the toxins
  • Make sure to keep your face moisturized. The last thing you want to deal with when your sick is itchy irritated skin 
  • If you have the energy, do some light exercise. It’ll help to invigorate your body
  • Avoid too much screen time D: (sorry that includes tumblr)
  • Try to avoid wearing makeup, or wear as little as possible 

Sore Throat:

  • Drinking Ginger Tea helps a lot :3
  • If you have a clogged/phlegm-y throat, gargling salt water will help (don’t drink it though– you’ll feel even sicker!)
  • Other easy teas are milk and honey or water lemon and honey

Stuffy Nose:

  • Hot showers help get the mucus out
  • As does vapor– fill a bowl with boiling water, then place your head over it with a towel covering your head and try to breathe through your nose. If it gets too hot just take the towel off for a couple of seconds and then continue (this is also great for clearing up the clogged pores in your face! :D)
  • When you go to bed, stack your pillows so that your head is elevated
  • Remember: Eyes, nose, and mouth are connected- so if you have a cold and wear contacts, its best to avoid wearing them if you can. You want to keep those three outlets as free as possible

Upset Stomach:

  • Eating Ajwain seeds or drink ajwain tea helps if you feel nauseous
  • Eating prunes or drinking prune juice helps relieve constipation
  • For eating, remember the B.R.A.T diet: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Drinking chicken broth or apple juice is also really good for getting some nutrients without having to try to stomach solid food


  • The best OTC medicine to take if you have a headache is Aspirin because if it is an average headache it is most likely caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain, so blood thinners are good
  • Drink lots of water! It will do the same as Aspirin 
  • Stay away from screens or straining your eyes at all and get some shut eye in a dark room

Feel Better bbs!


calling witches of all sorts! what are y'all’s remedies for colds/flus/sickneses? im coming down with something, and I really can’t afford to miss any school this week since I have a bunch of tests and shit. it would be super appreciated if any of you guys could send me your remedies or even just some good vibes! thank you!

How to take care of ur voice by ellie (I'm trying my best)

•LEMON, GINGER, AND HONEY are the most popular and for a reason! Definitely get those in your system. I suggest in tea.
•ZINC LOSENGES! Don’t get ones with Glucose. (Ie. Halls) They’ll only make your vocal folds sticky.
•HOT LIQUIDS!! Like tea and hot water!
•STEAM! Make a pot of boiling water, pour it in a bowl and then cover your head with a towel and breathe it in! The heat and moisture is a saviour.
•STAY HYDRATED! I can’t stress this enough. You have to keep your throat moist. It’s essential for getting better.
•NO CAFFEINE. Caffeine dries out your vocal folds and can cause more damage!
•AVOID DAIRY even when not sick before shows! It coats your throat and causes phlegm!
Tip to get rid of phlegm before a show!!!
Lemon juice in water clears that up nicely. I drank it religiously last summer.
•VAPOUR RUB starting behind the ear and down the jawline!
•VOCAL REST. Keep talking to a very minimum. Rest is essential to your vocal health and healing. Try to talk in your “head voice”, if possible, puts less strain on your vocal folds!
•GARGLE with these things!!
~Salt Water!
~Vinegar and water!
~Apple cider vinegar and cayenne powder!
•GARLIC! Chewing on a piece helps apparently! Haven’t tried this one yet but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
•AVOID COUGHING if you can. It causes the vocal folds to bang together harshly and could enflame them more.
•I know it made be hard, but try to AVOID CRYING. It dries out your vocal folds worse than anything else.


Remedy for sore throats ﻬ


1 bag of Chamomile tea
2 tbs local honey
1 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 single pinch of cinnamon

The heat of the tea will open the pores in your throat.

The Chamomile will sooth the ache and the redness. Also will provide a calming effect for your entire body.

The honey will seep into those open pores and serve as a calming balm to the burning sensation.

The fact that it is local honey will help your body develop an immunity to the illness.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful remedy for viruses as it had many medicinal qualities and antioxidants. (It is recommended that you should drink a cap full daily even when you are not sick)

The cinnamon is simply for the taste. Apple Cider Vinegar is a strong, bitter flavor, so the cinnamon makes it more palatable.

Drink one cup a day until your sore throat is completely gone.

You should feel the effects within an hour of drinking your tea

Blessed be! ﻬ

hey theatre geeks

what are your best overnight remedies to get over a fucking killer cough in less than 22 hours???? i’m trying everything i know at this point because i CAN’T miss my show tomorrow night and it’s a musical where i play a lead (so i need a lot of breath control for a very long time)

PLEASE reply or message me with some advice, i’m very desperate and currently can’t go longer than like 15 seconds without coughing!!!

