help which one do i use as my icon

This is an easy tutorial for beginner icon makers (extremely picture heavy, an image for every step with explicit steps!) A very similar tutorial which was what taught me how to do this (with slight tweaks you will find along the way) is HERE and all credit to the darling Cassie for creating this, honestly what a life changer! (this is just a really picture heavy version of it with some weird arrows for beginners!!)

Before we start this tutorial, things you will need to have:

  • A version of PS, I have PS6 but I think this should be similar to any version that has the timeline option
  • A timeline
  • The screencaps you want to icon in one folder (I would rec putting this folder on your desktop for ease of access!) I would also recommend splitting your screencaps either by lighting (eg extremely dark and need to use a different psd) or by location in the caps (eg, right, left, centre etc) 
  • A psd you want to use!
  • Knowledge of how to load an action into photoshop (I don’t actually go into it in this tutorial!) 
  • A sharpening action which has been loaded into photoshop.
  • I’ll be using THIS action which is not mine but works spectacularly; Action 2 from this pack in particular

The end result is something like this with minimum amount of effort but the large amount of icons you need for roleplaying your favourite fc’s! Please LIKE/REBLOG if this was helpful :)

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tabtotheleft  asked:

I want to make a thing for my friends as a sort of 'what to not do/what to try/what to look for' for when I'm having a meltdown and/or shutdown (prolly 2 separate docs) because they've expressed concern and wanting to help but I don't know what to put on it? Especially for my meltdowns, I don't even know what helps them? Do you have any advice or ideas? I'm asking around looking for suggestions, even just things to consider myself to figure it out.

Here are some suggestions (there will be suggestions that contradict others as different ones might work for different people so pick and choose whichever work for you, or maybe they’ll prompt some ideas of your own that are more applicable to your needs). It might also be helpful for your friends to be aware of any pre-meltdown or pre-shutdown signs as well so I’ve included a very general list. You can always sort them into the appropriate categories if you want to. 

I might struggle with:
- being too hot/cold.
- noisy environments.
- sudden noises.
- bright lights.
- too much movement.
- too much social interaction can be tiring.
- unexpected events.

Signs to look out for:
- I may become irritable.
- I may become withdrawn/quieter than usual.
- I may stim more or less than usual, or differently [you could be specific about this, explainng the exact stims to look out for if any].
- I may become (more) aversive to touch (than usual).
- I may seem ‘sulky’ or ‘whiney’.
- I may act more ‘childish’ (than usual).
- I may become restless or more fidgety (than usual).
- I may ‘huff’ and sigh a lot.
- I may become uncooperative.
- I may cover my ears/close my eyes.
- I might become physically aggressive.
- I might become verbally aggressive.
- I might scream/shout/cry.
- I might become nonverbal.
- I might not be able to move independently.

- Panic, or get angry or upset.
- Touch me.
- Leave me by myself.
- Talk too loudly.
- Talk to me.
- Ask open questions.
- Stop me from stimming or stop my sensory seeking behaviours.
- Prevent me from avoiding sensory stimulus.

- Keep me safe.
- Talk to me.
- Reassure me.
- Explain where we are going (or what you are going to do).
- Ask closed questions (questions requiring yes or no answers, or giving you options to choose from.
- Gently guide me away from crowded or noisy areas.
- Remind me to use/Give me my headphones/earplugs/sunglasses.
- Remind me to use my/give me stim toys.
- Help me to keep warm or to cool down.
- (Ask if I would like you to) hold my hand tightly/hug me tightly.
- Use AAC (use specifics: tell them what kind of communication you prefer and if you need them to find an app on your phone, tell them which one - you could even include the icon for it).

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to reply so that tabtotheleft can look at those as well.


danielasartori  asked:

Hi Janice! Your art is wonderful, I love how your designs and paintings are creative and unique in your on way, congratulation for the amazing work! I'd like to ask you how you became an UI artist and if you have any suggestions on how to learn it because I really want to study UI and create awesome designs like you do. Thank you very much! :D

Aww thank you Daniel :) 

Haha that’s a good question. I feel like I kinda just “fell” into UI art. I enjoy doing graphic design and I learned a bit of during my time at art school. My prof was a tough one. We painted letters in gouache and it always had to be perfect. He had some cool lessons on composition which I think was super helpful. Anyways ffwd to internship times: During my internship at Digital Extremes, Warframe was just starting off and they needed someone to help out with ability power icons. So I volunteered because I enjoyed the challenge at the time. Fast forward to getting hired at Digital Extremes I did a few concept tasks and they kept assigning me UI icons because at the time no one was there to help out with the icons except for the concept artists. So I guess being the junior, I got all the UI icon stuff but I didn’t mind ( sometimes I did because I wanted to concentrate on concept stuff but eh :P ) And then I guess that’s where my UI experience really began and I kept doing icons on the side for fun like Destiny related styled icons. I also learned a ton from the UI lead at Digital Extremes (Dorian Stewart) He taught me how to use Illustrator which is VERY important if you want to be a UI artist - everything has to be vectored. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong :P He was super picky when I was vectorizing icons, frustrating at the time, but it really paid off after. You need hawk eyes for that. Every pixel counts when you are doing a UI icon or a menu screen. 

