That Night

I had just come out the shower and was now chilling in my boxers. There I was laying in my bed watching the Justice League DVD on a Saturday night while my room mate was out having fun at the club on this rainy night. In my opinion, this was a better way to spend my night instead of going out in the rain to get sick. I am Derek, a slender light skinned black male with brown eyes. I’m not much of a party enthusiast as most in my age category of 18 are but I am human and my dick was starting to make me aware of that fact as it ascended from slumber. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a virgin. I lowered the TV volume and just as I was about to give it some attention, there was a text notification sound on my phone .

Me (Derek Towers)

My friend AJ hit me up on whatsapp. Now AJ was an attractive guy with an amazing ass and what I had to guess was a pretty good size dick. I could only imagine as I saw the outline once while we were on the beach. AJ was an easygoing fellow about a year older than myself. We met at my job at the hotel where I was a waiter and he was a lifeguard. He was cool and we got along great but he was ridiculously homophobic and there was no way I was going to let him know that I played for both teams.

After our conversation, I still had my little problem. I opened the tumblr app on my phone and scrolled down looking at sexy guys for hours, occasionally watching some porn video. Eventually, I saw a new story by my favorite author @morrisondauthor​ entitled  “Freak by Night 7: Freaky Sneaky.” His stories are always so sexy that I find myself ejaculating before I get to the end. I get so upset when he takes a while to post his stories because they give me life and take me to a world I could never imagine. For some reason, the context usually gets me hornier than the images he uses. I got to the good part and it made me so close to my climax when my phone notification alarmed me. If you haven’t guessed, it was AJ letting me know he got home safely. He went on to tell me about his night and how he had four rounds of sex with his date in her car and she came all 4 times. I was so jealous, I was trying to come once to satisfy myself and he interrupted me boasting about his extravagant time. Now all I had in my mind were images of his sexy ass f***ing her sexy ass in the car and my vivid imagination made me ten times hornier. I had to get my nut so I told him the truth.

Me: You got your nut now I’m going to work on mine

Him: With Pamela? 😂😂😂 Night. Don’t forget the jergens.

I didn’t dignify him with a response. Instead I went to the living room and sat in the couch with nothing on but my boxer briefs. My dick stuck fully erect through the hole in my boxers and I jacked away once again replaying Morrison’s story in my head imagining it was me coming down the stairs to a sexy surprise. The sound of the thunderstorm outside with sprinkles of rain violently pelleting the window fueled my hormones and I could feel my balls ready to release the seed from their constraints. Suddenly there was a loud crash at my doorstep synonymous with a lightning bolt outside which ignited fear into my heart and caused me to forget that I was horny. Cautiously I approached the door and peered through the peep hole to notice nobody standing in the hallway. Still my curiosity wouldn’t let me rest so I opened the door ready to put my self defense skills to the test if I needed it. Imagine my disappointment when I viewed my roommate, Kevin wet from head to toe lying at our doorstep in the fetal position. He appeared to be highly intoxicated and since he doesn’t have a car, I can only assume that a Good Samaritan literally dropped him at the door. As the epinephrine wore off, I started to realize that I was once again disturbed from achieving my natural high.

Even though I was upset, I couldn’t leave him there like that so I dragged him inside. Like AJ, Kevin was straight, usually requesting that I keep the “gay shit” to myself. Yes, he knew about me. I’ve known him since we were kids because we were neighbors and grew up living in each other’s homes. When I found out that I had a taste for both girls and boys, I was around 13 and Kevin was the only person I told at the time. His reaction to the news could have been better. He called me a faggot and stormed out of my house. We didn’t speak for weeks afterward. Eventually he came to me randomly one day and apologized. I couldn’t forgive him and asked him to leave letting him know just how much he hurt me. He didn’t give up though and proved himself from that day forth that he wanted to be my best friend again. He fought off bullies, walked with me home from school and acted like the friend he was before I told him. I forgave him after a while and we were boys again. He constantly tries to get me to go out and drink with him but like I said before, I really don’t have a taste for it. We got this apartment when we moved to Florida for college and we get along well despite his occasional battles with alcoholism. Even so, it’s never been this bad.Kevin loved the gym and he worked out every weekday evening at 5 and went jogging every morning at 6. He took his physical health very seriously which is why I never understood why he drank alcohol. He also managed to maintain above average grades for his track and field scholarship at UCF.

Kevin Dill

I lifted Kevin off the floor and even though he was rather heavy, got him to the bathtub and removed the wet clothes from his barely responsive body. I haven’t seen him naked since we took baths together as kids but when I saw his naked body I had to step back and admire the marvelous muscular masterpiece. My eyes wandered to his dick which wasn’t even hard yet his uncircumcised attachment was 7 inches long and fatter towards the base. I finally snapped back into reality left to get a glass of warm water and an empty bucket in case he vomited. I ran some warm water in the bathtub and thoroughly bathed him. I couldn’t believe I was cleaning a grown man, but I didn’t want him to go into hypothermia. Not only was he drunk, but he was also wet from the cold rain. He started to gain a reasonable level of consciousness.

“Derek? What are you doing?”

“You’re drunk and cold just relax and drink this.”

I gave him an aspirin and the glass of warm water and watched him take it.

“I’m naked”

“I know”


“You were wet and unconscious”

“You couldn’t let me sleep it off?”

“I’m sorry would you rather get a cold or die from dehydration and hypothermia?”

He sucked his teeth, “you didn’t have to remove my boxers.”

“Hey if it’s wet it comes off.”

“Get out,” he said covering his private area.

“Nope, you could pass out at any minute. Look, I already lifted your heavy ass in here, removed your clothes by myself then took my bare hands and wiped your dirty ass. In fact it was my hands that peeled back your foreskin and cleaned your penis. It’s a little too late for modesty.”

He was speechless so I said, “What’s that on the floor? Pick it up you’re making a mess.”

He looked down, “What? What are you talking about?”

“Your bottom lip, now get out the tub and come dry off”

“Ha Ha…very funny,” he sarcastically mumbled as he stumbled out the bathtub.

I was right there to catch him with a towel and prevent him from falling. I began to dry his body when he smartly remarked, “I can do it myself you know”

I removed my body support and he dropped to the ground barely breaking his fall with his forearms.

“I thought you had it.”

