So at a party yesterday, I got to hang out with some pretty great people, including this one girl Mackenzie. Never got her last name, just that she goes to a school near mine and that she has a Tumblr and such. Long story short, she left her sunglasses at the party, and now I feel obligated to give them back to her so I can talk to her again.

So please, if you don’t mind, please reblog this so maybe eventually she’ll see this again and I can give her her glasses. So yeah, Mackenzie, remember me, Max?


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I’m havin a hair crisis, yet again :(
tempted to go dark again with an ombre colour at the bottom, or go with something like the top row? Or just keep it the way it is? It grows so much better when it’s dark :’(

I like how the skeleton clique isn’t clique-y at all. I know that all of you are lovely and if given the chance you would accept any new pilots into our fancy club and tell them anything they wanted to know. We’re not exclusive or pretentious like some bigger bandoms have unintentionally and unfortunately come to be as they grew, and I hope that we’ll always have such a supportive and loving community. As the boys get more popular, let’s swear to never exclude new fans or make them feel uncomfortable. There’s no “pilot’s liscence” that anyone needs to earn and no requirements that need to be met to be loved and accepted in this clique. Stay Positive, Stay Alive, Stay Street. |-/

Hey guys! So my sweet, lovable pal Alfred aka PaperBoxHouse needs some help here! He’s been trying to build up the funds to move out of his house and get his own place for a while now, but things haven’t been so great.

His internet was just cut off and now it’s harder than ever for him to reach out and get commissions for his cause, so I’m making a post here to help him out!

His commission prices are in the image above and he would veeeeery much appreciate it if you could spare something in exchange for HIS SICK-NASTY-DOPE-ASS ART!! I MEAN LOOKIT THAT STUFF!  W O W!!

To ask about commissions and get yourself one, you can email him at OR you can even tweet at him on Twitter!

Just be like “ey yo cool dude, I want a cool art!” and give him some references of what you want! He’ll be right on the case and get back to ya ASAP!


Relay For Life events are life-changing cancer fundraising events that help communities across the globe fight back against cancer.


I’m in an organization called Gamma Beta Phi, and I’m participating in Relay For Life! As stated above, the Relay For Life events are amazing events that help those with cancer. Several of my family members have passed from cancer, so it would mean a lot if you guys could help me out!

The process is this: Under the “Get Involved” tab, there’s a link to ‘Donate’. Hit that and go to the “donate to a participant”. Type in my name, which is “Rebecca Robinson”. The only person that should come up is me, with Texas Tech University attached! Click on my name, and click the ‘Donate’ button. From there, just fill out the information!

If you donate, send me a message and, if you’re comfortable giving me your address, I’ll send you a little something, and I’ll give you a promo! I will be notified if you donate, but not with your URL (obviously). Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this for signal boosting things!

I have till April 12th, which is 55 days! My goal is $100, but if I could pass that, it would be amazing!