help shiro


Is it weird? I’m gonna make it weird.

Here’s a drop of context of the situation. Mothman gets framed.

Lance: Keith, I’m so happy I could kiss you!

Keith: (nervous gay laughter) Um………………. neat!


Keith: (lying face down on his bed) I can’t believe I said ‘neat’, Shiro. ‘Neat.’ Nobody says ‘neat’ anymore! It’s the goddamn 21st century!! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m! A huge loser!

Shiro: (idly turns magazine page) Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Allura confessed to me?

Keith: Didn’t you like, thank her?

Shiro: (closes magazine to stare at the ceiling) I thanked her.


Shiro wonders if this is really worth it or not


since i love @iacediai swap au so much i cant stop myself from drawing a bunch for it but i hate not posting things right away so this post is probs gonna be edited a bunch of times with more au drawings. i just really love it okay