Writer’s Tip: Avoiding “Authorism” Metaphors and References

Part of POV writing means getting into a specific character’s head. You explore the world from their view, their opinions, their memories. However, one of the simplest things that can rip the reader out of the story is when the author uses a memory, reference or metaphor that they are familiar with, but the charatcer isn’t.


Allura held the device in her palms, running her fingers over the rounded buttons and dials. It was roughly the size of an Xbox controller. “This thing will help me travel through time?” She asked.

There is nothing wrong with the paragraph, except for the fact that Allura has most definitely never seen or held an Xbox controller. She has no knowledge of it. Even if one of the paladins had described it to her in conversation before then, it probably wouldn’t be her first go-to for comparison. She would probably reference something fictional from her own culture.

Allura held the device in her palms, running her fingers over the rounded buttons and dials. It reminded her of a Xental, a trendy handheld device from her teenaged years on Altea. “This thing will help me travel through time?” She asked. 

While the audience may not know what this fictional item is, they can infer its looks and purpose from Allura’s opinions and memories of it. Or, you could simply skip the comparison altogether and go with describing the object as-is.

“You guys are acting ridiculous,” said Pidge. “You remind me of an episode of Hey Arnold.”

Again, not entirely wrong, but this statement dates the author, and misrepresents the character. First of all, Voltron the show is set in the near future of earth, so media references probably haven’t been seen yet and would need to be invented.

However, if we’re going with contemporary references or a modern AU, Pidge, assuming she is around 14-15 years old, is too young to have watched a show that aired from 1996-2004. It shows that the author is familiar with this reference, but it’s inappropriate for the character.

Keith watched the robot shift back and forth on its six feet as it readied itself to attack. It was a graceful action, hypnotic and smooth. It reminded him of a waltz.

This one is a little trickier and it requires the author to really consider what Keith’s backstory is and what his go-to references are. Does Keith know what waltzing is? Yeah, generally, probably about as much as the average person. Has Keith ever watched waltz dancing? Maybe on TV at some point.

But the question is, would he use it as a prime reference?

And, in my opinion, probably not. Waltzing is not in Keith’s mind because of Keith’s lifestyle and choices. The reference comes across as authorly because it deposits information that is not natural to the character onto him and endows him with information and experience that is either unnecessary or inappropriate.

A better mental reference would be to link it to Keith’s extensive fighting experience.

Keith watched the robot shift back and forth on its six feet as it readied itself to attack. It was a graceful action, hypnotic and smooth. It reminded him of his capoera classes at the garrison.

This helps to build and solidify Keith’s character, rather than distract from it. It takes Keith’s known attributes, that of a fighter, and gives him a bit more logical backstory. He’s referencing a direct experience he’s already had, rather than an abstract one like waltzing. This is the difference between deepening the story and pulling the reader out of it.

It’s true to “write what you know” but you also need to balance that with what the character you are writing explicitly or implicitly knows or doesn’t know. When you write POV, you are writing from that character’s experiences and memories and references. Keep that in mind when you use metaphors and similies and keep them in line with the character.

Otherwise your readers will be able to peek behind the curtain and see the author there.

Writer’s Tip #2: Placing your characters in a scene with Google Images

Writer’s tip #3: What is the ‘Shipping Funnel’?

Aar and I are talking about taking a family trip.... to Scotland?? XD

We want to go there because… well… it’s SCOTLAND. AND CASTLES. AND SEXY ACCENT. AND HISTORY.

But when is a good time to travel there? I’m hope for Cassidy to be around the 6 month mark. I want to do baby wearing. What is the weather like July/August/September?

I mostly see us out in the country. Maybe a guided tour. We are thinking a fairly short trip. 7 days.

Wanderlust Resources: Great Websites for Living Abroad

Here’s just a few of the websites I use to help me travel, live and work abroad. These are great resources that have helped me A LOT A LOT A LOT.