UPDATE: tysm to everyone to replied!!! i really appreciate all your help and will definitely be trying some if not most of these suggestions, and i’ll update this post with how well it worked in the end as well!!
When You’re Sick (BTS)

No this isn’t a request, but it’s v topical aha. I had the most hideous fever last night: I had cold sweats, shakes and my fucking fingernails turned blue lmao. I took the day off school and I am a lot better. This was all I could think of when I was ill last night, BTS. So, here were are (story time over).

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Rap Monster:
You’d have to quickly put a halt to his obsession with googling symptoms. As soon as he was about to tell you that you had some form of terminal cancer, you meekly asked him to just get you some cold meds. He apologised and went out as quick as he could - tripping over the front step on the way. He would pick carefully, most likely even asking the counter assistant to help find the best remedy. In the end, he’d return with a selection and with the promise of take away being ordered.

Originally posted by armyfanclub

(and suddenly my sickness is cured)

You all know that he’d be the absolute best in situations such as these. He’d have a cool, calm head which would hide the worry he would have over you. You’d try to convince him to go to practice that day but he wouldn’t have it. He’d already be fixing up the remedies he grew up with and coordinating your meal plan for the day. He’d stay by you all day. When he wasn’t being your own personal carer, he was cuddling you whilst watching movies. He’d stay with you until you got better, despite your protests.

Originally posted by theseoks

(he’s so greasy but he’s so hot boii canunot)

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Help at Home for Coughs and Colds

2 drops Eucalyptus Oil
2 drops Peppermint Oil
1/3 C Carrier Oil (I used Olive Oil)

Mix in a small bowl. Apply a small test first to see if it causes any weird reaction to your skin. Then after 30 mins apply lightly to chest and soles of feet


Add a bit of clean mint or peppermint leaves to a pot of water on medium to low heat, stand close to the pot and stir continuously inhaling fumes till your chest feels a little better. Then turn the pot to low. Keep adding water to make a homemade humidifier. You can also strain some of the water into a cup to make peppermint tea. Which will also relax your chest.

½ cup honey
A half of a fresh lemon
2 tbsp of Whiskey
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Mix together in a jar to help sore throats and help ease colds. Dont add to much cayenne or it will make your throat sore. Also if you suffer from blooming plant or tree allergies please use store bought honey as local may aggravate your allergies worsening your symptoms.

Always check to make sure nothing will react to the medications your taking or any conditions you have. If your cold lingers or worsens contact your doctor.

three. There’s always hot tea in the slytherin common room. The dungeons stay chilly being under the lake, especially in the winter. While a fire is always roaring in the hearth, the students found that the tea warmed them well and helped keep them healthy. There are dozens of different mixes organized by type of tea; everything from help sleeping to homemade remedies for the flu. 

anonymous asked:

Um, how MC reacts/helps the RFA members get rid of hiccups? Maybe? (⊙﹏⊙✿)

This is so pure 

I actually got hiccups when I was starting on this (then I fell asleep for 4 hours oops ) 


  • when he started hiccuping it was so cute 
  • how can his hiccups be cute ??? 
  • ok but after 2 minutes of non-stop hiccuping it was starting to be less cute 
  • “MC help meee” 
  • MC googled remedies to help with hiccups 
  • something sour is supposed to help? 
  • MC poured some vinegar in a teaspoon 
  • Yoosung really didn’t wanna swallow a teaspoon of vinegar 
  • MC had to promise him a kiss as a reward 
  • so he took it 
  • after a about three more hiccups it stopped 
  • and MC gave him the kiss they promised~


  • you were cuddling when he started hiccuping 
  • he said it would pass but then after a few minutes he was still hiccuping 
  • MC  got out of bed because it was a bit annoying each time he hiccuped and sorta twitched while holding on to them 
  • MC dragged him in the kitchen with them
  • they handed him a glass of water and told him to drink it upside down 
  • this boy decided to show off and did a handstand and told MC to pour the water in his mouth 
  • they did 
  • how did this even work????? 
  • hiccups were cured but MC is now just sort of confused
  • ????
  • they go back to cuddling 


  • MC and Jaehee were watching something together 
  • and then she started hiccuping
  • she asked MC right away to help her get rid of it 
  • “It’s fine, Jaehee. It will pass~” 
  • it didn’t 
  • MC got a big spoonful of peanut butter since they read that helps 
  • Jaehee didn’t like peanut butter 
  • it was too chewy 
  • but it did help 
  • you promised Jaehee you would try another method next time since she was still chewing on the peanut butter like 5 minutes later 


  • He ignored it at first 
  • MC had been just relaxing 
  • He told MC it would pass 
  • but after five minutes he was still hiccuping 
  • ok MC is gonna do something about this 
  • they got a spoonful of sugar and told Jumin to swallow it 
  • this man does not like sweets, good luck getting him to swallow a spoonful of sugar 
  • like with Yoosung, MC promises a kiss if he eats it 
  • you’re gonna have to promise more than a kiss to get him to eat it 
  • He eventually does and stops hiccuping 
  • he demands his reward 
  • calm down 
  • MC happily rewards him~


