Blaire Tidbits

  • She is ALWAYS getting roasted. She’s the type of person ppl see as an easy target so they just d e s t r o y her lol. 
  • She joined the military outta high school to pay for school 
  • Blaire is now relieved of duty and helps her brother Keon out with her niece.
  • During school Keon always had to defend her even tho he too was the subject of harsh bullying. Blaire got the lot of it between the two of them
  • Blaire isn’t very bright. Never has been. The only thing she excels in is sports. 
  • In school to majority of the bullying she faced was bc she was a tomboy and thus she was at the butt end of a whole lot of homophobia. but to be real, if you ask her what’s her orientation she will she doesn’t have one bc regardless of a person’s gender, most ppl  she grew up with curved the fuck outta her. She’s accepted being forever alone and owning at least…6 cats.
  • her favorite sport is soccer
  • second favorite sport is rugby
  • she probably smells like baby powder
Niklaus and Tyler

Elijah Mikaelson likes to think of himself as an intelligent man. 

He has a Phd. 

He is a Chess FIDE Master.

He speaks four languages.

Yet despite his many skills, the one thing he is apparently too stupid to remember, is to not to answer calls from his siblings after midnight. 

“It’s an emergency!” Niklaus’ voice shouted from the other end of the line. 


In other families, calls in the a.m with the word emergency meant family member/s dead/dying/in hospital. 

For the Mikaelson’s it meant Niklaus/Kol/Rebekah had done something incredibly stupid or Finn/Freya was having an existential crisis. 

The only time his family was collectively calm was when one of them was actually in the hospital- they were the very picture of stability then.

“You have to help me, brother.” Niklaus begs and Elijah wants to point out that there is no way in which that sentence is true. 

But because for all his achievements he’s an absolute idiot, he rolls out of bed, rummages around his room for sweat pants, notes with envy that Katerina has simply stolen his blankets and gone right back to sleep, and climbs into his car. 

He earnestly finds himself wishing that someone was actually dead. 

Niklaus lives only ten minutes away but for some reason, Elijah’s pulling up to an apartment complex twenty minutes south and stumbling through an unfamiliar building, following vague instructions until Niklaus sticks his head out of a door. 

“Bloody hell!” he snaps, the Mikaelson version of ‘Thank God!’ and pulls him inside, “You’re a lifesaver.” 

“What’s going on?” Elijah demands, looking about the room and seeing only minor destruction. 

“Okay, so you know how Caroline and I are thinking of moving in together?”

If his brother woke him up in the middle of the night for moving duties, he was a dead man.

“So help me…”

Niklaus runs a hand through his hair, “Well, she went on a business trip and wanted me to stay and mind Tyler because he and I don’t really get along and she thought this would be a good chance for us to get to know one another, but…well…”

It’s then Elijah hears it. 

The plaintive meowing. 

He follows the noise into the living room and staggers backwards, blinded and shaking his head. 

“Dear God!” he murmurs, wiping the tears from his cheeks, and shielding his eyes as he opens them again, “Are you trying to signal the pirates off the Somalian coast?” 

Niklaus shuffles in behind him, 

“Caroline got a little carried away decorating the tree,” he allows in the greatest understatement ever uttered by man, “She was so excited though.” 

Elijah has several choice remarks about the Christmas tree currently groaning under the weight of the baubles and string lights blazing like the midday sun, until he realizes that the groaning is actually coming from a living being. 

“I presume Tyler is a cat?” he asks, looking around for the four-legged creature and Niklaus nods, “Yes and an absolute bastard.” 

“Who is…?” Elijah prompts and his little brother sighs, “Stuck in the tree.”

He didn’t feel the need to elaborate further but a quick examination found a blue-eyed black Persian kitten wrapped around one of the branches close to the trunk of the tree, tangled in tinsel and with his own set of multi-coloured lights wrapped around his stomach. 

“I tried pulling him out but he’s caught up and I didn’t want to risk hurting him. Caroline would kill me.”

‘And probably put him in a gingerbread crypt with candy canes protruding from his eye sockets’ Elijah thinks uncharitably before sighing with resignation. 

“Alright,” he decides, “You hold him while I untangle him.”

A famous surgeon and here he was at two am in the morning, trying to figure out how to work a knot out of tinsel while being judged by a kamikaze kitten who took any momentary freedom as an opportunity to try and defy Niklaus’ strong grip and gravity, repeatedly trying to lurch from the tree even though it was a good five feet to the ground. 

Should mankind really interfere with natural selection? 

Was it not wrong to play God?

Upon his release from incarceration in Christmas Tree Penitentiary, Tyler yowls and scampers right out of the room, not even bothering the merest glance back at the risk of showing gratitude to his saviors. 

“Cats are the worst.” Elijah groans as he shakes pine needles from his sleeve.

“Thank-you, brother.” Niklaus murmurs, clapping a hand on his shoulder, pulling him in for a hug and reminding Elijah why he always answered the phone when one of his siblings called.

Still, a week later when he was helping his little brother move in, he couldn’t resist bringing along a laser pen and every time Caroline was out of the room, tormenting Tyler with the red dot along the floorboards.  

‘Take that you fuzzy little ingrate.’ 

So at a party yesterday, I got to hang out with some pretty great people, including this one girl Mackenzie. Never got her last name, just that she goes to a school near mine and that she has a Tumblr and such. Long story short, she left her sunglasses at the party, and now I feel obligated to give them back to her so I can talk to her again.

