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Hey Roby,I'm currently in the emergency room due to me hurting my ankle real bad during soccer practice I've been crying for the past hour but I started to scroll through your Instagram and tumblr and can't help but smile at your amazing art and beautiful personality, so thank you for cheering me up and helping me forget the pain I'm going through currently, thank you so much Roby ily and never change ♡

whatheheck I’m cryin thank you?? i really hope you get better though that sounds painful!!! but I’m happy my posts have helped a little <3 

Prolife attitudes in other situations - Broken Leg Victim
  • Broken Leg Victim: Help! I have fallen and broken my leg!
  • Pro-Lifer: Why were climbing that tree?
  • Broken Leg Victim: What?
  • Pro-Lifer: You knew the danger of climbing a tree. You knew that trees are only meant for giving us life-giving oxygen, so why did you climb it? Why didn't you abstain from climbing that tree?
  • Broken Leg Victim: I was having fun! Please, get me help! I'm in so much pain!
  • Pro-Lifer: Well, you deserve it. You shouldn't have climbed the tree. You're so stupid!
  • Broken Leg Victim: I need a cast! I don't want it affect the rest of my life!
  • Pro-Lifer: You knew the consequences of climbing trees. You don't deserve help. *prances off in a flurry of self-righteousness.*