“Help me up”

“Help me up what?”

“Help me up please”

“Help me up please what?”

“D’, I’m not saying that”

“Ok,” I began to leave the room.

“Fine, Please help me up Supreme Overlord Towers”

“No problem.” I helped him up and noticed he had an erection.

“Friend of yours?” I teased.

“Shut up!”

I assisted him to his bedside and helped him slide on his boxers.

“I feel so embarrassed,” he admitted

“Why? It’s just us here, chill.”

“This is not fair. You’ve seen me naked now and I even got hard,” he slapped his face in embarrassment.

“We used to bathe together all the time, washing each other’s backs and laughing at each other’s nakedness. What’s the big deal?”

He couldn’t make eye contact and stayed quiet so after sucking my teeth, I slid off my boxers, threw them to the side and danced around in a circle wagging my dick from left to right.

“Woah!” He exclaimed.

“Now I don’t have on anything. Are you happy now?”

He laughed hysterically, “that’s not what I meant.”

“Go to bed.” I helped him lay down and covered him with a warm blanket.

I turned around to leave but to my surprise, he grabbed my hand, “Please, don’t leave me again.”

“Again? I never left you.”

He burst into tears, “yes you did. When I called you by that word and you got upset with me, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I never wanted to lose my best friend. Those were the hardest months of my life, I never even cried over a girl like that.”

Confused, all I could say was, “This must be the alcohol talking.” I turned to leave again.

“Please!” He shouted.

“Okay, okay, just don’t yell like that again. The neighbors are sleeping.”

“Sleep here tonight.”

“If that would make you feel better, fine, but don’t vomit on me please.” I went to the corner to get my boxers.

“You don’t need those.”

Once again, confused but internally contented. I happily obliged, turned off the light went on the other side of his queen sized bed, pulling the covers over my exposed body.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

The sound of rain pattering on the window echoed in the room and I was falling asleep. Unexpectedly, I felt a warm gentle touch on my dick that slammed the emergency brake of the train to dreamland. My dick was being massaged by none other than my best friend. I silently protested in my head not wanting to disturb the amazing sensation I was feeling which caused me to leak pre-ejaculation fluid. My brain finally gained control and I managed to stop him.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“Shh. Just let it happen.”

“Now you sound like a rapist. This has to be the alcohol affecting you. You are not in your right frame of mind.” I got up and as I was standing up to leave, he pulled my hand and I landed supine right on the side of him. He lay against me leaning on his side I could see the shadow of his head in front of me and I could feel he was staring at me. Lightning flashed and I saw the look in his eyes that paralyzed me for that moment. I felt the heat radiating from his head increasing in intensity as he slowly approached my face. I felt like Chris from Get Out in the hypnosis scene, helplessly watching this happen through the windows of my eyes. When the eternity passed and he connected with my lips, the curtains closed but I could sense the brightest flashes of lightning outside. I regained control and participated in the best kiss of my life. Opening our eyes and pulling apart met us with nature’s fireworks applauding our performance.

“Wow,” we chorused.

He grabbed my body and brought me into a passionate make out session, rubbing his well toned body against mine allowing me to once again feel it’s shape, this time against my own. He went down to the left side of my neck and started sucking on it while rubbing his hands all over my back down to my bare ass. I hate hickeys but the euphoria was too intense to stop. I felt electricity flowing through my body as he continued. He kissed his way down to my left nipple and I expressed a soft moan. It felt like there was a string directly attached to the pleasure nerves in my dickhead. He continued kissing down my abs until he got to my pubic hairs and he got up. My eyes opened reacting to the sudden pause. We breathed deeply and synchronized.

“I never did anything with a dude before,” he admitted

“I’m still a virgin,” I countered.

“I know.”

I felt my face blush with embarrassment only to be aroused with pleasure at the immediate moist warm sensation that came from the head of my dick. Did he really just put my dick in his mouth? I looked down and he continued down the nine and a half inch solid shaft managing to get half of it in his mouth. That was the most mind blowing feeling in my life.

“You sure you never did this before?”

He chuckled and continued up and down repetitively sending me to a new level of heaven. He paused again and I couldn’t handle any more suspense. I reversed our positions and did exactly as he did to me in the same sequence. I thought my reaction was intense but as I sucked his neck his hands went all over my body and their favorite place was my ass. I worked my way to his nipples and he let out the sexiest deep moan that I couldn’t compare to all my years of watching porn. It send jolts through my body causing me to be extra turned on. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to know what that dick tasted like. I skipped his abs and went straight to his pubic hairs which like mine were short lavishing in the musk they produced. I licked his dick from the base along the underside to the tip where I licked around the head tasting the pheromones produced. I experimented sticking my tongue in the entrance and he jumped.

“That was intense!” he smiled

I continued taking his head in my throat and he rewarded me with another deep moan. I continued my assault down the shaft attempting to go as far as I could. I made it as far as about 3 inches when ii felt my teeth hit his skin and I pulled back thinking about how much that hurt.

“Easy with the teeth baby”

Baby? If I wasn’t black I’m sure my face would be an apple right now. I tried again, this time opening my mouth as wide as I could and I made it down 5 inches of his eleven before I started to choke and retreat for air. He moaned again and that made me determined to get to the base. I went for it again this time holding my breath and swallowing as I went down fighting hard to resist the urge to cough. I think I made it as far as 9 inches that time but it was as far as I could possibly go. He let out another deep moan lasting longer than any of the predecessors.

“Damn baby no girl ever committed to going that far down.”

I was happy to satisfy him but after that I went up and down taking in only what I could manage, slobbering all over that sexy tool of his. After a few minutes, he pulled my head up and lead me in another intense kiss.

“I want to make love to you baby.” He stared intimately at me.


“I want to fuck you.”

“You gotta let me fuck you too”

“No way I’m letting you anywhere near my ass with that thing.” He protested

“And I’m supposed to let you in mine?”

“Yeah but I love you and I want to prove it to you by taking your virginity.”

“I love you too and you can prove your love by letting me fuck you and take your virginity as well”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“Your ass is.”

“You always did have a smart mouth. It’s one of your most attractive qualities.”

“Well, the ball is in your court”

“Ugh….Okay, just go easy on me please.”

“I could say the same.”

“Okay turn over.”

