Nicholas Wilde, you’re under arrest. Unless you can help me solve a case.

Watch below a new trailer for Disney’s Zootopia, which opens in U.S. theaters on March 4th, and across U.K. on March 25th. The cast is led by the voices of Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman, with Idris Elba, Octavia SpencerJenny Slate, J.K. Simmons, and Alan Tudyk.

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please help me report these reuploads

This person reuploaded my edited Diabolik lovers audio. I told them to take down the reuploads but they ignored my wish. Please help me flag these video.

Channel link:

Please help me to flag these. Thank you so much T.T. Sorry if this post bothers you. Your help are the motivation for me to edit more works :) 

OK. PROBLEM SOLVED. You did it. Thank you so much ^^


So I finally wrote the poem that has been churning around inside my brain for a couple weeks now since I first saw the b/w series of photos with Billie playing on Carrie’s computer circa 2000 (or around there). The problem now is that it’s written for and about Carrie and Billie, and I am now conflicted about tweeting Carrie the pics. I’m concerned it will look like I’m like this majorly obsessive fan (tbh not quite sure I ever grew out of that phase) who won’t leave her alone like some of the people on there. The woman has almost 900K followers, I’m sure the majority of which are just clingy af. She must get tired of them. I know I would. Like, I’d be thankful but also like *leave me the fuck aloneeee*

But anywho back to my point: I already tweeted her a thank you, and I don’t want this poem to seem like an overly thankful thank you. But I also want her to read it and share it with Billie. So idk what to do.

I guess ultimately, either she will or will not see it and/or read it, and I can’t control what she might think of it. So in the grand scheme of life, this inner monologue of me second guessing myself isn’t important. I suppose if I send it with love and light and positive intentions then it will take on a life of its own after I put it out into the cyber-universe.

Then again, all of this is irrelevant if she can’t read my chicken scratch handwriting. Soooo yeah….


So I’ve had this medallion/crest thingy for as long as I can remember, and neither me nor my parents know where it came from, and I’ve never been able to find a crest that matches it.

So, I am now turning to the wonderful world of tumblr.

If you have any idea what this crest is, please let me know.

If you don’t, please signal boost! I really want to figure this out, it’s been bugging me for pretty much twenty-one years.

Let’s work together and solve this mystery!!!

anonymous asked:

Being Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes sibling would include?

  • Rolling your eyes as they argue and then breaking up their petty arguments but then you’re probably dragged into them and it’s just the Holmes siblings fighting over something stupid
  • Almost giving John a heart attack when he meets you because ‘There’s another one of you?! God help me…’
  • Working together to solve crimes (but probably competing to see who can do it the fastest)
  • Constantly worrying about Sherlock’s drug habits and consulting with Mycroft to try and wean him off them
  • Though you usually always argue, you three would always be there for each other and help and protect each other when you needed it

Make sure they know how sorry you are! Don’t be afraid to admit you have a temper or apologize to you friend! If they love you for you, then you will both find a way to make it work. 

I know that you have the strength to fight through these outbursts! You’re already strong by realizing you have trouble controlling them! So now let’s go punch our tempers in the face!!

Okay maybe not punch our tempers in the face but…sometimes punching a pillow works! 

Here are some other tips too when I am feeling sort of angry:

-Tell yourself to calm down, it’s good to just tell yourself to cool off, or to take it easy.

-Leave the argument or situation, especially if you think you might say something harmful.

-Remind yourself that getting angry won’t help solve the situation. (Sapphire helps me with this one!)

-Think about what makes you angry and how you can avoid outbursts in the future. 


So I Am Going To The Hospital To Stay There Overnight For My Grandpa...

He will be sleeping most of the time. So, when I don’t need to keep an eye on him, what movies or show should I watch on my tablet?

Mind you, I won’t get wifi there. I will move whatever is on my computer to the tablet.

So… what should I put on it?


Just sitting here isn’t solving anything so please help me escape this place…

I’ve noticed there is a patch of dirt I might be able to dig and squeeze out through…

But on the other hand, the window looks promising.. I’m a pretty good climber..

What should I do?

ktrosesworld asked:

Hello lovely ladies, hope you can help me find this Fic where the TARDIS steps in during Ten's regeneration to Eleven and splits off Ten's personality and he wakes up as Tentoo ... knowing me I've probably just ruined the ending of the story but I'd love to read it again if you can find it

…But the Story Never Ends by WhoMe (Ten/Rose, teen)

- vc


So, I was at my grandmother’s farm about a year ago and found a 1942 copy of Enid Blyton’s “The Castle of Adventure.” When reading through it I found a note, leaving clues for a scavenger hunt within the pages. Following the clues to the final page I was met with an ambiguous ending, possibly suggesting the whole thing was a wild goose chase. However, below this there were two pages of shorthand, presumably left by a different writer although not necessarily. Unfortunately neither myself nor anyone I know seems to know how to read it. I consulted Google but it seems to be a more obscure form of shorthand. I have had suggestions that the book may be a horcrux and should destroy it immediately. In any case however, I turn to you, the people of tumblr, to see if you can help me solve this mystery. @ohdoubters @dariasinfernoo

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The broadcast is literally junhoe and jinhwan on jinhwan's bed helping others solve their concerns




In the broadcast one of the comments was if they were close to any groups and jinhwan said they’re complete loners 😭 then Bobby name Zico from block b and junhoe named dean the producer they worked with on sugarman and jinhwan named the people from mari&i (the animal show he’s on with hanbin) it’s sad! they aren’t close to any other idol groups 😢😭


When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy then send it to the last ten people in your recent activity! (:

1. kim taehyung 2. kim taehyung 3. kim taehyung 4. kim taehyung 5. kim taehyung