So please, if you don’t mind, please reblog this so maybe eventually she’ll see this again and I can give her her glasses. So yeah, Mackenzie, remember me, Max?


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This is Key. She is one of my closest friend’s sister and she’s been fighting cancer for almost 4 years. She is only 18 years old and she got a relapse. She is a really optimistic girl and she doesn’t want to give up.

However, chemos are very expensive and I’m just sharing this here to see if you guys would help her by donating. The minimum is 5 pounds.

[If you donate, please click this link]

Please pray for her. Share this post and let others know that she needs our help.

UPDATE (2/15/15):

Today, her mom shared me a message that was it was the International Day of Childhood Cancer and that Key is going to complete 4 years of fighting cancer in March 3. In December she got her 6th surgery because of a metastasis they found in her lung so her middle lobe of the lung was cut out. A few days ago, they found another metastasis in her left lung, and she’s going to have surgery on the 24th.

She needs your help! If you could donate, please do it! Please share this again and again! signal boost this, please! 


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And I’ll check out your blog and yeah you get
Click here to support Help Lane Fund Top Surgery by Lane Devlin
Hello! If you're reading this then you probably already know me, but if you don't I'm Lane! I'm a trans guy with my top surgery date already set for November 10th of this year. While I have a decent amount of funds saved up(which is why I went ahead and had the consultation and set a date), they...

Due to some set backs we’ve had, I’m going to go ahead and put this up. If anyone can help out, fantastic, if not that’s cool too but if you could even share this, I would be forever grateful. I finally got to the point where I can set my surgery date and we’ve been saving steadily to achieve the goal and I’m worried that the date will roll around and we’ll be short. I have the donation bar set to little under half the cost of the surgery itself so literally any amount of money I could raise would be a HUGE help. Whether it’s $3000 or a couple hundred. It’s been a rough couple of years here and I really just want and need to get this roadblock out of the way so I can continue down this path and finally gain my life back. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive over the years, I owe you all SO much. You mean the world to me!

I am also using about half the money I make at my business Bucky’s Bomb Yard to put toward my surgery as well. We sell fandom(and non-fandom) bath bombs and shower fizzes so you can take a look HERE. We also have a transgender awareness bomb where a dollar from each bomb sold goes to Trans Lifeline.

Thank you for reading and sharing, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

Yo! So I had top surgery on June 22 which is really exciting and also really scary for us

The problem is that my dad paid basically out of pocket (He’s great, he went and took out a loan) since my insurance doesn’t cover ‘cosmetic’ surgeries, and if you know anything about the trans community then you know that a lot of the time, surgeries are not cosmetic, they’re needed medical interventions.

The surgery cost us a $10,000 USD Loan ( that amount included the travel, lodging, hospital fees, anesthetic fees, etc.) which is a shit load to pay off and it’s going to put a lot of strain on us.

I really want to help pay off the loan as much as I can because my dad has done a lot for my family already. Even though I’ve been saving up every penny i can scrape up, and have been applying to jobs non-stop, but it’s been fruitless. My brother works, and we’re both going to college.

As most of you know, my mom and I opened up a Storenvy a while ago, but almost nothing sold, so we revamped the merch and lowered prices! 

We’ve invested in quality shirts and high quality vinyl stickers!  AND Theres now nothing over $20 dollars!! We’ll be putting up some deals for the holidays soon. 

We’re working really hard to pump out new jewelry and shirts to pay for my surgery loan.

What you see above is only a tiny bit of what we got up, so please please please check it out! You get a free pride sticker with a purchase of $30 or more.

I also have a gofundme if you can’t really afford anything in our store, theres also a paypal link on my blog if you want to make a small donation :0

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I have found myself in a sudden and kind of time sensitive financial straits. I am looking to do as many commissions as I can in as short a time possible! And since the thing I can draw fastest is Undertale characters, I’m gonna theme this batch around UT! 

Also it’s a sale! What the what!

Please email me at with what you want drawn + the “style” of commission. Feel free to poke through my art tag for samples.  

  • I’LL DRAW ANYTHING. Whatever you want, seriously.
  • $20 is the base price for a single character bust sketch. Additional fees apply on a case by case basis for color + additional characters + full body + etc. This is a HEAVY DISCOUNTING on my usual rates, but I’m in a serious bind!
  • If you can’t afford a commission today, please consider reblogging to show your friends and followers! I mean it when I say I’m in a serious and sudden bind. This is all I intend to do for the next few days. 

Thank you to everyone who helps me out, either by commissioning me or telling your friends. THANK YOU!


It’s a small, broken family. But with the three of us, I know we’ll get along just fine. We still have each other.

Wanting to draw younger Hamadas turned into drawing Tadashi heavily struggling after the loss of their parents, since he was old enough to deal with it. He and Cass had to carry the weight on their own for a good while, since Hiro was still too young to understand (and Tadashi just lied, saying “They’re just on vacation, they’ll be back someday”). He vowed to shoulder it for both he and Hiro, so the poor kid wouldn’t have to be troubled by it when he was young. 

Turns out it was Hiro who ended up easing most of the pain though, huh. 


Dear Manhattanites (or BK),

If you got a couch for me crash on for a couple of weeks, I’m doing all your cleaning in exchange. I kid you not. Even laundry.

Help me get outta this shelter, please :( I’m new to the city and in hustling my ass off.

I’m hilarious, fun loving, adventurous, hard-working, a piano teacher/music instructor, professional, and I’m an entertainer. All I do is interview, so I’m mostly gonna be out and about, but yeah if you’re up for a 22YO couch guest, I’m your guy.