“Umm no. We need to do a couple things to prepare first”

“We? Things like what?”

“Yes we! Come on, I’ll show you”

I went in my bedroom and grabbed my fleet. It’s a good thing I got two new bottles just in case a miracle happened. Didn’t think I’d get to use them so soon. I researched online how to prepare a long time ago and even practiced a couple of times. I taught Kevin what to do and after a while we were ready. We returned to his bedroom and turned his desk lamp on dimly. The patter of the rain was the only sound for a brief moment.

“That felt wierd,” he complained.

“Well there’s one more step we have to take,” I handed him the tube of lube.

“Hold on no need to rush just yet, I want to taste that ass first,” He kissed me intently then moved both of my legs up and attacking my asshole like it was his last meal. I don’t know which was better, that blowjob or the other level he was sending me to while he ate me. I felt his tongue go places that I didn’t know anything could. All of a sudden, I had this epileptic episode I couldn’t control. I was so weak after he finally finished with me. He grabbed the lube and inserted a finger inside my hole to open me up. He worked his second finger in there. and was about to enter.

“You better go up to 4 fingers, that thing is huge”

The third finger hurt like pins and needles. and the fourth was even worse. I really thought I was bleeding. He waited until I was comfortable, somehow managing to remain hard during the entire exercise. I guess he was as horny as I was. He entered me in the missionary position and I felt a sudden sharp pain as he passed my sphincter that sent kilojoules of electricity through my body. I cried and wanted to stop but he held me down and comforted me,

“Relax baby, just relax.”

I took slow deep breaths until the pain eased and he did not move. He waited until I was comfortable before he continued penetrating me at a steady pace. He didn’t go all the way in but he started a slow rhythm with about three inches of his massive meat. He only went further when I was in agreement. I stopped the rhythm and pushed him on his back without severing our connection. Gently I lowered myself onto his rod taking inch by inch until to my surprise, I fit the whole thing in there. I was so proud I almost didn’t notice the euphoric look on Kevin’s face.

“Damn baby, you sexy as f***,” he complimented.

I began a steady rhythm on him and I could feel him hitting my spot every time. Our session went on for a while. We went in every position we could imagine possible until he had me on my belly leaning against the edge of the bed drilling me.

“Hold on baby, you’re going to make me come,” I warned.

“That’s the plan baby,” he smirked.

I realized what he was trying to do and used every will power I had to stop myself from coming and resist him, ending that part of our session.

“You think you’re slick. I’m f***ing your ass tonight.” I retaliated.

He had a look of disappointment on his face but he lie back, removed his condom and succumbed to my wishes. He lie on his back rolling his eyes and pulled his leg up to reveal the prettiest pink spot I’ve ever seen in my life (only one I saw in person but it didn’t compare to anything in porn). I had to treat something so precious with the utmost care. I gently licked it for a few minutes before I let my tongue explore every delicious crevice of his ass it could reach. I imagine his ass would taste like ass but his was surprisingly sweet. I stuck my tongue inside and was shocked when I heard a deep moan escape his lips. I guess he was enjoying this as much as I was. I continued until I tasted something extra sweet and when I looked at it, it was a white fluid. I think he came from his ass. Damn I made him cream from eating him. I couldn’t believe it. His ass was moister than my tongue and I tasted as much as I could before grabbing the bottle of lube. I didn’t think I’d need it but I did not want to hurt him nor did I want him to chicken out. I inserted 2 of my fingers and they went in without a struggle. I had to fight with the third and fourth because his ass had a constant death grip on them. I positioned myself for entry and took it slow with him, exercising as much care as he did me. Like myself, he seemed to experience discomfort with the infiltration of the head. So I repeated the process and let him get used to it. After a while, he told me to go ahead. I started a slow rhythm  and carefully eased inch by inch into him until i was working 5 inches inside him. Without warning, he reversed the situation and put himself on top like I did. He started riding me. I was speechless but it felt so good when he slammed all the way down onto my dick taking all of it. He looked so sexy, I watched as his pecks vibrated and his ass jiggled moving up and down on me. He was so sexy I wanted to cry at the beauty I was beholding. His mouth was wide open and his eyes closed with his head tilted back moaning. He was enjoying this as much as I was. Once again we had another session with multiple positions until I was backshotting him. He creamed on my dick again throughout the experience. It felt so good, I knew I would climax soon.  He tried to run but I managed to pull him back every time. He said it was too intense and he couldn’t take much more, begging me to cum.

“What’s my name?”


“Wrong!” I violently pounded him.

“What’s my name?”

“I don’t know.” He cried.

“Yea you do,” I pounded harder, “what’s my name?”

“Supreme (moan) Overlord (moan) Towers,” he cried out in pleasure. With those words, 2 weeks of tension building erupted into the condom flooding it with life fluid. I came for a minute straight. I didn’t even know that was possible. The condom had the most cum I’ve ever seen in my life inside and I have know idea how all that fit in there. I looked down to see that Kevin came too. His sheets were soaked in his liquid release. There was so much I was sure he produced more than I did. We struggled to catch our breaths for bout five minutes. It was still raining and we took a shower together and had another make out session. We dried off and went to my room in our birthday suits. He spooned me and we had a long intense discussion even though it was now 3 in the morning.

“I wanted to do that for a long time,” he admitted.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I was afraid.”

“Of what? I’m your best friend.”

“I don’t know. I panicked that day you told me and the reason I freaked out is because I didn’t know how to react. I developed feelings for you and didn’t know how to express myself.”

“All these years and you wait until now to tell me. So what now?”