    • What it is: classified ads for Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona. Find jobs, apartments, language exchange partners, etc
    • What it is: classified ads for Rome. Find jobs & apartments 
    • What is is: Find nanny/au pair jobs in France. EXCELLENT. I used this in Paris. Don’t be discouraged by it being in French. Pull up Google Translate in a diff window, and become a premium member (6 euros for 1 month, roughly $8). WORTH IT
    • What it is: Flight search, and one of the best. Almost always has the cheapest prices but always cross-reference with other sites like and  (dont bother with Orbitz or Priceline)
    • What it is: Find families to Au Pair for, also can be used to find students for private English teaching. I’ve written a lot about this because it is the best Au Pair service ever. Don’t bother with premium - you’ll get contacted by families. 
    • What it is: Mash up of resources for every type of travel - from farm work, studying abroad and volunteer work to culinary travel. This is what I used when I decided to move abroad for the 1st time - it’s how I discovered Au Pair work.

lol for real tho you know jake talked about tallstar like constantly. we already know jake’s super intrigued by clan life and like i can just see him finding any opportunity to talk about his adventures with tall like

“ugh the birds were chattering outside my nest all ni–”

I call these dog holes. You can put your dog in them and for some reason it’s cute.
Today is the last day to grab a print from my shop (! Thanks so much for the support, last week’s donations raised a whole bunch for Take a Hike Youth At Risk Foundation (exact amount coming soon) and the rest is going towards helping me travel down this coast in the coming weeks (with 10% of those profits going toward NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)).


I know it looks like a lot buuuut

  1. Everyday clothes
  2. walking shoes (not FLIPFLOPS ya ding dongs!)
  3. passport
  4. hotel/flight info + copies of credit/debit/ID cards
  5. one nice outfit (just in case)
  6. camera + batteries (not necessary; i prefer an actual camera)
  7. outlet adapter
  8. cellphone*
  9. medication (if you need it)
  10. jacket/sweater
  11. umbrella ( you may want one. I hate them)
  12. credit/debit cards*
  13. irl money*
  14. travel charger (a life saver!!!)
  15. toiletries*
  16. sunnies 
  17. sunscreen
  18. headphones + music
  19. towel (hostels* charge about 10€ for towels) not necessary
  20. re-usable water bottle (water* in Europe is safe save $$$)
  21. postcards (to write down what happened in each city) not necessary
  22. Laundry bag (keep your nasty dirty clothes away from clean ones)

* links will be added later to further explain

So every time I try to make a long in depth post about what’s happening, tumblr destroys it, and as it’s extremely emotionally taxing to keep rewriting the story of the literal worst day of my life , I hope you’ll forgive me for this briefer version. If you need or want any more details you are 100% free to message me. As you can see, I’ve attached proof.

My mum, the kindest, most giving, most wonderful person, had a severe stroke yesterday (Tuesday) and is paralysed from the shoulder down on her right side. Thank god she does have her speech and her memory back (it was gone for five hours), but this is still life altering.

She’s in an acute ward an hour away from home and I have to be there for her every day, but also travel back every night to make sure the animals are ok. She’s expected to be there for two weeks at the very least, after which she’ll be moving to a rehab ward which may or may not be any closer to home.

Because I’m autistic and have quite severe cognitive dysfunction and related adhd I can’t drive. So:

- To visit Mum each day I have to either take a taxi (emergency or outside train running hours) - £45-50 each way.

- Or take a taxi to the nearest train station (£7), then get an hour train journey (£22 both ways) and a taxi on the other end to the hospital (£4)

I have no friends or relatives living close by who can help me out with travel. I wish I did.

If anyone can help me out with the cost of getting to her it would mean the world. There’s more to deal with than just that, but right now it’s impossible to think about anything other than the need to be there for her and not have to tell her I can’t go because I can’t afford the journey.

My PayPal is If you can give anything - honestly, you don’t have to, but it would mean the world. We recently became a single income household again and I honestly don’t know how we’re going to cope with the financial effects of this stroke. Mum is being strong, I am being strong, but we’re devastated.

This is the latest in a string of truly terrible things to happen to us. Within the same month as this, I was raped, and she lost her job. I don’t know what’s happening to us.

Some initial proof, if needed:


It is exceedingly difficult, but not impossible, to reason with a drunk person.

A drunk and heartbroken person, however, is a different story entirely.