  • As soon as he starts hiccuping he sits right next to MC and hiccups right in their ear 
  • its super annoying 
  • so MC gets up to move 
  • then Seven grabs on to MC and holds them there while he keeps hiccuping 
  • MC manages to escape and runs to the kitchen 
  • “Nooo~ MC come back! My hiccups are cute! you have to listen to them!” 
  • MC gets the hot sauce 
  • you’re just supposed to take a small sip for it to work 
  • but when Seven runs to the kitchen MC quickly puts the bottle to his mouth and more than a sip end up in his mouth 
  • he does stop hiccuping 
  • but now his mouth and throat are burning 
  • he starts being over dramatic and throws himself on the floor 
  •  he puts one hand on his forehead
  • “MC! How could you betray me like this?” 
  • MC gets him a glass of milk and after he drinks it he’s slightly better 
  • he pretends to be grumpy for a bit until MC apologizes 
  • then they cuddle 
  • he will get his revenge the next time MC has hiccups 
things to do together- long distance edition!

when chires and carers don’t get to see each other irl, that can make things feel really hard, and like you can’t do all the same things other chires and carers get to do together. here’s a list of things to help try to remedy that!

this was requested by an anon !

1. use hosting sites to watch things together.

    | watching things together can be a great way to spend time together! be it an old favorite movie, a cute tv show, or silly videos online, it’s really fun to do things like that together so you can feel closer!

2. skype call through the night.

    | as someone who gets very scared and has bad nightmares, it helps me a lot to be in a skype call with my dependeds through the night! it sure doesn’t beat sleeping next to them, but it’s the next best thing. i’ve found it helps a lot with not wanting to go to bed because you want to talk to the other- you can just talk until right when you fall asleep!

3. send a book back and forth and annotate it.

    | i know that the way i phrased this makes it sound like icky schoolwork, but it’s way more fun than that! if you find a book that both of you would like to read- even if it’s an old favorite, or a short children’s book, it’s really fun to write little notes about what you were thinking while you were reading it, and have the other do the same! it’s also fun to highlight things that remind you of them.

4. send handwritten notes for when the other is down.

    | a lot of the times, when the other person is down, you can’t always be there for them, especially when it’s long distance. if you write a bunch of notes and send them to the other for when they’re sad, it can definitely put a smile on their face to see a handwritten note from the one they love reminding them why they want to keep going, to motivate them, and to cheer them up.

5. make a playlist together!

    | make a playlist together- or a few! songs that remind you of one another, songs that you can fall asleep to, happy songs- make the playlists together, so that way when the other one is missing you and they want to have something in the background that can make you think of them, you’ll have those playlists!

6. make each other friendship bracelets.

    | in my opinion, this is one of the cutest things, like. ever. friendship bracelets can be incredibly easy to make, and you’ll each have something special from the other that’s just for you. it’s unique and special and they’ll always be with you no matter what that way!

7. play online games together.

    be it online rpgs or flash games, playing games together can be an incredibly fun and unique way to bond and hang out, no matter how much distance is between you! we’ll make a list at a later date filled with games you can play online together! we’ll link it here when that happens, but for now, there are a ton of masterposts floating around on tumblr with games you can play!

i really hope that this is even a little bit helpful! long distance can be hard with anyone that you care about, especially someone who you’re in this close of a relationship with. best wishes to all of you guys!


etsyfindoftheday | it’s new year’s eve! | 12.31.16

2017 wall calendar // flowers + herbal remedies by constanceandclay

the colorful botanical prints on this 2017 calendar would make me excited to turn the page to a new month — because it’s not only nice to look at, you also learn about helpful remedies brought about by these plants and flowers!

@moodiful819 wrote a delightful thing for me based off of discussion about reylo while rey is on her period. i’m writing something of a continuation of it for her wherein kylo gets to try out some remedies to help rey feel better. hOPE YOU LIKE IT I GOT SEVERELY CARRIED AWAY, AS USUAL

Rey is in deep space, alone, sitting with her legs crossed in the pilot seat of the Falcon trying to meditate. She sips a drink called hot cocoa that Master Skywalker had given her and nestles one of her cheeks into the cloak she received from Kylo Ren. It feels almost traitorous to be enjoying both of the gifts at once, but… his scent, contradictory to all logic, calms her. His cloak, heavy and warm, smells like electrical burns and ashes and musky sweat, offsetting the chocolate. It helps her forget the worst of her curse, at the best of times—

(She knows what it’s called now, that it’s not the work of the Maker or of Jakku’s goddesses and instead simple biology, but ‘menstruating’ and ‘period’ ring too clinical in her mind to use them to describe the pain that squelches her guts every month.)

—and at the worst of times she remembers that she had received help and been asked nothing in return from her enemy.

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