Disclaimer: Persons in the images used are not necessarily as the story describes do not reflect their character or sexuality. They are a mere depiction of each character’s features. However if there is a problem, please write me and they will be replaced by similar entities

© I. Black 2017

I have a twitchy urge to change one (or more) of the 7 Minutes in Heaven objects cause I picked them all when I was sitting in class like a long time ago and it was a split second decision but I’m also kind of sentimentally attached to it being the way it is but also I want the object to make sense with the plot I make up as I go along



[LYRICS] B.A.P Daehyun - Shadow

Help me now help me now
Help me now help me now
Bebe Bebe
Help me now help me now
Help me now help me now
Bebe Be baby

Hey Show me what to do
Can’t find you(,) the maze called you
The maze called you
I know I know the moment I saw you(,) everything
Whitely(,) I’m Zero(,) whitely(,) I’m Zero

Like last night’s dream(,) you
When (I) try to feel (you, you) become faded
Catch me(,) so (I) can stop the me like this Baby
Even if it’s all a lie

Show me what you got
What do (you) want from me
There is no you next to me(,) but why am I like this
Tell me what to do
Tell me that it’s all the end

Help me now help me now
Help me now help me now
Bebe Bebe
Help me now help me now
Help me now help me now
Bebe Be baby

Girl (I) can’t have you again
We were hiding
each other’s mind or
To find my life’s (other) half
Because it’s still too early
You’re too selfish(,) not wanting to get hurt(,)
Your feelings(,) every night
Won’t allow me to sleep sober
Why are you the only one like nothing is wrong
*(You) might have been loyal(,) but you are(,) in a moment
The lingering (memory of) a end without last goodbyes deeply
(You are) the sword blade stuck in(,) so I crave (you)*
As if (I’ve been) imprisoned

Like last night’s dream(,) you
When (I) try to feel (you, you) become faded
Pupp me out(,) to a place without you Baby baby
Even if it’s all a lie

Show me what you got
What do (you) want from me
There is no you next to me(,) but why am I like this
Tell me what to do
Tell me that it’s all the end

Can’t forget(,) your particular Color
Your Rouge smeared on my shirt
Even if (I) erase it all
(I) end up finding/looking for you
*As time passes(,) even more
Having become clearer(,) my
Cell phone’s input number(number inside my phone)*
Number that cannot be forgotten
Clover inside my memories
Trace caused by you that (I) want to erase
You you you you
When tonight passes
You you you you
Say that it’s all the end
Show me what you got

What do (you) want from me
There is no you next to me(,) but why am I like this
Tell me what to do
Tell me that it’s all the end

Help me now help me now
Help me now help me now
Bebe Bebe
Help me now help me now
Help me now help me now
Bebe Be baby

[T/N] *(You) might have been loyal(,) but you are(,) in a moment
The lingering (memory of) a end without last goodbyes deeply
(You are) the sword blade stuck in(,) so I crave (you)*

You might have been loyal, but you are (like) a sword blade(,) deeply stuck in (me, of) a lingering (memory of) an end with last goodbyes(;) so I miss you.

*As time passes(,) even more
Having become clearer(,) my
Cell phone’s input number(number inside my phone)*

As time passes(,) the number inside my phone becomes even clearer.

source / trans by banillajoko

Sleeping Beauty (Pt 4)

Pt 1 (x)

Pt 2 (x)

Pt 3 (x)

Lance was still unconscious, to the point where his dreams faded and all he could see was black nothingness. He was falling into some sort of coma, one that would kill him. Coran panicked. 

He couldn’t possibly lift Lance like this so he stopped the game and called down the rest of the paladins. “What gives Coran?! We were so clo-” Keith stopped in his tracks. “Oh…” ‘Oh’? That’s all Keith had to say?! ‘Oh’?! Coran gritted his teeth.

“Help him! Get him to the med-bay do something!” He barked.

As if they forgot what was before them, they scrambled to get Lance up and move him. Lance woke up on the way there though. He opened his eyes very slowly still dizzy and cold. “Cold…” he whispers and Hunk goes crazy. “Lance! Oh my god what happened to you, man?!” but before he could answer back he was out again. Shiro reached for Lance’s neck and checked for a pulse. He pulled away with fear stricken eyes. 

“I cant feel a pulse…”

They all went deafeningly silent. Lance was dying, if not dead already.

They stuffed his limp body into a suit and put him into the healing pod with worry seemingly permanently stitched onto their faces. They looked to each other for clarity— for knowledge of what happened.

Coran looked himself and he was boiling with rage. They were supposed to take care of each other, help each other and they decided to ignore him! Allura ran through the doors. When her eyes fell upon Lance she stopped and put her hands over her mouth in shock. “Is he…”

“No. No he’s alive. Barely.” Shiro signed and looked to the princess. “What happened to him? Why wasn’t he playing the game?”

“I…. I didn’t know where he was. I thought he was ditching us. I looked for him-” she felt a lump well in the base of her throat.

“No you did not!” Coran shouted. “Princess you glanced at the monitors and stepped a foot into his room. You didn’t care about him. You were glad he was gone!” Throwing her straight under the bus he checked Lance’s vitals on the monitor. “He’s got some low levels of… so… dium? Sodium?”

Pidge’s eyes went wide. “How long has Lance not been eating?!”

“How should we know Pidge?” Keith crossed his arms and looked at the floor. 

“We should know, Keith. He’s our friend and our teammate. We were supposed to look out for him.” Shiro put a hand on Keith’s shoulder. “The last time I saw Lance eat was a week ago but I’m sure he ate after that.”

“No he didn’t. He hasn’t been drinking any water either. His low sodium levels…? Lance is dying of dehydration.” Pidge sunk to the floor.

“I hadn’t seen him sleep either. I mean, look at the bags under his eyes.” Shiro gritted his teeth.

Hunk was beating himself up inside, his best friend. His best friend went around for God-knows-how-long without food, water, or sleep. He was a walking time bomb.

“When he wakes up we’ll have to make him eat something.” Pidge stood up to find the princess standing infront of her looking at Lance.

“I found… some weird red liquid in his room. By his bed. I don’t know what it is but there was a lot of it.” She mumbled and Pidge thought she misheard her.

“Oh my god…” Keith ran out of the room with Shiro and Hunk hot on his heels. No, no, no, no, no! Don’t let it be true! Don’t let it be true! They ran around corners, panting and praying all the same. When they arrived at Lance’s room Keith hesitated infront of the panel. Shiro however, could not wait a second longer and slammed his hand on the panel and watched the door slide open/ They couldn’t find anything from first glance so they walked over the end of the bed and they saw it. They saw the blood on the floor.

“Help me… Help me, please… Somebody help me!”

guys if Steve actually dies in civil war it will mean he never, never truly knew happiness.

he was sickly, bullied and made fun of his entire childhood and teenage years. he only got good health at the cost of his own peace and chance at normalcy. he has spent all of what’s supposed to be the best years of your life at war and suffering in one way or another. watching his friends be killed by his side. his one chance at having love and a family was taken away from him. he has dedicated his life, so selflessly giving everything he has left, to protecting people so they can safely continue to have what he has always wanted but always been denied. just a simple, quiet life.