“Leo,” Henry murmured, ducking his head low and nudging the hat towards the prince with a new level of desperation. “Wear it. Please. Before someone recognises you.”

Prince Leonardo, heir to the Southern Kingdom, wealthiest young royal on the continent, and currently in the running as drunkest person in the tavern, took a moment to lift his bleary eyes away from his glass. When his gaze locked with Henry’s, the young valet made the terrible mistake of hoping that he’d made a breakthrough, and he quirked his lips in encouragement.


Henry sighed, resigning himself to spending time in the rougher side of town for the foreseeable future, but apprehensive nonetheless. Leo was still in his regular clothes. In other words, his wealth was obvious to anyone and everyone. Nobody this side of town wore blue, for it was the colour of nobility, of royalty.

They were bound to attract attention sooner or later.

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Essays in Existentialism: Twice

I was wondering if we would be able to get more of the “once” universe? Maybe the struggles once they have made this one time thing more than that? Or the dinner with lexa’s dad?

Previously on Once

“That was fun,” Clarke gasped, trying to catch her breath as best she could. Her shoulders relaxed despite pushing against the wall to keep herself up in the small space of the closet. 

“Yeah,” Lexa smirked, barely visible in the dim light. She kissed the thigh next to her lips, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, kissed Clarke once more between her legs. Clarke gulped and twitched. 

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Can you do Apo and DiE shit-talking Glave?

“Dumbass admin,” Add grumbled to nobody in particular, kicking away a demon and ripping another apart with a space field.  “What part of ‘help me travel through time’ did he interpret as ‘make me run your errands’-”

“The part where you wanted him to help you,” Ain sighed, coming up behind Add so silently that it was like he teleported.  As usual, Add jumped.

“Don’t do that!”

“Do what?” Ain tilted his head, that long hair blowing in the cold wind.  Add scoffed.

“You know what,” he grumbled, and then changed the subject.  “What, Glave made you do his errands, too?”

Ain shrugged.  “He thinks he knows a way to make me more powerful.  My Goddess won’t help me, it seems, so I accepted his help.”

“Don’t,” Add advised.  “You end up being his errand boy.”

Ain frowned.  “That sounds… unpleasant.  I would hate having to deal with his laugh forever.”

“Oh, the laugh isn’t the half of it.”  Even to himself, Add’s own laugh sounded insane by now, but he wouldn’t deny that Glave’s was annoying.  “It’s the damned riddles that get me.  Tell me what you want and what you’ll give me in return, sure, I might humor you.  But when you give me a riddle and then don’t tell me what you’re giving in return-?  Pah.”

“Sounds like the Goddess,” Ain said, not unsympathetically.  “And let me guess, you can’t kill him.”

“Tried that.  Failed that.  Got the weird laugh.”

Ain actually chuckled at that.

miex-que-toi  asked:

Hi! So I'm starting a bujo, but I'm in a sort of unique situation. I'll be traveling the first few months of my bujo. Do you have any advice for good layouts for long trips or just good collections for travel or travel layouts that will help me?

Traveling with a journal is always fun! I don’t have layout tips for traveling, but I do have some fun travel pages. 

Of course, if you’re not in the states, make the map of where you live! 

You could also make a goals page for your travels for things you want to do, see, and hear when you’re out and about. You could make a list of places you want to go as well. I had one, but I can’t seem to find the picture of it saved on my laptop! Sorry about that. 

I hope you have fun traveling! 

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I could always use more Tiznes in my life. Do you need anything else to go off of?

“Does it ever bother you that there are worlds where we didn’t meet?”

“Huh?”  Tiz’s forehead furrowed as he thought about Agnès’ question.  The witching hour tended to be a time of deep thought for those still awake, and Agnès… well, she was already a deeper thinker than he was, he knew.  She was thinking of other worlds, and he’d been thinking about how they needed to fix the fence.  “No.”

Apparently, this surprised Agnès; she shifted beside him, rolling onto her stomach, and answered with a slightly incredulous, “Really?”

“We met in this one, didn’t we?  I’m happy enough with that.”

