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All the details can be worked out between us, but I’m generally okay with drawing just about  anything.

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Speaking of companions walking in front of your scope I once had Old Longfellow run directly in front of me literally JUST as I fired off a shot. It counted as a sneak attack, so not only had I just alerted every trapper within a 40 mile radius but my companion was already in need of a stimpack. Goddammit Longfellow

I haven’t actually played fallout for awhile until the other day, and since it was a little while after I started far harbor, I was looking for old longfellow but he wasn’t where I originally find him, where he at????? 

Guys I’m sorry to say it but I’m gonna have to give up the task of making a Sportarobbie audio. At this point I really don’t have time for it and so it will take me immensily long to complete, and I get stressed out thinking about all the people waiting for it. I am also currently working on two music videos that are stressing me out. BUT I do have a lot of audio clips that I gathered so if anyone want them feel free to contact me and I can send them to you, so perhaps the project can live on : )

Also if anyone is going to watch lazytown episodes could you help me keep an eye out for scenes where Robbie is in his lair or where he is looking sad? I’m trying to make a video of him to Monster vs Angel and it calls for a special mood like that I think. The other video is a Sportarobbie one so hints to scenes of them together would really help me out! Especially from seasons 2 and 3

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