It’s 1am and I’m crying my eyes out because Steve Rogers has never really been happy and will most likely die without once ever having got to live his life.

DAMON’S PERSONAL HELL — After finding himself on the wrong end of Julian’s (guest star Todd Lasance) plan to avenge Lily’s (guest star Annie Wersching) death, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) awakens to find himself trapped inside the Phoenix stone, tormented by a traumatic experience from his time in the Civil War and forced to face his darkest demon in order to get out. On the outside, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is in a race against the clock to get Damon out before the effects of the Phoenix stone take over and leave him changed forever. Paul Wesley, Candice King and Zach Roerig also star. Deb Chow directed the episode written by Holly Brix & Neil Reynolds (#710). Original airdate 1/29/2016.
—  Hell is Other People 7x10 Synopsis
HEY! Remember that text post that said someone should write a movie about a guy who gets elected as president and then realizes he doesn't want to be president so he does a ton of crazy stuff to get impeached but no matter what he does he can’t get impeached? WELL, I wrote the script! Help me find the blog that wrote the idea so they can see it. The script is below.



Man walks onto stage, crowd erupts in applause:
               (hold for crowd to settle down
               before speaking)
          I got up this morning just like
          most of you, took a shower, got
          dressed, had a cup of coffee, went
          down to my local polling place and
          cast my vote.
                     (HOLD FOR APPLAUSE)

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TFLN request. Missus has stuff going on at school and is stressed and she gets in a mini argument with H over texts?

Harry. Missus.

Why are you ignoring me?

I’ve been calling you all afternoon and most of the evening. You didn’t even text me back this morning. What’s the matter?

I’m busy.

Too busy to text or call me back?


What could you possibly be doing that takes up every single second of your afternoon?

You see, I go to a thing call ‘university’, Harry. Not all of us get money handed to us in thousands.

We actually have to study in order to get a normal job.


You didn’t exactly do this process, did you?

I was on track to go to college, if you remember me telling you. Then I got pushed into the limelight.

Well, not everyone is as ‘lucky’ as you. We’re not all stunning and gorgeous and have the good looks that overshadow everything we do.

What the hell is wrong with you today?

I’m trying to study for my exam tomorrow, Harry!

With you pestering me all the time, it’s driving me insane. Just give me a break and some space. 


I’m just trying to help you! For Christ sake, why won’t you let me help you, huh? You can’t do everything by yourself. 

Help me how?

Helping me fail? Helping me fuck up so you’ll be the better one in this relationship? So I don’t get a degree and my final exam grades so I can just follow you around like a puppy? So I can’t make a living for myself?

Is that how you’re trying to help me?

How much sleep have you had?

Just back off.

How much sleep have you had in the last week?

How much have you eaten in the last week?

How many times have you showered and washed yourself? 

How much time have you taken as a break this week?



Answer me.

Answer me, or I swear to god, I will come and get you and make you do everything that you haven’t done this last week.


Don’t ignore me again.



Answer your front door.

Your flat walls aren’t soundproof, love. I can hear you sobbing. Let me in.

I have chocolate. And your favourite soup, too. Even popped into the LUSH store and got you one of those bath bombs that you’re always telling me to get when we go in there. The one that makes your bathroom smell really good.

Keys under the mat. Take your shoes off when you come in. And your clothes. You can come and sit with me in my bath and put a bomb in. 

I just need you right now.

Coming out of the darkness

Title: Coming Out Of The Darkness

Fandom: Bendy and the Ink Machine

Summary: Bendy and Boris finally get to leave the workshop in broad daylight, their day led by Henry….but things take turn for the worse…

Let me tell you a small poem first about what’s in this story.

Roses are Red,
I love my Senpai, If you hate yaoi, I can only tell you bye-bye!
“Are you guys ready?”, Henry asked. “Yep”, Bendy and Boris replied. Bendy was dressed in his frilly tutu and a white shirt reading, “Burn after use”. Boris was wearing his overalls with a white undershirt reading, “Bad to the bone”.

Henry lifted a camera and said, “It’s 8:30 AM, July, 27th, 2017 and I will show Me and Joey’s creations the real world. Let’s go”, Henry said.

He grabbed the door knob as the trio walked down some stairs. When sunlight was let through, Bendy jumped back. “What is it?”, He asked. Henry smiled. “You’ve never seen daylight? I guess that’s what I can expect for someone to be locked up for 30 years”.

Bendy cautiously walked forward. “It’s not so bad!”, He said happily, in his cheery high-pitched voice.

“Bendy, We actually see daylight!”, Boris said, his southern accent stronger then usual.

Henry then pushed the door open to it’s full length. Bendy’s eyes widened in surprise. There was so many…people! Cars, shops and little children were everywhere!

[I’m gonna assume the workshop is located some where in New York City in 2017, around the Manhattan area and the workshop’s purpose to look old-fashioned and all the things you see were items to preserve how people in the 1920’s lived. This is because the gameplay reminded me of museum for some reason]

Henry led them out into the street. The two were looking around. “I never knew the sky was blue!”, Bendy said. “That’s ‘cause our shows were in black in white buddy!”, Boris replied.

The trio wandered the city as Bendy and Boris were having fun experiencing the real world. Citizens were looking at them oddly. Some were frightened. Perhaps it was when Bendy left footprints of ink, it would run up to him and return to it’s source.

Then Bendy pointed to a restaurant. “What’s that?”, He asked Henry curiously. “That’s a place where people eat. It’s called a ‘restaurant’ Bendy”, Henry replied.

“Can we try it?”, Bendy asked. “I’m not even sure that
1) You guys can eat human food and
2) I’m not sure I can afford it. Let’s head on to Wendy’s”, Henry said holding Bendy’s hand.

Boris looked jealous as Henry was holding Bendy’s hand.

“Gorsh! Bendy is mine! Why is he holding his hand?! He should be holding mine!”, Boris thought.

The trio reached their destination. “We call this a 'fast food chain’ restaurant”, Henry said pushing the doors open. Everything seemed to have froze when the three entered.

The three made their way past the crowd and up to the second floor eating area. They found some seats.