I’ve always enjoyed graphic design (all kinds, from package design, advertising, infographics, logos, etc) so it was cool to find out that it could be incorporated into games. To me, icons is like a challenge of taking something complicated to simplifying it to its most simplified form. 

When it comes to UX though, I’m horrible lol…I’m still learning that. My main forte for a UI artist is doing the art side. It’s good to know UX but usually I think most video game companies will have a UX person (UX is where things are placed in a menu/ its functionality/ flow) 

As for wanting to learn UI art, you can always take your favourite game and try to replicate your own set of icons/ menu screens and how you would try and make it “better”  Like I mentioned before, I love Destiny’s look for their UI so I wanted to replicate some badges, banners etc for fun and see what that would be like. Another good game to study UI art is Tomb Raider - they have nice graphic simplified icons. I always look on pinterest for HUD/ UI art inspiration to study from. 

Some cool sites:

A good friend gave me this book and I love it. It’s filled with a ton of beautifully designed logos. 

Elliot Gray (Bungie)

Ryan Klaverweide:

But yeah, I hope that helps :) 

( * &&. marie avgeropoulos gif icons — under the cut you will find one-hundred & seventy gif icons of an actual greek goddess, marie avgeropoulos. they are all 100x100, and i do not take credit for any of the gifs in this hunt. all i take credit for is cropping & resizing the gifs. this will probably be updated as as soon as i can, which may probably be this weekend. i hope this is helpful, and please reblog/like if you end up using some of these! enjoy! xx

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dramaqueenrolf  asked:

Hi! Highlighter help. Any suggestions on products (drugstore/high end, creams/powders/liquids) for daytime 'natural' looking glow?, something without obvious glitter or shimmer particles. Something subtle, work place friendly yet glowy?!

Hi sweetheart 💗
My favourite liquid highlighter (in between drugstore and high end) is the iconic London illuminating drops! They come in three shades dependant on your skin tone. A powered highlighter from the drugstore: id suggest sleek or makeup revolution (soph X makeup revolution). A high end powder id definitely suggest is the abh glowkits (my fave is Nicole guerriero but it is fairly glittery) or the sun dipped one!! Ofra do some blinding highlights too 💖💖 I also sometimes use the bare minerals face palette which has a golden glowy highlighter in there that looks quite natural. Hope this helped xx

i recently changed my icon layout which means i won’t be needing my old ones anymore and thought i’d post them for y'all to use. so under the cut, you’ll find a total of 190 rp icons of selena gomez. all icons have a psd, texture and border on them which can be found here. i cropped, resized and edited all of the following icons myself, so please do like and/or reblog if you find these icons helpful or save any, thank you cuties !!

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i recently changed my icon layout which means i won’t be needing my old ones anymore and thought i’d post them for y'all to use. so under the cut, you’ll find a total of 103 rp icons of kendall jenner. all icons have a psd, texture and border on them which can be found here. i cropped, resized and edited all of the following icons myself, so please do like and/or reblog if you find these icons helpful or save any, thank you cuties !!

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Feather-set’s Summer To-Do List

LAST UPDATED: 5.13.15 (this post will also be continuously updated so check back often)

Hey all! As said, finals have just come to a close and I am free from the confines of academia for three whole months! With that, I can dedicate a whole chunk of time to blogging and bring us all closer together! Here is a to-do list of all the wonderful stuff I’m planning for this summer:

  • Here’s the template that I’m working on for the witchy course! This course will be one of my biggest projects this summer, and I hope you all can take part and enjoy it! You can see the notes I’ve compiled for it thus far HERE (: 
  • The “stuck in the broom closet” tips and trick booklet that I posted about HERE all those months ago will be going through its first drafting, which I hope to have out before the summer comes to a close. This booklet will be FREE and accessible to all, and I do hope that once the first draft comes out you will all help me work to make it even better. 
  • More witchy icons! I made about 16 free-to-use witch-themed icons (which you can find on Imgur here). I want to make many more, and you guys have been very helpful in providing ideas for me. I’ll be sure to make many more for you all! (This is also where my icon comes from, heheh:)
  • More informational posts and infographics like some of the ones I have floating around Tumblr right now. Here’s a preview of one I’ve been working on for a while:
  • More doodles of witchy friends here on the Tumbls. I’ve already doodled herbs-and-journals, and I have plans for many more people here! Get ready to have yourselves drawn all chibi-like because it’s going to happen (:
  • Answering all of your asks, obviously 
  • Fridays with Feather-set (FwFS) vlogs and videos like my How To Make Black Salt video (HERE

There are some more personal, non-witchy things I want to do as well, and I hope you all can enjoy them as well!

  • Music/band reviews for bands that I’m quite fond of
  • My mate and I are going to start a gaming stream/channel/blog thing with let’s plays and reviews and junk
  • More art! 
  • More writing!
  • Vlogs full of adventure while I’m in Sweden!