Looking up Skywalker/Solo family trees made me sad because all of them seem to stop at Ben Skywalker, therefore dismissing the BEST Skywalker dudes in the EU really ?? The ginger dude who whore the most undecent v-necks in the galaxy. The biker dude with a handlebar moustache who rescued kittens and made prostethics for the disabled. The pirate dude who was about nothing but space drugs and surfer hair !! what about thOSE

It's only the first episode...

if akiteru’s disguise is this adorable, what am i going to do when i see oikawa in glasses

me: I don’t like feeling vulnerable it’s super gross

also me: that sudden surge of love you feel when you look at someone you’re in love with and the way it almost hurts to feel it.👌👌when you’ve been with someone so long your inside jokes have morphed into single words.👌👌

I feel like Steve would just love Pepper

- he’d feel like she was this loving, caring older sister he never had

- he would love how well she does her work and he’d occasionally help her as much as possible

- he always has to look after someone or the other but when he goes over to Tony’s , Pepper looks after him

- he finds it so weird that Tony can actually stay in a relationship at first, till he meets Pepper and like a proud younger brother he says who wouldn’t want to

- They never get to talk very often but still care for each other so much

- When Steve thinks Pepper is pregnant he’s SOOOOOOO excited inside during that milli second

- When he found that they took a break he and Nat were equally devastated