“I’ll go get us some food. You two stay put”, Henry said leaving. Bendy smiled and said, “Looks like it’s just us Boris”.

Boris’s heart raced. This felt just like a date. He was flustered then said, “G-G-Golly! You are right Bendy!”.

Bendy giggled and said, “You are so adorable when you’re submissive!”.

Boris felt like having a nosebleed. Then flash hit the two of them.

The two turned in the direction of the flash. It was a little boy.

“You are two are some weird looking monsters!”, He said. His little sister said, “Never knew it was Halloween in July”.

The two high-fived each other and laughed.

[My canon is that Bendy is a master at cards. Think about it. Him and Boris played cards together to pass time for all those 30 years. Why the hell not? Bendy keeps them hidden and uses them to play games or…]

Then they froze when Bendy threw one of his cards at the wall. The card landed on the wall between the two siblings.

He made a fan with the cards as his eye turned red and as he looked at them and said, “Ace of Hearts”.

The siblings looked as pale as a ghost as the two ran away. Bendy’s eye turned back to normal.

Him and Boris had a nice conversation until Henry came back. “What’s this?”, He asked poking a burger.

“Try it. It’s a cheeseburger”, Henry said taking a bite out of his. Bendy took a small bite. His eyes widened.

“WOW!”, He said in amazement. He ate it all in one gulp. He took a fry and ate it. “Woah! What’s it called Henry?!”.

“It’s called 'French Fries’. They taste good with ketchup”, Henry replied. “Hey Boris, you are not gonna eat? You are missing out on some great food!”, Bendy said.

“Nah”, He replied his stomach rumbling. “Maybe a bite or two”. He took a bite out of his burger. “WOAH”, He said out loud. He ate as fast as Bendy from that point forward.

“I bought a extra burger. Who wants it?”, Henry asked. Bendy and Boris stared at each other.

“This. Means. WAR.”, The two said. Henry said, “Why not shar-”, He started but was cut off by death glares.

“Fight me Boris! You are not getting that burger!”, Bendy said getting up. “Bite me demon! You are not getting MY burger!”, Boris said getting up as well.

Henry cut the burger in half and handed it to the two. “Truce?”, Bendy asked. “Truce”, Boris said.

After some burgers, they wandered around the city some more. “Let’s take the subway!”, Bendy said.

“We could head on to Coney Island”, Henry said. “Let’s go!”, Bendy said. “Ok fine”, Henry said.

When they arrived at the toll, Henry simply swiped his metro card and said, “Wait here”. He opened the emergency door. “Hurry up! Over here”, He said.

The trio then arrived at the platforms. “Music!”, Bendy said. “Thankfully, I bring Buttons where ever I go!”, Boris said.

“MUSIC & DANCE BATTLE!”, The two then said. The two reached where the jazz music was playing. Boris took out buttons and played his clarinet.

Bendy was in his ballet starting position. His feet turned to taps shoes as he danced in rhythm to the music.

People cheered. Henry got through the crowd and got a close up of Bendy dancing. Then a man with a large stereo walked to the middle. “Dance to this!”, He said blasting out rap music.

Bendy’s feet became Jordan’s as he danced to “Juju on that beat” and other songs. He did the impossible as he used his tail to help him to tricky moved.

Then the train arrived. Bendy shape shifted his feet back into his ballet shoes. The trio waved good-bye to the crowd as the doors closed.

The trio were talking about the fun they had when they arrived in Coney Island. Bendy’s eyes widened. “Henry, what is this?!?!”, He asked.

“It what we call a place of joy. A amusement park”, Henry said. The trio went on many rides and funhouses as they had the time of their lives. That is until…

“NYPD! PUT YOUR HANDS UP WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM”, The police yelled as the trio were about to leave the park.

“What did we do?!”, Bendy asked. One cop came up to the three. “We got calls about a weird creatures wandering our city and even videos about you on social media”.

Bendy sighed. Helicopters could bd heard above them. Eventually they were taken to prison.

“Henry…I’m sorry”, Bendy said via telepathy. For what?“, Henry answered. We didn’t mean to cause trouble honestly”, Bendy said sadly. “It’s ok Benster. Let’s dip and see how much we can have in one day”, Henry said mischievously.

Soon the three were free to go. Under one condition. Bendy and Boris had to wear trackers. As soon as they were far away from that place Bendy said, “I could always use my demon powers”.

Bendy put his fists together and chanted some words as his eyes turned red. A pentagram that glowed bright red accompanied his fiery eyes. “Chains of bond break free, and be gone eternally!”, His last words were.

The trackers fell right of. Bendy’s eyes returned to their shade of ink black. Soon the two decided to hang out at Astoria park.

“The grass…it’s so soft and green”, Bendy said. “The dirt is brown here, not black!”, Boris said happily.

The two laid down on the soft grass. The trio were doing great….Then a tragedy occurred.

A man ran up to Bendy and kidnapped him by tying his hands together and tossing him a sack.

He was on top of the hill when Bendy yelled out, “SOMEONE HELP ME!! HELP ME!! BORIS!! HENRY!! HELP ME!!”.

The two quickly got up and saw Bendy reaching out for them. Henry said, “BENDY!! NO!! HANG ON!! WE’RE COMING!!”.

Boris saw a sight he would never forget. Bendy’s face, full of fear and tears, screaming for help. That was the things keep him up at night. That was the one nightmare he could never get rid of.

His eyes turned blood red. “Demon powers? No time for asking now! I gotta save Bendy!”, Boris thought.

Henry was on his way up when Boris got on all fours and began pursuit. Bendy was kicking and squirming, trying to escape.

His eyes turned ruby red. His corrupted form took over. A red pentagram glowed brightly on his forehead. “Demon hands!”, He yelled.

He felt the man fall, as he hit his head badly. He returned to his normal form as the pentagram faded away. Bendy felt a weak as he felt the man get up and run even faster.

His vision faded to static as he closed his eyes. “B-Boris…H-Henry…”, He whispered as some ink ran down the side of his head. He passed out cold a few moments later.

Boris sensed him losing Bendy’s brain waves.

[They talk via telepathy when there is a show and they can’t talk during it to ruin it]

He went faster this time. “Bendy! Hold in there little buddy! I’m coming! I’ll save you!”, Boris said.

