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I just realized this but I've never imagine Percy as white. When I read the books I always imagined his Mother being like a first generation American whose parents had been from like Puerto Rico or a Polynesian island.

see i have cause I’ve pictured him the same way since I was little, and part of the reason I see him as white is cause I saw the movie first–the movie is what helped me find the series–but I also pictured him looking kinda like me, someone with mediterranean features, especially since i relate to him and he bears a strong resemblance to Poseidon, a Greek god: olive toned skin, thick dark hair, all that jazz. but I seriously love all the ideas and fan arts of Percy being something other than caucasian! I’m all for it man!

Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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Hey I just met you

and this is crazy

but I lost my niffler in a bank

so I’m gonna kidnap you to help me find him, maybe.

Jacob: What.

Roasting me is ineffective because you can’t tell me worse things than I already think of myself.
—  707
It started out small. First I made excuses to why I had been crying, then when that didn’t work, I just ignored whatever questions I was asked. After that came feeling drained emotionally and physically. I slept off however I felt in hopes to feel better… but that led to headaches and pills. Getting over you is no simple task.. it’s one I hoped I’d never even have to try to commit to. Yet, at the same time, I knew we’d never last.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#43)

I love Nahyuta, but then I also felt bad since throughout AA6 he… ‘borrowed’ Klavier’s defense attorney and investigator. So, uh, yeah. Trying to compensate with a headcanon.

I Need Your Guy’s Help!!

Okay. So at the The Story So Far show In Indy (11/6/16) I met this boy!

I need your help to find him. I don’t have any pictures of him though :(((

His name was Jacob, and he’s 18. He lives in Indiana and loves Chicago, but really wants to visit San Francisco. He’s kinda tall and pretty skinny and he wears glasses and has blue braces and has a kickass friend named Pat. I wish I could help more, but please help me! I’m not kidding!!

I need to find him and thank him because I don’t think he realizes how much he helped me at the show. I am on a mission.

Pleeaaassee. I love you all. 

We stayed quiet for him, he entered with his donkey. سكتناله دخل بحماره
—  Egyptian expression; it’s used when you’re lenient with someone and they take advantage of you. The history is that people had to get off their donkeys when talking to their superiors.
“First he wanted me to help him find a place to crash. Then he demanded food, then he refused to the dishes.”
“Ah, you went quiet for him and he entered with his donkey.”
rescued/escaped hostage starter sentences

“Calm down, calm down. It’s me! You’re not where you think you are, you’re safe with me at home.”
“You need to snap out of it, it’s a flashback. Nobody is going to hurt you anymore, trust me!”
“Help! I need help! Call the police, please. Help me! Don’t let him/her find me! I escaped, but he/she’s after me!”
“Listen, listen. You are going to be okay. He/she is locked away for good, alright?”
”It’s a very strange idea that someone will spend the rest of their life in prison because of what they did to me.”
”I don’t want her/him to go to prison. She/he did it because she/he loved me.”
“Can you please tell me what happened while you were… gone?”
”I never stopped thinking about you.”
”The police told me it would be best to assume you were dead, because of what might be happening to you otherwise… But I could never convince myself.”
“We kept your bedroom the way it always was… I understand if you’d want it changed, but I want you to know that we never lost hope that you’d come back home.”
“Is that– Is that really you? Oh my god! I can’t believe it’s you!”
“How do you feel after your first night home?”
“The police will need to ask you about what happened… but maybe you want to tell us first? You haven’t said a thing since we got you back!”
“We have imagined the worst things that could have happened to you. Please just tell us so we can try to move on and help you.”
“Shh, it was a nightmare. You’re in your own bedroom.”
“If you want to start living your old life, you’re going to have to start putting what happened to you behind you.”
“I can never be who I used to be! I was gone for years! And you expect me to go through some therapy and have my old life back?! That’s never going to happen!”
”Were you scared all the time? Or… or did you get used to it?”
”I’m not even sure what I’d rather hear, that you were always afraid or that you actually liked it there.”
“Nothing happened. I just ran away. I was sick of being here. I just made it up to sound interesting.”
“Will you please come out of your bedroom… I know you’re probably not comfortable with the amount of space after what you’re used to, but please try…”
“I’m here for you. I’ll keep you safe. I’m not going to lose you a second time.”
“Shh, it’s okay! It’s normal to have flashbacks, but you have to try to focus on me now.”
“You can’t go back there! Are you insane? Why do you want to?!”


