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prompt: andrew and neil might not tell each other explicitly that they love each other but they've casually told other people, and the foxes reaction to it, tbh i just love andrew admitting his feelings even if it's just in a small, casual, very andrew way

in lieu of my election stress, i finally answered this but its pretty short. thank you anon i love all of you who send prompts

  • okay so i don’t think the two of them ever say i love you
  • ever
  • but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have other ways to show it
  • and it doesn’t mean the foxes don’t catch on
  • like when they catch neil heading towards andrew’s car at midnight because andrew ran out of ice cream
  • or when andrew lifts neil in his arms after neil sprains his ankle during a practice
  • they’ve been caught exchanging forehead kisses more than once
  • there are the the moments where they see andrew’s hand clamped around neil’s neck, and even though the foxes don’t know what it means, they know it’s important
  • when andrew grabs neil’s hands as the other boy rubs and scratches at his scars
  • the way neil is angered when andrew is called a monster
  • when they got the cats, the foxes knew that they loved each other for sure 
    • andrew wouldn’t want, need or desire cats
    • but neil is exactly the type of person who’d want them, to help animals abandoned in a shelter live a better life
    • they knew andrew tolerated the cats for neil’s sake
  • however the biggest moment happened between matt and neil
  • they were having their bi-monthly coffee date, and matt was twisting the band on his ring finger before blurting out the question on his mind
    • “are you and andrew ever going to get married?”
    • neil looked at him funny before replying “why would we?”
    • matt went right into Protective Dad mode “why wouldn’t you?”
    • neil shrugged. “we don’t need to. i can’t speak for andrew, but i won’t want anyone else. i never have. if we already know we’ll be together, why do we need marriage?”
  • the thing is, they don’t need marriage
  • to the people who know them, the foxes, and especially each other, it’s blatantly clear that andrew and neil love each other, even if they never say it
Bring it on home (part 5 of Goodbye to bad luck)

Part 1: Goodbye and good riddance to bad luck

Part 2: Dazed and confused

Part 3: Your time is gonna come

Part 4: Ramble on

This is the fifth and final part to this series: the Winchesters and Castiel continue their search for Y/N.

Who would ever have thought that I’d write a series, huh? Enjoy. And please let me know what you think.

Tagging @schwarzwaelder-kirschtorte, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @part-time-day-dreamer and @theerinpage for your wonderful, encouraging comments. You’re all top human beings that deserve all the good things!

Word count: 2952

Closing his eyes, Castiel looked out into the void, searching for the faint traces of the spell that had linked Dean to Y/N. It glowed like flickering embers through the planes, creating a clear path that skipped back and forth, criss-crossing over itself, but it shouldn’t be too hard to follow it back to its origin.

When he opened his eyes again, Castiel smiled tentatively, but said nothing. Then he disappeared, leaving two very confused hunters behind to stare at each other. The angel reappeared moments after, gripping an old, dishevelled looking lady clutching her purse as if her life depended on it.

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Things im weak for

- headcanons/scenarios of characers being around animals or liking a specific animal
- characters having pets and taking loving care of them
- cute fanart of characters with animals
- characters helping stray animals and abandoned pets


Heya guys!

You all know - or may know after reading this post - that from each commission I get, 10% of the value goes to pay vet bills of abandoned/abused animals. Well, this kitty was abandoned and was slightly sick (caused by excess of parasites) and thin (she doesn’t look thin, because of the belly, but she was). Also she looked pregnant - apparently she already gave birth, but I have no idea where the kitties are. She was wandering around one of the most densely populated streets of the city, weak and meowing. Me and my friend took her to the vet.

Fortunately it is nothing serious, and is treatable. She has been de-wormed, took a medication for the fever and TONS of foods.

Now all I have to do is try to find a home for her.

I want to say a HUGE thank you for all the commissions, made possible helping this kitty without stressing with the OMG I NEED MONEY TO HELP HER.