Which one should i choose?

When Haikyuu start airing, i’m going to change my url to one related to my babies (just till it ends), but i still don’t know which one:

  • kkenmah 
  • karazuno
  • nishinoyx

those three are my options, i like them all and i don’t know to which one switch for this whole season


So I’m trying to submit pics for acting stuff…. Fortunately I don’t need to have professional headshots for this, so I just went out and took some pictures….I already picked the headshot one, but I need a body shot as well, and I don’t really know which one to choose…so, HELP? I don’t know, I took like 40 pics, and these three were the best, which is sad, because they aren’t even that great but whatever….Which one do you guys think I should submit?

Number 1: 
Number 2:
Number 3:
Please ignore my unattractiveness. 

Help me choose

I know i bought a gazillion Voltage substories yesterday and my queue of things to play is getting longer, but i really want to finish playing all Storm Lover characters, so i will be really slow in reading those subtories. Now the question is, who should i play in Storm Lover? I finished the first character and i really don’t know who to choose. Who should i choose between these?

I already played the one that is singing. Help me choose the next one please (not the shota though..he is the one that is winking lol).

NaNoWriMo ideas. Which one do you like best?

1. The life story of a free spirited girl, with each chapter chronicled by the most important man in her life at that moment. (eg her father, her brother, the two loves of her life, her colleagues, people she has fucked over etc.)

2. The socially awkward but highly intelligent Phineas has been living with his grandfather his entire life. Lately, however, this grandfather has fallen prey to altzheimer and has been admitted into a nursing home, leaving Phineas with no choice but to rent out the now vacant rooms in order to be able to keep the house he grew up in. Emma is a vivacious, feisty student who has taken to working as a stripper to earn some extra cash. She adores her job, but unfortunately for her, her old, christian land lady didn’t and kicked her out as soon as she found out. Emma basically just claims Phineas’ house and the two become house mates. As is only to be expected with two people who are so drastically different, they initially clash spectacularly, but then slowly start to bond when they start cleaning out the attic where all the old stuff of Phineas’ grandfather is stored. While going through his old notebooks and pictures, they slowly learn about the old scientist and how he met Phineas’ grandmother. By reading about a love story that happened over seventy years ago, Emma and Phineas grow closer every day, until one day, Phineas’ world is changed forever.

3. November 12th 1906. Utterly alone and forgotten, a bastard boy dies of malnutrition. Invisible to the world, he will not be mourned. He will not be remembered.

She is as ancient as the world itself, but as her legacy has been reduced to fairytale and folklore, she is fading. Cursed to infest minds and live off them like a parasite, this means she is losing the power to insert herself into whoever she wants. In the hope that she’ll finally be able to die when he does, she takes over Tobias’s brain but is mistaken in thinking his mind is as weak as his dying body. The world she creates in his mind is strong enough to give her back her godlike powers, but while facing Tobias’s demons, she gets a bit more than she bargained for. What follows is a journey through Tobias’s (troubled) pysche, where he has to deal with his deadbeat mother, his faith and the eternal struggle between good and evil. Characters like the Whore, the Priest (who raised him), Innocence in the form of a girl who was nice to him when he was young etc.

4. Agnes and Eddie’s first meeting is definitely romcom-worthy. All she had wanted was to have a quiet night in. Never in the world would she have expected a complete stranger to come bursting into her apartment, claiming she needs to hide him because he’d get beaten up if she didn’t. She complies grudgingly - and not without calling him all sorts of names. Hiding out for a night turns into a full day, in which they tell each other their life stories and then - on inpulse and without even knowing each other - they decide to leave behind their lives and go on a crazy roadtrip across the country. Yadda yadda yadda. And there’s the possibility of a sequal, in which she is pregnant and they are having money troubles because she got fired for calling her boss all sorts of names because she’s crazy hormonal and she hasn’t told her husband yet because she’s writing a book and she’s hoping to finish it before he finds out and he is the owner of a stripclub, which he has kept a secret for Agnes and they’re hiding stuff for each other and fighting and being adorable.

5. My fantasy story, Ragnarok, on which I’ve been working for years and for which I have a massive writersblock. It’s basically a fantasy world next to our own world, in roman times and it’s fantasy mixed with the story of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome and all sorts of Greek Mythology. I have a summary somewhere and everything’s planned out, I just need to start writing it again.

6. This is basically about the same boy as in 3, but then 200 years after his death. In the small town of Colma, the dead don’t actually stay dead anymore and inexplicably come back to live for extended periods of time. They don’t remember being dead, just dying. Tobias comes back to life and has to struggle with his faith in God, heaven, technology and with himself, while two sisters (a scientist and a fbi agent) both want to use him for their research.

7. Set in a post-apocalyptic world and honestly, this one is still quite fuzzy. Just before the war that destroyed the world started, a young girl falls a victim to a mad scientist, who conducts experiments on her and a bunch of other kids. He drags her along on his journey and starts teaching her about medicine, turning her from experiment into experimenter. He is obsessed with immortality and when their planes crashes and she fails to die, Bohemien discovers he never stopped experimenting on her. For some reason, she is immortal, and she uses this immortality to travel across a world that’s completely ruined by war. Over the years, she turns into something of a legend and she’s basically very fucked up, experimenting on dead bodies but also healing people, turning into some sort of animal, trying to discover why she’s immortal. Idk yet how this would plan out, it’s basically about Bohemien and how fucked up she is and how fucked up the world is etc.

Kinda wanna write a bad boy!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write a baseball!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write a bestfriend/internet best friend!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write a soulmate!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write demigod!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write high school!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write a neighbor!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write a frat boy!5sos fanfic, kinda wanna write a nerdy!5sos fanfic, kinda wish I could write all of them…

Club this term?

I’m trying to decide which club to join this term. I’m sort of lazy so I’d rather not join a club that requires a lot of commitment. Not just that though, my online shop keeps me pretty busy as well so I really don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a club. However, I’d still like to try since I feel like I’m missing out on the Japanese university experience somehow because I haven’t joined one yet. Anyway right now I’m considering flower arrangement, calligraphy, or tea ceremony. If I do flower arrangement I’m a little worried that I’d be allergic to the flowers or something. I want to do tea ceremony but I can’t hold my seiza (kneeling) position for more than like 20 minutes before my legs fall asleep D: And I’m just not sure if calligraphy will be interesting or not. Augh. Which should I pick??

I should start a UFO catching club.


Senior pics…so what do y'all think? which one should I choose for the yearbook? Personally, I kind of like the one with the silver background & dramatic lighting, but I’m not the best judge of these things.

sorry about the watermarks (nothing I can do) and you may have to click to see the full image