Hey everyone! Due to a stressful family situation, I’ve gotten to a point where I’m planning to move out of my house soon to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s my first time ever going to live in a city and I need to save up some money for the trip! I’d really appreciate any commissions I can get!

Commission info is here!

(And if you’re feeling extra frisky, I also do painted portraits like these for $60+. I understand though that it’s not affordable to a lot of people, but the option is there xD)

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you’re interested, please email me, and if you can’t, please share this with your friends! Thank you~!

tbh i cant help but wonder where some of yall were when lee michelle was here. like i hate making this about race but even subconsciously ppl can be racist… she never got the love and support she deserved but shannon williams was pretty successful and now vernon… idk man. just sharing my thoughts 😕

Help me understand your Law;
I promise to obey it
with all my heart.
Direct me by your commands!
I love to do what you say.
Make me want to obey you,
rather than to be rich.
Take away my foolish desires,
and let me find life
by walking with you.
I am your servant!
—  Psalm 119:34-38
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Hey Tumblr Fam,

I’m going to Grad School this Fall, but I really need some extra help getting there!! Please take a moment to check out this link, donate, and share it!! I’m offering prizes, tremendous gratitude, and many thank you’s to those that donate for my fundraiser. Help me bring healing to our communities through art, help me show that EVERYONE deserves to be well. Especially my fellow People of Color and my LGBTQ folk that need healing during these trying times. 

Any amount will help, if everyone here donates $5 or $10 I’ll reach my goal!!!