Finally! I have been promising to post my Onew PC collection for awhile, now that its complete! (The album cards i have in order from Replay -Winter Wonderland)) It took me a few years to collect..but i officially have his card from all albums to date! Of course some of the old albums had two vrs of cards , but the second vrs are literally so rare, if shawols have them they would never sell. So one vrs is good enough for me! Also here are Wonderland cards..Seasons Greetings, Coex, and The Saem. I actually don’t know if i have all of his wonderland i need to check…again thanks to everyone wo has helped me find these over the years! xoxo!!! 

Shut Up And Dance With Me

Stiles finds inspiration in an unexpected place that helps him finally make a move on Derek at their Senior Prom.

Thank you so much @rhysiana for keeping my tenses in order! For @chelebell (also, @pale-silver-comb I think this is something that would make you smile)

*Posting AO3 link below since tumblr response to my fic has been nil which is really discouraging, sorry for the extra step*


This was it, his last chance; it was now, or never.

“Come on, Stilinski. Come on, come one, come on! Just nut up and do it already,” Stiles admonished himself under his breath as he paced absently near the DJ table in the corner of the gymnasium where Beacon Hills High Senior Prom was in full swing. Stiles was barely aware of the crappy pop music playing from the huge speakers, or the twinkling lights that were zig-zagged across the ceiling mimicking the night sky.

The borderline over-the-top Paris theme that Lydia had insisted on was all but lost on him, though it was hard to ignore the perfectly scaled, light-up model of the Eiffel Tower that Lydia strong-armed the theater department into building for the occasion. He had spent more time than he cared to admit over the last two months helping her plan the decorations and the color scheme and the theme. The only thing keeping him from dying of boredom had been that Lydia’s idea of help amounted to not much more than nodding and telling her she was right.

“Dammit, Stiles, just–” he stopped in the middle of yelling at himself again, hands in mid air, made speechless by the sight of Derek laughing easily, head thrown back slightly and mouth drawn in a wide grin. Stiles felt his breath catch in his throat.  God, he’s so beautiful.

It had seemed like a great idea, all of them coming to prom together; the reality of it was actually torture, with Stiles and Derek the only ones not part of a couple, and Stiles pining pathetically and reading too much into every shared glance and eyeroll at their friends’ antics, every brush of their knees or shoulders or hands in the back of the limo Lydia insisted on, or at the table they’d all claimed as theirs.

“Careful, sweetie, you’ll start drooling,” Lydia said, pushing Stiles’ jaw shut with one perfectly manicured finger.

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From three years back to today

Three years ago I fell in love with a boy from Chicago. A beautiful soul. Even more gorgeus smile. We met on Tumblr, started to fell for each other and decided to try long distance. It didn’t go as planned.
A year after spending time with my soulmate, we broke up. It crushed him so badly he wouldn’t talk to me. Not even after two years. I tried to move on but could never shake him off my mind. Not even after two years.
I only had his old address left. I don’t know if he still lives there, probably not. Now I want to find him more than I’ve ever wanted. But I don’t know how. My last hope is a letter. A letter that I’m going to mail tomorrow hoping for it to reach him. Hoping for it to cause him to talk to me again.
Juan I miss you. I miss my best friend. I miss my soulmate.

If someone has any idea of how I could find him please contact me.

And if he sees this: please talk to me again. I still have the reminder. I still have half of your heart. I couldn’t throw it away…

- Noora


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Warnings: Public

“Hoseok, quit it. I need to finish getting ready.”

Hoseok huffed as you gently pushed him away. He sat on the edge of your bed and pouted as you opened your closet. “What are you even getting dressed for? I thought we were just going to spend the weekend together here.”

“We are,” you sighed as you reached for your sweater, “but if we want to spend the whole weekend uninterrupted then I have to get some groceries. And I wanted to pick up a card or something for Changkyun. He got me that cute coloring book when I had my surgery so I wanted to return the favor. Oh, I saw these Avengers bubbles the other day. I could get those for him?”

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Escaping The Institute:
  • The Sole Survivor: Des, could you let me use the PA system? I have one last thing I need to say to my son.
  • Desdemona: Of course, Wanderer, take all the time you need.
  • The Sole Survivor, leaning over the microphone: Goodbye you little shit.

Prompt Request #32 - Jordan Parrish

Requested by Anon

Jordan Parrish x Reader

3. “I love you”
18. “What do you think about babies?”

”Excuse me? Is Deputy Parrish around?” you shyly asks Sheriff Stilinski as you approach the front desk. He gently smiles towards you and leans forward.

”You know Y/N, it’s okay to call him Jordan around me.” he explains and you can’t help but giggle a bit. ”And yes, let me go find him for you.” then he turns around and goes into the office.

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