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Can you recommend any good DJWifi centric fics?

check out this fic tag cuz most of it features oneshots, and links to stories focusing/ including them heavily  seriously go through it you’ll find find some killer oneshots and fic links)

other recs 

and some random ones i don’t think i’ve reblogged/ i can remember at the top of my head

Now, All I see is You (2 oneshots, slowburn-ish,  it fluff with music being the theme. not sure if they’re gonna continue it but boy its so cute A++ on that)

Chatoyant  by @marshmallohno (first two chapters focuses on them. A++ interactions/dynamic)


A Night on the Town by @krzed ( oneshot, Christmas fic with incredibly miraculous presents, hella good , nsfw-ish but not really its mostly just mentions stuff

Honest proposal ( its a short one-shot but its funny and sweet)

Akuma Victums’ club ( not specifically about them but the interactions between themselves and the other classmates is really great and it warms my heart)

fragile ones by @sadrien (im still crying from this one, akuma victim flashbacks and they comfort eachother )

Frozen first dates by @siderealscribblings (well..the title says it all. one-shot and its frickin adorable) 

Snowball fight by @insanitysscribblings (again the title says it all. its a oneshot and its cute as hell)

Knighted  by@thelastpilot (princess and royal guard au!! multi-fic, in process to bro)


Well, I don’t like do this but it’s necessary. I found these videos with my art and 
I asked politely to these YT to put my name or my page on the videos with my comics, but they didn’t do it. So please, help me to flag these 4 videos:

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prompt: every time Yuuri gets mad at Victor he yells in four different languages

i couldn’t think of a reason Yuuri would yell at Victor so I’m gonna do “every time Yuuri gets PLEASED at Victor he CUDDLES in four different languages” 


“Vitenka…” Yuuri mumbles against his chest, eyes half-lidded as he traces a pattern around his navel with his pinky. “’M so tired.”

Victor tangles one of his legs between both of Yuuri’s, shifts him up a little bit higher so that he can bury his nose in his hair. “Sleep, then.”

“So warm,” he praises, then starts mumbling in Japanese–Victor thinks he catches the word suki, which he recognizes. “Chaud.

“What language is that?”

Yuuri doesn’t seem to hear him, continues muttering in different languages. “I love you in all the languages.”

“All of them? You don’t know all of them,” Victor reminds him gently.

“All of them,” Yuuri promises, voice trailing off. “All of them.”

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Требуется учитель, репетитор, наставник, преподаватель, ментор, пестун, обучатель, просветитель, сэнсэй, дидаскал, гуру, который просветит и вдохновит меня, поможет развить навыки, поделится опытом и знаниями, и научит меня великому искусству оплаты коммунальных платежей!

is no one else going to talk about the paradox of the crossbow? todd stole it from the future and took it back in time where the men of the machine got it and moved through time with it where it was stolen by todd again???? where did it come from? who made it?? how can time move forward if there is still the unclosed loop of the crossbow? aaaaaaaa


Hey!!! I need help getting money to get this table at lbcc so I thought I’d open for commissions!!
My best work is physical so that’s what you’ll be getting
Full body/headshot/waist up/
Lineart: $10 /$6/$8
Flat color: $12/$8/$10
Full detail: $15/$11/$13
(Adding a character is $5 more)
(Physical copy can be sent to you for $4)
I am comfortable drawing everything except straight up nude po/rn (pedofilia, incest also) but I’m kinda desperate so kinks n fetishes are a-ok

Please reblog this if you can it would mean the WORLD to me

Yo Mama Jokes: TG style

Ok but. Imagine all the mama’s boys/girls in Tokyo Ghoul telling your momma jokes. It’d be a trainwreck.

Takizawa: Your momma is so fat, she can eat a whole restaurant that is at max occupancy.
Juuzou: I know. She does.
Takizawa: Ha–Wait, what? Really?
Juuzou: Ya! She did once! Hmm…now it’s my turn!
Juuzou: Your momma looks so good, so good that she looks delicious enough to eat!
Takizawa: … … … … … … . . 
Kaneki: My momma so nice, she helps my aunt and forget abo– *song plays* Oshiete yo oshiete yo. ……………………. *cries in corner*
Hide: Dude….this is suppose to be a “your” mama joke…
Kaneki: I know…, but that’s all I know. -continues sobbing on his shoulder-
Please add to this trainwreckery if you have anything and send it to TG hell.