hello friends i am having a bad anxiety day because i am home alone in my apartment for the entirety of today and my safe person(s) are not in positions to be with me/help me. Not to mention the threat of an imminent storm/tornado makes the likelyhood of me being alone all night a high possibility.

I would much appreciate any tips/ideas on how to keep myself at a reasonable calm level. Even just a few encouraging words. I’m a little desperate, as I haven’t had a panic attack in over 2 months now and I transitioned out of my therapy clinic and I’d really prefer to not relapse. I want to be able to do this.

Thanks everyone for reading, I appreciate it.

anonymous asked:

im in this leadership group at uni and we're going to have dinner this week and afterwards they want to go to karaoke. i get really anxious at situations im not comfortable with and having to sing in front of people is one of them. i just never ever sing ever unless maybe if im home alone but the rest of my group says that they want to hear me sing except i just dont want to at all. im quite new to the group so they dont know im just not that type but i feel so pressured aaand im the youngest

if you’re old enough then sometimes having a glass or two of champagne can help hehe, but if not? just say that soz but you’re not comfortable with singing, you’d prefer to watch from the sidelines this time and maybe you’ll join in at the end (: stand up for yourself friend even if it feels weird / strange / intimidating, if you genuinely don’t wanna participate in karaoke then just say thanks but no thanks – you can still have a good time and chat to people even if you’re not singing and playing along c: good luck <3

- tash