Then with a mighty pounce, he tried to tackle the man but failed. Henry saw and stopped to help him.

The two looked into the distance to see the man, with Bendy, gone.

Henry said, “What are we going to do?….We don’t where that man took him….”. That’s when Boris changed form.

He fully submitted to his demon powers. Inside his head, Bendy’s father, Satan was talking to him.

~Inside his head is a mental connection to Hell~

“Ahh, Boris. Your parents are still one of my finest second and third in command. My only son spoke highly of you. What is your reason for calling me?”, Satan asked.

“I would like for you to grant me full access of my demon powers”, Boris said.

“Your not part of our ranks…Yet”, His parents intervened.

“Second in command, General Pierce and Third in command General Windrixia wish to intervene my leige”, General Pierce said.

“Accepted. Continue”, Satan replied. “Mother, Father! We haven’t spoke in years!”, Boris said.

“Tell us son, why do you need your demon powers?”, General Windrixia asked.

“My beloved parents and ruler of hell, i’m sorry to inform you but…”, Boris started.

“'But’ what?”, The three asked. Boris gulped. The next words his said made Satan’s heart sink.

“Ruler of Hell, your only son has been abducted by notherless…humans”, Boris said shakily.

“H-How?!”, General Pierce said. “A man tossed Bendy in a sack and ran off with him”, Boris explained.

“Bendy?! The liege’s son?!”, General Windrixia said in shock. “T-That’s impossible! Bendy’s powers were awakened a long time ago!”, General Windrixia lashed out.

“Bendy was knocked unconscious. We were trained in telepathy while Joey, our summoner was still alive. After Bendy has eliminated him, we still had that power. As we speak, he hasn’t gained consciousness. I feel his brainwaves, but I can’t locate him”, Boris said quickly.

Satan quickly said, “I will awakened the powers that you wish Boris. If you bring me back my son within 48 hours, You will keep those powers. If you fail, your demise is certain. I will retrieve my son MYSELF if I have to”.

The generals said, “My Liege!”.

“Sire, that will cause God to attack is with all his force! Hell and Heaven made a treaty saying that if you trespass Earth, everybody’s demise is as clear as day!”, General Pierce pointed out.

“Sire, allow your army to retrieve your son!”, General Windrixia said.

“This is my ONLY son we are talking about. If your son brings him back to me, I will also arrange a marriage between the two of them”.

Boris gasped. Married…to none other then Bendy?! The only son of Satan, Ruler of Hell?! Sweet, innocent Bendy?! That was what he desired the most.

The two generals were quiet before Boris said, “I accept your proposal. I will return with your son!”.

Satan smirked. “Very well. I will awaken your powers. Remember, if you do not return with my son, I WILL PERSONALLY KILL YOU”, He said threateningly. Boris looked at him with determination. “I still accept”.

Satan said, “These powers will not come easily. Are you ready to take them in?”. Boris said, “Come at me with all your force”. Satan said, “As you wish”. Boris screamed and held in the pain as his powers were awakened.

Satan quickly whisked Boris back to earth. Boris grabbed his head as he felt his powers being awakened.

~End Mental connection~

Satan got up from his throne and walked up to Boris’s parents.

Satan chuckled. “You have raised a decent son for my Bendy. Are you two prepared to YOUR son and my only child to be heirs to my throne?”, He asked.

The generals nodded. “We will make sure of that our son is the leader we molded him into”.
Henry said, “Boris! Are you ok?!”, He said as he saw Boris rolling on the sidewalk.

“S-Stay back!”, He yelled as he pushed Henry away. Henry looked at the sky to see it turn dark as night. Henry hit a gate as he looked at what was happening to Boris.

Boris floated in mid-air as he had a pentagram below him as his gloves broke and became razor sharp claws, His clothing torn part as they fell like pieces of paper, his demon tail coming out, and the symbol of the element of fire glowing bright red on his forehead.

He howled at the moon in the sky. “Demon powers from Boris?! But Joey told me only Bendy has them unless…He’s a demon as well!”, Henry thought.

Boris leaped into the night. Henry saw a skateboard and grabbed it. He put on the helmet and got on it. He quickly followed Boris.

Boris sniffed the air. “I SMELL YOU SWEETHEART~”, He said in a corrupted voice in slight static.

Henry fell, but quickly got up and skated quickly after Boris.

Boris was leaping off the tops of buildings as he felt Bendy’s smell grow.

That smell. The smell that mistakes anybody. That same smell that makes Bendy’s victims say, “What Demon?”. That smell that Boris couldn’t get enough of. The smell of flowers in a garden on a sunny day.

Boris felt full of determination. He was gonna rescue Bendy no matter what!

After a couple of minutes, the duo stopped. Boris said, “Manhole. Well then, let’s go shall we?”, He said picking up the lid.

Henry nodded. He got off the skateboard and placed it on his back and followed Boris.

The two were wandering when Boris stopped. Below they saw the unthinkable.

Bendy was in a capsule as he was pounding on the door . Then the capsule was moved by two men onto a experimental table.

“It’s gonna be fun dissecting this one”, A hooded man said. “We are gonna do the same thing to this like we did to that wolf?”, Another hooded man questioned.

“Yep. Sadly, the boss was killed by this thing”, The hooded man replied pointing to Bendy.

Via telepathy, Boris heard Bendy screaming and crying his heart out, “BORIS! HENRY! HELP ME! LET ME OUT OF HERE! HELP ME! Someone… Please… Help Me…”.

Henry whispered something into Boris’s ear and Boris nodded. “Good plan”, he whispered back.

Henry lowered himself behind the two hooded men and bonked their heads. The two fell to the ground.

Boris quickly looked for other hooded men and jumped out from his hiding spot.

He lifted the capsule back straight up and Bendy was smiling and crying tears of joy.

With a mighty scratch, the capsule broke. Boris opened the broken door and helped Bendy out.

Bendy smiled and said, “My hero” and gave Boris a small kiss. Henry was fangirling at the two of them.

Boris carried Bendy bridal style all the way back to the surface. The morning sun was about to rise.

The trio took a good glance of the sun rising. Boris and Bendy shared another kiss.

“I promised your dad you’ll be home in 48 hours”, Boris said in his normal form.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s take the train back to the workshop”, Bendy said. Boris and Henry nodded.