“Well.”  Tiz could hear the hint of laughter in Agnès’ voice and smiled.  “I’m rather happy with that too.”  But then her voice grew more serious again.  “It’s simply… if you believe in soulmates, and if we are–uh, that is, if you could say we are–”

Tiz blinked.  Did she really think he might disagree with that?  “Agnès, we’re married.  I’d die for you.  You can call us soulmates.”

“No dying.”  Her finger poked at his chest, because even with only a little moonlight in the room, Agnès knew how he slept well enough to find him.  She poked a few times.  “You have done quite enough of that.”

“I’m sorry,” Tiz said, and then, “mercy, mercy!” when the finger kept prodding harder.  Finally, she stopped.  She hummed thoughtfully for a few seconds.

“But if we are soulmates, it just seems sad to think about worlds where we never meet.”

“Maybe in the other worlds, we didn’t meet in this life,” Tiz said.  “But I’m sure we would in other lives.”  He smiled as a memory occurred to him.  “After all, you’d have a tough time making me not follow you.”

“Heehee.  How would we meet?”

“Maybe I would be a sailor, and I’d meet you on one of my voyages.”

“Maybe I would be a merchant, and I hired you to help me travel…or you could be a pirate, come to take my wares?”

Agnès was obviously in a more playful mood now, and Tiz wanted to match it despite feeling a little sleepy.  “’Arr, lassy.  I came to steal your treasure, but you’ve already plundered my heart!’”

The dignified retired vestal and pope outright snorted as she laughed.  “Tiz, that’s terrible.”

“It’s nothing Ringabel hasn’t said.”

“Ringabel commits to being terrible.  Some women find that lack of shame charming.”  Agnès turned over again, this time rolling on her side to face him and resting her head on his shoulder.  Tiz shifted his shoulder to let her rest more comfortably.  “I think you’re right though.  Maybe we haven’t met yet in those worlds.  But there are so many ways we could still.  It’s much more pleasant, thinking of it that way.”

“And it’s true,” Tiz said, closing his eyes to rest.  “I’d find you.”

Agnès nestled in closer to his side.  “If you didn’t, I’d go out to find you.”

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Hi! Could you help me find any time travel Malec fanfics please?

Asunder by SalazarTipton (Unrated | 9/? | 22,240)

Max was just trying to get to the Institute faster. The last time he was late to training, his papa, Alec, had given him a long speech on responsibility and he wasn’t in the mood for another one. Unfortunately, he hadn’t expected sending himself back in time before his parents had even gotten together and at the brink of the Mortal War breaking out.

Will his decisions change his future? Can he make things better, save some people? Or will he destroy his chances of ever being born…

(All the time travel AUs I’ve seen around are set back with Will Herondale and everybody so I thought, what if our current peeps saw the possibilities of their futures through Max?)

A Matter of Time by darcenator (PG13 | 12/? | 69,511)

“Traveling is like flirting with life.
It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you,
but I have to go.’”

-Lisa St Aubin de Terán

Magnus Bane is still the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Alexander Lightwood is still the acting Head of the New York Institute. The thing is, Magnus has known Alec his entire life. There’s just so much to explore when time travel meets immortality. A Time Traveler’s Wife AU

Forward by ithilien22 (PG | 1/1 | 4,101)

The night before Alec’s wedding to Lydia, he’s offered a glimpse of his future.

1997 by Jinko (PG13 | 1/1 | 5,212)

“I’m monogamous in the future?” He whistled, sounding impressed, as he shook the cocktail together. “You must be one hell of a catch, Alexander.”

Lead The Way by clockworkswan (PG13 | 1/1 | 28,806)

What do you do when an immortal time lord falls into your life?
You take his hand, run, and fall madly in love.
A malec doctor/companion AU, with space adventures, fluff, and oh so many references!

As always, if our followers know any time travel fics, please leave a reply!

Backstage Feelings

Ask: Your blog is amazing! I was wondering if you could make a one shot where y/n reveals her feelings for Seth after she sees him get hurt during a match and finds him backstage?

You stood by the monitor with a few other wrestler, watching Seth’s match against Roman Reigns. You were nervous as you watched Seth get taking away on a stretcher. He had jumped off the top turnbuckle on to the announcers table, but Roman moved causing him to break the table and landed rips first on a monitor.

