help me help you

an idea

angus goes back to detective-ing after the Bureau of Balance Fiasco™ and he asks taako, his good pal and friend, to help him out on a murder case

so taako, thinking he’s the smartest dude alive, invites his boyfriend, literal death incarnate, along for the ride. they can sherlock shit up together, get krav out of the office, what the fuck could go wrong?

except he totally lies to angus about how he knows kravitz. some “we met in collage” or “in that one urinal in lankhmar, right?” bs, and kravitz just plays along because he knows taako’s weird about privacy.

just, like, awkward gays trying to be secretive about holding hands 5 feet behind angus as he Investigates Shit and thinking the fancy boy is none the wiser, like angus was born yesterday and isn’t the worlds greatest detective. he’s nice about it and plays along, though, and they sherlock the HELL out of the fucking town, and it’s cute and great and the best wizard-reaper-little boy cop show ever made


Modern Merlin aesthetic 

‘Almost got arrested.’ ‘’What?? Why?’ ‘Punched the Prince of Wales.’ ‘Was he angry?’ ‘I don’t know. Gave me his number.’ ‘You going to call him?’ ‘Nah, gonna post it on Twitter.’

The punching incident happened prior to Merlin being elected as an MP. And the number was posted ‘anonymously’. MP stands for Member of Parliament. 


Peter: Why do you think I kissed you that day at McClaren’s house back in seventh grade? It’s why I went along with this thing in the first place. 

Kitty: You were so lonely and I could tell Peter liked you, and I knew you wouldn’t do anything about it!


“We are fightning weaboos!”

This could also be seen as The nonsense AU (almost) nobody asked for, where teenage!Genji was found nearly dead, gets rebuilt by Moira and Angela resulting in bonding together as a family .

i know we talk about how chaotic jin is all the time but like… yoongi???? underrated quiet chaos is his Brand™. telling people to continue writing hate comments so the company can sue?? saying that he’ll marry someone if they bring the documents??? roasting everyone for the “look behind you” thing?? all while looking like the cutest little dumpling in his matching pajamas??? my heart litcherally cannot handle this