Once the trio arrived back to the workshop, they all went towards the basement. “We’ll be back soon”, Boris said as He and Bendy stood on the pentagram and disappeared.

Henry realized after the two left there was something on it. It was an envelope. He opened it and found a ticket and a card.

The ticket read, “This is a temporary pass to hell”. Henry read the card.

“Dear Henry,
Bendy’s father told me if I brought Bendy back, he would arrange a marriage between the two of us. If you’re reading this, you are invited to our wedding!
It will be held October, 31st, 2017. The ticket will grant you access to enter hell for our wedding. After everything, it’ll send you back to Earth. See you at the wedding!

Boris, groom-to-be”.

Henry nodded. “At least Boris was nice enough to invite me even though it was my boss who dissected him….and at least he invited me to HIS wedding”, He said rolling his eyes.

Back at hell, Satan rejoiced at the return of his son. The two generals smiled at their son’s accomplishment.

~A Couple of months later~

It was deep in the night as the wedding ceremony began. The organs played, and even some other cartoon characters went as well.

“Boris the Wolf, do you take the only child of Satan to be your lawful wife?”, Satan asked.

(Since Bendy is uke, the term 'wife’ suited him. I’m not denying that he’s a boy)

“I do”, Boris said. He lifted Bendy’s veil.

“Bendy, my sweet child, do you take Boris the Wolf to be your lawful husband?”, Satan asked.

“I Do!”, Bendy said happily. The two held each other’s hands as two similar looking rings appeared on their fingers.

Bendy’s read, “Love you always, Boris”. Bendy blushed a little and smiled sweetly.

Boris’s read, “Love since the first show, Bendy”. Boris smiled at the concept of the message and giggled a little.

Satan smiled and said, “Then by the power invested in me as ruler of Hell, I pronounce you Husband and Wife”.

Everybody cheered as the two kissed. Afterwards, Boris carried Bendy bridal style off the many boxes he had to stand on to reach Boris’s level of height.

Mickey gave Bendy a box of pregnancy tests and said, “Too much bloodline huh?”, much to Boris’s amusement, and Oswald gave Boris a paint brush. “Try it sometime! Now after years, you’ll be in color!”, He said.

Minnie gave Bendy a bottle of perfume. Daisy gave Boris some cologne. Orenestia gave Bendy a box of condoms, once again to Boris and Oswald’s amusement.

“Donald…Do I need this?”, Bendy asked being handed a album CD and a Vinyl record player. “Yes. Take it”, Donald said. Bendy sighed and smiled. “Thank you”, He said.

After all the gifts, The two decided to go and dance in the garden.

Bendy’s changed from his wedding dress to his ballet attire, the one he loved dearly. It has a white top reading, “The Dancing Demon” and a pastel pink tutu. His feet turned into ballet shoes.

Boris took out his trusty clarinet, Buttons. Bendy got into his starting position and Boris began playing.

Bendy danced gracefully to Boris’s music. Fireflies joined in with Bendy as he danced in rhythm with their lights.

Boris smiled as he kept on playing. Oswald was filming Bendy dancing and Mickey and Minnie were too busy drinking.

Bendy saw a fountain as he danced on the circular shape around it. He did some somersaults and gymnastics to the best of his ability.

Then Boris danced along side Bendy as he put Buttons on “Auto-Play” and danced along side Bendy.

The two danced under a bright blanket of stars. You know, It almost seemed like the stars were dancing with them. As the stars twinkled above, Bendy and Boris spent every minute with each other.

This was all Boris wanted. Him and Bendy, a loving couple. Looks like dreams come true.

Bendy laughed. This was all he ever wanted. Non-stop love from Boris. He laughed. Joey would never come between them ever again. Who was laughing now?!

As the two kept on dancing, eventually, they sat down and cuddled. Their fingers intertwined.

Boris kissed Bendy and Bendy returned it. This was a dream come true. This is the sweet reality both want. They wanted this to last forever…

The two are like doves, under the stars will they will be in love.

~The End~
I wrote this fanfic especially for you! It’s also on my Achieve of our own account “PepsiGo”! Could you please draw a scene from the story?

Answer: Maybe i well but not at the moment, but i well 😅 Also this is a really good story😀

I was going to fall apart, right there, right then—and they’d see precisely how ruined I was.
Help me, help me, help me, I begged someone, anyone. Begged Lucien, standing in the front row, his metal eye fixed on me. Begged Ianthe, face serene and patient and lovely within that hood. Save me—please, save me. Get me out. End this.
Good. I was not good. I was nothing, and my soul, my eternal soul, was damned—
I tried to get my traitorous lungs to draw air so I could voice the word. No—no.
But I didn’t have to say it.
Thunder cracked behind me, as if two boulders had been hurled against each other.
People screamed, falling back, a few vanishing outright as darkness erupted.
I whirled, and through the night drifting away like smoke on a wind, I found Rhysand straightening the lapels of his black jacket.
“Hello, Feyre darling,” he purred.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I’m quite happy for Credence’s inner monologue to go from “help me help me help me” to exactly the same thing but for *entirely* different reasons as soon as he’s safe and warm and happy in the case and oh dear lord Newt’s got his shirt off again why is this man so damn pretty help me? Because… part of me thinks I’m being mean, and the other part is just sat here grinning because apparently tormenting Credence is a Good Thing as long as it involves unclothed magizoologists.

If it is bad then we are both bad my friend because people being tormented by their attraction to whoever I feel like making them attracted to is one of my favorite things in the entirety of ever. Especially if they are both suffering and upset about their attraction at the same time.

Newt is over there in eternal torment because of Credence’s cheekbones and hair and general state of Bloody Gorgeousness while Credence is just like.

This is fine. It’s nothing. I’m just confusing my friendship for him obviously. It’s a friend thing. There’s no reason for impure thoughts so it’s obviously NOT A PROBLEM ok it’s fine this is fine oh god oh no why is he taking his shirt off he doesn’t need to- did this man never learn what modesty is why is he- oh no. oh no oh no help. he has so many muscles and freckles and scars and what do they feel like oh- oh no nononono help help help. is it a friend thing to want to touch him everywhere im pretty sure that isn’t a friend thing. help it’s not a friend thing IT’S NOT A FRIEND THING HELP