You now stood outside of the trainers room, waiting for the doctor to let you in, so you could see if Seth was alright. The doctor opened the door and nudged his head towards Seth, letting you know you could see him. 

You walked in and over towards Seth, who had his back towards you, trying to gently put his shirt on over his tapped ribs. You stepped closer and help him pull the shirt on over his head and put his arms in.

Seth’s eyes locked with yours and he smile a little. “Thank you, Y/N”

“Yeah no probable. I just came here to make sure that, you know. You were alright and everything” You said, trying to avoided eye contact. 

You had alway had a crush on Seth, sense your first day here and Seth let you travel with him because you didn’t have anyone and neither did he.

“I just have some bruised ribs, nothing else” Seth said, shrugging.

“Oh cause bruised ribs are nothing” You said, sarcastically. Seth smiled and laughed, but then groaned in pain.

“You okay?” You asked, worried.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just can’t laugh….or breathe” Seth said, picking up his bag and heading towards the door.

You bit your lip before deciding that you needed Seth to know how you feel. You jogged a little to catch up to him. 

“Seth….I need to tell you something…” You said, trailing off.

“What is it?” Seth asked, stopping. You stopped and looked up and him, before looking at your boots.

“Well…..Seth I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I like you, Seth. I mean, I like, like you and I have sense my first day here. You were sweet, you helped me, let me travel with you and you never once said a mean thing to me……and I just, really like you and I feel like you should know how I feel.” You said, still looking down at you boots.

Seth was quite, a little to quite for your liking. Just as you were about to give up and walk away, Seth took a couple step so that he stood right in front of you. 

He put his hand under you chin and tilted your head back, kissing you gentle. 

When he pulled away, you locked eyes with him and smiled shyly.

“I hope that answers how I feel about you, Y/N. Because if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll have to show then. Won’t I” Seth said, his lips brushing against yours.

But before you could answer him, he took your hand in his and pulled you quickly behind him, out the door and to his car. He tossed his bag in the trunk and then turned around and gave you another kiss, before pointing you to the passenger side door. 

You smiled but move and got in the car quickly.

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I aim to make a comfortable financial living with my published writing. <3

This is lovely I hope I can sell my artwork some day to help me afford my travels <3


Hey Coliver fans, you’ve been so sweet to me, I joined the fandom pretty late (right before season 1 ended)  and you’ve accepted me into the fandom very openly and I will always be so grateful for this.  I love drawing art for this ship and I’m so very flattered it’s had good reception.  but what’s not okay is reposting uncredited art.  Any art.  The ones I’ve seen reposted the most are some of my most popular pieces,most recently so I’m bringing this up.

etc.  you get get the drift

This is seriously NOT OKAY.  Not just for note earning reasons.  I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO ART AS A PROFESSION.  This is something I take very seriously  and getting my work out there on social media is something I spend a lot of time and effort on.  I have a twitter, tumblr (+clean art blog), Instagram and Society6. It has helped me immensely with getting my name out there and has given me a few great opportunities. If you claim to love my art so much I do not understand why you’d feel the need to post with no source.  If you feel the STRONG NEED TO POST IT YOURSELF RATHER THAN JUST REBLOG WHICH WOULD BE 10 TIMES EASIER BTW.  Please just link back to my blog, this is all I ask and it’s basic art etiquette for ANYONE.  

Seriously if art got out and trended without a source that sucks if say an actor found it and would source back to the wrong blog.  

Or please also consider the fact that I sell commissions and art prints and bringing attention to my blog also brings attention to these things.  These extra sources of income are very good for me, I used both these things to help me travel to meet Internet friends this year and I’m also going back to college soon and I will probably be super promoting both these things again when I need the extra cash.  Again, getting my stuff out there is important for me.  

So please with any art online don’t be a butt, social media is important for budding artists, it’s a super competitive world out there for us.  Be a bro and credit artists or just REBLOG FROM THE SOURCE.  (and dear god if you’re going to repost art don’t close your ask box like a coward.  Like at this point I just assume you know what you’re doing is wrong).  This as been a PSA. Enjoy your fandoms responsibly kids.  ~