wouldn’t it be cool and revolutionary if we could get a story that’s filled with angst but the gay relationships in the story are actually the bright spot within all that misery that makes things better?? instead of gay relationships being the ultimate source of all angst and misery, make gay relationships the source of light and strength and healing?? wouldn’t that be something???

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As a writer, I do not understand how can you love Juvia so much, a bad character, of no relevance to the story, which exists only for gruvia, if she were not there, would not change anything for the plot of Fairy Tail

The reason I love her is because, as a writer, I can see the potential in her character. She’s a complex young woman who we can only assume suffered a great deal of abuse in her past. Psychological, if not physical as well. Someone whose past remains a mystery to us. 

As a writer, I can see what Mashima was trying to do. As a writer, I see her worth outside her romantic entanglements with Gray. I see the strength in her heart when she sacrificed herself for Cana, despite not having belonged to the guild that long.

As a writer, I know what Juvia would and would not do in times of great stress. I know when she would daydream and when she would become serious. I know when she would put the safety of her friends above her feelings for Gray, the feelings that let her grow. As a writer, I’ve picked up on details that Mashima lays out for us, details that people seldom take in because they’ve already decided to hate her. 

As a writer, and someone who has experienced abuse, I understand that Juvia’s eccentric personality stems from a place of suffering. A place of misunderstandings and hurt. A place that never taught her how to approach the topic of love. A place that told her, deep down, that she didn’t deserve to be near Gray, that he wouldn’t accept her (as no one else had). She watched him from the shadows, not out of her own perverse desire to be near him, but because she is psychologically damaged. A person who has never experienced love would have no idea how to react to it. She was overcome by strong feelings that moved her and changed her. 

Mashima has wasted a lot of opportunities by using Juvia for comic relief, I agree. But, as a writer, I can see past that relief. I can see the potential in her character. See the S-Class mage who would throw her life away – not just for Gray, but for any one of her guild mates. Something people are so quick to forget. Gray isn’t the only person Juvia has cried for. 

Mashima is writing a manga. He can only convey so much of a person in those few panels. People neglect to remember that there will be things we have not been shown. The depictions of her time with Lucy that we’ve only seen in cover photos. Her past relationship with Gajeel. Her relationship with Lisanna. Her friendship with the other members. 

I love Juvia because people like you are so quick to judge her, the way they often judge me at first glance. I love Juvia because she gives me something raw to write about. Something to prove. Something to make up for when Mashima doesn’t show her full potential.

Juvia is more than her ship. That is why I write her. 

Don’t you ever just sit somewhere, possibly your room, alone, then blast kpop songs and lip sync every word passionately while crazily head banging. Because I do that everyday.

i might delete this later but im working on a story that may or may not be adrien x nathaniel *cough* i haven’t had time to draw it so here’s a sneak peek i drew in school

the main problem i have with my uni is that instead of being educated we’re educating ourselves. and the saddest thing is that in 3 years i’ve gotten so used to it that i stopped even questioning it. they give me a task, i do a research on my own, i show them the result, they give me a grade. maybe it’s supposed to make us independent or whatever but… i personally love it when people are genuinely interested in the subject they’re teaching. when they don’t mind me asking questions and when they give me advice on how i can make my projects better. when the goal of studying isn’t just getting good grades but actually obtaining knowledge 

Playing tennis goes like..
  • Naruto//standing on tennis field teaching Hinata how to hit the tennis ball//:"Do you get it?"
  • Hinata//gets nervous//:"Y-yes, Naruto-kun! T-thank you!"
  • Naruto//smiles//:" No problem-"
  • Naruto//random tennis ball hits Naruto in the crotch//:*cries out in pain*
  • Sasuke//standing three tennis courts away//:"Oooppppsss~ my fault. Speaking off blue balls ey~"
  • Sakura//to Sasuke//:"It almost seemed you aimed for his balls on purpose."
  • Sasuke//Fire burning in eyes//:"Claiming what is mine."