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Hey guys! So I just went on a unfollow spree to clean my dash from people who changed fandoms or are inactive for a long time; now i need new blogs to follow, so if you post one of the following fandoms please reblog this and I’ll check out your blog!

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Dear Manhattanites (or BK),

If you got a couch for me crash on for a couple of weeks, I’m doing all your cleaning in exchange. I kid you not. Even laundry.

Help me get outta this shelter, please :( I’m new to the city and in hustling my ass off.

I’m hilarious, fun loving, adventurous, hard-working, a piano teacher/music instructor, professional, and I’m an entertainer. All I do is interview, so I’m mostly gonna be out and about, but yeah if you’re up for a 22YO couch guest, I’m your guy.

I like how the skeleton clique isn’t clique-y at all. I know that all of you are lovely and if given the chance you would accept any new pilots into our fancy club and tell them anything they wanted to know. We’re not exclusive or pretentious like some bigger bandoms have unintentionally and unfortunately come to be as they grew, and I hope that we’ll always have such a supportive and loving community. As the boys get more popular, let’s swear to never exclude new fans or make them feel uncomfortable. There’s no “pilot’s liscence” that anyone needs to earn and no requirements that need to be met to be loved and accepted in this clique. Stay Positive, Stay Alive, Stay Street. |-/

fallout 4 spoilers?


is there a way to advance far enough in the brotherhood of steel so i can complete blind betrayal (and romance danse) but also still be able to side with the minutemen and railroad? (when i say side with i mean not kill them)

because according to this you can keep these 3 factions ‘friends’ but it causes you to fail show no mercy for the bos (as i tried this and i failed that quest after doing some minutemen quests) and therefore i assume you can no longer do any main quests for the bos, which means you can’t get blind betrayal and can never romance danse. 

because i rlly want to romance danse but i don’t want to have to kill deacon ;^;