Heya guys!

You all know - or may know after reading this post - that from each commission I get, 10% of the value goes to pay vet bills of abandoned/abused animals. Well, this kitty was abandoned and was slightly sick (caused by excess of parasites) and thin (she doesn’t look thin, because of the belly, but she was). Also she looked pregnant - apparently she already gave birth, but I have no idea where the kitties are. She was wandering around one of the most densely populated streets of the city, weak and meowing. Me and my friend took her to the vet.

Fortunately it is nothing serious, and is treatable. She has been de-wormed, took a medication for the fever and TONS of foods.

Now all I have to do is try to find a home for her.

I want to say a HUGE thank you for all the commissions, made possible helping this kitty without stressing with the OMG I NEED MONEY TO HELP HER.


Posting my shitty Angel & Demon concepts


For our higher-ranking Angel & Demons:

  • Angels depicted as a metal/punk biker gang that kick ass, chew bubblegum, helping abandoned animals, keeping off child predators and creeps– the relevant stuff
  • As in they don’t look cutesy or pretty or blushing maidens I mean they look scary as fuck and not to be messed with. They’re not attractive.
  • Why else do you think they say “Don’t be afraid?”
  • Probably as metal as Mad Max: Fury Road
  • They may look scary but they’re soft little cinnamon buns with cream in the inside
  • Why a biker gang? Because in the Bible, some angels look like wheels of fire
  • Getting high has a more deeper meaning
  • Vigilantes. Screw the laws of men, there is only one law.
  • What should I call the biker gang?

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ANJE Cares team members Most Popular members! Thank you dear friends for voting & suppprting for ANJE Cares family this past week.
Ranking no. 1 with the most likes is @queensofshadow Alice with 673 Likes! Followed by @charcoalriotylor Charcoal and @ernieng9 Ernest!!

They will be volunteering this Fri afternoon at Causes For Animals to care for the abandoned animals and we are all looking forward to the day!!

During this past month, I’ve been really touched by ANJE Cares team with their passion and love in sharing this great cause and purchasing ANJE wristbands to raise the donation to help the abandoned animals in CAS. Beautiful people in all. Special thanks to @dennis__tew and @danacarmontbikinis for donating towards the cause. Big blessful thanks!

And many thanks to iFitness Leonard for supporting us, these 3 winners will be featured on iFitness website as well!

Words can never be enough to show the heart of a person, only through their selfless actions.
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Humane society director on paid leave over dog controversy

During her 12 months as executive director of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, Joy Braunstein has helped countless abandoned animals find homes. But when it came time to bring one into hers instead of looking to this shelter Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 learned she called a breeder.

Ok guys, here goes another campaign to help a cat in need. REBLOGS AND WHATNOT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL!

So let me start from the beginning - my dad takes care of several stray cats. They are not his, but he feeds them and many are fixed so that there isn’t a KITTEN BOOM with all the good food around. One of these cats in particular, named Fosco, got extremely sick only to find out that he most likely was poisoned by something or someone (I don’t know, but maybe a non-friendly neighbor).

The situation for him is serious, he is in the hospital under observation. Doctors are trying everything to find out what is going on, but the poison has already affected his pancreas and intestines.

As it is to be expected, the vet bills are huge - until now, over 500 euros and still going. This is a hard burden on my dad’s financial situation so I am making these COMMISSIONS TO HELP HIM OUT.

As you guys know, I already do this thing of every single commission 10% will go directly to vet bills for animals in need.

But for this situation in particular I’ll make an exception of 30% of the commissions will go to pay Fosco’s vet bills.

My commission pricelist will be posted as soon as possible, but I will for now give you the more frequent commissions I get:

- Pet portrait - 40-45 euros (varies with the amount of fur one animal has)

- Icon commissions - 6.5 euros each

- Speed paint portrait commissions - 20 euros

If you wish to donate money (meaning, sending money without asking for an art commission), obviously 100% of the money will go to Fosco’s vet bills.

I accept paypal only - for commissions and payola info, send me an email to